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The kickstarter opens up on May 3 for this.


The game has a very unique and complex feel to it.

Register on the forums and use my friend code    B03B5A   --- that is a  Zero not an "Oh" in the code.


It has an aging feature and a soul feature where eventually you have a permadeath and are reborn with the ability to relearn your past skills and advance them further. plus there are hidden talents unique to every character that has to be revealed during your life.

They also have a feature where:

- you have a soulmate that you can meet in the game to get better benefits if you have both progressed on similar moral paths -- but be arch enemies if you have diverted paths.

- new players who start later on in the game get an advantage of an "older tier" soul so they do not have to start with a big disadvantage

- random players get random acts of genetics that may give bigger initial skill boosts

- you can choose if you want to start as a member of someone else's family

- the class dynamics are pretty specialized

- new "recipes" will be discovered and advance technology

- you get a patent on a new technology that no one else can use for a specific time

- you get a pre-determined life span that allows for a diminishment as you die or do certain acts

- astrology based on the birthday you choose can pre-determine your characters' conflicts or circumstances

- your character ages and skills will be reduced -- strength will lower but wisdom will rise; influence will increase but ability to learn will be lower

- you can achieve legendary status but that makes your death of more consequence

- you create a will to pass on your "estate"

- mapmakers create maps and name areas they depict -- and the more maps with that name of "Cavadus Peak" on it will result in the NPC's referring to the area as such until some other cartographer redraws maps and changes the name to "Odin Mountain".

- you can make player housing and player towns; they can also be destroyed and you can set up traps and chests or risk break-ins

- you choose your birth place and inherit "nature' attributes related to the area you are born and raised in

- death varies from unconscious; to killed by npc with more generous time and ability to regain and retrieve your corpse; to player killed with potential greater loss. The time to get back to yor corpse will be less and less as you get older and your ability to travel and quickness is lessened.

- there is corpse looting and that can be limited or more available based on skills you or the looter may have.



and more and more


You pay for the game and can have months before you need to repurchase a "soul" for the reincarnation. Your player can live from 80 - 120 and depending on the life you lived and the way you chip away at your lifespan - you may need to rebuy sooner than someone else but they anticipate 8 - 14 months before someone needs to get to buy a new soul due to using up all the affinity and lifespans of the first character.



The interaction and need for a planned and purposeful guild to work together to cover all the classes and professions is huge. Players can choose the skills and class and may never need to do any combat or may choose something that does no crafting at all.


Check it out.



There is some art work and an initial trailer with some pretty great graphics and visuals.


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Here are some intro videos -



lol  donkey rabbits for Dragonsoul!




Here is a guy named Frithgar who has a series of videos:


This next  guy goes through all the Dev Journals with separate and progressive videos:


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I'm having trouble getting the friend code to register. Two friends said they used it but I don't get confirmation. Let me know if you use it because every one who uses it gives me "influence" which I can use to help get early alpha and beta access.




And yes --  This will be an addictive game I think.


Even when you are not playing your character will still age on you. Plus you remain in game apparently.

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Thanks guys -- I saw Longfellow got his name.

What name did you guys get?


Tsarg = ?

Destroy = ?

Campbell = ?


I am registered a Tyrus since Payton was taken.



We don't need to rush into setting up a guild page yet -- we can likely wait to see what happens with Kickstarter, but there are plenty already advertising and some with unique aims.

However I did indicate in my signature:


47th Legion

Vexillarian -

2nd Vexillation Leader



I think we can establish a formal signature tag for now, so post any ideas you may have about that.

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I went ahead and registered for an account, but I'm not sure if I'll actually be getting the game down the road. It seems like a really cool proof-of-concept game. We'll see if it turns into anything really promising.

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some cool details I found on a blog that found information on the forums from Dev posts:


Was this the world going to contain procedurally generated features? Our ever friendly forum Dev Caspian soon picked up the scent and gave a long and detailed answer that began:

Great question, Zultra. Much/most of the world will be procedurally generated. Remember, each of our servers will have completely different continents in order to guarantee that stuff discovered on one server doesn’t ruin it for another server.


Sometimes procedurally generated worlds end up a little bland, everything starts to look similar but the developers have that covered too as their:

… level designers are working on key areas we call “scenes”. These are important locations that, while they may be in different locations on each server, are likely to exist on all servers. These are areas that we’ve created specifically for some visual effect, or for some specific role in the storyline.


The placement of settlements will make sense, near fresh water, transport link or military positions, there will be a reason for one of the starter settlements being where it is. There is also logic built in for where NPCs go after their initial placement:

Beyond that, the Soulborn Engine keeps track of where people go. If an NPC decides they want to set up a camp, recruit soldiers, and then invade a nearby town, they’ll head out into the wilderness in a place not often visited by people. In this way, when someone stumbles upon a new encampment, it’ll look and feel natural. Like it has been built there over time, by someone. It shouldn’t feel like it just magically spawned one day.


So without further ado here are the three key facts that Jeromy ‘ Caspian’ Walsh decidedto share with us:

  • Talents are about story development, not character development
  • When it comes to the Talent system, perception and reality are not necessarily the same
  • The acquisition and use of Talents are always tied to the story


It seems that talents are simply plot points. Things that will make the story more interesting, though whether for good or ill who knows! If your character has one, it will make your character different, perhaps even stronger, but it is not something you are aiming for with a character. It is not something you can work towards as Caspian clarified:

It’s extremely unlikely you’ll discover latent Talents through some kind of trial and error process.


In a thread about the price of the game started by community member kingfighsher, things took some interesting turns. From the price, to price per life, to how long a life was, to how quickly time passes for your character, ending up at the time cycles of the world. Yep, the community moves quickly! It was that point that the ever watching Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh stepped in with this post which starts a little something like this:

There is a day/night cycle, and changing season. However, Elyria’s day/night cycle is longer than Earths, and there are fewer days per season. The end result is the game will shift between night and day at a comfortable rate (a few times per RL day), with seasonal effects changing ever so slightly over a 24 hour period of time. After four RL days you’ll be back where you started.


Outside of towns, however, things get interesting.  We’ve already mentioned that we’re tied to realism, and sleep is an important part of that.  We plan to require a rest period when out adventuring to handle the need for sleep.  This means that you’ll need supplies for a journey, and potentially a set of guards who can take the night shift.

This does mention the night shift which came across as just a turn of phrase initially but now appears as if there might be particular risks at night or benefits for using this as your rest time. The day-night cycle should lead to visible change, but it really is a balance. They are heading for realism and that means dark nights, but time is precious and if someone logs on and it is ‘night’ they still want to be able to get their kicks. People need to still be able to explore, though perhaps at a more risk and requiring additional resources.

Houses will be available at launch. Houses are absolutely essential. Cheers!

It’s your land. Create houses where you want.


Oh and just for fun, why not get hyped about the first expansion now as well. When asked about underground areas we got a sneak peak at future, future housing developments:

It’s planned. It falls under the terraforming we want to do and is kind of vital to some of the housing stuff we’re doing. But we’ve not started on that system yet, so it may not be available at launch.


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When the news came to the forums this week that we are looking at 48 hours to cross from one side of the map to the other, I was, well… rather confused!

The estimate of 48 hours across the map was at walking speed, as the crow flies, assuming the entire map is land.


In the end we get to some interesting examples based on travelling by mount or wagon:

Those looking to set up trade routes between kingdoms can expect either 6 hours straight to a city, staying the night, and then returning the next day, or what most people will probably do – play 2-3 hours a night and spend 2-3 days going in each direction. So a full round-trip trade run would be approximately 4-6 RL days.


What about those not heading along the main roads:

So… the day in the life of a local explorer is a 5-10 minute walk outside of their village to find something interesting. Walking in that direction another 20 minutes will land them in another small village.


 this exciting revelation from Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh:

The map system is one we’ve been working on for a long time. We wanted to do something different here than has ever been seen before – something that really speaks to our sandbox-style world, and the ability for players to create original content.

Cartography will be one of the earliest skills available to players. The skill allows you, using in-game tools, to draw/sketch/stencil maps of your area. The higher your cartographic skill, the more precise and high fidelity the tools available to you will become. Then, you can distribute your maps to others for free or for purchase. Likewise, others will be able to take your maps and add additional information to them. (X marks the spot!)

I’m withholding another really cool feature of cartography. I hope you’ll forgive me, but when I reveal it, I think it’s going to be huge. Stand by for a future dev journal.

Guilds, associations and schools all have their own mechanics governing there in game systems.


Someone asked in another forum post about the difference between families & guilds.  Thought I'd post here as well about the clarification.  Let us know if you have any further questions.  

The difference between guilds and families are important.  Current MMOs treat guilds as your support system, but we view that to be part of the family's job.  You'll also more easily communicate with your family and they will be your natural allies.  Guilds, on the other hand, are for people working together on a skill or job.  Think of healers, blacksmiths, an assassin's guild, or a group involved in political intrigue.  Guilds can provide ways to help train a skill or even keep non-members from gaining a foothold in a certain area.


While nations and guilds can coexist, they exist seperately.

We do have a kind of first-aid medicinal skill tree that would allow you to do things like create poultices and do healing and you know, there is this collaboration between some of the skill sets. So like pharmacology and the ability to create medicines using a pestle and mortar that can help you fight off diseases or any kind of ailments you may have. [


**possible morticians??**

Im guessing since there is a perma-death feature that burying bodies could be a thing. Which brings up a few new things into the game. The guy who prepares the bodies, the guy who makes the confins, and the guy who digs the holes. SO I was wondering what do you guys think about this
I think it would be a cool little feature even if it is a bit dark

Caspian: Let’s be honest, without the need to bury bodies, or create crypts and things like that, why would there ever be a crypt or that sort of thing. So if we want these ancient crypts and catacombs, we need to make a reason for it. So in this world, if you die your body just stays there and will eventually decompose and leave a skeleton behind along with all the materials that were in the possession of that person, forever more. So you could visit a dungeon that hasn’t been visited in 1000 years and still see the remains of skulls and bones and stuff like that, scattered along the floor

But as we said before, in kind of a hint of lore to come, it’s always a good idea to dispose of your dead properly.


My question is this, will there be a difference between the strength of a male character and a female character? a difference in stamina? Will there be gender specific pro's and con's?

At this point, there's no differences. However, if after launch we see that there's a poor distribution, with more players playing males than females, we could introduce benefits to playing a female which might lead to more female characters.

This would help ensure a good distribution of both, for the purpose of furthering bloodlines. Again though, nothing like that planned at this point. We'll know more after the early alpha/beta tests.

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Land Ownership

When the game launches, all the land will be part of a Kingdom and will technically be owned by that Kingdom - whether those in charge have control over it is a different story.

If you go to the middle of nowhere you might find a parcel of land where nobody goes and lay claim to that piece of land by building a structure on it, although it may be owned by the King or a Duke they may be willing to just let you settle in that land and improve what would otherwise be wasted land.

Since it's owned by someone, that person (or someone they have appointed like a Sheriff) can remove you from that land. If you want to get some land another way you'll have to buy a parcel of land from the owner or come to some other sort of arrangement.

Important players that hold the positions of King, Duke, Count, Baron etc. will be given a short head start over the rest of the players, given probably a couple of days/weeks to set up their holdings and get prepared for the rest of the players to join the world - this too will mean that the main launch of the game will be a lot less hectic as there will be people prepared to enforce the law and make sure people behave.

I assume that at the start of the game many people will want to settle somewhere, without wood, stone and other resources to properly build a structure there then they won't have any real claim on the land and most likely won't be able to hold it for enough time which is required to declare ownership of abandoned land through adverse ownership.

Since there aren't any real 'starter' zones, the action will be a lot more spread out and will hopefully go smoothly.



I guess we want to be "important players" to get started.

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How exactly do we do that though?


Probably the people with the highest influence will be given those starter positions I'm thinking.....and the only way to gain influence is to have people register using your friend code. There are already a few people with over 40k influence....nobody is going to catch up to them.

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Dralzen pointed out that friend referrals are minimal Influence -- but it seems posting, blogs, media, and other tangible interaction and activity is how they value Influence. There is a thread by Caspian about that as well. The present Influence rankings were before they determined some spam registrations, and they apparently are not official.


There is also a post on about the upcoming Kickstarter and someone replied about tiers of investment with possible bonuses including access. So we'll know more on the 3rd and I'm sure there will be other ways to work on that.


One thing is that everyone can decide where they want to spawn and where their family will start. Where you spawn gives some regional attribute bonuses. It sounds like you can be in one anothers' families if you want and that family influence will decide village/town politics and have better support mechanics than pure guilds. I'm not sure how that works but within the village you create guilds like for certain crafters or classes for specific bonuses they can obtain. Knowing where you want to spawn will help everyone get to the town site as soon as possible. They mention a land grab so having a site and area picked out and ready to zerg to will be the biggest initial objective.  Being able to lock it down as soon as possible will limit other groups infiltrating and squatting within the immediate area.


So we would need to decide on a Region first -- and then on our family needs. Last names / surnames are not specifically choose-able -- some have to be earned or unlocked so perhaps a family is it's community in itself without a surname specifically??? like 47th Legion Family --> in the village of "Cavadus" ----> and "Warrior Guild of Cavadus"  and "Campbell Trade Company" and "Payton Expeditionary Force" and "Striker Health Region" and "Bealin Armor Factory" and "Dralzen Bards and Scribes" ...  etc etc etc .... all originated and residing within the town of Cavadus.  Then inside the town itself you can make Guild Halls or buildings that provide bonuses for those members???  and there would be Guild quests to supplement and provide other benefits. There is already a mention of Town type quests so that may be to allow for expansion and unlock advanced tier buildings and defenses for the town.


If all that is generally correct then having all Guilds represented and active will be a huge need for any Village to progress to a Town. And our choice of "47th Legion Family" would cause us all to have authority to govern together and build in proximity to one another and access to family structures.





Bah -- just read more and apparently families are not so simple and that marriage and children are what will help create them or even being started as a "ward". You can buy surnames from influence but they have to be approved and consistent with lore. You can marry an NPC and new players can register to be part of your family at that time.  Families have certain characteristics and direction to them, and you can lock who can enter if they are not consistent with those values -- just as unknown players can search for a family of specific values and join yours if you do not lock the search up.  SO it sounds like no specific 47th Legion Family -- we all just have to start our own families and get to the same starting place and build the village to reflect our strategies and values.

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yes that would be for the first or second reincarnation. as we would be able to eventually create a family and start give the Child codes to other guild members so that they can become part of the family. will just take time to get it all started and then in motion.

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the question about starting the same family / guild.


  • Q. What if I want to bring my guild with me to Chronicles of Elyria?
  • Great! We'll be providing codes which will allow you to bring your entire guild into your family or guild so you can get a jump on building a powerful dynasty or enterprise.

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the question about starting the same family / guild.


  • Q. What if I want to bring my guild with me to Chronicles of Elyria?
  • Great! We'll be providing codes which will allow you to bring your entire guild into your family or guild so you can get a jump on building a powerful dynasty or enterprise.


Noice! I like that....

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