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[OND] Patch 1.122

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Hey everyone!

This new patch contains a significant amount of bug fixes and performance optimizations. We have focused our efforts these past two weeks towards optimizing last month's large technical systems further along with sweeping up as many bugs/issues as possible, therefore laying the ground work for a solid and stable codebase to build upon.


Note: We are still iteratively designing and fine tuning the maps of both Proteus II and Aziel. Geometry is subject to change and may affect base placement!



  • FIXED: the reverse audio issue on creatures.

  • FIXED: Thrown objects now spawn in the correct place and are thrown the correct direction.

  • FIXED: the collision on the bottom of the gav making it slide better.

  • FIXED: Hovercraft no longer spawns kinematic.

  • FIXED: Laboratory now spawns vehicles a few feet off the ground to avoid vehicles spawning inside ground.

  • FIXED: creature spawning at night

  • FIXED: bugs with craft highlighting

  • FIXED: issue with vehicles colliding with low orbit art. Fixed critter spawner layer.

  • FIXED: the dust particles (flash light and head lights no longer affect the dust)

  • FIXED: particle lighting (dust particles should now be darker in shadow)

  • FIXED: removed collision from BuildIcons for FloodLight, StoneOven, and PrimitiveWorkBench.

  • FIXED: multiplayer replication of highlighter and projector for BuildIcons.

  • FIXED: the invisible floor on aziel

  • FIXED: duplication bug when using TakeAll button in storage containers.

  • FIXED: liquids not updating when drank inside of storage container

  • FIXED: Cleaned up some formatting to help best fit text in menus.

  • FIXED: crate xp type gained to be Industrial rather than Melee

  • FIXED: stair cases in mines collision to block walking through it from underneath

  • FIXED: MP saving issues

  • FIXED: spaceship hovering when exited

  • FIXED: Description plates now display properly

  • FIXED: Players no longer get stuck on vehicles

  • FIXED: Materials in survival kit now have finite uses

  • FIXED: habitat clipping issues

  • FIXED: textures on escape pod

  • FIXED: creature collision physics

  • FIXED: players dead body ragdoll

  • FIXED: player head animation

  • FIXED: issue with players unable to finish suit breach tutorial

  • FIXED: issue with player being able to clip through refinery

  • FIXED: all issues regarding waterfall

  • FIXED: Queen Cleos respawn time

  • FIXED clipping issue with mine 1-A doorway

  • FIXED: lights turning off if fabricator is jumped on

  • FIXED: issue with GAV getting stuck on structures

  • FIXED Vehicles no longer get struck in air when exited/flipped

  • FIXED: volumetric clouds flickering

  • FIXED: refinery roof textures

  • FIXED: trees causing performance drops

  • FIXED: issue with player clipping through biodome

  • FIXED: issue with player getting stuck to lab roof

  • FIXED: Player can no longer duplicate items

  • FIXED: issue with player clipping through mine 1-A stairs

  • FIXED: Enemies in egg room no longer get stuck to walls

  • FIXED: Water no longer refills infinitely when drank out of external inventory

  • FIXED: issue with player getting stuck on satellite stairs

  • FIXED: issue with player getting stuck on Xuthus refinery stairs

  • FIXED: Spaceship no longer gets stuck to lab wall

  • FIXED: issue with rubber trees causing fps issues

  • FIXED: issue with players getting stuck under lab

  • FIXED: Building crates now gives correct experience

  • FIXED: issue with airlock panels disappearing

  • FIXED: vehicle spawning issues

  • FIXED: random holes around map


  • ADJUSTED: Hovercraft now has a much harder time scaling steep surfaces. Scales speed and hover height down based on steepness of surface

  • ADDED: the LOD models for the Alien Mushtree

  • ADDED: prefabs, models, and textures of the optimized Foliage used

  • ADDED: more polish to Proteus 2 map

  • ADJUSTED: resources in areas v0h1, v0h2, v0h3, v1h1, and v1h2 to match terrain adjustments made

  • ADDED: simple skin swap script

  • ADDED: Avatar LOD system

  • ADJUSTED: costs of panels and pieces to use ingots

  • ADJUSTED: collision of doorways inside of Mine 1-A Disabled respawning for the queen Fixed Habitats stilts to have collision

  • ADDED: a collision inside the Biodome to prevent jumping out of the building from inside

  • ADDED: Edge barrier add to sand dunes ( On Proteus the sand dunes are no longer infinite there is now a wind barrier visuals still need to be added)

  • ADDED: the Crab Monster LODs

  • ADDED: the LODs for Gnat, Snubs, Crab Queen, Skeliopod, and the Hybrid

  • ADDED: character cap of 18 for avatar names

  • Removed Azurnium from the Meteors and narrowed their range from 3000 meters to 1500

  • ADDED: Azurnium to asteroids in low orbit

  • ADDED: collision to the stilts of the habitat Fixed both crates xp from melee to industial

  • ADDED: Set up RegionObjects to take advantage of new minigrid system in RegionManager for LOD improvements

  • ADDED: World art and Terrain Changes, added rock formation prefabs

    ADJUSTED: hovercraft guns have been removed



  • UPDATED: location of resources and amounts in certain areas

  • UPDATED: the plant prefabs to use optimized models

  • UPDATED: the Makeshift PatchTape and Bandage Prefabs

  • UPDATED: Player and monster sounds.

  • UPDATED: Low orbit boundary which stops the spaceship from flying through the planet

  • UPDATED: spaceship and gav collision.

  • UPDATED: crab sounds.

  • UPDATED: added cause of death and days survived UI to death screen.

  • UPDATED: included fail state for missions that must be completed when they're first given (i.e. FindWreckageSupplies).

  • UPDATED: added Find Shelter Kit mission to separate finding the Inflatable Dome Kit from the other supplies and unlocking the Build Inflatable Dome mission separate from the other supplies.

  • UPDATED: sound load types. Hopefully FIXED the reverse audio issues for the creatures.

  • UPDATED: LODs for the crab monster to be the proper size

  • UPDATED: Ostrich (rig was adjusted to animate properly) and added the LODs files into its model folder.

  • UPDATED: rock materials

  • UPDATE: to bashing rock and build button

  • UPDATED: notification when invited to colony/party to include key name for character menu.

  • UPDATE: death screen now shows what the player was killed by. UPDATE a copy of the death message is sent to other players who are in the same colony and party.

Thanks everyone, and have fun!


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