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Found 5 results

  1. Dual Universe officially supports player organizations with a community portal. You can join the 47th Legion's official Dual Universe organization here: Official Unit Listing
  2. It's Tuesday now! It's not even close to Thursday or Friday, but we're rolling with it, and it's going to be awesome. Do you know what that means, ark hunters? It means it's time for more Q&A with the Defiance team! In the future, could we have a health indicator on the Warmaster’s armor, similar to what we have on the monolith? This is something we plan on implementing, and it's going to be awesome. Could you list all the scoring modifiers? Sure. Though there are two things this question could reasonably refer to, I’m going to go with my best guess. These are the modifiers for killing blows/assists. Min Assist - 0.1 Max Assist - 1 Killing Blow - 0.1 Rescue - 0.3 Vengeance - 0.15 Power - 0.2 Critical - 0.2 Melee - 0.2 Nano - 0.2 Defense Kill - 0.15 Offense Kill - 0.15 Additionally, we can author a variety of other scoring events. These are the internal names, so many of them will be unfamiliar. Also, some of these may be unused. I culled out the ones I know for sure are not called, but some of the Monolith ones may be deprecated as well. Revive Ally - Revived a player Extract - Extracted after dying Teamwork - Score tick at regular damage intervals Hellion Arm Destroy - Scripted Player Destroys the Hellion arm Hellion Weakpoint Destroy - Scripted Player destroys a hellion weakpoint End Success - The event ended successfully Hellion Killed - Scripted Players destroy Hellion Heal Ally - Healed a player Incap - Player was downed Opportunist - Score tick at damage intervals on an enemy under a nano-effect NPC Interrupt - Scripted called by generic Interrupt script 99er Smelter On Fire - Scripted Called when smelter catches fire 99er Blacklung Pack lit - Scripted called when blacklung catches fire Hellbug Monarch stumble - Scripted called when monarch stumbled Encounter Wave Complete - Scripted when an arkfall encounter wave completes Siege Stage Complete - Scripted when a siege stage completes Capture - Capture a siege foothold Hellbug Monarch Back Break - Scripted called when monarch rear weak point breaks Dark Matter Monitor Barrier Break - Scripted called when Monitor barrier breaks Dark Matter Bulwark Stun - Scripted called when Bulwark stunned Dark Matter Monolith Armor Break - Scripted called when Monolith Armor Breaks Dark Matter Monolith Leg Break - Scripted called when Monolith Leg Breaks Dark Matter Monolith Neck Break - Scripted called when Monolith Neck Breaks Intelliton Progenitor Awaken - Scripted called when Intelliton Progenitor starts moving Raider Tanker Stun - Scripted called when Tanker is stunned from back damage Raider Tanker Face Break - Scripted called when Tanker is released from stun due to damage Raider Hulker Brain Bash - Scripted called when Hulker is released from stun due to damage Encounter Complete Small - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Encounter Complete Med - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Encounter Complete Large - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Objective Complete Small - Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Objective Complete Med Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Objective Complete Large Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Rescue Hostage - Called by interactions when rescuing people DLC3 Arena Irath 2 Gulanite Score - This should give a sweet score for picking up gulanite shards Plate Break - On breaking one pip of an enemy's plate armor Full Plate Break - On breaking the last pip of an enemy's plate armor Will the Paradise Challengers colors be in the game in the future? For example, the purple metallic or the other new Challenger colors. They look awesome! Dodge Challenger colors are restricted to the manufacturer's designated available paint line. That means we probably shouldn't put unicorns on the hood, but you should already be seeing some new colors in game. In beta, we remember seeing some colors of vehicles that are now unavailable in the game. Where did they go? Several vehicle colors in the game were removed after beta by a combination of art concerns and memory concerns. We're not currently investigating restoring them to the game. Can we get an option to increase our ammo capacity, possibly as a convenience item on the bits store or as a perk? Indeed. This is something that is coming to the game in two forms in the future! Are there any plans to add seasonal events (like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving) to the game in the future? We might. Seasonal events have often been discussed, but always fall to a lower priority than other live content. For most of us, this is the first time we’ve made a persistent game which occurs in the (former) United States. This allows us to use holidays like Christmas, Independence Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving without coming up with some contrivance to explain why they occur in a fantasy world. Regardless, such events are very resource intensive, and so far we have not had the time to spare creating them. We can’t see each other’s outfits on the consoles and we’d really like to. Are there any updates on this? It depends on the density and number of players around you. In low population areas or when there are not a lot of unique characters around you, you will see their outfits. When hundreds of players are at arkfalls and other events, you won’t see the variance. Memory is one of the tightest constraints on consoles. Can we get an update on the white cords on the Dodge Challenger? We have had this bugged for awhile, but it was lower priority. The priority has been boosted. Look for it in a future client patch. Will we get an option to see our FPS and ping in game? Currently, we don't have plans to implement this. Is there additional work planned/being done to address the threat levels/difficulty level? We're not currently working on threat/difficulty levels, but if you have feedback on this, it's welcome. In the future, could we have a UI element to emote and interact socially instead of using slash commands? This is likely to occur in the future. Trick said they finally understood our problem with the shield stats. When is this going to be fixed? That actually went out with the Free-to-Play patch, that's a blast from the past! Since it is only possible to earn a maximum of 10 cores per week, but 120 rep a week (with Paradise) and 70 per week with chimera, is there any plan to put things in these vendors that we can actually spend rep on? You should already be seeing these in game. With another change expected to Damage Reduction for PvP in the next patch, are you leading us to believe that you are splitting PvP and PvE stats now? We don't plan on splitting PvP and PvE stats. Originally posted here.
  3. Alright Legionaries, get out there and post some screenshots on this sumbitch! Originally posted here.