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[SWG] Fifth Galactic Senate Elections - VOTE NOW!

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On Wednesday 23nd August 2018 at midnight BST / 1am GMT+2 / 9am AEST and Tuesday 22nd August at 4pm PDT / 6pm CDT / 7pm EDT, the polls will open for the election of the Fifth Galactic Senate!

The election will run for 7 days and will take place IN-GAME via the Senator Ballot Box placed outside the Galactic Senate Builidng in Theed on Naboo at waypoint -5726, 3991.

Players will receive ONE VOTE per ACCOUNT only - so choose your candidate wisely! The twelve candidates with the most votes at the end of the election will be deemed elected and receive a seat in the Fifth Galactic Senate for a SIX MONTH term.

Your candidates are:

GageWelch / Goopus
Kintara / LizzieSue
Rockatansky / Max
Ruthless / Bossk
ShredMaster / Kewarra

The following players were nominated but discounted by Staff for the following reasons:

  • Aekif - Received a permanent Discord ban after being nominated.
  • Fatality - Past conduct and poor behaviour.
  • Uhtred - Insufficient time on the Server.

Election Rules

  • ONE Vote Per Account
  • Minimum Account Age to vote is 30 days
  • No campaigning or loitering around or near the ballot box
  • Do not attempt to obscure the ballot box or in any way hinder another player from casting their vote.
  • Any player caught manipulating the vote will have all votes cast cancelled.
  • Any Candidate involved in cheating or manipulation/intimidation of voters will be disqualified and all votes for them will be voided.


Candidates may campaign on Discord, on the forums and in-game during the election as follows:
  • DISCORD: Campaign Posts and Posters will be allowed only in the Senate Campaign Channel
  • FORUMS: Campaign Threads maybe posted in the Server Discussion forum ONLY - any abuse or trolling will result in moderation and possible deletion.
  • IN-GAME: Players may campaign in-game within the server rules governing spamming - the designated campaign area for AFK /Droid Adverts is outside Theed Starport NOT Mos Eisley!

During the next 7 days there will be opportunities to engage with the candidates and discuss their ideas for their term of office - abuse of candidates/trolling will result in this privilege being restricted and possibly withdrawn - passionate debate is encourage, abuse or trash talk is not acceptable.

Good luck to all of the candidates - remember to vote during the next 7 days otherwise your vote will not be counted!

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