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[SWG] *24 Hour PvP Event: Operation Veruna*

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*Comm-message Downloaded**

The times ahead are turbulent for you adventurers. Many inhabitants of the Galaxy are partaking in Empire & Remembrance Day celebrations yet a dangerous type of operation is awaiting your direct presence.

The city of Restuss has been the scene for many years of massive bloody battles but yet it remains a contested region of Rori neither under Imperial or Rebel control, that is until now! All special forces are being redirected to the ruined city of Restuss. Starting on Friday July 20th at 6PM BST UK/1PM EST USA/10AM PST USA You will have 24 hours to fight for planetary control of the city of Restuss. The zone will be set to 50% to start the event on a equal playing field. You can monitor the control percentages of the Restuss PvP zone by pressing “V” and glancing at the transparent factional insignia covering the city of Restuss. (See screenshot below) The faction that has the highest overall % of overall zone control of the region at the event end time will be victorious.


During the event period of 24 hours, supply drops will be smuggled into Restuss by the Cobral family. The faction that successfully defends the supply crates for FIVE minutes without any enemy encounters will receive the contents of the supply drop which includes Restuss commendations & other goodies. The first supply drop will be arriving on Friday July 20 at 7PM BST/2PM EST/11AM PST (Australian time is Sat. July 21 at 4am AEST) after the first delivery in-game announcements will be made 10 minutes before the next supply drops arrives.

At the event ending period (Saturday July 21st 11PM BST/6PM EST/3PM PST/8AM AEST Sunday) The winning faction will be announced in-game and all special forces personnel of that faction will be required to meet at the Hand Spawn (/Waypoint 5290 5740) where Princess Leia or Darth Vader will be on scene to commend you for your efforts towards the Galactic Civil War.

...Wait, that’s not it. After the event on the ground has ended It’s time to prepare your cockpit as you prepare to launch to hyperspace and participate in a huge PvP space battle. More details coming soon!

As always,
May the force be with you,
SWG Legends Staff.

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