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Guest Horizonz

This thread is constantly updated! If I'm missing anything you think should be here let me know.

Change list:


  • Removed tables so the images would scale to peoples screen resolutions instead
  • Added Concept Art
  • Added Information section
  • Fixed broken links
  • Reworked Information section to be more user friendly and useful
  • Fixed more broken links
  • Updated questions section
  • Changed color schemes and some font sizes for ease of use
  • Updated Information section and added sources




Earthrise Website:


Eastern Gardens:






Old Town:







Exclusive Screenshots:


Links taken from: Ten Ton Hammer, Earthrise HQ,, IGN Vault, MMO Crunch, Alter Ego Online, Gamers Hell, and I know I’m missing some here… please send me links to anything I missed. There may also be repeats in here that I didn’t spot, please let me know about those as well.



Concept Art:


Earthrise Website:


The Nest:



The Eastern Gardens:



Old Town:



The Nathura:



The Syndicate:



The Alpha Females:



The Red Dragons:



The Praetorians:



The Erratic:



Eastern Garden NPC's:



The Outsiders:








Earthrise Website:


Enterra Map:


Description Here: Link


Sal Vitas:


Description Here: Link


Old Town:


Description Here: Link


Exodus Island:


Description Here: Link


Industrial Area:


Description Here: Link


Eastern Gardens:


Description Here: Link


The Nest:


Description Here: Link





Music Tracks:


Earthrise Website:


1) Vision of a Dream

2) Worklust

3) And I Shall Remain

4) Shifts and Tides







Note: All your base are belong to me.






Gameplay Style:

Earthrise will be an over-the-shoulder third person shooter with RPG elements such as skills and upgradeable equipment. Earthrise will not have any hitboxes, so shooting a player in the head won't do any more damage than shooting them in the foot. There will be a dice-roll effect with each shot, and the targeting will be sticky in Earthrise. The devs decided to do this to eliminate the need for twitch based combat skills and focus more on a strategic feel to the game. Earthrise will also feature full PVP and full looting, meaning you can be attacked anywhere and if you don't have your items insured, the attacker can loot your corpse and take your items. However, there will be measures in place to protect players from being attacked in major cities, and from losing all of their gear.


System Requirements:

Only the minimum system requirements for the game have been released because the devs want to have the most accurate idea of recommended system requirements as they can, and it's simply too early in the development process to tell. There has been a lot of discussion within the community about possible recommended system requirements, but we haven't been able to come to anything conclusive. We also don't know if Earthrise will be multi-core optimized. We know Earthrise will support Direct X 10, which is Windows Vista only, but I haven't seen an official post stating that Direct X 9 (Windows XP/2K/ME/98) will be supported.


The current minimum system requirements are: 2 GHz CPU, 1024 MB RAM and 256 MB VRAM video card supporting shader model v3.0


Sources: FAQ


Character/Item Customization:

This quote from the FAQ sums it up quite nicely: "Players will be able to customize their character’s gender, size, complexion, face and hair but primary statistics will be pre-assigned. For those wanting to tweak primary stats, there will an opportunity to do so during the new player experience, but is not required." As for customizing items we don't have much information, but the FAQ again says: "Item creation and customization will be unlike any other MMO to date, allowing items to be creative, unique and potentially ground breaking."


Sources: Character Uniqueness QotW, and FAQ



Beta is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2008, as announced by Masthead. Masthead recently said in an interview that they had no plans to move back beta. Closed beta keys will be given out by Masthead. I've been told via e-mail that the only real way to increase your chances of getting into beta is to be active in the forums (though that still isn't guaranteed). As beta hits, a beta testers forum will be created to discuss bugs and other issues.


Sources: Stratics House of Commons chat, and Moll's comment


Release & Fees:

Release is scheduled for early 2009. The FAQ says the game will set a monthly price comparable to other major online games. As of the moment Masthead plans to distribute the game themselves through download, but they're also looking for a publisher to distribute the games into stores if they can find a good enough deal.


Sources: FAQ, and Stratics House of Commons chat


Expansions, Localization, and Support:

Masthead has announced that they were thinking about future expansions after launch, as well as frequent content updates and bug fixes. They are also looking into translating the game into other languages for localization, but plan to try and keep all of the players on the same server.


Sources: MMO Gamer Interview, and Stratics HoC chat




How they work:

Earthrise isn't your typical MMO game when it comes to skills. Earthrise has no levels, no experience, and no permanent passive benefits. Instead, ER will be using a system of skill points which will be gained through actually using the skill. As those skill points reach certain levels, abilities will be unlocked for for our use. These abilities seam to either act as buffs or as special attacks, however that's hard to say since we currently don't know any specific abilities.


Sources: Ready, Aim, QoTW!


Types of Skills:

While we may not know any specific skills, we do have an idea of the types of skills we'll see in-game. We aren't sure if this is all of them, but here's a list of what we know will be in-game: ranged, melee, psionics (magic), medical, smuggling, and crafting.


Sources: Various places, and common sense.




How crafting will work:

Crafting in Earthrise is different from crafting in many other games. In many games you farm the required skills and then go out and buy a blueprint so you can construct something. In Earthrise you raise your skills in crafting to learn different 'technologies' to be used in the crafting process, enabling you to craft more items over time. Players will have to discover their own designs and recipes for crafting.


Sources: Crafting QoTW


What can be crafted?

Aparently, everything. That's right! Everything. Weapons, armor, items, drugs, medical supplies, personal vehicles, mechs, and even guild bases will all be crafted. The best player equipment in the game will be craftable.


Sources: Crafting QoTW


Materials for Crafting:

Masthead has announced 3 categories of materials for crafting: common, uncommon, and 'special'. Common items will be purchasable in shops, but it's still unclear right now if it'll be possible to directly loot them off of monsters. We're told that junk loot from monsters can be broken down into commonly used items for crafting. Uncommon materials will be farmed by guild bases and in mines. As for the special category, it seams there's only a single resource qualified to be in this category, and that resource is only found in dangerous zones swarmed with mutants and other players who want to kill you. Mechs will have to be used to farm this special resource.


Sources: Resources and Transportation QoTW


The Market:

Masthead has told us that there won't be any personal shop booths or anything of that sort, but instead there would be a global auction house available that would be accessible from any civilized area. It's also confirmed that there will be some form of stock market available in the game. I wasn't sure which section to stick this under so I figured I'd stick it in crafting since crafting seams like it'll be the main driving force behind the market.


Sources: Shopping the Economy QoTW



There will be various modes of transportation available in Earthrise including running, personal vehicles, mechs, and teleportation. I figure running is self-explainatory so I'll only go over the other modes of transport.


Personal Vehicles:

Personal vehicles will be crafted, and as the name suggests, they will be one-seated only (though there's been a lot of discussion over multi-seated vehicles). The only vehicles in this category we know we'll have right now are hovercraft, we aren't sure if there are plans for others yet. Personal hovercraft will be considerably faster than running, and won't require fuel to run, meaning free transportation after the hovercraft has been purchased. They're also said to be customizable in the FAQ.


Sources: FAQ



Mechs will also be crafted. Honestly it isn't 100% certain if mechs will be piloted or controlled remotely, but since mechs have the ability to transport materials, I figured they still counted as a mode of transportation. Running mechs will be very costly because of the fuel they consume. Mechs cannot be modified after they've been constructed, and have to be constructed to perform one of two main tasks: combat, or harvesting. There is no limit to the number of mechs a single player can own.


Sources: Two Questions, Two Answers QoTW



Teleportation is just as it sounds, instant transport from one point to another. Teleportation will require fees to be used though, so it's up to you if you'd like to run/drive there, or teleport. We aren't yet sure how many teleports there will be, if we need to discover them before using them.


Sources: Resources and Transportation QoTW




Main Factions/story:

There are 4 main 'factions' in Earthrise, including Continoma, Noir, Neutral, and Criminal (though technically Continoma and Noir are the only real 'factions'). The Continoman government was set up to after the cloning of the survivors, known as pioneers. Some of the survivors started following their own agendas and Continoma set up an agressive police force. An armed resistance occurred to keep Continoma in check. The rebel faction became known as Noir. Continoma soon captured 6 of Noir's leaders and pulled their DNA from the cloning database, effectively sentencing them to death. Luckily a scientist managed to save the leader's DNA and Noir fled Sal Vitas, starting a war with Continoma. Some people didn't want any part of the battle and became neutral to the conflict, while still others decided they'd just rather kill everyone and get it over with, these despicable fellows are the criminals.


Sources: Warcry Interview, and Earthrise Website


Mini Factions:

Besides the 4 main factions, there are mini factions that associate themselves with the main factions. These mini factions spawned during the initial cloning of the pioneers when they began following their own ideals. There are a few too many than I care to list here, but you can read a little about each 'organization' as they're called here and here.



Guilds will be entirely open ended, allowing guild masters to recruit anyone into the guild (possibly even members of the opposing faction). Masthead seams focused on giving guild members a lot of control over how they can set up their guild, but we don't have any definite information on the ranking system. Guilds will be able to construct guild bases which may be upgraded over time. These guild bases can farm resources for the guild and make the guild money, but must be defended against other guilds.




Bounty System:

If a player is killed in pvp, a death report will spawn in the victim's inventory. The victim can take this death report to a bounty terminal and place a bounty on the killer's head with their insurance money. Multiple bounty hunters can then accept the hunt and they will be given the approximate location of the target. The first bounty hunter to kill the target claims the bounty and is able to loot the target. If a target isn't killed fast enough a bounty can expire, so the target needs to be killed fairly quickly. As of the moment it's still unclear as to what would happen if a target has multiple bounties placed upon them.



Insurance is said to be fairly expensive, and the premiums will be adjusted to fit the economy, keeping the economy safe and balanced. The cost of insurance will depend on what you're insuring and what the premium is. If you are killed in pvp and you had forgotten to insure an item, you can reclaim that item by proceeding to an insurance terminal and purchasing highly expensive emergency insurance. Not all items in the game will be insurable, such as rare sought after resources. It also appears that a user will have to renew their insurance after every death.


Territory Wars:

Guilds wanting their own guild base will have to claim a plot of land and build a base there. Plots of land aren't always open however, and guilds will be forced to go to war with each other to take over territories for their own bases. Guild bases can be upgraded over time, but upgrades are slow. Guild bases can also be expanded with other buildings like turrets, mining facilities, and things of that nature. The expansions are quick, but highly expensive. An attacking guild can attempt to save money on expansions by going straight for the guild HQ and destroying its various upgrades instead of destroying everything on the base. The defending guild also has the option to destroy buildings or even set the guild base to self-destruct, killing everyone nearby and preventing the attackers from being able to take the full base. Guild bases will farm resources for crafting which can be sold at a profit for the guild members (or used by them), so territory wars aren't just for land, but for money as well.



Mutants will be infesting Enterra, attacking humans and dwelling in the caves we need to go into to farm resources. Both mutant animals and plants will be seen in-game, and will be the PvE prey of the Earthrise player base.



According to the FAQ, there will be robotic pets that will assist with inventory management and even combat. "Robotic companions will be implemented in the game that aid the player in inventory management, combat support or personal assistance. Robot controllers who master the skill of controlling and programming their robots will be able to customize their robotic companion’s behavior to fit their adventuring style." As for cute n' fluffy pets, we aren't sure if we'll have those. wink.gif


Offline Advancement:


How it works:

Earthrise has a unique system in place for people who can't always be online. Basically, your character 'works' while you're offline, earning you a small salary. Staying at the same job for a long time will earn you special items as loyalty gifts from your employer. Players can also increase the salary they earn through getting an education/degrees. Don't count on making a living this way though, the vast majority of the profit in the game comes through actually playing the game.



If you're still looking for information, please first send me a PM with what I'm missing so I can update, then try taking a look at the Frequently Asked Questions, Question of the Week thread, or the Official Dev Tracker.






Feel free to ask about anything either in a PM to me, or below in the comments! I'll do my best to answer your question with the information we have available. Here are the answers to the questions I've been asked so far.



Guild Bases:

Q: This thread points out that there are guild bases and they're placeable. Are they placeable anywhere? Can anybody have them?

A: From what I understand, guild bases are placeable only in spots that are pre-designated as guild base areas, so they won't be able to be put anywhere. Also, I'm just speculating here, but I'd think there actually has to be a guild to own a guild territory, though we don't know if single players may own a territory to themselves.


Q: How does territory work with guild bases? Do we just say "This land from that tree to that river is mine."?

A: I'm not entirely sure how territory will work around guild bases honestly. My guess is that since the lots that guild bases can be placed on are pre-designated, the territory around the plots will also be pre-designated, but that hasn't been officially confirmed.



Q: Will game-play be restricted to Enterra, or are there plans for ships to move out into space?

A: At launch the game will be restricted to Enterra and a couple of the surrounding islands, but in a recent question of the week it was announced that the island of Enterra will actually be massive, "bigger than most other game worlds". It hasn't been officially announced if they will be moving into space in the future, but they have discussed the possibility for future expansions.


Q: How long ago did they start working on Earthrise?

A: Earthrise has been in the works since 2005.




There will probably be more to come in the future, if I've missed anything or there's a mistake somewhere please send me a PM and I'll fix it as soon as possible. Also, if you think something belongs here, but it isn't, again, just send me a PM. I hope I've helped people find some stuff about Earthrise they may not have seen/known! Please leave your ideas about the thread below, it's encouraging. :P


Have fun!

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Guest Horizonz

Copied the updated post over from the official forums.

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Guest Horizonz
God dang I am stoked for this game now. I need to go sign up on the forum and postwhore my way into beta. ::D


That's what I'm doing! lmao


Edit: Come on vent sometime! I'd like to meet ya. :)

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Guest Cavadus

Yeah, you haven't been on vent in like ten years. I have at least four new and super dirty jokes for ya.

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Guest Horizonz
Yeah, you haven't been on vent in like ten years. I have at least four new and super dirty jokes for ya.


lmfao =D

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