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Bealin - you'll need an advanced combat skill to delve into secret and special locations. You may also need a navigating skill to be able to read maps. Maybe even a locating skill to track vegetation, animals, or humans if those things may be related to locating a special site. Those seem like a Bardic kind of skill set. I don't think you actually need a cartography skill since those kinds of locations will likely be noted and released soon enough.

If you are going to be accessing remote and isolated areas then maybe a prospector or herbalist skill to get those rare plants and gems may also be a benefit? I expect the rarest and most special may be in dangerous locations so your combat skill would assist in that as well.


I'm thinking of some kind of combat skill and considering archery and then to work on mounted combat. Then doing fletching would assist or carpentry so I can build bows and arrows and even some structures.

With an alt I may want to do masonry to be able to build advanced structures for defense and settlement purposes.  That would require stoneworking/mining and prospecting but not likely much of combat.


What really sounds interesting is being able to craft clothing/armor with secret compartments as well as some of those deviant skills but I think that would suggest unarmed or dagger skills if you are going to be up close and personal to people. If I didn't want to be focused on combat then this kind of deviant scenario may be more attractive with a skill to make potions and poisons.


It sounds like Dralzen was wanting to be able to scribe and make contracts so language skills and identification skills may be useful for that also.


A poll on the forums clearly shows that the idea of being a farmer, lumberjack and miner (gathering skills) are the least favourable career paths. That could mean a great opportunity for someone who might want to think about being a supplier. With resources being of potentially limited supply, being able to get as much as you can as quick and then store or stockpile them will be important.

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latest replies from Arktac


I do appreciate the thorough examples, but I am quite well informed, I believe I've read every journal, Q&A and video released so far. Currently I am a Baron and we have a Count at the pledge of $1,500 along with various other lesser ranks. I cannot speak for the rest of the Dogs due to the fact that most don't know we exist yet.

In truth I'm actually deployed to the Middle East right now, I'm struggling to get what little time I have. I will be able to assist much more once I've returned home next month. At that time I can provide a better scope of numbers and seats of power. But I can share with you my opinion and ideology from past games.

We are under the Reign of Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts. Her agenda and manner of rule is very fitting for our community. As far as your regard with the Banner of the Red Phoenix I will have to respectfully disagree. I believe that in a game like this your alliegence and partnership needs to reside with the appointed kingdom rather than a separate entity that may end up corresponding with opposing factions.

I do however agree that our forces working together would truly be a force to reckon with. And seeing how we have a Count and strong ties with a Queen who supports and admires the Devil Dogs I believe our guilds should work very closely; almost as one. I would like to add that I wouldn't oppose the idea of us becoming one entity, but in sure you and your men have your own strong tides to your Org just as the Devil Dogs share with one another, but I would be honored to have you amongst our ranks and show us your methods of leadership and ingenuity.

So I ask you to please indulge on the idea of your Barons ruling along side or with the Devil Dogs as we all reside in the County of Featherfell and work towards our goal of expanding our city of Ravenhold while we conquer and reign with the Queen of Black Hearts. We will have a seat of power for you and your men within our county's capital and our ruling Barons will grow their forces in number and skill as we become renowned, feared and respected as our guilds have done so for years.

  • Arktac Fox, Sheriff of Ravenhold and Baron of Oakridge.


and then -



Since we will be more or less partners I thought I'd share with you a project that the Devil Dogs have started. We've just created a news outlet called Elyria Chronicle and Map. It's not only going to be a means for the world to communicate, but it's going to put the Devil Dogs on the map and give us an image more than just another guild.

It's a big endeavor and It'll take a lot of work and communication between guilds, but I think this will really become a part of the game. Along with the website our Kingdom will be producing the chronicle and map and distribute not just amongst ourselves but to all of Elyria.

http://www.elyriachronicles.netWe'll need as much help as we can get.

  • Arktac Fox, Sheriff of Ravenhold and Baron of Oakridge



So some observations -

They are real life military based and are already setting up a presence in the community.

They have a Count and have already initiated discussion with a Queen for a role.


We are behind in our preparations.


Count requires $1500 and I am actually ok with Queen Rowena who they have pledged with. But we need to make some decisions and commitments.

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You know I normally don't do much with magic users, but for some reason for this game I want to find it and unlock it....I will work towards that goal to no end....whatever it takes.....I will be the Merlin of Elyria! Or the Allanon of Shannara! 


Once they explain more on how these professions and what not actually function I can probably make a more informed decision on what professions might suit me. 


Every other RPG type game I've played I usually always go with a stealthy assassin type character, but I feel there will be tonnes of those around, I want to do something rare for once, and I want to master it!


I'm sure I will need to have something to give me some source of income for my adventuring, which may just be some sort of gathering skill to provide materials to you guys for coin and supplies, as I will need to make camp and what not on my adventures. And if anyone else was thinking of maybe playing as a champion, we could adventure together, safety in numbers afterall!

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What all will IP be good for? I see a few buildings, profession kits and mounts. Right now I am pledged at the merchant level with a chunk of extra to add bonus IP whuch I was hoping to use to buy more land. I am wondering if I would be better served by dumping the extra IP and bumping up to the Baron level. Thoughts?

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Destroy - The more IP -- the closer to the front of the line for your tier of picking when it comes to selecting your land. I think it will be important for an extra parcel of land and also for a lodging and crafting building. I would love more Barons among us. If we can get adjacent areas in a county then we can get defense and settlement areas coordinated.  For example -- we set up on a triangle and then we use our parcels to fill in the interior between us and then we can deliberately create a "town centre" with business all placed in the middle area - crafting perhaps along the west -- farming along the south -- residences on the north side for example. Basically have a civic plan. But this all will depend on landforms and possible water areas as well


There has been chatter about pledging to an allegiance and then getting priority selection in the Kingdom you placed in so non- pledged Organizations couldn't encroach in that Kingdom until all that have pledged get their choice of location if they wish to be in that Kingdom.  The downside would be that you couldn't go in a NPC Kingdom in priority to anyone except within your tier line. And if you didn't want to be in a NPC Kingdom and didn't pledge to a King you have to wait and would get  less than desireable land even if you were a Count -- because all the peasants that are pledged get in before you.


It sounds ridiculous and I posted against it. Right now the original poster went from +16 to +10 since I posted and I went to +9.


I'm thinking of going up to Count eventually once more things get certified as progressing.


Bealin -- yes we will need to have some level of champion to defend and protect land and to pursue land coup but I also know we will need someone to be a dedicated treasure seeker! And if you get to unlock a magic talent that would be great!

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latest Devil Dog reply --
Well met and thank you for the kind words,
I am sorry to hear about your previous message, The message I received came across just fine. I am also please to announce that our Devil Dog Brandubh Driscoll is now Duke Driscoll. And your proposal of settling down in a duchy will be perfect for our intended path. The Devil Dogs will now reside in the Duchy of Direvale, County of Featherfell and City of Ravenhold.
We would surely bolster our strength if the 47th Legion was holding ground adjacent to our county. with our collective efforts, skill, communication and close proximity we will surely be a power not to be reckoned with.
If you are to serve the Kingdom of Darkholm it would be in your best interest to join our teamspeak next month when we speak to her in regards of the devil dogs becoming their elite army. Which I will soon propose it to be The Devils Legion. I believe our request would be heard much more loudly if we could receive as many Legion members along with Dogs. Due to the fact that she is unaware/unimpressed of our achievements in previous games. She simply wants to see everything herself.
Last but not least I would very much like to synchronize our signature banners under the Kingdom of Darkholm. And to sync our lands to portray our image in unison. I would like to know more about the scope and plan the 47th Legion will have.
The Devil Dogs are a milita force that serves as the Elite Army for the Kingdom of Darkholm. Residing in Ravenhold will be our Guild Hall (Stronghold) where our members sleep, train and prepare for missions. Also inside the Guild Hall will be amongst many things, a dueling arena called Devils Ring. We will house tournaments and entertain guests. Just outside of our stronghold which will be secondary ring called the Dog Pit where random players can fight and catch our attention for possible recruitment.

  • Arktac Fox, Sheriff of Ravenhold and Leutinent of the Devil Dogs.

So WOW!  They now have a Duke and the plans for a both a Dueling Ring and a Dueling Pit really promote the fighting aspect for them.
So -- 2 things -
1 - I doubt we will be able to complete to a tier of Duke which requires a $3500 pledge. But I will be able to increase mine to Count level so we can get placed in THEIR Duchy in proximity to their holdings and get a bigger advantage in where our Barons situate. Plus with them as our DUKE we can get their endorsement to promote our Barons within the DUCHY ... because ..
2 -  It appears they are in favour of the name DEVIL's LEGION and will be promoting it to the Queen. So we would be under the same Organization and it would behoove their DUKE to advance this Joint Organization as much as possible.
Now they seem intent on being a military force first and foremost. That could leave us to concentrate on specializing in crafting areas to supply the Organization as a whole.  I think this would be very appealing if we were to concentrate and specialize in one particular aspect:
For example  maybe a couple of the following:
Military -
Weaponsmith - Melee
Weaponsmith - Bow
Armorsmith - metal
Specialists -
Civic -
Gatherers -
Food related-
Or another option is to be concentrated as being the explorers and deviants and bards so we can specialize there and support them in those ways.
Basically a niche where we get promoted by the DUKE as the go to place for those skills, and perhaps by the Queen as well if we are focused and determined.  Because if we can not be as focused as they are military wise then it may be best for our role to be needed by them. We would still participate in events so some basic combat skill would be necessary as well. Or we can specialize in a combat skill and still pursue crafting as incidental to the whole process.
I think we should decide what will work best for us in this relationship.
So first priority is to get a signature that promotes 47th Legion  and our Forum names as part of it. Perhaps even with our Tier level stated.  We can discuss County name but there are no guarantees about that so I wouldn't want to do that as part of the signature.
The signature would likely need to identify us a "47th Legion - Founders of Devil's Legion" and there would likely be a consistent script and font for "Devil's Legion".  Maybe even a consistent Background as well.
I wouldn't want to state a surname because that is dependent on if you have a pledge tier that allows you to propose a surname, and then you get to have it based on what number you were in line to pledge. Mine is # 1417.
Being a Count lets us select and design a coat of arms for an ingame banner or something that would identify our Holdings in the County.
So give me some feedback and some ideas for the Legion Signature.
Our Coat of Arms (Shield) is fine but we would need to think if we have a background we would like used and a font as well. We need to think if there is an emblem or icon. I think we can just put the below the signature, and put our motto on it as part of the content.
When I say give me some ideas I mean who knows how to make it work  and put it together.

0sig imperial

0sig Elder



Here are a couple images I found quickly. Not that they represent a Devil's Legion but we can work from there and look for something with a Medieval look perhaps.



Here is a "Mission Statement" from the Darkholm people.

BEALIN will like this I think ....



PRIMARY GOALS: martial, research, mystic lore. The Darkholm seek immortality, and will go to great lengths to achieve it. They engage in extensive martial training, especially of mounted, armored combat. They treasure occult mystical knowledge, knowing it is scarce. Members of the family know if this knowledge were to fall to the wrong hands, it could spell disaster for all. They hoard occult lore tomes and hide all such knowledge. The family studies dark lore, and will secretly engage in its practice before sharing its knowledge. The Dark Knights believe they are the only ones that can be trusted with such knowledge, as they cannot be corrupted by darkness, for they have accepted darkness in their midst.

APPEARANCE: The Darkholm are known for their pale skin, jet black hair and invariable yellow-amber eyes. This believed to represent the mark of the wolf. When a child is born with other features, they are hurled on the cliffs of Castle Darkholm and left to die of starvation and dehydration, if they survive the fall. At the age of 8 they are tattooed with the Darkholm coat of arms over their hearts for males and on their back for females. This tattoo is only branded on family members. If betrayed, the family will hunt and skin the perpetrator, and bring the piece of marked skin back to be consumed by the other family members. On family meetings, their tattoo is always in sight. Their preferred colors are black, dark purple or dark blue.

ORGANIZATION: The Dark Knights of the Darkholm comprise every member of the family. Regardless of their martial prowess, they all receive martial training. They are indifferent to their peasants, but never cruel or abusive, something their peasants appreciate. Loyalty to House Darkholm is seen even amongst the peasantry, for the Lords of Darkness protect their people. While they are certain they will never move up in society, they will also never move down. The Darkholm have no current interest in invading other lands, but any invasion of theirs would face swift, unforgiving punishment. They are in the process of slow growth to strengthen their ranks, which they do only by birthing. To an observer, the dark knights of House Darkholm seem to be constantly training for a war that never comes. To the Darkholm, battles are physical, mental, and spiritual. In the annals of history, the family has rarely joined a battle. When they have, the bards sing, it’s like death itself has visited the battlefield. The knights charge into battle, slaying all, warriors and beasts. When the dust settles, the only living are carrion birds, the knights, and the few prisoners condemned to Castle Darkholm, as a reminder that the Darkholm better be left unmolested.

The family produces fine royal guards, and a few of them are found in other parts of the world. These will always wear black armor and the family crest, and requiring them otherwise is seen as an affront to House Darkholm, and will invite their wrath will all its consequences.

POLITICS: House Darkholm is mostly ruled by a council, which responds to the Duke himself. Each member is allowed to speak and vote during meetings, and each one is listened to, for even if disagreeing, each new idea offers insight that can be useful in the future. Regardless of the votes, the Head's word is final.

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Interesting Mission Statement......its good lore and background for them, but when we all start out, they aren't going to have any mystical lore at all, nobody unless they plan on going out to find it they may have difficulty with that portion of it hahaha. I plan on finding it.....I will unlock the secrets!!

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some COE forum pictures we could use as an avatar?


The Kingdom of Black Hearts is going to have a Web Site so we can use it for there. And the COE Forums are going to be changing so we will likely need one for there.


Bealin I like the look of this for you maybe? It has the magic  - next life  look to it:




Then there are a set of Medieval Batman warrior pics -- each slightly different -- we can choose one each kind of thing ..






If you guys like this kind of theme -- I think I'd claim the shield one.
But if you don't like the common look pictures then here are some solo ones that you guys can use:






I think I'd go with this one:


I think I also found an image that could be a base and background for a Forum signature plaque. What do you guys  think of this for the background for our CoE 47th Legion image? :




We should start getting a forum signature ready for both the COE site and the Black Heart Kingdom site so our presence can be shown.

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Hey 47th --- We'll be moving all chats about CoE that involve our mission and what roles we will be doing to a new thread in S3. 


THIS THREAD will continue to be for things like:


- art work

- new Soulbound and CoE posts

- information about the game

- anything else that is generally open and available for anyone to find publicly. 



So don't make me have to delete or move posts  :angry:

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Just my passive aggressive way of harping on the aggression in his last statement. I tend to resist control through coercion.

Hey 47th --- We'll be moving all chats about CoE that involve our mission and what roles we will be doing to a new thread in S3.


THIS THREAD will continue to be for things like:


- art work

- new Soulbound and CoE posts

- information about the game

- anything else that is generally open and available for anyone to find publicly.



So don't make me have to delete or move posts :angry:

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hah hah ---   thnx Destroy --- -ok I LOVE THE TOAD!!!


there is a Q&A going on right now --


they just gave info about the healing and it being kind of indepth.


oh he showed a world generated concept map -- lots of water!! -- but said not the map for the game -- but likely an alpha server map. Each server will have a distinct map.

- if you have any IP but don't have bloodline tier and exposition -- you will get in just for having IP but it may be just at last days -- and get in earlier based on IP level


tinkerer -- includes locks and sewing machines -- parts of furniture -- timeplaces -- tools -- lighting systems -- musical instruments --etc etc -- a moving part or needs a gear --- could need another person to do another components

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A Count from Chronicles of Elyria in our Blackheart Kingdom has an Empyrion server called Kotel pvp/pve official.

I think we could try it and then have a credible opponent to battle. He says he doesn't tolerate exploiters and they have 4 mods to help out.


What say you guys? These will be people we will be playing WITH in CoE so it may be good to see how they are.

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