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Found 15 results

  1. Guest

    Next Build in Ark

    From the album: Ark

    Got the base almost down, next build coming up
  2. Guest


    From the album: Ark

    Biker hiding on the letter T with a bird just to give you an idea on the scale of our base.
  3. You read it right, on this day in 2007 the 47th Legion was formed in the long forgotten NCSoft title Tabula Rasa. All of the thanks and mega kudos to all of the officers, NCOs, and Legionaries who make the 47th what it is. It's been a helluva lot of fun, boys and girls! Here's to the next seven years! Officium ante proprium bonum!
  4. Bikerb12

    47th bumpstkr

    From the album: Me at the coast with my chillin's

    4"x4" 47th Bumper sticker, and this one is cool..
  5. From the album: Me at the coast with my chillin's

    This is a car magnet I had made, it didn't turn out as I had hoped, but next time I will look closer before I have it printed. how many F-up's can u see?.
  6. Hey, it's the least used board in the forum. So, seeing as how Defiance is just so damn much like Tabula Rasa I was thinkin' we could go back to being some real mean alien-hatin' sons of bitches hell bent on taking back San Francisco from them there out-of-towners. Seriously though, a Terran Empire that puts humanity first in the way that Romans put Romans first so it doesn't all have to be bad or evil. Our Legate is of course Maximillian "Big Lips" Labienus. There's a senate thingy but an emperor...? Maybe. I'm just spit-ballin' here. Any other ideas or thoughts on the above would be much appreciated.
  7. The 47th Legion is proud to announce that Vexilliarian Payton has procured our very first Idris corvette! You heard it right: our very first Idris! Wh00t and everyone thank Payton for picking it up. We still have a shot at least 2-3 more.
  8. I'd like to proudly announce that the 47th Legion has officially launched its Star Citizen recruiting thread! I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the design process along the way and I'm very proud of how it turned out. Now let's keep that sumbitch bumped! That's an order
  9. BEHOLD! The new appearance of 47th.info. Bask in it!
  10. Guest

    Seige 18 of top 20 47th Legion

    From the album: Random Screen Shots

    Mutant District
  11. Guest

    KTAM March Extra Listeners Joining

    From the album: KTAM OPS Night 15SEP13

    Some screenshots of our OPS night with KTAM broadcasting along the way.
  12. Greetings former legionaries! If you're recieving this e-mail it's because you are no longer active with the 47th in Earthrise and I'd like to take a moment to share some big changes with the game. As many of you were probably painfully aware the overpowered rocket launchers combined with the constant unstuck exploiting made the game almost unplayable and PvP highly frustrating. Over the last few patches MastHead has nerfed rocket launchers and fixed both the unstuck and ALT+F4 exploits meaning PvP has gotten significantly better and more fair. Right now precision and assault rifles are dominant while shotguns, though secondary because of their range, are very potent in CQB. Additionally, a recent patch has introduced brand new grouping mechanics which splits Battle Point rewards equally among all group members and gives a +5% bonus to all BP earned per member in the group. There have been significant improvements to the crafting interface which has been made possible via autostacking. All items now automatically stack in the inventory and you can load entire stacks into crafting stations and tell the station to use entire stacks at once to make a high volume of components, weapons, or armor. Lastly, there have been significant improvements with both the client GFX optimization and, in particular, server performance. Servers are now 100% stable and do not crash. The game breaking lag has also been completely resolved; there are no longer 5 to 120 second server hitches. We all of these improvements in mind and the upcoming territorial warfare and vehicles, both slated to be released this month, we'd like to encourage everyone to come back and give the game a shot. Things have gotten much better and dare I say the game is finally where it should have been at launch. Some things to keep in mind are that you more then likely have been removed from the 47th's in-game roster as well as the private usergroup on the 47th site. If you would like your access restored please post in this thread.
  13. The 47th is announcing it's first ever free game key giveaway! The 47th has been going strong for over three years now and we thought we'd celebrate by having a little contest: Share your fondest memory of the 47th and if your entry is selected you'll win the game key! --> What do you get? A complete retail game key for Global Agenda. Come play GA with us! --> Who is eligible? All former members of the 47th are eligible. Current legionaries are ineligible. --> How do I win? Please share you're greatest memory while playing with the 47th. --> When will a winner be selected? January 21st, 2011, @ 1200 CST Good luck everyone!
  14. Our interview with EarthriseHQ.de was finally published today. Enjoy! Feel free to smack with me a large, wet salmon later if I messed anything up Read the rest of the interview here.

Panel Title #1

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Panel Title #2

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