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Anyone heard of this SANDBOX game?


Here is a link to it's homepage:



This other stuff is likely subject to a NDA ... but until you play you don't really know anything anyways.


a link to combat and armor info:


new player guide:




Just email Fanndis and she will send you a beta key good for 15 days access



The game animations are very primitive and character creation is pretty basic and limited, but it has almost 2 dozen classes and at least that many buffs/debuffs amongst various combat and defensive strategies. A lot of diversification and many different roles to play. You can have 3 characters to try and promote specialization.

Plus they have player settlements with PvP windows. Wide open PvP where you lose/loot items on death. There is also something about your character can potentially only use certain higher level "feats" and abilities if your settlement has attained a certain level to open and unlock the capacity to utilize those feats. So you can learn and train the feats but your Allegiance and Settlement has to achieve a certain reputation or level to promote higher level skills for it's members.

Because of the open PvP, you need to escort and people to get materials. There are encumbrance rules -- so those "guards" also are used to transfer and transport the items. you can build harvesters but there is something about them being vulnerable for raids if left unattended. As well as the person being vulnerable for being robbed if alone when trying to transport the haul.


All gear is player crafted and you need to use the Auction House to access items. There are a bunch of different crafting professions and a number of gathering specs. There is also player housing.


It sounds like a huge team oriented game and will require a lot of commitment and coordination as well as recruiting.


From what I understand, squads are limited to 6 players but 15 can participate in a raid group when engaging a PvP window. Every member in the area during the window gets points for their Allegiance, so if you have more than 15 those extra guys also add to your Allegiance total, but are not in the Raid group.  I read somewhere there are already 43 player settlements in the game.


Before anyone emails Fanndis -- I would suggest we see how much interest there is so we can all jump in together for the 15 days and see what we can do as a group.  Or email but just don't use your key until we get started together.

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