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0.4 Economy Update

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0.4 Economy update
11 August , 2017

Mercenaries, the summertime is reaching its peak! Even when there is pure Mordor coming down from sky, we still heat up the atmosphere by showing you our next update, which will make you sink into our game for long hours! Each day the team is working to improve the quality of gameplay even more.
Any hints on how the Edengrad will change this time? Don’t you worry – we will not keep you in the dark!

The most important and title-giving change that comes with the 0.4 path is improvement of economical part of the game. As you surely remember, we wanted trading within the game to be a key feature of Edengrad and until the 0.4 patch, this function was limited. Which is why we are implementing markets into the game. Those are very particular buildings that every player who have right entitlements can set up in the city. The markets contains of many sorting options, so you could search faster for an item of your interest in a blink of an eye. You can read more about the trading features in the 0.4 changelog.


The time of harvest has came to the post-apocalyptic world, but in order to receive, one is firstly supposed to sow. In the patch we are implementing also new, advanced farming system and the changes include both cooking and chemistry trees. Players will be given much more tools to take care of the growth of the plants, but also the greenery will require more time and attention. Watering and gathering the wee…, uhm, cotton is no longer enough. Now, in order for the plants to grow, player is ought to fertilize it and protect it from illness. Believe it or not, but it will pay off! All grown plants are now usable. Most of it is edible or ready to be processed in updated cooking tree. Eating not only influence the characters satiety, but also improves the stats (by really large boosts), thanks to the new system of character states.


Mentioned changes are just the beginning. We also fixed lots of bugs, added new map, improved the functionality of PDA and adjusted some of the animations. Additionally we gave you the opportunity to change the key bindings in any way you want, as you asked for it repeatedly.

Those of you, who are still experiencing issues with the optimization, should not worry – in the 0.4 patch we also improved the stability of the game, decreased the RAM usage and made the game loading faster.


We hope, that the newest patch will meet your expectations! Don’t be shy in commenting and giving your feedback on forum, Facebook or Discord!


If you want to know what we plan in the nearest future, then you should look at our detailed plan describing whole lists of incoming changes:


Here is the link to the full changelog:


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