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Found 10 results

  1. Originally posted here (bottom of page).
  2. Originally posted here. I guess I don't really understand why the Vanguard DPS role, which uses a blaster rifle, is short to mid while the BFGs are mid to long? Shouldn't it be the opposite?
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Star Wars the Old Republic - The Fate of Galaxy - PAX East Trailer =HD=[/ame] Also, it's been confirmed that Troopers will have a healing tree so they can go primary healing if they want. Which means the two Advanced Classes shake out as such: Commando: DPS/Healing Vanguard: DPS/Tank So we can actually be completely self-sufficient as an exclusively Trooper unit. Obviously people can still have their alts and whatnot. But anyways, it's nice to see the mechanics bear out and justify our original unit intentions.
  4. [ame=;title;1]Star Wars: The Old Republic - Republic Troopers Trailer - GameSpot Video[/ame]
  5. Looks like the worlds of TOR are going to be pretty small. All of Ord Mantell is just two square kilometers. For reference, any planet in SWG is 15x15km for a total of 225 square clicks compared to TOR's 4. Originally posted here.
  6. Lots of TOR news today out of Enjoy! Full Event Coverage Special Report #2 Video Interview with Daniel Erickson NPCs of The Old Republic From Tython to Coruscant: My Six Hours With SWTOR Full Stat Analyzation