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Found 5 results

  1. Cavadus

    47th Legion on Steam

    The 47th Legion can be found on Steam here. Additionally, if you go to you click on your name on the top right and then click on "My Settings" you'll see a new field under "Contact Methods" where you can enter your Steam ID.
  2. Founders packs are out, of course: I picked up a bronze pack and spent roughly ten minutes in it last Friday. Didn't even get past the first tiny area. Was just tooling around. Seems to run well, basics were there, et cetera. Has a very Defiance feel to the gameplay from what little I experienced. All of my big ass school projects and tests are done until finals so I was planning on spending an hour or two in it when I get home today.
  3. Title says it all. ArmA 3 is currently 50% off on Steam plus free for the weekend. You can pick the game up for thirty bucks! BUY IT NAO!
  4. Hey everyone, Just got a few things installed regarding Steam. Firstly, you can now link your Steam account with your account and use your Steam account to log into To do this, simply expand the menu next to your name at the top of this page and click on "My Settings." On the left hand side's vertical navigation menu click on "Manage Steam." Follow the instructions here to link your account. We also have a Steam monitor added to everyone's profile. It includes your Steam name, link to your profile, your offline or online status, what game you're currently playing if you're playing one, and a link to purchase that game. Unfortunately, these two plugins are not bridged. In order to get the Steam profile information to work you will need to enter in your Steam ID into your profile. To do this expand the menu next to your name at the top of this page and click on "My Settings." By default this page should take you to the "Profile Settings" page which will allow you to edit your profile information. Under "Contact Methods" you will see a "Steam ID" field. Enter your Steam ID here. That's it! The website will pull your Steam info and display it on your profile page.
  5. Both via Steam. RO2 is just free for everyone for two more days after the time of this post. You'll it as an uninstalled game in your library. Also, Metro 2033 I got off Facebook and it installed through Steam. You can start the process here.