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Found 9 results

  1. Sorry, looks pretty bland but it's just too much for me to manually format. If you follow the link it looks a lot better and is easier to read. Originally posted here.
  2. Originally posted here.
  3. Originally posted here.
  4. Galactic Command Online Did anyone here ever play 3000AD's Battlecruiser or Universal Combat series of PC games? The BC series has been going for like... almost twenty years or so. Never played them. I did, however, play Universal Combat which is perhaps the most complex game I've ever tried out. It really was something. Terribly frustrating at first, due to the complex interface and scope of the game world, it really got going after a few weeks of learning the ropes. For those unfamiliar, it offered planetary combat on every scale (dismounted, vehicles, underwater, air, sea surface, space) and even allowed perfect space to planet transitions. The size of the battles was pretty epic too. It simulated huge swaths of ground and space combat that weren't immediately around the player but if those calculations started impacting the player's graphical draw zone that truly massive feel would creep up on ya. I'm talking ground battles involving more than 20,000 soldiers per side. Anyways, I figured since Earthrise beta/release news is getting horribly depressing I'd cheer y'all up with the mention of 3000AD's upcoming MMO Galactic Command Online. It's pre-alpha right now so beta and release are still quite far away but that video looks pretty great and for pre-alpha screenies they aren't too bad. As you can tell they apparently haven't worked normal, or even bump, mapping into their GFX engine yet. There's a good FAQ on that website and who knows, maybe it'll come out before ER anyways I mean, 3000AD has developed and produced over a dozen games already. Some notable features: Seamless space and planetary game worlds with the ability to travel between space and planets seamlessly. Real time twitch (no dice rolling) based action gameplay. Trading and exploration are complimentary and not a primary focus of gameplay. Twelve player races and eight careers to choose. Short career path with each career having the ability to reach a high rank rapidly and without an endless grind. A vast number of player controlled crafts including capital ships (carriers, cruisers, transports), fighters, vehicles etc. Basic and intuitive trading model with ability to trade with NPC units, space stations, planetary bases and other players. Player fleet owned space stations, planetary bases and cities. Ability to build a variety of assets based on career and rank. No complex crafting. Space flight combat action as well as first person, aerial and vehicle combat action on planets. Full 3D cockpit/bridge interface for all player controlled assets. Over 100+ player controlled space and planetary assets ranging from planetary vehicles to massive battleships. First and third person perspective gameplay. Ability to exist in first person mode inside stations. Ability to exist in first person mode inside capital ships (carriers, cruisers, transports) supported via add-on expansion module. Supports a variety of controllers including mouse, joystick, analog gamepads, XB360 Controller For Windows etc. GCO, like all our previous games, has an open world design and with various gameplay elements suited to each player's style. As such the game features various gameplay styles - all technologies drawn from our previous efforts. First person combat (planets) Vehicular & Naval combat (planets) Aerial combat (planets) Space combat (space) Trading (planets/space) Exploration (planets/space) Mining (planets/space) Construction (planets/space) Most of the activities are geared toward massive space and planetary battles - which, like our previous games - all occur in real-time and require skill - not dice rolls - for resolution and success. --> And, most importantly, when is it scheduled to be released? GCO is due to be released between Q4/2010 and Q1/2011. Our goal is to do a three stage staggered release as follows: Closed Alpha Stress Test Closed Beta Stress Test Public Release