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Dual Universe

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Found this on MassivelyOP.  Promises to be a completely seamless universe front to back.  EVE with twitch controls and full planetary everything (walking on foot, vehicles, et cetera).





Shape The Universe, Leave Your Mark

The Dual Universe is a gigantic multi-planet world where players are free to invent their collective destiny: civilizations will rise and fall, player-driven events will shape the course of History, because everything you do matters in a persistent single-shard universe. We are pushing the limits of what is technically possible today to open the door to what we believe is the next generation of MMO games. Welcome to Dual Universe!

planets.jpg Thousands of planets, procedurally generated

You start in the world, stepping out of your cryosleep tube, ready to take possession of the new gigantic planet where you have just landed (see the backstory). This planet is one among thousands of others, all beautifully generated and ready for you to explore, exploit and conquer.

city.jpg Massively multiplayer emerging gameplay

Dual Universe is about true massively multiplayer experience. There are no boundaries, instances, or zones. You can experience real cooperation and competition, forge intergalactic empires or giant cities, gather thousands of players in alliance events and tilt the balance of power with epic battles, or diplomacy.

Unique Game Features
01.jpg In-game editable content

Players are free to build gigantic cities, space ships or orbital stations. Based on a voxel technology, the world is completely editable.

02.jpg Scriptable ships & constructs

You can script any ship (with LUA) to redefine how you control it, from navigation to weapon systems. You can even script your own AI to assist you.

03.jpg Stunning top notch graphics

We use Unreal Engine 4, delivering some of the most beautiful immersive environments ever seen in a MMO. It will also be compatible with Oculus Rift.

04.jpg Real multiplayer ship crew

Ships are habitable, and their control can involve hundreds of players specializing in weapon, nav systems or repair. Get on the deck of the Enterprise and command your crew!

05.jpg Emerging political systems

Players are free to design their own political system based on a game-enforced contract system. Be a dictator or foster the emergence of democracy, this is your choice.

06.jpg Realistic in-game economy

The economy of Dual is very realistic. Initiate a market exchange, harvest resources & sell them, start an industrial empire, do marketing and logistics, create a bank or your own company.



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Looks interesting, but what makes it different from games like SC, Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky?


I am guessing they are almost entirely still in a conceptual planning phase? Have theses guys done anything like this project before?

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