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Tanks are coming between the end of this month and middle of November.  After reading up on their approach it sounds a shit load better than World of Tanks.  All of the arcade shit is gone, like hitpoints, the stupid tank outlines for ridiculous to-the-pixel targeting, et cetera, and all tanks will retain historically accurate performance specs.


So once they get tanks up and running I'll definitely be joining y'all in WT!

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War Thunder patch 1.37 goes live today.  It reduces the number of plane ranks from 20 to 5 (which will supposedly improve the match making system) and introduces a new mechanism for obtaining new planes (you have to research specific planes you are interested in rather than just leveling up in the planes country), introduces a number of new planes, updates the flight & damage models for many planes to make them more historically realistic, updates the damage models for bombs/rockets and many other changes.  The full list can be found at  http://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog


Hope to see some of you in the skies soon.


UPDATE: The 1.37 patch is about a 2.9GB download so if you are planning on flying in the near future, plan accordingly (perhaps take care of some Defiance dailies while you wait)

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A few of us that still fly in War Thunder have been trying out the Historical Battle (renamed Realistic battles with patch 1.37).  It is much more realistic than the Arcade Battle most people fly and much less hectic which allows you to try better flight tactics than are often possible in AB.


Main differences are:

  • you only get 1 plane per match (no respawning once you are shot down)
  • you only get a single loadout on ammo...once you use it up, you have to fly back to base to re-arm
  • no aiming lead indicator - you have to judge your relative speeds and apply the appropriate aim deflection to hit the target
  • the flight & damage models are much more realistic so you can actually use the characteristics of a specific plane to it's advantage and have a chance of shaking a tail if you know your plane's strengths (and use them well) - unlike in arcade where once someone is on your tail, you have little chance of shaking them unless a teammate gets them first (rare) or they really mess up before they kill you (also rare).
  • Fighters/Attackers take off rather than spawn in the air. 
  • The maps are much larger and have a lot more targets (although it seems the battles usually turn into simple death matches - you win because the other team has lost all of it's planes).  The targets are more varied than in AB - there are specific buildings to bomb as well as bridges
  • The teams are smaller....in the battles we've flown so far, it seems that there are usually 6 players & 4 AIs on each team (note: with 1.37, the AIs will fly better planes - not just the bi-planes they had been flying)

If you haven't flown WT in awhile and see us in that channel in Mumble, come join us and we'll take you thru a Realistic Battle mission.  It should be interesting if we can get a squad of 4 together since that will make us most of the team for an RB match.

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Update on patch 1.37.


I played at least 1 match thru each of the countries and here are my thoughts so far....


I'm on the fence still with the new research system for unlocking planes as well as with the reduction to 5 tiers.  The research on the plane will probably be fine since I am trying to fly all the planes anyway and thus don't have specific planes that I'm trying to unlock asap.  But if you have your eye on an upper tier plane, the research system means it'll likely take longer to get to it than the old system.


As for the new 5 tiers, I think tier one is going to be much harder for new people.  While the old system actually did mix in planes from other tiers in order to start matches quicker, the tier 0-1 usually was mostly bi-planes or p-shooters.  Now there may be more advanced planes in the matches and only the Russians will be fully competitive (I really feel sorry for anyone that wants to fly the Japanese bi-planes....they weren't really competitive against just the other coutries reserve planes and now have to face even tougher targets).  Although perhaps the match making will live up to the supposed improvements and the matches will be fair. As for the higher tiers, they don't look too bad.  I mainly flew in the new tier 2 level tonight and the matches seemed fairly balanced...and there was a notice that they are having some issues with MM so things should get even better when that is fixed.


One thing that has definitely improved is the research for the upgrades to a specific plane.  Previously, I'd earn maybe 3 upgrades for a plane if I had an extremely good match with it.  With the new system, I had a really good match with a couple of new planes I hadn't flown before and I was able to research about 70% of their total upgrades from just the one mission.  For one plane, I got all but 1 upgrade from just the single mission. So it should be much faster to research a new plane to full capability than it used to be.


I didn't notice any flight model changes with any of the planes I flew so no opinion on that aspect of the patch yet.


They did change some of the bombs some of the planes have....seems like they increased a few from 50kg to 60kg but reduced some on the high end (1000kg dropped to 800kg).  This isn't across the board but for specific planes.  They've added torpedoes to some planes that didn't have them before.  I didn't notice if any of the guns have changed....although the patch notes would provide those details.


Another great improvement for anyone that likes bombing is that they've added bombing points to all the maps except domination - at least all the non-domination maps I flew had bombing points and the 1 domination (2 runways on the island) did not.  Destroying a bombing point reduces the enemy points by 10% so they can definitely help win the match.


They also added several new maps so there will be more variety to the missions now.

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True but the new MM system is supposed to make that less likely.  The new tiers are supposedly based more on historical periods for the planes and the MM is supposed to not mix tier boundaries as much as it did in the past...although it'll certainly still happen.  Time will certainly tell how well they did with the MM algorithm.


And they'll always have an issue with MM between trying to get the perfect balance for a match and how long the wait times are.  Considering how little patience many people have, I imagine they'll usually put reduced wait times ahead of realism...especially for AB.

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Update on the 1.37 patch.  The match making system is messed up and a lot of people on the WT forums aren't happy about it.  Even though they condensed the MM groups from 10 (they had 20 tiers but for MM purposes, those tiers were grouped by 2's) to 5, the 1.37 MM is still mixing tiers so now you can face planes perhaps 8 levels (wrt the old 1.35 system) different whereas under 1.35, you'd rarely see planes more than 2 levels higher than your highest plane in the lineup.  Supposedly the MM is actually using the planes battle ranking and you are no supposed to see planes with a battle ranking higher than 1.33 from you highest plane but that is very difficult to determine - the battle ranking is displayed with the plane's details but that is a bit cumbersome to look up.  Supposedly the MM is 'learning' from the matches being played and will become more refined...guess time will tell.


Another issue that is maybe not 1.37 specific just happened to occur recently is that at least the US servers having seen the ping times jump dramatically....I was normally seeing pings of 40-60ms (solid green) but over the weekend, those jumped to 150-200ms (yellow).  this made dog fighting more difficult as you'd actually have to aim a little more ahead of the plane you were attacking to actually get the hits credited.  The unofficial response was that WT may have moved to a new server cluster that was better configured against DDOS attacks...to solve the periodic attacks WT had been experiencing.  This issue may have been at least partially resolved as I was seeing pings back in the green range on Monday...although they did still pop back into yellow periodically.


Finally, there have been reports of graphic performance problems for certain graphics cards...people have reported seeing their fps drop by 30 or more after the upgrade...if you see this happening, one change that has been reported to sometimes help is to change your cfg to explicitly use DirectX 9 rather than 11.  That helps some people and they said they don't really see a visual difference.

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Special Xmas challenges have started.  for today, get 30 ground kills and/or 5 air kills to qualify for a special premium fighter or bomber.  NOTE: there are a series of daily challenges - 1 each day thru Jan 12th - that you'll have to do to get either of these premium planes.  Completing them all will get you both planes.


Details are at:  http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/90129-december-25th-war-thunder-winter-magic/  and  http://warthunder.com/en/news/383-War-Thunder---Winter-Magic-en

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Update on the special premium plane challenge...they changed it so that you only have to do 10 of the 17 mission sets to get the premium

plane(s)....although since today was the third mission, if you start tomorrow, you'd need to do 10 of 14...


So far they have been much easier than the tank closed beta qualifying challenges...but we'll see what the future days hold.  Hopefully not another xxx kills with ki-10....today's 10 kills with p-36 peashooters was bad enough.

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Finally got my Closed Beta Test invite from grinding thru the CBT challenges last Nov.  Fortunately they loosened the NDA so I can talk about it (a little bit anyway). 


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to actually drive a tank yet...probably some issue with my particular combination of hardware/firmware/OS.  But since that is a huge reason for the CBT - to drive out those types of issues - that's OK. 


But the second unfortunate thing is that the test server is only up two days a week - with 2 sessions each of those days that lasts a few hours each (makes sense since the dev team needs time to debug and implement fixes for any issues found).  Since today's session is about to end and my restart is in the middle of downloading a large patch, I don't think I'm going to get another chance to try it today.  That's OK - I waited a month to get the invite so waiting til Wed night to try again is no big deal.


Once I get it working, I'll post some initial (only positive due to the NDA) impressions.


Edit: the patch download completed in time for me to get 30 minutes in the game.  I've never played WoT so I don't have anything to compare it to.  The graphics are very good. The tank movement controls are the standard WASD although there are additional tread & transmission controls that I haven't played with yet.  I was able to drive around a bit and run over some trees...that has the nice effect of actually knocking over small trees and bushes.  Larger trees just stop you.  Tried shooting at a few hoping for some nice splintering but alas, no effect.


Did manage to get into 2 matches and satisfied the definition of cannon fodder...no tutorial (and the test drive doesn't provide any real targets) so you have to learn the techniques for shooting 'on the job'..and I'm seemingly a bit slow at it.  But I did prove that you can kill other tanks as I was the victim a number of times - hopefully next outing I can be the perpetrator.


Both matches were capture and hold - not sure if there are any other type of map.  The did have bi-planes flying around bombing but I wasn't able to play a mission with planes...the icons tags made it look like they were players rather than AI so not sure if only a select few can fly or if I just haven't figured out how to join a battle as a flyer....it was hard to tell from the stats if anyone was flying.  One match also had an artillery bombardment.  I don't know what caused it since their isn't player controlled artillery.  It might have been just a random event.  Just got the radio warning that it was coming and things starting blowing up all around...I made it thru unscathed which was good since it keep me alive long enough for one of the other team to kill me shortly after.

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