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[SWG] *Friday Feature - Secrets of the Syren Walkthrough*

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This quest is faction restricted

The following requirements are recommended:
- Be at least Lvl 85 Combat character (You may take other professions but you will need help)
- Pilot with at least Masterpilot with POB or fully equipped hunter (or a friend with these to help)
- Belonging to a faction (Imp or Reb)
If you want, you can start the quest as neutral as well, but then, at some point in the game, you have to opt for the imps or the rebs at some point.
- *Extra tip. Be sure to read the NPC conversation to figure out where to go next*

Speak to these NPCs to start the Theme park:
Rebels: Veega Madish - Corellia, Tyrena - in front of the Cantina (-5203, -2572)
Neutral: Tyla Jinn - Naboo,Theed - in the Cantina (-5181, 4258)
Imperial: Jevan Monsul - Tatooine, Bestine - Cantina (-1399, -3675)
*Warning! The following is a walkthrough and contains spoilers. Do not continue if you do not want to ruin your immersion.

***SPOILERS Past This Point***
The Secrets of the Syren Quest is faction based, meaning it has different starting locations, but seems to follow the same general thread.

Part 1: Man Down!

Start: Speak to the starting NPC
Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546,
Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258,
Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675.

Step 1: Travel to the coordinates on Rori and find out what happened to the missing Pilot.
Step 2: At the above waypoint, there are 20 CL 54 'a strong mercenary'.
Step 3: Search the crash Site. Search the crash site for some kind of information.(datapad on the ground)
Step 4: Go to /way -6 1998 and get a system update, and 'a spice sample' will be placed into your inventory.
Step 5: Return the spice sample back to the starting contact (eg Veega Madish for Rebels).
Step 6: After returning the spice to the starting contact, he sends you to speak with Doctor Vang. A new waypoint is added to your datapad for Rori. Travel to Narmle. Edvar Vang can be found in the Narmle Medical Center at /way -5108 -2202
Step 7: Apparently Dr. Vang wants nothing to do with the spice sample, and tells you to take it his friend. A new waypoint to Moxar Krieg on Tatooine has been added to your datapad.
Step 8: Travel to Mos Eisley and go to the waypoint in your datapad. Go inside the house and at approx /way 3293 -4540 you will get a quest update, and a datapad will be placed in your inventory.
Step 9: Return to your starting NPC receiving 39k experience.

Part 2: More Than You Bargained For

Start: Speak to the starting NPC again
Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546,
Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258,
Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675.

Step 1: You are sent to speak with Kaila Min, Hotel in Narmle Rori, /way -5186 -2266. A waypoint is added to your datapad for "Pirates Last Known Location".
Step 2: Head to the location which is at /way -2970 947 on Rori.
Step 3: Warning: It's actually an ambush. You will be attacked first by six CL17 Black Sun Initiates. As soon as the last one dies, five CL19 Black Sun Smugglers will spawn. Again, as soon as they die, three CL21 Black Sun Minions will spawn.
Step 4: Once they are all dead, a Black Sun Member's Datapad will be placed in your inventory.
Step 5: The datapad will direct you to the Black Sun Pirate Base, on Rori /way 4846 -1084.
Step 6: After you arrive at the Black Sun's Pirate Base, you enter in a small dungeon. The dungeon is full of the same black sun mobs from the Ambush.The NPC you need to talk to is the white dot at the back named Tover Blackmoor /way 4695 -1129.
Step 7: After speaking with Tover, he will award you 5000 credits, experience points, and a Shisa.
Step 8: Return back to your contact (starting NPC), and you will begin the next stage of Quests.

Part 3: Getting closer? (Rebel)

Start: Speak to the NPC
Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546,
Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258,
Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675.

This time the NPC sends you to:

The Dearic Cantina, on Talus, to talk to Wire.
Wire will send you on an Escort mission to guard a Smuggler Heavy Freighter in Corellian Space. *This is the part where you can ask a friend for help in space*
Once in Corellia Space, go to the waypoint Wire gave you and wait for the Shuttle. After the shuttle shows, you will guard it till it Hypers.

You will be attacked by 2 waves of Black Sun ships.

1st Wave: 3 Black Sun Marauder's all tier 3 ships.

2nd Wave: 5 Black Sun Fighter's all of these are also tier 3.
Kill the Black Sun ships, till your Escort leaves, then return to Wire at Dearic.

Wire will give you info, and send you to Keren on Naboo.

Once at Keren, head to the waypoint Wire gave you, you will find a Large Naboo House /waypoint 2017 2350 inside the city, near to the Garage. Inside are 8 Avatar's Mobs & Jailers. *You can only enter the house with Chars who have the quest open or have completed it before. If you do not complete the quest, you have to address the starting NPC again.*

Go inside the building , to the bottom floor, go down the hallway to the second door. Click the Computer Terminal on the wall
A wookiee, Arrworr, will spawn. Once you begin to talk to him, Trussk will spawn and attack you. Kill Trussk and escort Arrworr outside, and then talk to him again. Once this is done return to the starting NPC.
After you arrive at Tyrena, or any other starport from finishing this part of the mission, you will be ambushed by 3 more an Avatar Guard. Kill them and go to your starting NPC.
Once you talk to the starting NPC, he rewards you with: Experience Points

Part 4: Within Your Grasp

Start:Speak to starting NPC
Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546,
Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258,
Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675.

Step 1: Go to Martano Estate
The next part gives you a waypoint to Tierce Martano's Estate, it's on Rori, nearest starport is Restuss once you arrive at the waypoint he gave you /waypoint 971, 7227, you will get a mission update.

Step 2: Kill 20 Black Sun
Kill 20 Black Sun's to gain access to the Estate.
Once you have killed them you will get a mission update, and will be allowed to enter the Estate.

Step 3: Talk to Tierce Martano
Now go in the building and talk to Tierce Martano. You will be rewarded: 10,000 credits

At this point you are given the choice of which side to help, this choice is only optional for Neutrals.

Secrets of the Syren: Within Your Grasp:
Choose the Empire or the Rebel Alliance

After talking to Wolff Kalos, he will send you to a Rebel Safe House (waypoint will become active on its own) located in the top left corner of your Planetary Map

Once arriving at the Waypoint provided by Wolff Kalos, speak with the Head Guard and after speaking with him a number of "a Mercenary Soldier's" spawn, all roughly CL 70 to CL 75. There were roughly 6 to 8 of them.

After all the fighting is done, talk to the Head Guard again who explains that the fighting was a diversion... Hal Candro (The Pilot you're looking for) has escaped.

You then have to go to Restuss, and talk to the Imperial Officer M’kae whose Waypoint you also received from Tierce Martano, because you suspect that the Imperials helped Cal escape. You will have to pay credits for information.

Head to Restuss Starport and talk to Officer M'kae
Quest: For The Empire!
Go to the waypoint for the Imperial Safehouse. Talk to the Head Guard. Several Lvl 74 mercenaries will spawn. After killing them, talk to Head Guard again.

You will be sent back to Narmle to talk to Wolff Kalos. You will have to pay credits for information.

(both factions)
After speaking with him, the next Phase is triggered which involves chasing after Hal Candro in space.
Head to Naboo Space (you will need help if you are not proficient in space) Tar Cal - Fight Cal Handro. (Do not be afraid of the huge warship, this one does not move and can be easily disassembled from 560 - 555 meters away.) Before that, 4 Tier 4 Hunters and 1 Pet 4 Decimator have to be shot down.
In case of success or failure, Officer M ' kae in Rori, Restuss (Rebels), Officer Wolff (Imperials) and repeat the space part. Rewards: 500 Rebel Faction, 5,000 credits, Special Ops Bola Carbine

Part 5: Secrets of they Syren - Endgame

Travel to Talus and head to the waypoint given to you. You will be taken to a bunker Where you need to kill NPCS until you get a Passkey. Once you get the passkey you will need to find a ‘Communications Array’ and click on or radial it to activate.
When you activate the array, a countdown of 10 minutes will begin. This is the time you have to head into Corellian space and kill Cal Handro. You can have a pilot friend in group with you ready to head into space to kill him for you.
If you wish to make it easier to kill Cal Handro, you can look for the ‘Shield Generator’. Clicking this will disable his shields.
Once you or your friend kill Cal Handro you will be rewarded with a large amount of experience, 1000 faction points, Nuna Feeding Bowl, A1 Floater Deed, and G9 Rigger ITV (This Instant Travel Vehicle can be used to set a travel back to ‘most’ locations of your choice)

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