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[SWG] AFK Rule Update

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AFK Spam Policy: The rule has been that you can spam in spatial chat once every 60 seconds, however with multiple people doing that it makes conversation very difficult. In the interest of promoting socialization and community for everyone we are updating our policy. From now on while you can still say/shout/yell your advertisements in spatial every 60 seconds you will need to have your AFK tag active. This shift is being done so those that wish to converse with others have the option to not see the spam flooding their chat box.

How to active the AFK tag: There are two ways to accomplish this. The first is simple, just type /afk and the AFK tag will appear over your head. The 2nd way to do this is to go into Options and select the AFK tab on the left side. From there you will check the “Auto AFK Enabled” box (as shown here) and set your Auto AFK time to 1 or 2 so shortly after starting your macro if you do not move your mouse your AFK tag will go up.

How to stop seeing AFK chat: Go to Options and select the chat tab on the left side, you will then see the option that says “show chat from afk players”, uncheck that box and click “OK” at the bottom (as seen here). Now you will no longer see spatial chat from players that are AFK.

AFK Farming - We wish to give a more clear outline of our AFK farming policy so everyone is clear on what is and is not allowed

Not Allowed -

AFK Farming quest areas without an invite join/macro
AFK Farming the DWB
AFK Farming of NPCs that are the sole NPC to drop an item such as DNA (such as the Reek and Nexu)
The use of 3rd party programs (Including those on a keyboard or mouse) to circumvent the macro dumps in the areas they are active.
Having characters from multiple accounts on follow and assisting with combat in the DWB. Each ATK player can only have their own toons following them.
The use of any programs or built in capability from a gaming mouse or keyboard that allows you to do something AFK that you cannot do with normal ingame function, features, or mechanics.


AFK Farming non quest NPCs
AFK Farming in quest areas with an invite/join macro running
Having characters from your account following behind your ATK character to assist in combat in the DWB
Farming NPCs that are the sole NPC to drop an item while ATK

Setting up a Tell invite macro:

To set up a macro you will go to your commands tab either from the menu button at the bottom right side of your screen or by pushing ; if you have not changed your keybinds. You will the select the macro tab at the top of the pop up window. From there you will select “new” at the bottom of the window and copy and past or write the macro into that box. Lastly you will select an icon for your macro and click ok as show in these screenshots.
"New" to open Macro creation box
Creating Macro

/alias ll /invite

/ui action startChatReply;
/ui action chatCursorHome;
/ui action chatCursorRight;
/ui action chatDelete;
/ui action chatDelete;
/ui action chatEnter;
/tell [your name] Auto Invite is running....; /pause 8;
/macro invite2;

Now all anyone has to do is send you a tell and you will auto target them and send them a group invite. You must be the group leader in order to do this.
The /tell in the 3rd to last line sends yourself a message so you don't end up spamming the last person you sent an invite to.

You may also want to do a seperate macro that loops every 60-90 seconds to let people know you are running and invite macro

/say Please just /tell Krymsun for an invite to group if you need these NPCs to complete your quest. Thanks!;
/pause 80;
/macro sendtell;

You can also run a join macro so they can invite you to group. The macro for that would look something like this:

/pause 120;
/macro join;

Adding the disband command is good because sometimes people forget and then others cannot join if they need the NPCs for a quest. You should also run a macro letting people know they can invite you.

Lastly there is the invite macro, this is the least effective as it can be hard to figure out where to stand. This macro would look something like this:

/pause 1;
/pause 5;
/ui action untarget;
/pause 1;
/macro invite;

Again I would run a seperate macro or combine a /say command in this macro to let players know that an invite macro is running. This works best is there is a certain point your character can face and tell them to stand at. Otherwise advise players to stand directly on top of or infront of you for an invite.
Thank you for taking the time to re-familiarize yourself with our in-game rules.

As always,
May the force be with you.

SWG:Legends Staff

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