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Found 4 results

  1. So Fallout 76 we were discussing the idea of Army personnel from Fort Knox fleeing into West Virginia as that is the closest military installation to the state. Over the ensuing twenty-five years they conducted dozens of missions to the nearest military installations to recover personnel and equipment. As a jumping off point, below are some of the closest military installations to West Virginia. Military Posts Delaware Air Force - Dover Airbase Indiana Army - Camp Atterbury - National Guard/Reserve Training Post. No major supply or materiel. Low Risk Target. Navy - NSWC Crane- Naval Special Warfare Center - Weapons and Ammo Development and Bunkered Ammo Storage. High Risk Target. Air Force - Grissom AFB- Base with Special Operations, Mission Support Group, Interceptor Fighter Wings. High Risk Target. Kentucky Army - Fort Campbell Army - Fort Knox Maryland Army - Fort Meade Navy - United States Naval Academy Ohio Air Force - Wright-Patterson Airbase North Carolina Army - Fort Bragg Air Force - Pope Airbase Air Force - Seymour Johnson Airbase Marines - Camp Lejeune South Carolina Army - Fort Jackson Air Force - Shaw Airbase Marines - Recruit Depot Paris Island Virginia Army - Fort A.P. Hill Army - Fort Belvoir Army - Warrenton Training Center Marines - Quantico Navy - Navy Special Warfare Center Dahlgren Washington, D.C. Army - Fort McNair
  2. Lightfoot

    Planning stages

    The Tides of War is/was meant to be a Star Citizen storyline, and it kind of took a back burner to real life after the first post was taken down due to obvious (If you weren't around for it, we're not rehashing it) reasons. I've decided that I'm gonna pick it back up, and I knew Cav was showing some interest in getting involved, but was there anyone else?
  3. Originally posted here.
  4. Originally posted here.