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[SWG] *The Gonk Of War*

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Citizens of the galaxy,

A war of any scale is no easy feat. The Galactic Civil War remains persistent across the galaxy with small battles taking place across the galaxy. A battle has been set within the city of Restuss located on the planet of Rori at that, a very interesting battle of sorts. A gonk droid containing vital information has been detected on scanners around the Hand Spawn location of the ruined Restuss Starport.

Imperial and Rebel forces must meet at their factional specific base locations on the outskirts of Restuss at the following waypoints on the day of the event.

  • Imperial Base /Waypoint 5888 5641
  • Rebel Base /Waypoint 4845 5856

An in-game announcement will be made to signal the start period of the event.

After the event has started your faction must secure the immediate area around the gonk droid, doing this will trigger the Gonk Droid to begin It’s path from the Hand Spawn location to either the Imperial or Rebel base depending on which faction has control of the immediate area surrounding the droid. Any engagements around the droid will stop It’s movement and movement will then resume when ONE faction is surrounding the droid has taken control. (It’s a virtual tug of war, literally!) You will have two opportunities participate in this PvP event. The winner will be determined by which factional base the droid is pulled towards successfully.

Event Date: September 29th
Event Description: Player vs.Player
Event Time:
1st Event: 3:30AM PST/ 6:30AM EST/ 11.30AM BST/ 12:30PM CEST/ 8:30PM AEST

2nd Event: 3PM PST/ 6PM EST/ 11PM BST/ Sunday, September 30, 12AM CEST/ 8AM AEST


SWG:Legends Staff

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