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[DEF] Community Q & A - 18 JUL 2014

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We're on a roll, aren't we? It's actually Friday this time! Do you know what that means, ark hunters? It means it's time for more Q&A with the Defiance team!



  • Can you move Promote, Demote, and Remove from Clan options to the bottom of the list when looking at a player in the Quick Menu?

    We're going to look into making adjustments here to prevent accidents.

  • Can we move favorites to the bottom instead of always remaining at the top? This way any new items could be viewed at the top without having to scroll.

    We have a task open for making a more easily sortable inventory, which would include the ability to toggle sorting by favorites. No ETA available just yet on that.

  • Can we have the ability to start co-op maps manually like Arenas?

    You sure can.

  • Can event reward popups not show until you leave combat? This is disruptive to the playing experience as not all enemies disappear at the end of an event. You can still be attacked.

    That is how they originally functioned during our earliest testing, players would often stay in combat and not get event scoreboards at all. Mind, the structure of the game has changed drastically since then, and reactivating that functionality may be possible now without the bizarre adverse effects which plagued it before.

  • Are there any plans for making Co-Op Arenas more attractive? Involving in Dailies, Weeklies, etc.

    The Thorn Liro arenas are already targeted by daily and weekly contracts. We’re looking to do a small revamp that will make it possible to add contracts for the Gunslinger arenas and Solo Replay maps without them popping up for people which lack those DLCs.

  • Is there a chance that we could have chat groups in the future?

    We are not presently developing a UI for creating chat groups.

  • Could we see any items purchasable with Paradise reputation only instead of cores?

    There are already two items on the Paradise vendor which are available without cores: the Weapon Kit and Full Synergy Mod Hoard.

  • You said Conflict sites don't display a radius, they do when they are part of a contract. Is the contract radius accurate, and could we have a map toggle to show all the ones in the world?

    That radius is not necessarily accurate and is generated by the contract rather than the conflict site itself. Conflict Sites in Silicon Valley operate on a different system and will display on the map.

  • We're concerned about the spawn rate of the Restless Dead. Could this be looked at or could we have more information?

    It does spawn and many people have completed it so far, but we have noticed that it's a hot topic on the forums. They spawn away from roads. Hopping on two different live servers just a second ago, I found three copies of Restless Dead active on one and five active on the other. They predominantly appear in Sausalito, Marin, and Madera.

  • The existing Faction Weapon selection is no longer reflective of the weapons being used by the majority of players. Could a larger selection of Faction Weapon variants be added?

    This isn't something we're currently looking into revisiting.

  • What are the reasons behind not bringing the game to next generation consoles, would they require a lot more resources to support?

    It's not easy to answer this question in a short space, but here are some quick reasons:

    - The infrastructure to patch and attain a network connection to our game servers is unique to each console. This would need to be re-done for next generation.

    - The graphics engine would need to be update or completely re-done for next generation.

    - Often console manufactures will not allow a port of a previous generation game to a next generation console, and instead want significant improvements or a completely new game. This would require resources.

    - Then there are business reasons: How large is the install base, what are the development costs etc.

    While we aren't ruling out next-game, there are no plans right now to do it. Our priority is the game as it stands now - improving stability and adding more content.


  • Are there any plans to make the Hellbug headgear available for use?

    At this time, it's only available as part of the VBI Ultimate Starter pack.

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Guest EchoDark

"Hopping on two different live servers just a second ago, I found three copies of Restless Dead active on one and five active on the other."


Man, I want to call BS on this. I spent an entire morning circling the areas that's been reported so far and I got jack. In the last week I've spotted one.

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Guest EchoDark

Well I got on tonight and finished the grid pursuits. As far as the restless dead, I don't know whetsi found my first one. The second I found just east of Last Chance, right in front of those triangular buildings. And the third was between Muir and that secret vendor to the north east, in that spot where the ark falls drop.

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