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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings returning Legionary, If you've been absent from the 47th for an extended period, have lost your 47th usergroup access, and would like to request reinstatement into the 47th Legion please state such requests in this thread. Thanks!
  2. Greetings former legionaries! If you're recieving this e-mail it's because you are no longer active with the 47th in Earthrise and I'd like to take a moment to share some big changes with the game. As many of you were probably painfully aware the overpowered rocket launchers combined with the constant unstuck exploiting made the game almost unplayable and PvP highly frustrating. Over the last few patches MastHead has nerfed rocket launchers and fixed both the unstuck and ALT+F4 exploits meaning PvP has gotten significantly better and more fair. Right now precision and assault rifles are dominant while shotguns, though secondary because of their range, are very potent in CQB. Additionally, a recent patch has introduced brand new grouping mechanics which splits Battle Point rewards equally among all group members and gives a +5% bonus to all BP earned per member in the group. There have been significant improvements to the crafting interface which has been made possible via autostacking. All items now automatically stack in the inventory and you can load entire stacks into crafting stations and tell the station to use entire stacks at once to make a high volume of components, weapons, or armor. Lastly, there have been significant improvements with both the client GFX optimization and, in particular, server performance. Servers are now 100% stable and do not crash. The game breaking lag has also been completely resolved; there are no longer 5 to 120 second server hitches. We all of these improvements in mind and the upcoming territorial warfare and vehicles, both slated to be released this month, we'd like to encourage everyone to come back and give the game a shot. Things have gotten much better and dare I say the game is finally where it should have been at launch. Some things to keep in mind are that you more then likely have been removed from the 47th's in-game roster as well as the private usergroup on the 47th site. If you would like your access restored please post in this thread.