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FE: Respec and Effects Revamp Info

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The Respec!


One of the most important changes that necessitates the availability of character respecializations is the modification of attribute derivations for combat skills. (Specifically, the importance of Perception for all combat builds has been increased).


In the past, melee specialists could safely ignore spending AP to raise their Perception, giving them a decided edge against the ranged combatants who required the attribute to maximize their potential in firearms. The Dodge skill (from which both Melee and Ranged Defenses are derived) now requires a significantly larger portion of Perception to maximize.


Since many individuals did not feel the need to spend the points there, it is only fair to give them the chance to reassign points so that they are not at a gross disadvantage.


In order to allow players to adjust to the new effect revamp, we are providing a one-time full Respec to all player characters.


Each character will receive a Pristine Recombinant Injector via in-game mail that initiates the Respec process. (You will need to retrieve this item by the time the message expires in order to redeem your Respec). You can use the Pristine Recombinant Injector at any time, but you won't have to Respec immediately after using the item (that way, it won't sit around in your pack/bank). This item cannot be traded or sold.


When you do decide to Respec, we will supply you with an interface very similar to the Attribute window. You can pre-spend as many of your total AP in the base attributes, skills, and mutation paths as you wish, and you can leave some or all AP unspent to handle later. When you finally settle on a build and confirm it, all your stats will be altered at once. Any armor or weapons that you were wearing but are no longer eligible to use will be placed in your pack or mailed to you. You will retain all previously learned knowledges and recipes, but if you spec out of the attributes required for them, you will no longer be able to use them.


Because this Respec is player-initiated, that gives you the opportunity to research and test the results of the new effects revamp before settling on a final build. We are not forcing anyone to Respec, and there will be no time limit for using the Respec once you've already claimed your Pristine Recombinant Injector from the mail.


There have been a few questions about the effect of Respec on tradeskills. The important thing to remember is that because all tradeskill maximums are affected by your Intelligence and Perception, you can only potentially lose tradeskill points if you spec out of those attributes.


For instance, if you're a level 45 with max Intelligence and Perception, you may have a Science skill at 166. If your new build includes no Intelligence or Perception points, your Science will be reduced to the new maximum, 110. If you spend points in Intelligence and Perception later (outside the Respec), you may again increase the maximum Science your character may have, but you will have to craft more items from Science recipes to actually earn those points back.


To be clear: you can only lose tradeskill points during a Respec if your new spec reduces your previous levels of Intelligence and/or Perception.


Finally, in the future we are looking at implementing a “minor” Respec functionality that allows players to reallocate AP spent on skills and mutations much more frequently, but players will need to consider any points spent in your base attributes non-refundable.


Learn more about the effects revamp here.

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Greetings Wastelanders,


With all of the new content additions and updating going on, we’ve spent quite some time working in ways to balance effects and provide a valuable respec.

Though we devised several ways to go about the alterations, we wanted to make sure that whatever we did would not strongly affect gameplay or hinder player progress in any way. Our goals for the effects revamp are:


a.) Reduce buff stacking and dependence on consumables, and

b.) Balance mutations in relation to active skills (as mutations were originally designed to be an optional supplementary addition to characters).


Players will find that most effects now occupy one of the following channels:

  • Primary Skill
  • Secondary Skill
  • Primary Mutation
  • Secondary Mutation
  • Aura
  • Contingency Plan
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Camp
  • Rest
  • Consumable/Item
  • Stance
  • Armor Proc
  • Stun
  • Snare

In order to reduce the amount of buff stacking and streamline the system for better balance, players may only have one of these effect types on at any given time. Individual effects may have increased or decreased in power depending on their importance and compatibility with the new formulas and slot blockers.



  • Food and Drink
    • Only one food and one drink allowed at a time.
    • Does not include Medicine (pills), Science (boosters), Mutagenics or Nature. These occupy the Consumable/Item channel.

    [*]Contingency plan

    • All emergency cooldown type effects.
    • Prevents them from stacking with one another (and turning nigh-invincible in the process).


    • Most offensive mutations decreased in power.
    • Some stuns and roots have been reworked into more thematically appropriate results.
    • Meant to be support and enhancement, not axe-wielding mutant sorcerers!

    [*]Buffing Mutations

    • Some will no longer cost gamma, but instead “devote” gamma. This lowers the possible gamma while the effect is active, thereby limiting the amount of gamma that can be used for other mutations.

    [*]Activated Attacks (Prepared Attacks)

    • Many are now irresistible to compensate for having to aim vs. other auto-target mutations.
    • Stuns and Knockdowns are always resistible, even if other functions of the effect are not (such as weapon damage).
    • Attack skills always inflict base weapon damage instead of a flat value. This makes your choice of weapon much more important when using prepared attacks.

    [*]Group Tactics

    • Ranges increased to 20 meters.

    [*]Pistol and Rifle Skills

    • Ranges increased to max range of the weapon.


    • Persist through death (except Flag of Truce).


    • Burst heals requires remaining stationary to complete the use time (generally 1.5 – 2 seconds).
    • Regeneration boosting can be activated on the move.
    • Encouragement (Group Tactics) is the exception and CAN be activated on the move.


    • Imbalances are being rectified.

    [*]More to come in version notes!


Next, read about the upcoming Respec and how it will work!

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