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So, Payton was a major force behind us getting involved in this game and the alliance we are supposed to be in. Since he is gone, we need a new lead on this. I would like to see a current list of who still plans on playing this when it releases and then we can go from there. Please respond here if you are going to play so I can try and get an accurate headcount. Thank you.

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Just giving this a bump. If anyone has pledged and hasn't yet been tagged in our Kingdom and Duchy just  PM me from the 47th discord lists.

We've come a long way and have had a good number start to get started in setting out crafting roles and professions.  We're also expecting an announcement on the 16th that we will be the official NAVY for the Kingdom -- so that will give us a pretty good responsibility as well as some unique opportunities.  I'd like to get as many of us tagged and showing in the roster as possible because I expect we will be getting some rogue and solo players wanting to be pirates and asking to join us. I'd prefer we keep control of our crafting positions that will be most required for our aims and objectives instead of having others try to position themselves in any empty niche.  If we get the support of the Kingdom to advance this area through resource contributions then we want our people to be the ones utilizing those resources and to advance our people most and fastest in the crafting and profession lines.


FOR ANYONE who hasn't pledged but is considering the game, go to and at least register on the Forums. That is free to do and gets you a registration date that may be important at some stages for certain aspects. Here is a friend code to use:   B03B5A.  Use of that will help gain points for constructing the County if you decide to pledge before launch. 


And if you just sign up thinking you will wait until launch to pledge or at some time in the future, then we can still get you tagged on the Kingdom discord and add you to our visible roster so we portray a presence of both quantity and organization.

ALSO - REMINDER -  make sure you look at you account and see you have lined your kickstarter with the CoE Forums.  If you need help let me know. Lightfoot has had his linked -- but Campbell also had some issues.

THEN -- go to the NEWS feed and find the  "Surname Reservation Begins" article to see how long until you may have to wait until you are good to go to snag the surname you may want.  We are on the NA-W server. Be sure to reserve on that server.


- Payton

Count Tyrüs Stormwolf

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