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[OND] Update Coming 4/27!

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Hey folks, I know everyone has been fervently waiting for news on our upcoming update and today we are here to pull the curtains back and show you some of what we have been working so hard on! This thing is going to be pretty massive, from entirely new level designs to a reworked melee system to highly enhanced graphics… THIS is what we've been hard at work on!

That’s all that we can show at this time, as we’re in the thick of getting a lot more in for the update. Here’s a list of everything slated to be added or changed for this update. Please note this list is subject to change and only represents some (not all) of the changes coming!

Check it out:

  • New Graphics Features – Clouds, SSShadows, etc.

  • New Spaceship

  • Passenger Turret Control on GAV

  • Player Fall damage

  • Autosort when transfering inventories

  • OMPA Target Icon changed

  • Cave ceiling spawning

  • Dungeon AI

  • Vehicles can be damaged by creatures

  • Proteus Level Design redux

  • New Mines

  • Dungeon System with parties

  • Vehicles have better colliders

  • Crab Queen end boss

  • Snubbs

  • Alien Eggs

  • Mission System

  • Ranger Class

  • HAB Wall Variants

  • Vehicle Suspension Improvements

  • Water

  • Improved Melee system
Now, I know what the hot topic is - the date. And I'm happy (and relieved) to say, you guys only have to wait a little bit longer. We are targeting April 27th for this release, and we hope to have a beta branch live for testing on April 20th! We will let you know as soon as possible if these dates shift or change.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone for sticking with us while work to make Osiris the game we want it to be. For all the latest on Osiris: New Dawn, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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