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[SWG] August Update 2018 - Bug Bash

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With the next restart August Update will be pushed onto Omega.

House Packup Event:
  • The House Packup Event has been enabled! Structures, including houses, factories, and mining installations, placed in the wilderness that belong to a player account inactive for more than 180 days are flagged as (Abandoned) and can be blown up.
  • The max packups per character per day has been set to 10.
  • You can use the command /showHousePackUpData to keep track of how many structures you have demolished, your current merit points, and when your lockout timer ends.

Bug Fixes:
  • GCW points received from a Base destruction have been adjusted to match Game Update 20: "The amount of GCW earned when a factional base is destroyed will be reduced for each extra player, if more than eight players are eligible for the reward."
  • Clone droids in the Corvette instances should now function properly.
  • Closing the Cloning window will no longer remove buffs after a PvP death.
  • Several items have had No Trade removed.
  • Players on the quest "The Package" of the Witches of Dathomir themepark will no longer get stuck when talking to Rubina before progressing to the quest "Left Behind".
  • Astromech Serving Droids will no longer be named "null" without their master around. Silly droids thought you weren't looking!
  • Lord Hethrir and Admiral Ackbar of the Imperial/Rebel Themeparks have finally received their shipments of camouflage belts. Players who finish their quests will now receive one. Players who have already completed the questline will simply need to converse with them again to receive their belt.
  • The usability range of Mustafarian Cleaning Vents and Fusing the Shards inside of the Old Republic Facility has been increased.
  • Chassis Dealers now open the No-Sell flagging window. The flag now persists through being loaded on to a ship.
  • Binjinphant coloring has been fixed. You may notice your pet being a different color than blue if you had previously attempted to color them.
  • Enfeeble has been changed from a point reduction to a percentage reduction.
  • Mustafarian Bunkers no longer have an extra Elevator Terminal floating in the main doorway.
  • Officer's Advanced Target Tracking will correctly add bonus critical hit damage towards a target affected by the debuff.
  • Jedi's Stance now correctly applies the 6% Glancing Blow shown in the profession wheel.
  • GCW Token vendors who were previously out of stock of all of their items have been restocked.
  • Invisible Mk I reactors have been sprayed with a coat of Invis-Be-Gone.
  • New GCW houses have had their floor edges updated. Happy decorating!
  • The Sash rewarded from Empire Day will show correctly on those-people-it-was-broken-on.
  • There have been sightings of natives on Naboo performing the Reign Rain Dance. Be prepared for actual weather to occur.

Exploit Fixes:
  • Storyteller invites can no longer be spammed.
  • Unstick no longer functions while in combat.
  • Saber Intercept can no longer be applied to vehicles.
  • Last Man Standing prevents usage of full-heal items (such as the Concentrated Bacta Tank) for 10 seconds after its effect fires.
  • All callables including entertainer holograms, familiars and pets will be stored when being transported through an ITV.
  • N-K Necrosis can no longer be tricked into spawning clones of himself.
  • The Mustafarian Bunker has been changed to No Trade.
  • Spy attacks fired directly after going invisible will now de-cloak the Spy.

Senate Resolutions:
  • Personal Shield Generator schematics have been updated with a new bar to experiment on: Kinetic protection.
  • Faction Armor schematics are now purchased from the Recruiters in 20-use increments.
  • General-Rank weapons are now deconstruct-able. The pistol ranges have been increased to 38m, and all have a 2% damage bonus increase versus standard weapons. Proc effects do not carry over.
  • All items that grant a collection item or XP boost have been made No-Trade Shared.
  • Newly crafted Melee weapons will have a range of 5 meters.
  • All beast mounts are now color-able via Beast Dyes.

Chat Updates:
  • A hopeful fix has been added for losing chat functionality when the game client crashes. Leave some feedback if this issue is still occurring please!
  • Friends list should update online status correctly now.
  • Ignore list will correctly persist between server restarts.
  • /tell'ing an offline character will no longer show as successful, but rather say that they are actually offline.

Launcher Update:
  • The launcher has been updated to address an issue with some users not being able to update through the launcher with special characters in their password.

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