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Found 14 results

  1. [ame=]Defiance PvP Gamescom 2012 - YouTube[/ame] Forget the second-coming of TR, this looks more like Mass Effect at this point. Awesome. The more I see about this game the better it becomes. This might be our sleeper MMO depending on how The Repopulation goes. I liked the head crab bit around 5:00
  2. Originally posted here.
  3. [ame=]Defiance Developer Diary: What is a Shooter MMO? - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Quick and dirty: Link It was all pretty mundane until around 30:00 when all of the sudden Grant Bowler, the star of the show and Australian fellow, started prattling off about EVE online and the history of the player alliances. I actually double-taked hard at his comments and had to play it back to make sure I was actually hearing correctly. I did really dig the detailed explanation of how the game and series interact with one another (the example given was some disease happens in the series, they come up with a cure to resolve the issue, and then between that episode and the next the players in-game are in charge of synthesizing and distributing it). Also, I Jamie Murray is kinda dirty in an awesome way.
  5. Originally posted here. Alright guys, time to vote with that wallet. Want a nice indie sandbox with player run everything, open PvP, Tabula Rasa's combat, and real city building? Now you can prove it. Update: The Kickstarter has achieved it's initial goal of $25,000 but is continuing to accept donations until 02 JUL 2012. The devs have discussed "stretch goals" on the forums and a popular reward for backers if the Kickstarter meets a stretch goal is bumping everyone up one notch on the backer ladder (so if you donated $100 and the stretch goal is met you get the rewards of the next donation level up, so $150 in this example).
  6. [ame=]Defianceâ„¢ E3 Trailer: Bringing two worlds together - YouTube[/ame] The combat looks absolutely gorgeous and the quality of the animations between the previous videos and this one seems like an impossible step-up. I'm actually stoked for this. Looks like it's the second coming of Tabula Rasa except even better because it has such an emphasis on vehicles. I'm definitely going to play this.
  7. Originally posted here. Also, the FAQ on the main splash page of the ER website says that previous purchases will not be honored in any way and that all pre-existing characters will be deleted. The game, when re-released, will be F2P and everyone will start from scratch. Kind of shitty that people who actually purchased the game won't get dick out of it.
  8. Animations need a little work but overall not too bad. Pretty much Tabula Rasa MKII from what I saw. [ame=]Defiance Combat Gameplay Teaser [HD] - YouTube[/ame]