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  1. Patch notes 08/28/2021 The one with a lot of bug fixes ————————— Fixes Airspeeders should now correctly have high-altitude hovering. Fixed broken base alarm appearances. Equipping jackets or armor should no longer cause belts and bandoleers to hoola-hoop. Removed hair … Continue reading → View the full article
  2. Schisms of the Force: Dev Q&A Schisms of the Force was the highly anticipated update many moons in the making that debuted on May 4th, 2021, and brought the long-awaited Jedi profession to Empire in Flames. Since then, players – … Continue reading → View the full article
  3. EiF Patch Notes 07/16/2021 General Stability fix for occasional AI crash. (Fingers crossed.) Fixed inability for witches to change face markings after character creation. Added animation to holstering/unholstering. Entering combat with a holstered weapon will not play animations – only … Continue reading → View the full article
  4. Join the community on Empire in Flames for this year’s celebrations of Empire Day and Remembrance Day! While once a commemoration of the foundation of the Empire, Empire Day is now also a day for loyal Imperials to mourn the … Continue reading → View the full article
  5. Empire Day Empire Day will be live starting on 07/01 and will run through the month of July! New Republic players should report to Hanna City for duty; Imperial players will want to visit Kuat City for orders. PvP event: … Continue reading → View the full article
  6. EiF Patch Notes – 06/15/2021 Jedi Jedi specials now are all interrupted by being knocked down. No offensive or defensive powers will work while KD. Jedi specials should now be usable while berserk. Krayt pearl drops have been reworked. Various … Continue reading → View the full article
  7. EiF Patch Notes Changes Force Feedback is now mitigated by the original attacker’s defenses. (Anishor) Weapon DoTs are no longer applied by Force attacks. (Anishor) Intercede damage reduction should now properly fall off. (Anishor) NPC Inquisitors now have more visual … Continue reading → View the full article
  8. “It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” -Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker on the nature of the Force May 4th, 2021, the EiF development team finally released … Continue reading → View the full article
  9. EiF Patch notes Changes Emperor’s Retreat elevator terminal fix. Added quest failure state to Mystic 03 mission. Fixed Yavin World Boss spawn timer. (Demi) Removed console messages for April Fools event. Nerfed Force choke. (Demi) Fixed Jedi ability description strings. … Continue reading → View the full article
  10. New Player Guide and Frequently Asked Questions Welcome to Empire in Flames! Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions our new players have. It also contains helpful information and references to other player guides you may find useful … Continue reading → View the full article
  11. EiF Patch Notes – 05/04/2021 Changes Dantooine snapshot update. (Mina) Tatooine snapshot update. Destalon and Eventide now have their permanent ship decoration from last month’s egg hunt. The anniversary Riddle Hunt, hosted by the Hyperspace Navigator’s Guild, is now … Continue reading → View the full article
  12. Changes Dantooine snapshot update. (Mina) Feeorin race is now available at character selection. The tutorial conversation with the scared soldier will now always lead to a dialogue choice that grants a weapon. Starter CDEF pistol, carbine, and rifle replaced with … Continue reading → View the full article
  13. In today’s Friday Feature, Demiurge once again provides insight into another important aspect of crafting – powerups! So without further ado… —- Powerups: Cornerstone of an Empire Last week, I wrote about Armorsmithing on EiF. This week I wanted to … Continue reading → View the full article
  14. In today’s feature, we bring you a very in-depth write-up on armorsmithing by the illustrious armor crafter Demiurge. In this article, Demi outlines what it takes to be a successful armorsmith on Empire in Flames as well as give insight into … Continue reading → View the full article
  15. “Awaken,” the voices whispered together. Rix started, shaking his head as his office came back into focus. The Feeorin shook his head again, trying to clear the cobwebs away. Accounting was dull, by most standards, but it seldom put him … Continue reading → View the full article
  16. My children. Awaken. The voices – if they could even be called voices – were a duality in themselves, sounding both like a raucous cacophony and tender whisper in perplexing harmony with one another. A battle raged around him and … Continue reading → View the full article
  17. A sigh escaped her lips as she settled into her meditative posture. As the heat from the sand began to radiate through her body, the morning’s tensions slid away. She inhaled deeply and used her slow exhale to blow the … Continue reading → View the full article
  18. “My children awaken.” The petite brunette raised her head from the table looking around to see who’d dared to call her a child. Her bloodshot eyes couldn’t focus or seem to settle on anyone, so she chalked it up to … Continue reading → View the full article
  19. Ashla: My children Bogan: Awaken. Ashla: Awaken. You are needed. Bogan: One has awakened who will upset the balance. Ashla: To keep the balance Bogan: you must awaken. Ashla: You have heard the rumors /You do not yet understand Bogan: … Continue reading → View the full article
  20. EiF Patch notes – 4/1/21 Content The Arcon Multinode Egg Hunt is now live for 2021! 93 eggs to find plus 15 rewarded for the new race. New weapons added. New weapon scopes’ glass effect tweaked. V-4X-D airspeeder added. New … Continue reading → View the full article
  21. The annual Great Egg Hunt returns to Empire in Flames! During this seasonal event players will track down crates of eggs hidden across the galaxy and participate in a airspeeder race to collect eggs, which can be exchanged for unique … Continue reading → View the full article
  22. EiF Patch Notes 3/27/21 Content New Exchange location on Rori. Lightsaber display cases can now be recolored. New lightsabers added. Avoid incap fixed. Client assets front-load. New decorative loots added to Plasma Mining Facility. Rank badge improvements. (Abi) Fixed some wearable … Continue reading → View the full article
  23. EiF Patch notes – 1/16/21 Boonta Eve Boonta Eve has been disabled for the year. Jedi Loot drops have been added and corrected where appropriate. Initial version of lightsaber recolor. Lightsaber schematics corrected. Lightsaber subcomponent decay added. New lightsaber crystal/pearl … Continue reading → View the full article
  24. EiF Patch notes – 12/18/2020 Boonta Eve EV-9D9 has 22 new event reward items, many of which have never before been available on EiF. The Boonta slave quest now is properly null checked and will no longer cause server segfaults. … Continue reading → View the full article
  25. Hey all! With the recent patch, the team unleashed another wave of Collections on the server. Some collections have pieces that are scattered across the galaxy, while others are centralized on a particular planet. Below, we’ll list out the forty-six … Continue reading → View the full article