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Found 36 results

  1. That’s a lot of questions about the quests and we have even much more information to share. Before going on with the answers of this QOTW, we want to share a little bit about the development of the quests in Earthrise. As you know, Earthrise isn’t a typical sandbox game where the world is an open plane full of generated content left to players to play with. We offer you a locus in the World that has its own history, characters and relations and even that you are the strongest figures and potential shifters of power, in the beginning you’ll have to cope with the story so far. The quest development process was full of challenges, opportunities and potentially disastrous decisions. When we talk about quests in a free PVP game we have to think chaos. The world will be full of options, with multiple choices defining a myriad of player decisions and pathways. Writers have to adapt to this situation and the quests are created in a fashion that will allow players to taste the feeling of freedom. Also, we see quests not only as way to offer tasty morsels of lore, but also an important tool for both newbies and veterans in their goals. Except the beginning of the game which is more or less a storyline the players have to follow (and one that we won’t provide information about, for now), the players will end up on the island of Enterra where nothing is forbidden yet nothing is certain. You won’t happen to be in a situation where you can’t go on because you haven’t completed a given quest nor you will be forced to participate in any story-driven encounter. The quest nodes and the pathways between them and their objective areas form something like a web, a steady frame that allows you to follow between the different nodes without being forced to do anything. For this reason we have divided the quests in the game into two major divisions. In the first place you have the abundance of Missions – quick, repeatable tasks that allow you to make surgical hit-and-return strikes from the small semi-secure camp into the wilderness, exploring, eradicating dangers and bringing back important supplies to you employers. This allows you, on one hand, to stay out of trouble, but on the other hand makes you a predictable target for anyone that knows how to ambush unwary adventurers. Don’t consider the Missions randomly generated content. We have taken lots of focus designing both the objectives and the lore given with the Mission text. The reason behind these efforts is that the Missions will be your first-hand supply of experience, resources and money throughout your adventures. Focusing on the Missions content will prevent you from feeling lost and abandoned and won’t provide you with challenges too great to overcome that block your progress, while the rest of the world and other players look upon you with preying eyes. The other part of the quests in Earthrise consists of the Campaigns. These are always one-time, very hard quests that are given by important players in the political game on Enterra and are faction-specific. The quests are always arranged in chains and you won’t be allowed to skip. Also, the Campaigns are designed to be small storylines that will be updated and crossed-over each other in the future, so they’re going to be a top priority even after launch. Earthrise will begin with only one Campaign per organization, featuring Continoma and their filial organizations, Noir and their allies, the Red Dragons, the Syndicate, the Tech Collective and Natura. With Earthrise being a game that allows freedom of choices the players will also be allowed to change sides. Thus a player will be able to access all the quests in the game and experience the situation on Enterra from all points of view. Originally posted here.
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