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Found 6 results

  1. Saw this on reddit and figured I'd share. For those not aware, SWTORISTA is much like TOR Fashion. Lots of pics of different in-game armors and weapons and where/how to get them. Anyways, SWTORISTA has a contest post on reddit. All images need to be hosted to imgur and linked in the reddit thread. You can have one entry per character, UI must be turned off, and the winner is RNG chosen.
  2. Gotta do it through Facebook, unfortunately. VOTE FOR KBOB! He's the guy in the EMC Heavy Trooper armor, obvi.
  3. The 47th is announcing it's first ever free game key giveaway! The 47th has been going strong for over three years now and we thought we'd celebrate by having a little contest: Share your fondest memory of the 47th and if your entry is selected you'll win the game key! --> What do you get? A complete retail game key for Global Agenda. Come play GA with us! --> Who is eligible? All former members of the 47th are eligible. Current legionaries are ineligible. --> How do I win? Please share you're greatest memory while playing with the 47th. --> When will a winner be selected? January 21st, 2011, @ 1200 CST Good luck everyone!