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Website admin help needed


So I started a new project last week and went with godaddy for domain and hosting purposes since I thought it was the easiest to manage from a complete rookie point of view when it comes to website admin and management.


Ive only tried to do 2 things so far:


1) Activated the hosting option for Wordpress compatibility and management

2) Activated the Office 365 option with 5 email addresses 



I have not been able to make any of those two things work. On the first one, whenever I try to "Manage" the site via the wordpress plugin (or at least what I think is the Wordpress pluggin) I simply takes me to a page with an error "ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED".


I would try to contact Godaddy for support, but the only option I have is a phone call and unfortunately since im not in the states right now that is not an option.


On the Office 365 front ive been trying to setup the first email for my website and its been impossible. It keeps telling me that they need to "Verify that you own this domain", however even after I follow the instructions and modify all the information they request of me regarding the DNS Zone for my website, im still unable to create a friggin email address.


Im in too deep here guys. Ive never done this before, I dont understand what any of this means, I dont know what im doing or even why im modifying the stuff they're asking me to modify or even if im doing it the right way, and honestly its getting frustrating.


Anybody willing to lend me a hand with this?



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Seems like your DNS settings are wrong for your domain. Either that or you have stale local DNS settings requiring a reboot or ipconfig manual commands to refresh your DNS records/change to use Google DNS servers.


I would have to get more info to actually troubleshoot/fix the problem. Toss me a PM.

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