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[OND] Patch 1.116

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Hey everyone!

This new patch is a product of our efforts to speed up our production process and deliver content faster to you, the player! We hope you enjoy the new goodies and fixes!



We are reexploring the implementation of the OMPA (robot) in the game and redesigning it's functionality. In the mean time, it has been removed from the game, but we plan to reintroduce it soon!



  • Added flare


    Launch these to help your friends locate you or to light up a dark sky!


  • Added Stone oven


    Use the Stone Oven to smelt basic ores into ingots!


  • Added Stone workbench


    Use the stone workbench as a crude, yet effective, crafting bench!


  • Added ingots


    The first step in the evolution of our crafting system!


  • Added chat commands

  • Added emotes ( try /dance !)

Known Issues

  • Landing pads are placeholders

  • Performance may suffer, optimization is incoming

  • Gameplay and resource distribution is not yet balanced

  • From the middle to the far end of the map is early and will be further iterated upon to improve polish

  • Touch screens users may not able to interact with the menus of the game (see workaround below)

  • Liquid bodies are currently placeholders
Touchscreen workaround:

Press Windows + X.

Click Device Manager

Double click on "Human Interface Devices".

Right-click on the touch screen device, or similar (if listed), and disable it



  • Added Flare

  • Added Logic to hide weapon when performing emote

  • Added Emotes to player character "/wave", "/largewave", "/laugh", "/dance", and "/gangnam"

  • Added Prefabs and LODs to the Arches and Rock walls currently used in the game.

  • Added The new Lock Button and the new Rock Wall

  • Added Chat manager popup, with legend and scrollable viewport to review older messages

  • Added Wrench, Shears, Crafting pieces

  • Added Fix for multiplayer gun sound for Assault Rifle

  • Added Prey switch delay to LandCreatureBrain

  • Added UI to both options menus to toggle banter vo

  • Added Local chat

  • Added The material for Arch3

  • Added Bashing rock

  • Added LOD’s to the small plants

  • Added LOD Level proxy for pipe

  • Added SmallCrateAnimated

  • Added debug and remove extra raymarch planes

  • Added disclaimer to splash screen

  • Added Server name to debug text in game

  • Added Filter to chat

  • Added Stone oven crafting table

  • Added primitive work bench

  • Added Crude metal shovel

  • Added Crude metal axe

  • Added The stone shovel

  • Added A wrench

  • Added Shears

  • Added Flare

  • Added Ingot Icons

  • Added Option to make gun projectiles not be influenced by camera target

  • Added Debug_AITest_Persistent scene to be used as a tool to test more quickly and in multiplayer

  • Added LODs and prefabs for the remaining Arches and adjusted the materials to be consistent

  • Added TAB to cycle available modes when chat is active

  • Added Autocomplete to whisper

  • Added Ingots of every metal in the game, and adjusted descriptions on ore's to reflect the change in their use

  • Added Masking tape to player crafting table

  • Added The Flare Model with 4 Materials attached to it

  • Added new low orbit reflection

  • Added new craftables to ‘player crafting’

  • Added stone axe

  • Added New chat colors


  • Fixed collision on Stone Oven and Primitive Work Bench

  • Fixed arch collisions and rock materials

  • Fixed some new item collisions and weapon collisions

  • Fixed crafting bug on person

  • Fixed bug for not replicating emotes over multiplayer

  • Fixed Bashing Rock description

  • Fixed Small Crate

  • Fixed collision issue with certain rocks in section v0h2

  • Fixed bug with Patch Tape inventory item delegate registration

  • Fixed mislabeled crude metal objects and bashing rock.

  • Fixed Turret to use ingots instead of ores

  • Fixed width of DisplayNetworkState information as well as included planet name in the displayed info

  • Fixed bug with wheeled vehicles being spawned in with forces being applied to them until the player enters the vehicle

  • Fixed bugs with vehicles going kinematic and reimplemented rolling to a stop

  • Fixed player prefab values for fall damage

  • Fixed fall damage to be based on time spent at a fall speed threshold

  • Fixed build buttons staying highlighted even after you run out of necessary resources.

  • Fixed space ship dust particles

  • Fixed emote parameter and fixed issue when trying to emote while holding a weapon

  • Fixed materials and dungeon gate spawn

  • Fixed camera reflection

  • Fixed Terrain Issues

  • Fixed issues with playing in debug mode.

  • Fixed crude metal prefabs type

  • Fixed terrain seams, Other Terrain Changes

  • Fixed Flare fx and depo fix

  • Fixed UI bugs

  • Fixed issues with the ingots and stone oven

  • Fixed issues with whisper chat

  • Fixed some terrain issues


  • Updated Walls and Archs

  • Updated VO system in PlayerSoundController

  • Changed the minimum number night time creatures

  • Changed starting characters ammo box and survival kit supplies

  • Adjusted bashing rock

  • Adjusted volume of landing sound for player

  • Adjusted damage amount for stomp

  • Reduced charge threshold distance for creatures

  • Updated rover wheel and base trim and large crate

  • Improve fading when transitioning between different weather conditions

  • Removed OMPA (will be reintroduced later)

  • Updated flare particle FX

  • Replaced the flare in the objects

  • Changed up the metal hit sounds

  • Connected PushToTalk UI GameObjects

  • Changed crafting interface to put inventory and crafts on the same display

  • updated UV to the flare

  • Changed code location for PushToTalk UI to exist on PlayerGUI

  • Updated Arches

  • Updated the resources to yield a lot more ores

  • Made furniture and utilities cost ingots

  • Update to GUI and version number

  • Updated occlusion

  • Made the rock a mineral item instead of a weapon

  • Updated Time of Day to start at hour 8 and also increased day ambient light to 1.0f

  • Set local chat down to 100 meters

  • Scaled down melee animation multipliers for secondary and finishing moves

  • Slowed down swing speed of Machete and Pipe

  • Updated and added the new Arch

  • Made the ground turret cost ingots instead of an ore

  • Updated chat functionality to be formatted and color coded better

  • Made ForceMouseScroll Dynamic so that it updates automatically when container is resized

  • Changed patch tape to be consumable


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