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KTAM Radio Officially Launches!

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Hey Ark hunters of the Forums! This is KTAM radio comin at you with some My associate got a little ahead of him self and thought he could get some ark tech to give away as a prize for the radio but got bit by a hellbug! but not to worry a fellow ark hunter was there with a BMG and got him back on his feet! We are serious about this radio and I think He just proved that. He's putting his like on the line for you guys!


So to get you guys more involved so you can show you care about Beck and hope he gets better soon heres some info for you guys to get more into the Radio and some Info about the Radio it's self.


The Radio beta is running guys so Tune in! Make song Requests on the Thread in a comment and if we have it we will play it, and come to us with your own created Commercials for our Defiance Themed raido of places in game and in game items.


WE Want You To Get Involved!





Web Stite:


FB: KTAMRadio -


Twitter -




Stream Info:


Stream Details: 64kbps


Forum Contact:




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Music selection is pretty eclectic but it's been fun to make requests for ridiculous metal stuff. It'll be something like Aphex Twins and then my request for Dew Scented or Cavalera Conspiracy hits, bwuhahahaha!


I am ok with IDM with this game.

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