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[SWG] *The Pride of SWG:Legends Awards!*

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Greetings Legends,

Do you know a special individual that has made your overall experience within the SWG:Legends community that much more special and enjoyable? Well, we want to hear all about it!

Last year we hosted the SWG:Legends Heroes Day community event which bought out some really positive comments and stories of how members of the community engage and help each other out within our galaxy. This year we wanted to change things up, we’ve changed the title of this community event to the Pride Of Legends. You are probably wanting to know how this will work, let us explain. Below you will find a nomination template that you can fill in to nominate a special player OR staff member. That’s right, you can nominate a staff member this time around. As much as we do work on the project we do occasionally play the game!

Nominees In-game name:
Nominees forum name: (If known):
Nominees Discord name (If known):
Reason for nomination (Please be descriptive and include lots of words/experiences of the person you are nominating):

- You are limited to one nomination each per forum account/Unable to nominate yourself.

On or around September 29th 2018, the staff will discuss & decide on which nominations deserve the Pride Of Legends 2018 award. We will have a total of 15 winners from the community. The winners of this prestigious award will be publicly announced on the forum announcements/Discord & our social media channels. The winners will personally be granted an in-game personalised trophy by a member of staff to congratulate them.

Staff members will be able to be nominated by members of the community this time around. After nominations have closed on September 29th at 5PM BST/12PM EST/9AM PST a public vote will posted to the forum with the nominated staff members listed. It will then be up to you, the community to VOTE for the deserving staff members. (Staff members can nominate a member of the community but not each other, nor vote for another staff member) a total of 5 staff member winners will be in addition to the 15 player community winners.

Good luck to everyone! We can’t wait to read the nominations.

May the force be with you.

SWG:Legends Staff

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