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Found 6 results

  1. Title says it all. ArmA 3 is currently 50% off on Steam plus free for the weekend. You can pick the game up for thirty bucks! BUY IT NAO!
  2. So with the anniversary sale on now I am caught between a rock and hard place. I want one of the ships in this sale but i do not know what to buy. Just to give you and idea of what my interests are, in the PU I want to be a medic, big ship pilot, logistics, or marksman. I currently own: -Khartu-Al LTI -Cutlass Red Game Package -Avenger Game Package (Is a Christmas present for my brother) I would consider buying (in decreasing order) -Caterpillar -Retaliator -Merchantman -Starfarer -Gladiator Now I would consider selling my cutlass but that would leave me without a game package. I do have some money and don't have bills to pay being 16, but with Christmas coming up I will need some money you for presents. So I would like to see what you guys think I should buy/melt.
  3. I know there have been a few threads already but I wanted to post this in the TNN so it had a bit more exposure. Star Citizen will be making all ships available for sale for a limited period time before 26 NOV 2013. The two exceptions to this are the Idris-M (boo!) and the Vanduul fighter. Straight from a CSRs mouth: As soon as the sale schedule becomes available you can bet you'll find it plastered all over our website.
  4. As the title says, it was announced on Across the Badlands, episode 2, that all vehicles will be 50% off for the next 48 hours. Now might be the time to pick up that flat green dune buggy off of the Caretaker Cabin hidden vendor.
  5. Heads-up! Triple station cash sale TOMORROW, 21 DEC 2012. Additionally, double XP from 21 DEC 2012 to 02 JAN 2012.
  6. No idea how long this sale will last, and I don't see any info about when it ends on the page, but you can now pick up GA for just ten bucks. If you wanna splurge you can go ahead and pick yourself up the thirty day booster which will give you double XP, double loot, double credits, double tokens, and give a you a daily gift of two thousand tokens. The boosters can be purchased in the GA Store if anyone is interested. Fifteen bucks.