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Roberts Space Industries

[SC] The 2945 RSI Constellation Lineup

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It is our honor to open the Hangar doors to RSI’s 2945 lineup of variants for the Constellation starting today! The four types are outlined below, each with their own brochure. All Constellation types are available live in your Hangar starting today. We are also premiering the long-anticipated Constellation commercial, which features the Constellation Aquila explorer in action as it discovers an alien world!

Discover them all below!


Roberts Space Industries wants you to be an informed starship consumer: check out the brochures, holoviewer models and stats before choosing the best ship to add to your fleet! The Constellation is one of the most versatile ships in the ‘Verse : whether you’re going with the extreme luxury of the Constellation Phoenix or the back-to-basics styling of the Constellation Taurus, there’s a ship for every crew.


The standard model Constellation, the Andromeda lets you and a team of friends take on the galaxy together! Includes a P-52 Merlin snub fighter. The Andromeda has been fully updated and expanded with today’s patch.
Visit the Andromeda
View the brochure




The so-called “cargo” Constellation, the Taurus is actually a dedicated freighter for those looking to make their way in the galaxy. If you’re looking to build and expand your ship yourself with credits earned shipping goods on the spacelanes, the Taurus is the choice for you!
Visit the Taurus
View the brochure




The Constellation Aquila is Roberts Space Industries’ dedicated explorer model. With a fully redesigned cockpit for maximum visibility and an onboard URSA rover, the Aquila is the ideal choice for those hoping to discover new worlds.
Visit the Aquila
View the brochure




With a fully redesigned luxury interior, the Constellation Phoenix mixes proven RSI engineering with the creme de la creme of luxury styling. But the Phoenix isn’t just for luxury ship buyers and Organization leaders: it also includes a sensor-dampening cargo pocket for transporting sensitive goods! The Phoenix also packs the punch of the speedy P-72 Archimedes fighter in it’s bay and a classy LYNX rover!
Visit the Phoenix
View the brochure



RSI Constellation Sale

All of the Constellation variants are now available in the Hangar. You can’t dogfight with them yet, but you can explore them like any of Star Citizen’s

other ships.

Phoenix limited sale

The Aquila and the Taurus are permanent additions to the pledge store, while the luxury Phoenix will be available through Monday, August 25th

(or while supplies last.)

The Phoenix package even includes a limited-edition Sentinel 88G by Hartwell Music. to show off in your hangar or aboard ship. For those not interested in the Phoenix, the piano is available as a separate item. For the duration of this sale, the Phoenix is limited to 5,000 hulls, although it will be available in the persistent universe. Hangar and exploratory rovers will appear in a future patch.

Select your own “Connie”

Upgrades & “Connie” Super Pack

If you already have a Constellation Andromeda as part of a game package and would like to exchange the hull to an Aquila, Phoenix or Tarsus you can now do so with one of the ship upgrades available through the “Buying Options” of the Ships page.

For those who must have it all, an extremely limited Constellation Super Pack is also available! The Super Pack includes all four Constellation variants plus a 10” Constellation ship model (shipping September 9th.) The “Connie” Super Pack is limited to 200 copies for $1,000 each, a significant savings!

10” Constellation MK3 models left!

Want even more Constellation? A limited number of 10” models are also still available! Pick up yours today.

Remember: we are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. All of these ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. The goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches.


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I really don't know what to do with mine. I do like the idea of the Phoenix, but that commercial was so exiting that I might even go for the aquila. Any suggestions guys??


I am having the dame dilemma...  I like the idea of the Phoenix, but the interior looks like something form a Leisure Suit Larry game.  If I had a wishlist, I would remove the entire rear section, and add (2) private cabins, and a central sitting/meeting area.  But as the Jimmy so eloquently puts it "You can't always get what you want."


Unless some further information comes out about the ability to mod the interior, I will either stick with the Andromeda for combat, or go with the Aquila for exploration.

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If that rover can be manned and has guns you will seriously never pry me out of it.  I'll probably launch that fucker into space, me in it of course, and try to dog fight with it.

Or I'll ram my Connie into an Idris and roll that fucker through gaping hole in the hull and lite everything up.  

I better be able to drive that thing into capital ships!

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