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Ark Hunter & Season Two Codes

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POSTED ON: 01.29.2013

Greetings Ark Hunters!

It’s time to start your career as an Ark Hunter. Ark Fall codes have begun appearing all throughout the world of Defiance. Some of these codes are quite easy to find, while others may present more of a challenge or require keen eyesight.

Your objective is to collect the Ark Fall codes as part of your Ark Hunter Training. As you advance in training and enter more codes you will unlock in-game bonuses. These bonuses range from extra inventory slots to a small bonus in a weapon proficiency. The most discerning Ark Hunters who fully complete training will have their characters start with a bonus perk.

Head to the Ark Hunter Rewards page to start claiming rewards!


UPDATE: 23 JUN 2014


In addition to the Ark Hunter reward codes there are also season two codes.  One code is released per episode and it is valid only until the next episode airs.  For more information see the next post.


UPDATE: 31 JUL 2014


It has been brought to my attention that the Ark Hunter reward codes have been deactivated and will no longer grant rewards.  Season 2 codes will function normally (one code per week active for only that week).  See the end of the thread for the current season 2 EGO code.

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UPDATE: 04 MAR 2013

A new Google Docs spreadsheet has been created:


UPDATE: 02 MAR 2013

The Google docs spreadsheet has been inexplicably locked. The best source of code updates can now be found at:


Redeeming these codes on your account will earn you in-game perks so I highly recommend you spend a moment to do this. The perks are quite nice.

Here's a link to a google doc of all currently valid codes:

Also, stickied.


UPDATE: 23 JUN 2014

In addition to the Ark Hunter codes from last year season two of Defiance will include a new game code for each episode.  Each code is only valid until the next episode airs so make sure you get them added!  They are applied into the same account field as the Ark Hunter codes mentioned above.  

You can keep track of the codes here.

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Updated the OP. Just a reminder that if you want to receive the bonuses you need to enter these codes into your My EGO page (linked in OP). The DB linked in the post above is THE BEST SOURCE FOR CODES; USE IT!!!


The maximum amount of codes is 120 and the community has currently uncovered 21 as of this post.


Below is a list of ranks, the amount of codes needed to unlock, and the perk it bestows.


  • Level I
    • # Codes to Unlock: 1
    • Perk Unlocked: +2 Inventory Slots

    [*]Level II

    • # Codes to Unlock: 3
    • Perk Unlocked: Title - VBI Recruit

    [*]Level III

    • # Codes to Unlock: 6
    • Perk Unlocked: Bonus Ark Salvage

    [*]Level IV

    • # Codes to Unlock: 10
    • Perk Unlocked: Basic Lockbox

    [*]Level V

    • # Codes to Unlock: 15
    • Perk Unlocked: Pistol Skill +1

    [*]Level VI

    • # Codes to Unlock: 21
    • Perk Unlocked: Light Machine Gun Skill +1

    [*]Level VII

    • # Codes to Unlock: 28
    • Perk Unlocked: Manual Sniper Rifle Skill +1

    [*]Level VIII

    • # Codes to Unlock: 36
    • Perk Unlocked: Assault Rifle Skill +1

    [*]Level IX

    • # Codes to Unlock: 45
    • Perk Unlocked: +4 Inventory Slots

    [*]Level X

    • # Codes to Unlock: 55
    • Perk Unlocked: Pump Shotgun Skill +1

    [*]Level XI

    • # Codes to Unlock: 66
    • Perk Unlocked: Firestorm

    [*]Level XII

    • # Codes to Unlock: 78
    • Perk Unlocked: Early access to TMW Hannibal 650R (ATV?)

    [*]Level XIII

    # Codes to Unlock: 91

    Perk Unlocked: Thundershock

    [*]Level XIV

    • # Codes to Unlock: 105
    • Perk Unlocked: "Scavenger" EGO Perk

    [*]Level XV

    • # Codes to Unlock: 120
    • Perk Unlocked: Title - VBI Operative

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34 codes are out now! So they are going to release all 120 codes before the launch on April 2nd? They better get rolling!

Here's the link again for those of you just viewing this

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Added link

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It seems the spreadsheet of the Arkfall codes that was being run at has gone down, or is locked.


That being said I would suggest using the site exclusively now.


There is also 55 codes current as of 1:43 pm EST on 3/2/2013.

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Thanks for the posting an updated spreadsheet! I've been looking everywhere for one... Thank God one came up again. I think it is imperative that we get all of our members to do this... One because you get free stuff, and two BECAUSE YOU GET FREE STUFF! haha! Not to mention when launch does come out we will be a cut above the rest.


Just a suggestion though.

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