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The nearest future
New features that will be appear in the upcoming (2-3) updates


Phoenix Suburbs map and quests
The map is divided into two areas: grassy plains with bison herds and a factory with a reloading station resemble a combination of the previous maps in the arid Arizona climate. The suburbs, located in a trough, are a completely new location, full of items to collect and enemies to encounter. The map is distinguished by the number of details used to fill the narrow streets and buildings. The underground sewers will also be available and they will be a separate location.

The continuation of the shelter plot on the maps of Yuma, Oak Creek Canyon and Phoenix Suburbs
New quests available on these maps will mainly concern the W.A.R.P. organization, but there will also be some new side quests. For example, there will be a historian, who will supply us with many new, interesting facts about the universe of Edengrad.

A medieval town on the map of Walnut Canyon
The story in this town is secondary to the main plot and even though the quests may seem detached from the post-apocalyptic reality, they lead to a surprising finale.


Active fighting skills system
(mechanics (changes/news)/items/skills)
Active skills are a difficult, yet very important matter. Every aspect of the gameplay will be based on them. Adding them completely changes the fighting system and will need balancing on many levels. Our goal is to merge classical skills present in many other mmo productions, without losing the real feel of the game, so important in the post-apo genre.


Passive skills for the character development tree
(mechanics (changes/news))
Spending  skill points in the character development tree meant rarely meant huge changes for the character. Adding passive skills at the end of each branch of skills will be noticable and will change the gameplay entirely, depending on which direction the player chooses.


PVE and PVP arenas
(mechanics (changes/news))
We divided the PVP into two separate categories. The first one concerns the activity of towns and organizations and the second one concerns single players. The later will gain the ability to carry out 1v1 fights and of other useful skill checking activities. PvE arenas are now based on the formula of never-ending waves of enemies, but in the future we will add other modes (also multiplayer).


(mechanics (changes/news))
The exchange of goods has been divided into market exchange and direct trade between players. The first option will allow putting the players’ goods up for sale and will develop the economy in the game.


Repairing/retrieving materials from objects
(mechanics (changes/news)/items/skills)
Temporary repair option at Bob’s will be removed and the players will gain new repair skills in their skill trees. Every player will be able to repair their items, but only a qualified craftsman will do it well and cheap.


Balance system
(mechanics (changes/news))
With the character’s balance system, players will have to think their actions through more carefully.  Every move and attack will have impact on his and his enemies balance indicator. Making an enemy fall over will not be easy, but crucial, if the player wants to win. There will be special skills serving this purpose e.g. kicking.


New farming system
(mechanics (changes/news)/items/trees)
Farming will be the first profession to undergo renewing. Looking after the crops will be rebuilt to a level seen in farming games and will become a kind of „game in a game”. New, more detailed plants will be created and cropping them will be profitable due to the planned changes in cooking.


New crafting window
There will be a new clear window, with an advanced sorting option and a search engine. It will also indicate the amount of raw materials owned by the player.


New HUD design will merge the new features from the recent patches and will highlight important information without covering the screen.


The quest log will list every quest, including the ones already finished by the player and the ones the player has accepted. The log will be full of additional descriptions and illustrations.


A list of organizations and leaderboards
A new window allowing the player to find the organization he seeks will be implemented. It will also allow filtering.


Improved location maps
The interface of the location maps will be renewed along with particular maps, so that they become more clear.


Weapon and armor statistics
The equipment will be enriched with quality system and statistics similar to those in the character development tree. This will ensure that the equipment is diversified and the player will seek items due to their statistics. Crafting will also benefit from that.


Further future
New features that will be appear after we’ve implemented the ones above.


A test season of PvP with ranks and rewards
(mechanics (changes/news))
PvP is as important as PvE, but the implementation of PvP is much more difficult. Introducing the wars of the cities proved that this part of the game is extremely important and we need to develop it further. But mere fighting without rewards would not be interesting to the player. Some players like to gather quality equipment. The PvP rank would be dedicated to them.


(mechanics (changes/news))
The player will gain the possibility of grabbing edges of different objects and climbing them. In the future walking through crevices could be added as well as automatic jumps to lower parts of objects.


(mechanics (changes/news))
The player will be able to swim underwater, which will give us new opportunities to develop the levels. We could also add hidden crates and treasures.


(mechanika (zmiany/nowości))
Trade is a very important functionality and will supplement the market exchange. It will allow the players to trade their goods even if there is no settlement in the vicinity. It will also allow them to omit taxes.


Special weapons
(mechanics (changes/news)/items/skills)
Unique weapons with unique mechanics. For example a hand-drill or mini-gun will have unique sounds during attacks.


First aid tree development
(mechanics (changes/news)/items/skills)
First Aid now allows the players to create basic medical objects. In the future it will be enriched with many additional skills, which will allow the players to become skilled medics. Additionally, skilled medics will be able to use objects created by engineers.


Engineering tree development
(mechanics (changes/news)/items/skills)
Engineering is the most neglected development tree right now. We plan to develop it in two directions. Firstly, the players will be able to create materials for other professions, secondly engineering will aid fighting skills through advanced weapons and enhanced armors.


Chemistry tree development
(mechanics (changes/news)/items/skills)
A new development branch will be added to the chemistry development tree. The players will now be able to craft healing gases for first aid but also poisonous ones with many side effects. The players will be able to craft many other stimulants.


New advanced mob system with enhanced movement, animation and group behavior
(mechanics (changes/news)/locations/enemies/quests)
Seeking and navigating path will be improved and will thus enable us to introduce group behavior of enemies, among others. Predators will sometimes travel trough locations searching for prey. New combat behavior for enemies will be introduced, adding dynamics to fights. It will also include npcs  in the game. They will have their own schedules.


Events/supply drops
(mechanics (changes/news)/locations/enemies/quests)
We want the world of Edengrad to be dynamic. Even the maps on the lowest levels should offer the players experience worth remembering and coming back to. A system with dynamic events and supply drops will not only enrich the world but it will also add more space for competition between organizations.



The division of skill trees into subcategories, advanced talent search engine
With every update the skill trees become bigger and more cluttered. Dividing them into subcategories will help the player find what he seeks.


New building mode interface
Building mode will have a new interface, which will make it easier for the player to access both the needed items and actions. Camera will also be improved.


Asynchronic real time map loading
Maps will be loaded in parts for different plots, so that the player doesn’t see the unavailable locations. The loading of the levels will be quicker and will take up less memory, increasing the number of frames per second.


Distant future
Distant ideas for the future (the list may undergo changes)


Different types of ammo and weapon modifications
(mechanics (changes/news))
The types of inflicted damage will be assigned to different types of ammo. Each weapon will gain many types of ammo e.g. shrapnel bullets for the shotgun or poisonous bolts for the crossbow. Additionally, weapon modifications, such as riflescopes or grenade launchers compatible with guns will be introduced.


Renewed building system
(mechanics (changes/news))
Renewed building system allowing new, advanced mechanics. The system will allow the player to create structures on uneven terrain. It will also make it easier to locate objects and will add new structures such as slanting walls and roofs. A new construction stability system will be added – the player will not be able to raise a construction in the air. Additionally, rooms and their sizes will be detected, so that an adequate reverberation, dynamic color gradation and reflection probe can be generated.


Horses and vehicles
(mechanics (changes/news))
Additional mechanics – the time needed to travel through locations will be shortened. The player riding a horse or driving a vehicle may be able to use one-handed weapons.


Siege machines
(mechanics (changes/news))
Implementing synchronization methods for the siege machines mechanisms, so that the ones on the clients and servers are the same.


Mini-games during different works
(mechanics (changes/news))
Every chore (e.g. cutting trees, getting water) will be performed with an additional simple arcade mini-game. The player will not have to take part in it, however it will shorten the time needed to complete different activities.


(mechanics (changes/news))
Special, randomly generated animations when the player is finishing off his enemy with a final blow.


Animal breeding
(mechanics (changes/news)/items/trees)
The possibility of breeding animals in the cities and assigning special pets to them. Pets are mobs with different purposes, depending on the species of animals. Some of them will aid combat, some will carry goods and others will be fit for locomotion purposes.


Improving the proportions of characters
Right now the proportions of the characters are not perfect, which poses different visual problems. Improving the characters will also mean improving all armor sets.


Day and night mode
(mechanics (changes/news)/graphics/UI)
Day and night mode will allow new mechanics to be implemented into the world, for the players, mobs and npcs. The later will gain routines, they will not only stay put in one place.



Different weather conditions will add some dynamics to the world. The player will encounter storms, rains, draughts, blizzards or fogs, which will not only determine the visual effects but also the way the gameplay is conducted.  In every location in the world of Edengrad, the weather conditions will be different.  This will also affect mobs and npcs.


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