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Found 6 results

  1. >> GoFundMe Link The 47th Legion's website has been out-of-date for quite some time and it's time to rectify that! We currently utilize an obsolete version Invision Power Board for the current website. The aesthetics of the website are dated and extension support for new technology is no longer being developed. The goal is to upgrade the most current version of Invision Power Board and focus on a more socially oriented website which far more powerful integration with outward-facing technologies such as Twitch TV, Discord, YouTube, and Steam. This upgrade will ensure the is the home the 47th Legion needs for years to come. Help spread the word! Goal: $475
  2. So I started a new project last week and went with godaddy for domain and hosting purposes since I thought it was the easiest to manage from a complete rookie point of view when it comes to website admin and management. Ive only tried to do 2 things so far: 1) Activated the hosting option for Wordpress compatibility and management 2) Activated the Office 365 option with 5 email addresses I have not been able to make any of those two things work. On the first one, whenever I try to "Manage" the site via the wordpress plugin (or at least what I think is the Wordpress pluggin) I simply takes me to a page with an error "ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED". I would try to contact Godaddy for support, but the only option I have is a phone call and unfortunately since im not in the states right now that is not an option. On the Office 365 front ive been trying to setup the first email for my website and its been impossible. It keeps telling me that they need to "Verify that you own this domain", however even after I follow the instructions and modify all the information they request of me regarding the DNS Zone for my website, im still unable to create a friggin email address. Im in too deep here guys. Ive never done this before, I dont understand what any of this means, I dont know what im doing or even why im modifying the stuff they're asking me to modify or even if im doing it the right way, and honestly its getting frustrating. Anybody willing to lend me a hand with this?
  3. Hey everyone, Just got a few things installed regarding Steam. Firstly, you can now link your Steam account with your account and use your Steam account to log into To do this, simply expand the menu next to your name at the top of this page and click on "My Settings." On the left hand side's vertical navigation menu click on "Manage Steam." Follow the instructions here to link your account. We also have a Steam monitor added to everyone's profile. It includes your Steam name, link to your profile, your offline or online status, what game you're currently playing if you're playing one, and a link to purchase that game. Unfortunately, these two plugins are not bridged. In order to get the Steam profile information to work you will need to enter in your Steam ID into your profile. To do this expand the menu next to your name at the top of this page and click on "My Settings." By default this page should take you to the "Profile Settings" page which will allow you to edit your profile information. Under "Contact Methods" you will see a "Steam ID" field. Enter your Steam ID here. That's it! The website will pull your Steam info and display it on your profile page.
  4. BEHOLD! The new appearance of Bask in it!
  5. I will be upgrading and adding some site features. Some features increase functionality and require explanation. All of these updates will be documented here with instructions on their use. ---- 10 APR 2013: Installed vbFavorites - You can now add threads, posts, and users to your "favorites." For threads, you must be viewing the thread, click on "Thread Tools" at the top of the thread, and "Add to Favorites". For posts, check the top right corner of the post's block for "Add to Favorites". For users, go to their profile page, click on "User Lists", and click on "Add to Favorites". Favorites can be accessed via the User CP page.
  6. --> What is the Automatic Media Embedder? The Automatic Media Embedder product, or AME henceforth, is a media link parser which extracts information from a link you post automatically to embed that media in the post itself. --> How the fuck does it work? It's easy-peesy, fool; just paste the link into your message body. That's it. Seriously, that's it! For instance, if you simply pasted this... ... it would turn into this when submitted your post: [nomedia=]YouTube- grief of WAR - Worship[/nomedia] Wasn't that easy? Awesome. --> So what the hell kinda link can I post for these doohicky to embed? Tons. The definition file will embed media from hundreds of sites like Amazon, CafePress, Break, CNN, ESPN videos, Facebook videos, Flickr, anything Google, Last.FM, Scribd, Spike TV, and many, many more.