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Found 8 results

  1. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in last weekend’s Chosen Offensive event! We all had a great time, and from what we’ve heard, it sounds like most of you did too. With that in mind, we are going to be bringing it back this Sunday, September 28th from 11am-2pm PDT (click to view in your timezone)! The event will work mostly the same way as it did last weekend: starting at 11:00, the Chosen will be launching a coordinated attack on all Accord-owned territories. For the duration of the event, Chosen encounters will spawn throughout Coral Forest and Sertao including Chosen Incursions, Chosen Thumpers, Chosen Death Squads, and more. In Devil’s Tusk, Chosen Encounter spawns will be ramped up above their regular rates, and Darkslips will appear and lay siege to the area’s POIs. In addition, Firefall developers will again be spreading terror throughout the world in the form of powerful Chosen bosses. We heard your feedback that our weapons didn’t do enough damage to make us seem really threatening, and in response, we’ve cranked up their damage and maybe even added a few new abilities to our loadout, so beware! Anyone who wasn’t able to get the rewards last weekend will have another shot, but we’ve also added in some new rewards for those who already got them. As it was last weekend, playing for one uninterrupted hour during the event will get you the following: “Defender of Humanity” Title (if you didn’t get it last weekend) “Defender of Humanity” Decal (if you didn’t get it last weekend) “Defender of Humanity” Warpaint (if you didn’t get it last weekend) 7 days of VIP (You CAN earn this again even if you got it last weekend) One brand new reward that we’ve added is the Earthbreaker Hologram pet. Hardlight Technologies manufactures custom-ordered pet robots. The core of these pets is a small drone programmed to follow its owner while projecting an extremely detailed and realistic hologram. Due to your close encounter with the dreaded Chosen Earthbreaker, you've been able to program a Holographic Pet to look just like one (fun-sized, of course!) To get the Earthbreaker Hologram pet you’ll need to complete the “Breaking the Breakers” achievement which has the following requirement: Get 3 assists against Dev-controlled Earthbreaker Chosen Once you've completed your one hour of playtime, you will unlock a series of several “stretch goal” style missions for those of you who just enjoy running around fighting against the hordes of Chosen NPCs. All you need to do to finish these is complete the number of Chosen encounters (Thumpers, Strike Teams, Firefights, Patrols, and Incursions) indicated during the time of the event in order to get the listed rewards. “Stalker” – Complete 5 Chosen Offensive encounters100 Credits “Hunter” – Complete 10 Chosen Offensive encounters200 Credits and 1 Silver Vending Token “Destroyer” – Complete 15 Chosen Offensive encounters300 Credits and 1 Silver Vending Token “Conqueror” – Complete 30 Chosen Offensive encounters400 Credits and 1 Gold Vending Token ------- We heard a lot of great feedback from last weekend’s event, and have already taken a number of steps to act on that feedback, but that doesn’t mean we’re done yet! Please make sure to let us know what you think of the event on the forums so we can continue to refine this and other events for the future, and you never know – we might just run this one again after this Sunday See you in game, prey Pilots! Originally posted here.
  2. Two months ago, we held a special event where the Developers logged into the world in the form of Chosen Bosses and were terrorized by terrorized the players. The event was a huge success, and much fun was had by players and Devs alike. Today, we are excited to announce that the Doomsday Chosen will be returning to the world of Firefall, but this time they won’t be alone! This Sunday, September 21st at 11:00am PDT (click to view in your timezone), the Chosen will be launching an all-out offensive on all Human-occupied territories. Drop Pods will rain from the skies in Coral Forest and Sertao, and squads of Chosen will lay siege to the area's Watchtowers. Even if you survive the initial onslaught, you won’t be out of the woods yet! The Chosen will maintain their offensive for 4 hours, until 3:00pm PDT (click to view in your timezone). During this time, Chosen encounters will spawn continuously throughout Sertao and Coral Forest in addition to Devil’s Tusk. This means that the peaceful denizens of New Eden will be under siege from Chosen Strike Teams, Chosen Incursions, Chosen Thumpers, and more. In Devil’s Tusk, the Chosen will be sending in Darkslips and ground troops to assault various Accord-controlled POIs in addition to everything else. The Accord will need all of the help they can get to fend off this onslaught. On top of all of that, Firefall Developers will be logging in throughout the Offensive and again taking the form of powerful Chosen to battle against good on the side of evil! Coming across us will be relatively rare, but we will be spread out amongst all zones and regions. If you do come across one of us, don’t expect us to be quite as easy to take down as last time! Our Dev-controlled Chosen have been reworked with new more powerful weapons and abilities, while also developing a sudden resistance to snares and other crowd-control effects. Important note regarding the Codename: Crossfire Event: During this four-hour period, you will not be able to complete your daily Crossfire missions in Coral Forest or Sertao, as the Crossfire encounters in those locations will be replaced by Chosen Offensive encounters. You will however still be able to complete your dailies in Devil’s Tusk as normal during this time. Rewards This time around, we’re giving out some great rewards for players who participate in this event, and all of the rewards are gained the same way: Any player who plays for one continuous hour during the event will unlock the “Defender of Humanity” achievement, which grants them the following: “Defender of Humanity” Title “Defender of Humanity” Decal “Defender of Humanity” Warpaint 7 days of free VIP time That’s right, not only do you get cosmetic rewards that are exclusive to this event, but you also get a whole week of VIP for free! The achievement requires you to be online for one hour continuously, but should your computer crash or you need to quickly log off for some reason, you will have a few minutes to log back in before your progress is reset. ------------ While this event is currently one-time only, don’t worry! If the event goes well and everyone has fun, you may see it pop up again soon. We hope you’re all ready for a fight, because we’ll see you in game! Discuss this on the forums Originally posted here.
  3. It's official: The newly revitalized Firefall is due to release its first major update, Elemental Destruction, next week -- on Tuesday, in fact. The patch is bringing new dynamic encounters in addition to abilities and weapons. And if you're a Firefall nut, then today is your day because Red 5 Design Director RudiKazootie has penned an exclusive dev blog discussing in detail the five new dynamic encounters being introduced with the update. Enjoy the full read and new screens below, and keep an eye out for Friday's edition too. Firefall Dev Blog: Announcing 'Elemental Destruction' (Part 1) Hello Firefall Pilots! RudiKazootie here, Design Director of Firefall. I'm excited to announce the release of Elemental Destruction (Version 1.1 of Firefall) for next Tuesday, September 16th. In Elemental Destruction, you will experience five additional dynamic encounters throughout the open world, the hardcore version of our Kanaloa the Destroyer Titan Battle, an array of new weapons and prefixes unlike any of your Operators have ever seen, awesome new abilities, numerous quality of life updates, and much more. Today, I'd like to tell you about the awesome new dynamic encounters being added, and the hardcore version of Kanaloa. Dynamic Events Dynamic content in Firefall is often regarded as one of the most exciting aspects of the game. As you venture throughout the open world and its vast continents, you really never know what you're going to run into around the next turn; however, you do know that you're going to get paid and rewarded handsomely for participating and fulfilling the goal of each encounter. In Elemental Destruction, the five additional dynamic encounters that you'll be encountering are Crossfire, Piñata Frenzy, Chosen Death Squad, Caldera Crèche, and Civilian Rescue. Dynamic events serve a vital role in the design of Firefall. Not only do they make the world feel alive and exciting, but they also bolster other game content like ARES Jobs and Missions you find in the world. As you travel between these, dynamic events serve as fun chance encounters to break up the content flow and add gameplay variety to play sessions. The trick is to find the correct balance in the frequency of dynamic encounters so that they are easy to find and consume, yet not so frequent they become an obstacle between the player and the content goals they're chasing. Crossfire Spoilers! Crossfire is being introduced in our brand-new Live Event that we'll be announcing tomorrow on, Codename: Crossfire. While venturing throughout the open world in areas other than Devil's Tusk, you'll have a chance to come across Accord Soldiers who are being ambushed by a squad of Bandits. If spotted in Devil's Tusk, the soldiers will be facing Chosen. You'll need to protect the Accord to get paid. In a second version of the encounter that has a random chance to spawn, you may come across the Chosen engaging in a firefight with the Ophanim in Devil's Tusk, or Bandits elsewhere in the world – defeat all enemies to get rewarded for your efforts. While this encounter is currently part of the special Live Event, once it's over, it will exclusively appear as a random encounter in Devil's Tusk. Both versions of this encounter really reinforce the feel of the player is part of a larger battle in a world that doesn't necessarily revolve around them. Instead of initiating a battle, they come across one already in progress. With the Accord v Bandits or Chosen, it's easy to know whose side you're on – so get shooting some hostile faces. With Chosen v Ophanim, it gets a lot more complicated on who to help as they're both your enemies. The good news is you still get to shoot things in the face. Piñata Frenzy In Piñata Frenzy, a broken down MGV's radio has attracted a pack of dancing loot piñatas. These mechanical robots are known for carrying items of great value, and stopping them in their tracks gives you a chance to loot them. You've got to act quickly though, as these machines are fast to scamper off at the first sign of danger. This encounter can be found throughout Coral Forest and Sertao. Chosen Death Squad Chosen Death Squads have been spotted in Devil's Tusk. These groups of walking death and destruction can appear when you least expect it, and when they do, you'll be marked for death. We just hope you'll be able to run fast or stand your ground and fight, for if you do, the rewards are quite grand. We return the Chosen Death Squads to our live content with some excitement. It was a hard decision to stow this encounter, but I felt it was necessary to remove them from areas newer players would encounter them. Devil's Tusk is a much better fit due to the Chosen theme and tougher environment for our veteran players. I still think the whispering is creepy though -- just sayin'. Caldera Crèche More strange sightings are being reported in Devil's Tusk, including the emergence of erupting crèches near the volcano. While we're still unsure if the rings some of you have been throwing in it have been causing the increased activity, you'll be tasked with destroying one if you come across it. With that said, we should also caution you to beware of Caldera Dragons. Yup. They hurt. Civilian Rescue Unfortunately, Bandit activity has also increased in Coral Forest, and instead of your loot, they have been capturing civilians for ransom. As the Accord has a stance against negotiating with Bandits, it will be up to you to rescue the civilians as you learn of their capture. Do so and you'll be rewarded for their safe return. Kanaloa the Destroyer As I mentioned above, we're also adding a hardcore version of our Kanaloa the Destroyer Titan Battle. For those who have not experienced the wrath of this melded lava worm yet, Kanaloa is a Melding Titan whose lair lies at the heart of the Devil's Tusk volcano. Its nest is in the pool of lava contained within, and let's just say it does not like visitors – and its evil twin (hardcore Kanaloa) REALLY doesn't like visitors. While there are elevated platforms throughout, they leave little room to run from the fire that rains down during battle, especially when the lava begins to rise. In the hardcore version of this Titan Battle, we've expanded on the mechanics of the normal fight and have made them harder, but not in the sense that only extra damage is dealt. Having actual gameplay changes for this mode keeps players thinking on their feet (or jumpjets) and helps mix things up for them. I suggest becoming a veteran of the normal version, and to be even more careful when in the hardcore version. You'll want to bring others who are as experienced as you if you even want a chance at defeating this boss. In addition to bragging rights, you'll have the chance to obtain new epic gear upon a successful completion. I can't wait for you to experience Kanaloa, and you may even see me LFG as I'd love to team up with our players to attempt to defeat it. You may be sorry you did though... Stay tuned for another Dev Blog from me on Friday where we'll delve into the aforementioned, brand-new assortment of incredible weapons that will become available in v1.1. Until then, see you in-game! Scott "RudiKazootie" Rudi Design Director of Firefall Originally posted here.
  4. After a week off due to PAX Prime, Firefall Live returned this week with special guest, Adrian Lopez, aka "Vald," an Associate Designer here at Red 5 Studios. Adrian joined the team to talk about his work on creatures, Titans, and raids, as well as answer some questions from the community. We had some more Corsair gaming gear to give away, and showed off some more great Community content with our Do You Even Art Bro and Caption This segments. Watch the full replay on Youtube here. Hot Topics There have been a lot of questions about selling runs of Kanaloa for Credits. Our official stance on that is that in concept, it's not really something we have a problem with; it happens in other games, and it's not really something you can regulate. As long as it's in-game currency, we aren't against it (though we don't support it). That said, there are some things that we want to do to make it a little harder and less lucrative. For example, right now people can go all the way to the end of the fight and then drop out before the boss is killed and they won't be subject to the lockout. That's obviously something that we want to fix. As most people know, in our next patch (which is currently on PTS) we're going to be changing to a loot-lockout system instead of an overall lockout (meaning you can fight the Titans as often as you want, but you can only get loot from it once a week). A number of players have expressed concerns that this will only make selling runs easier, but what we're also going to be doing is making the loot scale with the number of loot-eligible players. So, if you have a full 20 people but only 1 is actually eligible for loot, that person will only get 1 item, instead of 8. There have also been a lot of discussions about how the loot works in the Devil's Tusk Pushback raid. The way it works is everything you get a kill or an assist on, you get a normal chance for a loot drop from it (the same as if you killed it in the open world). If it does drop loot, it's personal, so no one else can see it. Each person who gets the kill or an assist gets their own loot roll and chance for individual loot. A lot of people have asked about having rewards other than XP for level 40 content, since once you reach 40 XP is useless. That is definitely something that we are still discussing internally, but there isn't a definite answer for us to give yet. We've gotten a lot of feedback that Crafting doesn't feel very useful right now. We absolutely hear you guys on that and are working on improving those systems. We've already made a few improvements, but we definitely aren't done. News PAX just happened! We had a great time at our meetup last Friday, huge thank you to everyone who showed up! Throughout the weekend we did presentations about Firefall at the Corsair booth as well as doing raffles for Firefall swag and Corsair gear. Make sure to keep an eye out for us at other conventions in the future! The "Julaugust" final vote for Do You Even Art Bro is up. Make sure to check out the thread here and vote for your two favorite pieces! Remember that Hazardous Research ends one week from today! Don't miss your chance to experience a couple of new encounters and earn some great rewards! Check out this post for more information about Hazardous Research. All Battleframes are currently on sale! The sale runs until next Thursday (September 11th, 2014) and consists of 15% off of the Red Bean price on all Advanced Battleframes. Check out the article here for the details. The XP Weekend starts today! From 5:00pm PDT today until 5:00pm PDT Monday, we've got a 25% global XP boost going on in game! Our friends over at Raptr are running a replay contest. If you want a chance at a Digital Starter pack, make sure to check out this page for more details. We have a new Fan Art challenge up which is mobility themed. Make sure to check out the thread here. There was an exciting announcement recently that we just agreed to a licensing deal for releasing Firefall in China! We are super excited to be expanding Firefall to a new market and can't wait to get it off the ground over there! Check out the full press release here. The Public Test Server has returned! PTS is live and accessible to everyone, and contains our next patch which includes new weapons, new abilities, the "Hardcore" version of the Kanaloa encounter, and much much more! Make sure to check out the PTS section of the forums for more details! Q&A Can you talk a little bit about how Kanaloa came to be? One of the things that we really wanted to do was start making "raiding" content, since we're an MMO (as well as a shooter). As part of an MMO, social features and group content is the coolest part of the playing the game, so obviously that pushes us heavily towards raiding being something we need to do. With this first boss, since it was our first real attempt to do an instanced encounter of like "these are the mechanics that we really want to push for, this is what it does," we kind of wanted to take it easy a little, nothing too crazy. It was really like a proof of concept, like "hey look this actually works." Now that we know we can do these kinds of things, the next bosses we come out with will be way cooler and way better, with more interesting mechanics like multi-phase types of things and such. With this first boss, we ran into a lot of technical issues and also made a lot of breakthroughs, all of which will help us a lot going forward and making new bosses in the future. We also learned a lot from Baneclaw's first iteration when he was an open world boss. In terms of actually getting started out, really as soon as we started having discussions about making a raid boss, I jumped on it, because one of the things I'm really passionate about is raiding and bosses and things like that. The whole process was a really good learning experience for me. How did you amp up the Kanaloa encounter for the Hardcore mode? The mentality I had going into it is that we have mechanics that were introduced for the regular mode, and the Hardcore mode should really just expand on those mechanics and make them harder (but not in the sense that stuff just instagibs you). Mostly you have to be much more careful and very familiar with the mechanics of the regular version. I don't want to give everything away, but just as an example, most people know in normal Kanaloa you have to shoot the tumors on its back to damage it. In the Hardcore mode, those tumors have their own health pools, and once you've shot one enough it will explode, and no longer be vulnerable. That means that as the fight goes on you'll have less and less places to be able to shoot it, making you move around more and more to be able to hit the weak spots. What's your favorite creature from Sertao? That's tough, I love them all. I think my favorite one is probably the Titanomoth. The reason I like him is it really changes the combat experience when you run into one. At one point you're fighting a bunch of swarming creatures, but as soon as he comes out you really need to focus him down before you get EMPed and stuck on the ground amongst all of the ground creatures. When creating encounters, how do you take into account the different archetypes? Well initially you start out with "these are the 5 archetypes and these are the roles that they fill," and you always have to keep them in mind when building the actual encounter. Using Kanaloa as an example, even though right now the best option for the little mortars is probably hiding behind something, say we did something where you could no longer just hide to avoid them. That would mean you have to actually deal with these rocks. You would have a few options in dealing with that. You could have a high DPS frame like a Recon take down these rocks, or you could do something like you have a Dreadnaught who has Thunder Dome hop in front of it and tank the damage, allowing the DPS to keep on hitting Kanaloa, and the healing supports can make sure the Dreadnaught stays alive. Before you start making anything, you always have to make sure you have everything in mind. Are there any plans for bosses with multiple phases? Yes, definitely. That is the goal, as it makes it a much better experience. Halfway through the fight or at whatever point, the entire encounter changes, and now you have to memorize a different portion of that fight. I touched a little bit on it earlier, but Kanaloa was mostly a proof of concept with us working on figuring out just what we could do. Now that we have that sorted out, we can work on making future bosses much more interesting and more fun. Can we expect a 20 player raid instance like Chosen Warfront with a Titan Boss Battle all in one mission? That would be awesome, I would love to work on something like that. There's no reason we can't do it, it's just a matter of finding the time and prioritizing. Have we ever thought about doing something where you have to defeat boss X to be able to fight boss Y? Yes, that is definitely how we want to approach things. Maybe not specifically being able to fight one boss to be able to unlock another, but more something like you have to fight a weaker boss to be able to get the equipment that you need to then be able to take on a stronger boss. Any chance the Chosen War moves throughout maps dynamically instead of being instanced? That's more of an Open World Designer question, but I know at least in Coral Forest it's intended to sort of be the "noobie zone" where people are learning the game and aren't necessarily getting hammered by the Chosen. That doesn't mean that there aren't more things that we can do there to make it more interesting and dynamic, but that's not my team and I can't speak much to what's going on there. We do still want to do the whole "take back the open world" dynamic Chosen open world battle type thing, but it's something that's very technically challenging and we decided to not prioritize for launch. It's definitely still high on our list, though. Are there any plans for non-instanced world bosses? There aren't really any specific plans at this moment, but it is definitely something that we keep talking about. We love those events that draw people in from all over the map to work together, but they can be hard to balance since you don't know how many people will be participating. Again it's definitely something we've been discussing. Are there any thoughts about encounters in altered gravity? It's certainly possible, but really it would mostly depend on where we wanted to go. We don't necessarily want to just say "in this room the gravity is different for some reason," just for the heck of it, but if we were to say, wind up on the Moon for some reason, that could absolutely be something we looked at. Right now there aren't any specific plans for something like that, but there's no reason we can't do it. Are there any plans to create encounters that will make more use of close range abilities since Kanaloa and Baneclaw mostly require shooting from longer distances? Yes, defintely. It goes back to the whole "keeping archetypes in mind when designing something" thing. Not necessarily like "you need to use this ability to do this," but really it's more some frames excel at certain things more than others. Particularly for Kanaloa, first and foremost we're a shooter, so we wanted to make something that you have to actually aim at and it moves and such, so we wanted to have something where you had to be able to shoot and have situational awareness. Future bosses may have a different emphasis. Any plans to reintroduce old NPC combat mechanics such as Chosen Juggernaughts with the multiple grenade alt fire? In that particular instance, the reason we stripped that away from the Juggernaughts is because there's usually multiple of him on screen. As a one person fight, it feels like a really fun little boss almost, you fight him, he shoots from a distance, you get close, he pulls out a shotgun, you now have to change the way you play, etc. Unfortunately what happens in encounters with multiple people is you wind up with a number of those on the screen at once, and things start getting really chaotic really fast. We're trying to stay away from that and have a little more organized chaos. The direction we want to go into is the whole family thing, where it's like you have a unit that has a set role, and other units that have different set roles, and your strategy becomes which unit do I take out first. When you have these different units with different roles, it becomes really easy to change the way an encounter plays out simply by adding in different kinds of units. For example, if you're fighting a Juggernaut and then an Engineer shows up, the encounter becomes entirely different as you have to start worrying about drones and shields, even though the Juggernaut is still exactly the same. There is a lot of work we can do on the creature end of the game which will really spice up the overall gameplay. It's not really where we want it to be yet, but we're constantly working on improving it. That's sort of an overall theme for the game right now; we've launched so we now have the foundation of the game, and now we can go on and refine/improve what we've got while also adding on brand new content in addition. Originally posted here.
  5. And that's it. No other game had more or less said about it. Originally posted here.
  6. It's Tuesday now! It's not even close to Thursday or Friday, but we're rolling with it, and it's going to be awesome. Do you know what that means, ark hunters? It means it's time for more Q&A with the Defiance team! In the future, could we have a health indicator on the Warmaster’s armor, similar to what we have on the monolith? This is something we plan on implementing, and it's going to be awesome. Could you list all the scoring modifiers? Sure. Though there are two things this question could reasonably refer to, I’m going to go with my best guess. These are the modifiers for killing blows/assists. Min Assist - 0.1 Max Assist - 1 Killing Blow - 0.1 Rescue - 0.3 Vengeance - 0.15 Power - 0.2 Critical - 0.2 Melee - 0.2 Nano - 0.2 Defense Kill - 0.15 Offense Kill - 0.15 Additionally, we can author a variety of other scoring events. These are the internal names, so many of them will be unfamiliar. Also, some of these may be unused. I culled out the ones I know for sure are not called, but some of the Monolith ones may be deprecated as well. Revive Ally - Revived a player Extract - Extracted after dying Teamwork - Score tick at regular damage intervals Hellion Arm Destroy - Scripted Player Destroys the Hellion arm Hellion Weakpoint Destroy - Scripted Player destroys a hellion weakpoint End Success - The event ended successfully Hellion Killed - Scripted Players destroy Hellion Heal Ally - Healed a player Incap - Player was downed Opportunist - Score tick at damage intervals on an enemy under a nano-effect NPC Interrupt - Scripted called by generic Interrupt script 99er Smelter On Fire - Scripted Called when smelter catches fire 99er Blacklung Pack lit - Scripted called when blacklung catches fire Hellbug Monarch stumble - Scripted called when monarch stumbled Encounter Wave Complete - Scripted when an arkfall encounter wave completes Siege Stage Complete - Scripted when a siege stage completes Capture - Capture a siege foothold Hellbug Monarch Back Break - Scripted called when monarch rear weak point breaks Dark Matter Monitor Barrier Break - Scripted called when Monitor barrier breaks Dark Matter Bulwark Stun - Scripted called when Bulwark stunned Dark Matter Monolith Armor Break - Scripted called when Monolith Armor Breaks Dark Matter Monolith Leg Break - Scripted called when Monolith Leg Breaks Dark Matter Monolith Neck Break - Scripted called when Monolith Neck Breaks Intelliton Progenitor Awaken - Scripted called when Intelliton Progenitor starts moving Raider Tanker Stun - Scripted called when Tanker is stunned from back damage Raider Tanker Face Break - Scripted called when Tanker is released from stun due to damage Raider Hulker Brain Bash - Scripted called when Hulker is released from stun due to damage Encounter Complete Small - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Encounter Complete Med - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Encounter Complete Large - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Objective Complete Small - Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Objective Complete Med Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Objective Complete Large Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Rescue Hostage - Called by interactions when rescuing people DLC3 Arena Irath 2 Gulanite Score - This should give a sweet score for picking up gulanite shards Plate Break - On breaking one pip of an enemy's plate armor Full Plate Break - On breaking the last pip of an enemy's plate armor Will the Paradise Challengers colors be in the game in the future? For example, the purple metallic or the other new Challenger colors. They look awesome! Dodge Challenger colors are restricted to the manufacturer's designated available paint line. That means we probably shouldn't put unicorns on the hood, but you should already be seeing some new colors in game. In beta, we remember seeing some colors of vehicles that are now unavailable in the game. Where did they go? Several vehicle colors in the game were removed after beta by a combination of art concerns and memory concerns. We're not currently investigating restoring them to the game. Can we get an option to increase our ammo capacity, possibly as a convenience item on the bits store or as a perk? Indeed. This is something that is coming to the game in two forms in the future! Are there any plans to add seasonal events (like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving) to the game in the future? We might. Seasonal events have often been discussed, but always fall to a lower priority than other live content. For most of us, this is the first time we’ve made a persistent game which occurs in the (former) United States. This allows us to use holidays like Christmas, Independence Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving without coming up with some contrivance to explain why they occur in a fantasy world. Regardless, such events are very resource intensive, and so far we have not had the time to spare creating them. We can’t see each other’s outfits on the consoles and we’d really like to. Are there any updates on this? It depends on the density and number of players around you. In low population areas or when there are not a lot of unique characters around you, you will see their outfits. When hundreds of players are at arkfalls and other events, you won’t see the variance. Memory is one of the tightest constraints on consoles. Can we get an update on the white cords on the Dodge Challenger? We have had this bugged for awhile, but it was lower priority. The priority has been boosted. Look for it in a future client patch. Will we get an option to see our FPS and ping in game? Currently, we don't have plans to implement this. Is there additional work planned/being done to address the threat levels/difficulty level? We're not currently working on threat/difficulty levels, but if you have feedback on this, it's welcome. In the future, could we have a UI element to emote and interact socially instead of using slash commands? This is likely to occur in the future. Trick said they finally understood our problem with the shield stats. When is this going to be fixed? That actually went out with the Free-to-Play patch, that's a blast from the past! Since it is only possible to earn a maximum of 10 cores per week, but 120 rep a week (with Paradise) and 70 per week with chimera, is there any plan to put things in these vendors that we can actually spend rep on? You should already be seeing these in game. With another change expected to Damage Reduction for PvP in the next patch, are you leading us to believe that you are splitting PvP and PvE stats now? We don't plan on splitting PvP and PvE stats. Originally posted here.