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Found 3 results

  1. Founders packs are out, of course: I picked up a bronze pack and spent roughly ten minutes in it last Friday. Didn't even get past the first tiny area. Was just tooling around. Seems to run well, basics were there, et cetera. Has a very Defiance feel to the gameplay from what little I experienced. All of my big ass school projects and tests are done until finals so I was planning on spending an hour or two in it when I get home today.
  2. Found this and it seemed quite interesting. Apparently Tier 4 lockboxes are the least efficient in terms of virtually everything on a per keycode basis. Originally posted here.
  3. Although sans being based on the Fallout IP, obviously. Black Isle Studios, aka Intersuck, has this to show for themselves: [ame=]Black Isle's Mayan Apocalypse Replacement Program (BIMAR) - YouTube[/ame] And there's a website.