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  1. "Carian Spurius, was SIGINT able to dig up the personnel files and home-of-record information on the joes I requested?" "Roger that, sir. I've already e-mailed'em over to you." "Roger, carian. How many do we have here now?" After a small delay, "Ahhh, just one, sir." Max swiveled his rusty office chair around. His computer had gone to sleep and required some random interaction to wake up. He tapped the menu key and it got stuck. This fucking key. He pulled open the drawer and went digging around for his mulit-tool and proceeded to pop it off. He always seemed to fat-finger it at the most inopportune times. With his computer awake and ready to roll Max checked his mail and found around thirty e-mails each with a military service record, a few photos, and the last known home of record. Perusing the list brought back quite a few memories of his past service. I thought he was dead. She died in a roller accident a few years ago? Damn shame. This joker deserved to die. Damn shame he's still alive. He's got too large of a family. Ah, there he is. Formerly a commander in the Earth Military Coalition and later a lieutenant colonel in the Earth Republic, a lot had happened to Max in the past ten years. All of his current efforts were on building a new organization at the behest of, well, he didn't even know. He didn't even care. Goddam does it feel good to wear a uniform again. The E-Rep's dossier included information about current whereabouts. After resigning his commission, reasons redacted of course, Cavadus had opted to join up with DynCorp, the only pre-Pale War private military contractor left on Terra as far as Max knew. Cavadus's last recorded area of activity was the Topeka Badlands. DynCorp asked for way-the-fuck too much to buy Cavadus out of his contract but he's disillusioned enough. I think. Did he even like or respect me? I barely remember the guy. Definitely not Primus Pilus material at the moment. Or maybe he is. Nevermind. Max pressed down the intercom, "Send him in, carian." "Send him in, carian." "Carian, send him i--." Oh, for fuck's sake. "SEND HIM IN!" shouted an irritated Max. In stepped a man somewhere slightly north of thirty-five years old, somewhat larger than average build, a bit over 1.8 meters, with a full beard. That beard: completely unprofessional. "They let you keep that thing in DynCorp?" barked Max. "Ummm, the beard?" responded a completely caught-off-guard Gaius. "Yeah, the beard." "You know how it is once you get out, sir. It's nice to give the face a break." Max was amused at the effect he was having on Gaius. "Well captain, what the hell have you been up to?" "Payin' bills, sir." "Y'know, you never struck me as the type." "Respectfully, sir, you hardly knew me." "I heard a lot about that fucked up sense of humor you have." Gaius had to chuckle at that. Max was right on the money. "Anyways," Max prepared to launch into it when Gaius interjected. "Colonel, I know why I'm here." "It's legate now, " Max corrected him. "I'm in." Now Max was the one caught off guard. "Captain, you don't know shit about this operation, what we're fighting for, or who supports us." If anyone supports us, Max worried. "Sir, you may barely remember me but I remember you. I remember that chicken shit posting out in bumfuck Storm Divide. I remember how you were treated the first few years after we all transitioned from the EMC to the E-Rep. And I have kept up on the news about you. Hell, had I been near Columbia at the time I'd have voted for you under the Terra Prima party." Max winced. He hated the memory of the Terra Prima movement. Or, to be concise, at the distorted memory fed to the public and it's treatment and suppression by the E-Rep. Fuckin' fuckers, Max thought to himself. Max drew a deep breath, "Captain, I'd rather throw a saddle on a gift horse than look it in the mouth. I'm currently building an independent military united called the 47th Legion. You're familiar with Terra Prima, we're not mercs, and we're hear to kick some E-Rep ass. All told I need roughly four-thousand warm bodies to get to maximum strength. There isn't a helluva lot of talent laying around to be picked up so I won't mask the desperation and it doesn't seem like I have to." Max continued. "It's not the premiere post but I have a leadership position open for you. I've got a section lead position available." Max could see the insult's effect and the bewildered look on Gaius' face. Wait for it... "I'm just fuckin' with ya, captain. At ease. Commanding officer post for a century but," and there's always a but, thought Gaius, "you'll need to XO for few weeks under a centurion to get acclimated." Gaius was curious, "So I assume a centurion is equivalent to a captain but what exactly is a century equivalent to, sir?" "You were originally cavalry, correct?" "You ain't cav, you ain't shit, sir,! beamed Gaius. Max rolled his eyes. Those cavalry assholes are worse than jarheads. "Anyways, same difference as a troop. Cohort is a squadron. Legion could be best described as a brigade combat team," explained Max. That was about what Gaius expected. "Got it, sir." He's ready, Max thought to himself. "Report to Vexillarian Campbell. He'll get you up to speed and, assuming you both perform to standard, you two will be taking over 3rd Century together." Gaius was ready to leave this office. "Anything else you need from me, sir?" Smiling, Max quickly replied, "Yeah, shave that rug off your face. That's an order, optio," and with that Gaius stood up at attention. Before leaving Max offered a handshake, Gaius took it, and left the room. Legate Maximillian Labienus, veteran of the Pale War, commander in the EMC, lieutenant colonel in the E-Rep, mashed the intercom button down. "Carian Spurius, Gaius Cavadus is in. Complete his in-processing. He'll be entering at optio but only for train-up. We need him as a century lead pronto." Silence. Max mashed the transmit button down again. "Carian Spurius...?" I've got a crate of EGO implants but can't even get a working intercom. What the fuck, thought Max. "SPURIUS!"
  2. ARK HUNTER REWARDS POSTED ON: 01.29.2013 Greetings Ark Hunters! It’s time to start your career as an Ark Hunter. Ark Fall codes have begun appearing all throughout the world of Defiance. Some of these codes are quite easy to find, while others may present more of a challenge or require keen eyesight. Your objective is to collect the Ark Fall codes as part of your Ark Hunter Training. As you advance in training and enter more codes you will unlock in-game bonuses. These bonuses range from extra inventory slots to a small bonus in a weapon proficiency. The most discerning Ark Hunters who fully complete training will have their characters start with a bonus perk. Head to the Ark Hunter Rewards page to start claiming rewards! UPDATE: 23 JUN 2014 In addition to the Ark Hunter reward codes there are also season two codes. One code is released per episode and it is valid only until the next episode airs. For more information see the next post. UPDATE: 31 JUL 2014 It has been brought to my attention that the Ark Hunter reward codes have been deactivated and will no longer grant rewards. Season 2 codes will function normally (one code per week active for only that week). See the end of the thread for the current season 2 EGO code.
  3. And that's it. No other game had more or less said about it. Originally posted here.
  4. Defiance 2.2 - Silicon Valley Release Date: NA: 8/5/14 @ 9:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) EU: 8/5/14 @ 4:00 PM GMT == FEATURES == New Land: Silicon Valley The territory from the ruins of SFO airport in San Bruno to the ruins of Crystal Springs reservoir have opened up to the south of San Francisco. Go to Twin Peaks Station and see the new land for yourself. Silicon Valley is under invasion from converted Grid enemies. These enemies now lead special incursions called “Invasions” which will attack many areas at once. If the attacks succeed, the locations will become “Conflict Sites” which must be cleared by ark hunters. New Missions: The Guiding Light Von Bach has disappeared into Silicon Valley, but he’s not there alone. A New Earth cult, the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light, have taken residence in the Valley. They revere the Grid, and they’ve set up temples all over the Valley. Encryption Weapon and Shield Encryption: Certain weapons and shields will now drop with the Encrypted trait. Encrypted items are advanced technology that confer a 3% bonus to damage or capacity as appropriate. Unfortunately, Encrypted items are beyond the technology level of the Salvage Matrix, and it will not be able to increase the rarity of Encrypted items. Whenever the Salvage Matrix does increase the rarity of a shield or weapon, that weapon will become Encrypted; the Salvage Matrix cannot increase its rarity any further. Due to the effectiveness bonus Encryption brings, all Legendary weapons and shields in your inventory will be Encrypted on first login. More Character Slots! Maximum character slots has been increased to 6. Get more slots on the Bit Store! New Max EGO Rating! The max EGO rating has been increased to 5900. It is possible to achieve this value without completing all pursuits. Fear not! When the max rating is increased again, any additional points you've earned will automatically be added to your rating! == GAME UPDATE == GENERAL FIXES Fixed a common crash so that players no longer crash when picking up loot while it's despawning. By popular request, entering vehicles you own from the passenger side now places you behind the driver's seat for your convenience! Upgrading the rarity on a shield no longer sometimes causes temporary invulnerability to the resisted damage type. Adding an Ego Power in the tutorial now correctly automatically equips in the player's loadout. Being in a menu when someone you are privately chatting with leaves the private chat will no longer cause you to crash. This was the most common PS3 crash. Optimized memory to prevent Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles from crashing while cinematics play. To balance the accrual rate of Keycodes, we have increased the purchase cost of Keycodes on Lock Box Merchants, rebalanced the rewards gained from score in events, and updated equipment drop rates from enemies. Due to player requests, the teleport option "go to group leader" has been replaced with "go to member". By popular demand, Happy Pow Farms is now a Fast Travel location! Fixed some defensive perks not working after logging in until the player changed loadouts or teleported. Optimized how players are routed to servers to improve performance. Prevented a state that could cause multiple dialog boxes to pop up simultaneously. You can no longer damage yourself with explosives with a clever combination of perks. Implemented various stability fixes for both the client and the server. CLANS By popular demand, you can now teleport to clan members! Look for "go to clan member" in the social menu. Salvage and Score clan boosts no longer terminate early. Clan members will now see their clan's Message of the Day in their clan chat channel upon login. By player request, Promote, Demote and Remove From Clan options have been moved to the bottom of the Quick Menu in order to prevent accidental clicks and maintain consistency with other Quick Menu player interactions. MISSIONS Fixed a bug that was causing mission replay to fail in some cases. Fixed various typos in the Alter Ego subtitles. VENDORS Added a Defiant Few mod cache to the Defiant Few vendor. Faction representatives are now taking bribes! You can now purchase reputation boxes on the Defiance Store. A Corporate Espionage Lock Box is now available on Lock Box Merchant. When buying items from the Bit Store, players are now given a prompt to confirm their purchase. WEAPONS AND COMBAT Due to player requests. non-weapon equipment (shields, grenades, stims, etc) can now be equipped via the inventory screen! Fixed a bug causing mod synergies to still apply while the gun is in your loadout but not equipped. Perks that trigger when your shield is depleted no longer work when you have no shield equipped. Infector weapon comparisons are now more informative, depicting both the damage upon infection as well as the infection damage over time. Players will now progress through weapon mastery and skill ranks at the expected pace regardless of threat-level. Nano-effects on cloaked players are now visible. Spikes and stims now play an error sound when you try to use them during their cooldown phase. Prevented certain lock-on projectiles from striking their target through walls. Unequipping your shield now takes you back down to the default 1 armor plate. Rockets fired from the passenger seat of the Cerberus vehicle fly in the correct direction. PVP Made PvP matchmaking more forgiving so that experienced players will have an easier time getting into a match. By community request, the Quick Menu list of nearby players is now sorted by EGO with the option to view each player's EGO alongside their names so that duelers can find worthy opponents! Fixed a bug causing ark hunters to remain visible during the duel countdown. In PvP, Cerberus turret damage is now the same regardless of the EGO of the player operating the turret. You can no longer exploit the quick-swap wheel to change loadouts in the middle of a PvP match. The wheel can still be opened, but it won't work to change loadouts during a PvP match. UI AND DISPLAY The UI no longer incorrectly displays that Patron boosts are inactive. Leaderboards now display scores without any increase due to score boosts. You will still see your own boosted score, and earn rewards based on the boosted score. Due to popular request, you can now turn on chat timestamps in the chat settings menu! In consideration for our colour-blind players, alternate color schemes for chat text are now available in chat settings! Fixed an issue that could arise when trying to equip a lot of near-identical loadouts. Fixed a visual glitch when changing to a new loadout for the first time. The loadout change progress bar now behaves properly when changing loadouts from the loadout window. Thank you to all the players who reported this issue! Selecting a weapon slot in the loadout menu now selects that same weapon correctly in the inventory list. Fixed an animation bug when changing loadouts in a vehicle. Equipment can once more be equipped straight from the inventory. The Defiant Few and Tarr Traxx icons are now unique. Defiant Few Minimap marker now appear properly. Time trial vehicles are no longer unresponsive if the player opens the map while the countdown elapses. The "replace weapon" UI in the inventory screen now has the correct focus for players using controllers or keyboard shortcuts. Corrected a missing name in a "salvage grid action unlocked" message. Fixed a visual bug with group arena end screens where some players would see extra duplicate entries in the Rewards list. This was visual only and did not affect the rewards given to the player. Adding additional mod slots or cancelling in the Salvage Matrix no longer causes the displayed stats of a weapon to drop until the player logs out. This was a display only bug-- no stats were actually affected. Fixed the misaligned Boost UI, most commonly seen during bonus weekend events. The reminder to purchase DLC should no longer appear when browsing contracts unless the appropriate Contract category is expanded. Daily and Weekly rewards no longer display twice in the chat. ENEMIES Tuned the amount of damage done by the Revenant when his Overcharge is active and added shield damage buff when he's blur-charged. ART Fixed a skinning issue with Challenger that was causing graphical corruption. (Yes: the bungie cords are gone!) The doors will no longer sometimes disappear on the Challenger.
  5. Can't believe we've made it this far without one! Anywho, in the SDCC trailer Datak blurts out that Kenya is still alive. That should be interesting now that Nolan is banging every single vagina within fifty feet of him.
  6. Hey, it's the least used board in the forum. So, seeing as how Defiance is just so damn much like Tabula Rasa I was thinkin' we could go back to being some real mean alien-hatin' sons of bitches hell bent on taking back San Francisco from them there out-of-towners. Seriously though, a Terran Empire that puts humanity first in the way that Romans put Romans first so it doesn't all have to be bad or evil. Our Legate is of course Maximillian "Big Lips" Labienus. There's a senate thingy but an emperor...? Maybe. I'm just spit-ballin' here. Any other ideas or thoughts on the above would be much appreciated.
  7. It's Tuesday now! It's not even close to Thursday or Friday, but we're rolling with it, and it's going to be awesome. Do you know what that means, ark hunters? It means it's time for more Q&A with the Defiance team! In the future, could we have a health indicator on the Warmaster’s armor, similar to what we have on the monolith? This is something we plan on implementing, and it's going to be awesome. Could you list all the scoring modifiers? Sure. Though there are two things this question could reasonably refer to, I’m going to go with my best guess. These are the modifiers for killing blows/assists. Min Assist - 0.1 Max Assist - 1 Killing Blow - 0.1 Rescue - 0.3 Vengeance - 0.15 Power - 0.2 Critical - 0.2 Melee - 0.2 Nano - 0.2 Defense Kill - 0.15 Offense Kill - 0.15 Additionally, we can author a variety of other scoring events. These are the internal names, so many of them will be unfamiliar. Also, some of these may be unused. I culled out the ones I know for sure are not called, but some of the Monolith ones may be deprecated as well. Revive Ally - Revived a player Extract - Extracted after dying Teamwork - Score tick at regular damage intervals Hellion Arm Destroy - Scripted Player Destroys the Hellion arm Hellion Weakpoint Destroy - Scripted Player destroys a hellion weakpoint End Success - The event ended successfully Hellion Killed - Scripted Players destroy Hellion Heal Ally - Healed a player Incap - Player was downed Opportunist - Score tick at damage intervals on an enemy under a nano-effect NPC Interrupt - Scripted called by generic Interrupt script 99er Smelter On Fire - Scripted Called when smelter catches fire 99er Blacklung Pack lit - Scripted called when blacklung catches fire Hellbug Monarch stumble - Scripted called when monarch stumbled Encounter Wave Complete - Scripted when an arkfall encounter wave completes Siege Stage Complete - Scripted when a siege stage completes Capture - Capture a siege foothold Hellbug Monarch Back Break - Scripted called when monarch rear weak point breaks Dark Matter Monitor Barrier Break - Scripted called when Monitor barrier breaks Dark Matter Bulwark Stun - Scripted called when Bulwark stunned Dark Matter Monolith Armor Break - Scripted called when Monolith Armor Breaks Dark Matter Monolith Leg Break - Scripted called when Monolith Leg Breaks Dark Matter Monolith Neck Break - Scripted called when Monolith Neck Breaks Intelliton Progenitor Awaken - Scripted called when Intelliton Progenitor starts moving Raider Tanker Stun - Scripted called when Tanker is stunned from back damage Raider Tanker Face Break - Scripted called when Tanker is released from stun due to damage Raider Hulker Brain Bash - Scripted called when Hulker is released from stun due to damage Encounter Complete Small - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Encounter Complete Med - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Encounter Complete Large - Called by encounters or waves when they complete Objective Complete Small - Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Objective Complete Med Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Objective Complete Large Called by interactions or encounters when they complete. Rescue Hostage - Called by interactions when rescuing people DLC3 Arena Irath 2 Gulanite Score - This should give a sweet score for picking up gulanite shards Plate Break - On breaking one pip of an enemy's plate armor Full Plate Break - On breaking the last pip of an enemy's plate armor Will the Paradise Challengers colors be in the game in the future? For example, the purple metallic or the other new Challenger colors. They look awesome! Dodge Challenger colors are restricted to the manufacturer's designated available paint line. That means we probably shouldn't put unicorns on the hood, but you should already be seeing some new colors in game. In beta, we remember seeing some colors of vehicles that are now unavailable in the game. Where did they go? Several vehicle colors in the game were removed after beta by a combination of art concerns and memory concerns. We're not currently investigating restoring them to the game. Can we get an option to increase our ammo capacity, possibly as a convenience item on the bits store or as a perk? Indeed. This is something that is coming to the game in two forms in the future! Are there any plans to add seasonal events (like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving) to the game in the future? We might. Seasonal events have often been discussed, but always fall to a lower priority than other live content. For most of us, this is the first time we’ve made a persistent game which occurs in the (former) United States. This allows us to use holidays like Christmas, Independence Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving without coming up with some contrivance to explain why they occur in a fantasy world. Regardless, such events are very resource intensive, and so far we have not had the time to spare creating them. We can’t see each other’s outfits on the consoles and we’d really like to. Are there any updates on this? It depends on the density and number of players around you. In low population areas or when there are not a lot of unique characters around you, you will see their outfits. When hundreds of players are at arkfalls and other events, you won’t see the variance. Memory is one of the tightest constraints on consoles. Can we get an update on the white cords on the Dodge Challenger? We have had this bugged for awhile, but it was lower priority. The priority has been boosted. Look for it in a future client patch. Will we get an option to see our FPS and ping in game? Currently, we don't have plans to implement this. Is there additional work planned/being done to address the threat levels/difficulty level? We're not currently working on threat/difficulty levels, but if you have feedback on this, it's welcome. In the future, could we have a UI element to emote and interact socially instead of using slash commands? This is likely to occur in the future. Trick said they finally understood our problem with the shield stats. When is this going to be fixed? That actually went out with the Free-to-Play patch, that's a blast from the past! Since it is only possible to earn a maximum of 10 cores per week, but 120 rep a week (with Paradise) and 70 per week with chimera, is there any plan to put things in these vendors that we can actually spend rep on? You should already be seeing these in game. With another change expected to Damage Reduction for PvP in the next patch, are you leading us to believe that you are splitting PvP and PvE stats now? We don't plan on splitting PvP and PvE stats. Originally posted here.
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    Sadow War

    From the album: Random Screen Shots

    I was the man on the grassy nol. Took out over a dozen in a row when they tried to take my hill
  9. The purpose of this thread to re-post messages the developers on the official forums. Anyone may re-post messages from developers.
  10. Defiance Interviews: Committed to Improving the Game Defiance is a game with a massive amount of potential, potential that Trion Worlds is committed to bringing to fruition for players. We chatted with Creative Lead Trick Dempsey about how that will happen. It's a terrifically informative interview that you won't want to miss. Let us know what you think in the comments. By William Murphy on September 25, 2013 MMORPG.com: Good to talk with you again, Trick! Been a while since we previewed the Castithan DLC back at E3 and obviously a lot has happened since then. What's the response been to the first DLC and how has the game been progressing since season one of the show ended? Trick Dempsey: With the Castithan Charge Pack we were able to deliver on a lot of features that the players, and the dev team, really wanted to see. It brought back sieges, introduced a massive boss fight with an enemy players wanted to fight, and a compelling new game mode. While working with Syfy on between-season crossover plans, we’ve begun to really focus our efforts on improving overall game quality. MMORPG.com: What are the top priorities for the team, with everyone moving to Redwood Shores in one studio? Trick Dempsey: Our top priority is to improve the overall quality of the game. We’ve faced stability and social issues which really just can’t be tolerated. On top of that, we’re making a major pass on weapon and loot balance to make the chase more reliable and engaging. We’ll talk about progression in a bit, but we need a good foundation in balance and consistency before we can make any serious progression push. MMORPG.com: What are the biggest problems facing Defiance in your eyes? For me personally, I find a lot of moment to moment fun in the game, but it feels like it's missing a lot of the "ancillary" features an MMO needs to keep you invested for the long haul. Trick Dempsey: We need to develop the idea of a chase in Defiance. From those first stumbling steps out of the New Freedom crash, to the final battle with Nim, players don’t experience an increase in power where we feel that they should. Beyond that, weapons boil down to damage-per-second, and there isn’t armor penetration or any real incentive to experiment. By addressing these issues, we’re going to give decisions some teeth. Players will have to make difficult decisions, both tactically and strategically, which will have significant gameplay impact. MMORPG.com: How will ark hunter progression change in the coming months? You mentioned it briefly in your state of the game letter, but can you go into more detail? Trick Dempsey: We have a grand plan from progression that we are implementing one careful step at a time. I want to go into more detail about it in the coming months, but I can tell you this: Defiance is at its best when careening across the badlands with a horde of ark hunters. We’re not going to erect any barriers to that experience. Our progression will continue to allow hunters of divergent EGO ratings to play together without feeling like anyone’s sidekick or babysitter. MMORPG.com: What sort of changes will you be making to guns to make them stand out more and have people using a wider array of them? Trick Dempsey: When it comes to the personality of the guns, we’re pretty happy. The rate of fire vs recoil vs clip size feels solid for most of the weapons. However, there are several weapons with much higher damage outputs than others or which work in much wider tactical situations. The weapons with limited tactical applications need to have additional benefits added to them to make them more attractive. Sometimes that will be damage, sometimes that will be other useful statistics. MMORPG.com: How about inventory? You mentioned changes coming there too; what can we expect? Will hunters ever be able to carry more than two weapons and a grenade to make switching their roles in battle easier? Trick Dempsey: The primary step in improving the inventory experience is making inventory management better. The first step was taken in the Castithan Charge pack when we made a button from breaking down inventory items without visiting the salvage matrix. We’re looking at more conveniences, like selling all common items, a better compare interface, and even being able to unequip items without going to the loadouts screen. Before we can have a serious talk about enlarging the player arsenal, we have to make managing that arsenal painless. MMORPG.com: How about social and UI improvements? Any idea what the team's looking at to make the clan experience better over all? Right now, it's mostly a chat channel. Trick Dempsey: I’m rather proud of where clans are going. Our second DLC includes a feature by which clans can improve at each of the game activities by having their members perform in them. Leveling up in a clan activity increases the rewards from that activity for all clan members. Additionally, we’re updating the chat UI so that it is friendlier and more consistent. It’s difficult right now to participate in multiple chat channels, like both group and clan, but we’re fixing that. We’re also going to change the chat menu back so that it does not obscure the screen. We’re a shooter, after all. MMORPG.com: Okay, and finally... let's talk a bit about the 2nd DLC. I know it was teased at PAX via streams, but for those that missed the show, can you give us an overview of what to expect? Trick Dempsey: The second DLC revolves around a new kind of content where ark hunters call down an ark module to crash and then breach the hull and pilfer the inside. These new arkfall interiors contain large battles which support eight or more players, and the new major arkfalls have an instanced boss which is a challenge even with twenty-four players. This Volge Warmaster takes advantage of some new targeting tech we have in place to give our big enemies the ability to better handle large numbers of opponents. The other major change is the addition of spikes and stims. These are entirely new tools in the ark hunter arsenal which add a new dimension to combat in Defiance.
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    2013 09 22 00004

    From the album: 22SEP13 OPS Night

    OPS night
  12. There are a few new outfits in the shop! Obviously most of you have seen the two Dark Matter outfits but they also added a Spirit Rider Hunter and Spirit Rider Scout outfit. The Spirit Rider stuff is more clothing with a bit of a steampunk feel to it. When I get home I'll take some screenies and post'em.
  13. Skip ahead to 1:15. http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds/b/457360595 Some pretty good info talked about in there. I definitely recommend watching it.
  14. Gotta do it through Facebook, unfortunately. https://apps.facebook.com/syfypub/contest?id=1621 VOTE FOR KBOB! He's the guy in the EMC Heavy Trooper armor, obvi.
  15. Hey guys, Here are some details that were shared on today's twitch stream: --> Arkfalls like the show The first thing previewed were a new type of arkfall. An arkfall site pops on the map and a player needs to go there and activate a beacon. Once activated a chunk of Votan ship will crash land there. A minor needs one beacon activated, a major needs four. The mob types shown at these arkfalls were Dark Matter first and then Volge. After a few waves are defeated outside players run to the entrance and queue for the instance. The minor interior portion was 16-player. --> Deployables Which they called "spikes." These are consumable items which a player can plant whenever. They said these spikes have various effects when a player is within the the effect radius. The one they showed in the stream was an ammunition regenerator. --> Stims Another form of consumable which are personal. Again, they have a few effects. In the stream the example stim was a heal-over-time. --> Grenade Redesign Grenades are being radically redesigned. They are now consumables and the CD has been greatly reduced. OverloadUT also blurted "grenade modifications" but I'm not sure if that was just slip-up or if it will be a real thing. Seems like if grenades will be consumables then modifications are unlikely. And that's the big news from the twitch stream earlier today!
  16. Originally posted here. Pfff, and a member of Echelon? Echelon are pussies!
  17. Patch 1.027 - DLC #1 - Castithan Charge Pack - 8/20/13 == FEATURES == The Castithan Charge Pack has arrived! ... More...
  18. Originally posted here. [ame= ]Defiance Castithan Charge Pack DLC is coming August 20th! - YouTube[/ame]
  19. [ame] [/ame] That VBI PSR-7 Cyclone looks awesome.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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