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  1. Great article, Sandi, thank you for the recap! Statistics: Posted by Smallcorners — Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:12 am View the full article
  2. The following is an excerpt of a blog article. Read Full Article I took a little hiatus and returned recently to so many updates and additions to an Empire in Flames. I started to compile the list and realized I likely wasn't the only one who would like to know what EiF has been up to! It was a lot of fun turning the devs loose on the list I started. I was able to see which areas were important to each staff member. EiF is blessed to have gathered a diverse group of people who give so much to the community. Contributing to this article was Halyn, Anishor, Jeil, Kelta, Phoenix, ... Statistics: Posted by Sandarie — Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:34 pm View the full article
  3. The following is an excerpt of a blog article. Read Full Article The Sith Shrine is the newest, hottest content on Empire in Flames. Set in a Sith temple buried deep on Coruscant, adventurers are asked to investigate…in spite of the disappearance of previous teams. Up to five players can venture into the Shrine to confront danger and potentially emerge with previously-unacquirable loot!The Sith Shrine starts by speaking with a very grumpy Dug in a diner in the Collective Commerce sector on Coruscant.Ultimately, there are six boss encounters along the way, though two of them are relatively easy. Players should be prepared in advance with equipment, food, and drink. Some suggestions are ... Statistics: Posted by Halyn — Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:45 am View the full article
  4. The following is an excerpt of a blog article. Read Full Article (Our feature today is a guest post by Demiurge. Well done and thank you!!!)Galactic Civil War Rewards and You!With the onset of Empire in Flame’s Galactic Civil War patches, players now have the opportunity to spend those hard earned faction points from PvE activities or War Fame gained from Invasion testing and upcoming PvP events. The purpose of this Friday Feature is to familiarize players with the options available to them from their faction’s Recruiters (Faction Points) and Quartermasters (War Fame). Hopefully this information helps you make informed decisions concerning the items you are purchasing from these vendors. Because most ... Statistics: Posted by Sandarie — Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:19 pm View the full article
  5. some of the list if needed viewtopic.php?f=62&t=398 Statistics: Posted by Destroy — Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:11 pm View the full article
  6. The following is an excerpt of a blog article. Read Full Article Question: What was the inspiration for the GCW? Why did you decide to take this massive undertaking of making a completely new system? (I love it btw )Dev Answer: Empire in Flames is built as “the SWG we want to play” – and a critical element of that is an active Galactic Civil War. From well before we launched, we knew we wanted a GCW system that encouraged all players to participate rather than just the hardcore PvPers.SenateQuestion: How often will the elections for senator/traitor be? And will there be a limit to terms?Dev Answer: Elections will happen on a ... Statistics: Posted by Sandarie — Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:26 pm View the full article
  7. Read Full Article Statistics: Posted by Halyn — Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:55 pm View the full article
  8. Not yet, need to earn it as the article does say these are only the first. Congratulations to the first three. Statistics: Posted by Smallcorners — Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:31 am View the full article
  9. Awww, no Europeans? Statistics: Posted by dalolorn — Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:59 am View the full article
  10. The following is an excerpt of a blog article. Read Full Article An Empire in Flames is just over a year old and as our community has grown, it’s needs have matured. EiF isn’t a roleplay server, but it strives to be a place where roleplayers can thrive and develop their characters and stories. As such, it’s becoming more and more difficult to meet the needs our RPers with just the admins. As everyone knows, we are all volunteers with families and jobs. EiF has some members of the community who have selflessly created content or given of their time to step in at the last minute, so events would not be ... Statistics: Posted by Sandarie — Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:37 pm View the full article
  11. Sitting in an open field near the waterfall at Theed, enjoying the scenery as I worked on the smuggler slicing tree while chatting and plotting with a couple of friends. Taking a break from hunting on Dath in the dead of night, in a camp that looked way cosier than any computer game camp had any right looking. My two pals--a different pair--trying to convince me to jump ship to the Empire. Hunting krayts on tat with my PA, taking moments between pulls to RP in the advanced field base which I found astonishing and thought was the greatest thing ever. My first RP meeting with same, on Dantooine, where I was promoted to first lieutenant on a much younger version of the same character I play here on EiF. A heart stopping bit of RP where I was following an Imperial character through Coronet and was spotted. She chased me and had me cornered in a guild hall but was graciously "called away" in true fantasy plot style, giving my youthful inexperienced ass an out. God, what an amazing roleplayer she was. Coming back from running some faction missions with no idea about the TEF system and until then having been extremely lucky in avoiding any overt imps. Out of nowhere my brand new speederbike was blown, an imp and his ATST pet rounding the corner. Bikes were still new then and that one, to me at the time, cost a fortune. I was PISSED, and sent the poor guy a series of furious tells giving him a piece of my mind. He seemed taken aback and was actually roleplaying a patrol. He must have felt bad and tipped me a generous sum in compensation. Immediately I felt like scum and apologized, learning several lessons in just that one brief interaction. The great rebel conference, with all the major rebel pvp outfits in attendance. Until now I'd remained on the periphery of actual player engagement but had been paying attention to the various fights, sieges and main players of the GCW. Somehow, I ended up being our humble PAs representative and was given a place of respect. I was in awe. In that room were all the big names, the big guilds, the great and the mighty. Players id seen lay out imp scum three, four at a time. Heroes, every one. I felt tiny. I was prepared to be ignored and forgotten in a corner but... no. Their inclusivity was humbling. They wanted the RP guilds involved in whatever capacity. That day I learned another lesson and, while always a rebel, my loyalty was truly sealed forever. Having left my RP outfit for many months to fully concentrate on the GCW, I nevertheless attended as many RP nights at old Wildfire Plains, Dantooine as I could. One day there was a tourney; in it, a newer pikewoman member who the other members often compared to me, to my surprise. She won handily but apparently everyone wanted to see how she'd do against me. I hadn't participated initially, but was roped into it. After the fight, she privately admitted to me that she'd looked up to me from afar and that getting to duel me was amazing for her. I was pretty shocked. It was a signal moment though and one to be repeated in time. I'd become an equal in the eyes of my idols. It's a tiny thing, a fleeting thing to reach whatever lofty heights exist in a computer game, but these human sandbox interactions are real and you're reminded that these are real people playing. I don't know if that's not just a little bit sacred, and what truly sets SWG apart. Statistics: Posted by avks — Tue May 01, 2018 5:43 am View the full article
  12. I was in beta, but missed launch by a couple months, played through until NGE. What kept me playing after that was JTL. Sadly, still not enough, lasted a couple weeks but just couldn't do it, I had to walk away. Time has taken some memories, but most remain. Best memories include leveling up my first character, becoming Sunrunner's premier swoop maker, guild hunts for organics for our chefs, docs and BE/clothier, and becoming Master Pilot in all 3 main factions on one character. Above all else, I still remember the very first time the music hit, the screen started to scroll like the movie. I still get that same thrill, the lift of the spirit, the joy of adventure, the sense of being part of something special every time I log in. Most of all it was the people who made it worthwhile, and still do. Statistics: Posted by Highborn — Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:26 pm View the full article
  13. My fondest memory has to to with my early rp experiences and my namesake character named "Temperius" He was the son of a businessman, on a regular business trip selling droids, when he was abducted, used a test specimen, sent off to kessel as a slave (all backstory) The fun part was in playing him, first as a bounty hunter, then in exile, finding the force, then reuniting with his rp family to be part of the FATE. As an rp-er, I was amazed at the investment those around me had with their character's backstories and the amazing journal entries, which motivated me to do the same. I found that my character really came alive, and the stories motivated me to be more detailed and meticulous about my own rp. Eventually, Temperius Morits, former slave, bh. jedi, father of one of the most impressive rags to riches rp characters of all time (A'rai) found himself in a situation that some rp-er's find themselves in: that moment of epic perama death. It was a guild event full of action and emotion, that had our hero saving the ones he loved in an epic self sacrifice, that led to his end. At the moment of his death, there was this eery silence.......no emote, no chat, no nothing. Tears welled in my eyes briefly as I knew my most favorite character, was no more....... Statistics: Posted by Temperius — Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:30 pm View the full article
  14. I played on Live only two or three times, and briefly each time. I don't remember when exactly, but it was fairly early. 2004...2005, maybe? I had found out about it from an issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine (which I still have). Didn't know what it was, didn't know what an MMO was, but it sounded pretty amazing. Insider ran some more feature articles about it over the next few issues, and I read them religiously. I wanted to play it so badly. Even got the demo disc with one of the issues. Problem was, we didn't have the Internet at the time, and I couldn't talk my folks into paying for that and the $15 a month subscription. So I just read those articles over and over, wondering what else you could do in the game. I remember obsessing about it to one of my friends whom I had recently converted into a Star Wars fan. He talked his mom into letting him get it and we conspired to get together one weekend to play it. He lent me the instruction manual — which was thick as a book — and I spent a week reading through it, not understanding a lick of it, but getting excited all the same. When the day came, we could only play for a few hours (being back in the good old days when you couldn't use the internet and the phone at the same time). We started on the Ahazi server and the character creation blew my little mind. I made a human (because I was boring back then, too) named Roho Cilana and sent him off to Anchorhead because, "Hey! That's a place I know but have never seen! And now I can go there! That's soooo amazing!" Having no idea what we were doing or where we were going, we ran poor Roho out into the desert. The running animation is forever burned into my brain. Eventually we stumbled upon a player house with the owner at home. He invited our character in, showed us around, talked to us for a bit, and gave us a landspeeder. First person I ever communicated with over the Internet. I wrote his name down so I'd remember it in case I ever got a copy of Galaxies myself: Ihoo Oabi. But I never did. Eventually I graduated high school, started doing life stuff and just kind of forgot about Galaxies. Later I'd find out about the Emu scene, but that's another story altogether.... Statistics: Posted by AgentOrangeJuice — Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:14 pm View the full article
  15. I remember the first time someone tried to help me learn how to duel on bloodfin. Was Pre-cu and Ciiv (iirc) , one of my in game friends and I were both TKM. He wanted to duel and i said ok. He never attacked and i just spammed my attacks till I could attack no more then he hit me once and I incapped due to having no action. He laughed and I learned how to better do combat that day. I remember being invited from my small mos eisley location into the best vendor house on the server. Was a Large naboo house on naboo near theed. I went from tens of harvesters and structures to making hundreds and thousands of them and needed to keep pace with sales so I did lot trades with as many servers as I could and amassed a field of Factories and harvesters in my multi acre oasis on tat. It was just me , my 30 factories, and 200 heavy harvesters out there for the longest time but several folks too up residence nearby eventually. The money and orders just flowed in and never stopped. Soon i was trading 750m wookie painting sets bought for 100m, and 200m JTL painting sets bought for 20m. Hitting billions was easy after that. Needed an extinct item from 4 years ago? I had it for sale. I remember the fun I had after joining one of Zels and Mascs RP events on bloodfin. I was happy when they invited me to join after that event and had so much fun running instances, leading instances, and eventually running part of the guild. And finally I remember my first day on EIF, after forgetting about SWG it was 5/4 and I googled something about swgemu's to see if I was interested. I had never done another emu i loaded up basislk one day but did quit that same day. When I saw EIF had just launched I said why not give it a try with everyone else doing the same. I am happy I did. Statistics: Posted by Destroy — Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:46 am View the full article
  16. I remember seeing reviews for a game called Star Wars Galaxies a week or so after the game launched. They weren't kind. Talk about a beautiful sandbox of a game that was completely devoid of content at the time. So I kept an eye on it for a month or two. Finally, I just got the itch to give it a try. It just looked way too interesting. Two of my good friends decided to get the game and load it up the same night I did. For reasons lost to time, we chose to start on Corbantis. It turned out to be a medium population server over time... but it had one hell of a community. I created a Wookie named Kyzara and never looked back. Kept that toon all the way through the day the server powered down for good. We were rebels, of course. Fighting the good fight... I remember the feeling of utter awe when we started playing. SOE just seemed to get the feel of everything so right. From the music playing at the load-in screen.... to the random soundtrack music that comes out of seemingly nowhere (but did so much to add to the immersion factor of the game). The feeling of walking into Theed for the first time (along with the music)... Driving by all the POIs on Tat and going into Jabba's Palace!! We all started the game on Talus, as we knew little about it and it looked interesting (back when you could start on Naboo, Rori, Corellia, Talus, or Tat). There was so much to see and do. Soon my wife was wondering why I was spending so much time with a game.... and before long, she gave it a try and she ended up playing more than I did. You know... we spent the first five or six months on Talus. When I say that, I mean... we actually didn't leave the planet! When we finally did, it just added a whole new level of "holy crap!" to the game. I was the second Wookie jedi on Corbantis, to my knowledge. Got in there right before the village hit. 19 professions on the hologrind was enough to do it for me (thanks, Dancer!). Then the CU hit, and I enjoyed the game even more. I made my money once upon a time as a resource hound. Think RollySolco, but not as organized. Never got into the crafting seriously. It was too intimidating. But I loved the hunt for new resources. Without automatic scripts to Galaxy Harvest, I was constantly looking, everyday... for the next big resource. Of course....nothing lasts forever. Once the NGE dropped.... we did too not that far behind it. For all that we loved about the game, we loathed SOE's customer service and disregard for what their player base was asking for. We'd drop back in every now and then, just to see if things got any better. Some things did, some things didn't. And that was that.... off to play WoW for far too many years. But I never forgot SWG. In fact, my primary WoW character was named Corbantis. The game has always had such wonderful meaning for me. So once SOE turned the lights off for SWG for good, I remember hearing later about some project called SWGEmu... and I gave Liberator a try. It was great! But it wasn't Corbantis. Everything had gotten even more cut-throat than it was on live. I can tolerate that quite a bit... but it just wasn't the same. I came back later and played on Basilisk some. But I kept reading on their forums about OTHER servers. Two caught my eye: Aftermath, and Empire In Flames. Aftermath seemed like it had some drama on it, so I decided to give EiF a shot. Small population, but an incredible community. I'm not a big roleplayer... but I AM willing to give it a go every now and then. That aside, the community is what makes SWG fun. Even if the game was completely perfect, without a good community.... it's meaningless. So here we are! Thank you to Halyn and the EiF staff for giving us a community and a place to call home! Statistics: Posted by Demi — Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:33 am View the full article
  17. Can I do it next week when I have more time? Statistics: Posted by dalolorn — Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:48 am View the full article
  18. I was nine years old when the game launched. My grandmother was in town visiting and my family took a thirty minute trip to the nearest Circuit City (remember those?). When I was a kid and I saw a new Star Wars game I had to have it. So when I saw a new one, Star Wars Galaxies, it was love at first sight. I didn't know what it was until my older brother who had shown me my first MMO (a wonderful Korean game called Conquer) explained to me that this was in that same vein. Instantly I was in love with the idea, though was almost shot down when my brother mentioned to my parents that it required a 15 dollar a month subscription. I begged, I pleaded, and I promised I would do every chore that ever existed in order to pay for the game. My father gave in and I couldn't wait to get home. The installation took an eternity but every time a new image showed up I sat back down at the computer and read it over and over again. I'm certain it took hours to complete, but once I saw the screen tell me that my story was the greatest to be told and it was about to begin, I was in love. I joined the first server that was recommended to me, Bria, and looked at all the races that I could be. I had no idea what the racial abilities meant, what each species would be best suited for. I didn't even know what possibilities would be open to me. So I created a Rodian. He was green, short, had a frilly mohawk, and black eyes. His name was Agora. The following months were filled with some of the best video game experiences of my life. I didn't know what I was doing, but I loved every bit of it. I fell face-first into creature handler while roaming around Tatooine with a looted E-11 that I thought was the best thing ever. I was given faction points by a very kind smuggler in Mos Eisley and joined the Empire, not knowing what combatant or special forces meant. After seeing Jabba in person, a great many deaths, and a baby dewback at my side I ventured to my favorite planet from the movies, Naboo. It was here I bought my first set of stormtrooper armor, helmet included. And I was distraught when I learned I couldn't wear the helmet I had spent my hard-earned credits to buy. But then someone tipped me off to the Imperial Theme Park and my adventure was reignited. I struggled with it for days but persisted to meet Vader himself then the Emporer. Soon after that I quit the game for a while but came back when going through that same Circuit City I saw that there was an expansion out, Jump to Lightspeed. Again I begged and pleaded and promised manual labor. Again my father gave in. Statistics: Posted by starguts — Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:25 pm View the full article
  19. SWG was my first real MMORPG experience, I was in middle school at the time and spent many nights role playing on various JKA servers. I used a third party program called Xfire to keep track of my game hours, and talk with friends I made. One day in June 2004, a person on Xfire pops up under the "Friends of friends" category, and I see him playing a Star Wars game I never heard of. Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. I quickly friended him, and began interrogating the poor guy asking all sorts of questions. What is SWG? Is it multiplayer? Etc... to this day, I am so happy the random person I contacted was super patient with me. Eventually he gave me the url for SWG's website and I was blown away with how awesome everything looked. A online game of this scale, with such amazing customization, was so unbelievably cool to me. Needless to say, I couldn't mow my lawn fast enough and beg my dad to buy me SWG. I spent hours watching the one or two trailers available on the SWG website, over and over and thinking how awesome I was going to be when I got the game. A week later, and several "DAD! Do I click OK!?" every time SWG install asked a question I was there. Nothing killed my excitement as much as finding out that simply install the CD data was not enough. Once my account was made, and I logged into the launcher it was like being slapped in the face, over and over and over. I would see the little green bars under play get to 100, thinking I was finally one patching only to see it switch to a different file and begin downloading all over again! I sat there all night, til I fell asleep. Of course... it was a school night so I still had to wait til 4PM the next day to even get in-game. Starting the game... that iconic login music we all know today just psyched me up to unreal levels. I spent a good 2 hours on the creation screen, before creating a human male. Gee, what a unique character type huh? Regardless... Ikarison Diveg of Lowca was born. I chose Lowca purely because the Xfire friend I spoke of before played here. He wasn't online, so I was left to my own devices on learning the game. The tutorial at the time had a really cool cinematic, featuring a freighter being captured by a ISD. I was like, WHOA am I a rebel on the run? Well of course not, but I didn't truly understand the "Live the greatest saga ever told... YOURS" quite yet: That any path you take, choice you make, or friend you group with was entirely up to you. Crazy guy defeated, a rifle in hand, and 5,000 credits to my name I was off to Eisley. Oh man, I was not ready for Eisley. So many players, so many buildings, and barely a hint of where to go and what to do. Needless to say, I did not know how to view key binds, or that there was several menus such as options of planetary map. Pushing through afk chat spammers, duelers, and a few other noobies I eventually got to the outskirts of Eisley. Aha! Womp rat!!! Finally, I can show the galaxy how much of a badass I was. It incapacitated me. I was never taken off a gaming high as quickly as that. I was confused, I didn't understand basic combat mechanics despite doing the tutorial. It simply didn't give me enough context. Or... that's what I told myself. Looking back, I surely ignored just about everything and gawked and all the pretty things happening on my monitor instead. I did learn quickly that sitting down made my ham bars regenerate faster. Needless to say, I didn't want to mess with that womp rat again. So I did the next best thing a new player can do. Walk in a random direction into the deserts of Tatooine. Again, I had no idea what a planetary map was... or a overhead map... or what the hell North was on the compass. I spent the next several hours, avoiding enemies and exploring the world. I saw so many cool things, sometimes others players but they often passed by quickly. With my current knowledge, I know I ended up somewhere between Eisley and Anchorhead, at a low rank player city. I was excited to find another town, and quickly ran up to it. No sooner did I turn the corner around a building did I turn right back around and got the hell out of dodge. There was a GODZILLA! I was terrified I would be killed by it, and never looked back. Of course... it was just a creature handler's kimogila. But what did I know? Back to the sandstorms and howling winds, I made my way further into the unknown regions. Finding unique decorations, spotting another player, and running away. Lots of running away. I spent the entirely of my first day in Galaxies completely lost, and ignorant. And I never had so much fun in my life. This was Star Wars... this was MY character, and this would be my SAGA. Statistics: Posted by Ovolf — Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:10 pm View the full article
  20. The fondest memory of SWG for me was as a new rp'er and getting involved in the FATE storyline. Being part of what started off as an acorn and riding it as it grew to an oak was amazing to me. While my memory is not good anymore, I do remember the thrill of this massive Rp event that had my character Feruso Custos aka "The chief" leading Fate Security as just one of many other detachments to an attack at Fort Tusken. It was an huge event and so many people were part of it, playing their characters and turning a pc game into an epic movie-style activity. I sure hope others here had as much fun there as I did! Statistics: Posted by Temperius — Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:57 pm View the full article
  21. My brother conned me into the game. or rather, begged me. He knew I would like it once I got there, it was the getting there that was not easy. I was in another game and enjoying it (still am) when he starts up about SWG again. "I need a healer, and someone that can entertain, and we really need a dedicated harvester, and you don't have to craft if you don't want to." It seemed that after NGE hit, his guild suffered like many had, people left in droves, it was early enough that no one had come back yet, he was splitting off to create his own guild so I would have that extra feel of safety. To add a cherry, I could play a Wookiee. I think her name was Kish, or Takisha, she was chocolate brown and pink, an Entertainer, she danced, and later, sang, I managed to get some sort of medic in her, I poked crafting, thought it was cool, but was way too restless for such things. I flew, explored, harvested, and Ayenn stuffed me into a turret in his Lovefood and we terrorized the Imperials. Tatooine's endless suburbia eventually got to be too much for us, so we moved to Corellia's endless suburbia, scoring a spot not far from where Broken Bridge is now. I was willing to risk dancing for Jedi, singing for Rebels, and as the Twi'Leks wanted nothing to do with Wookiee hair in their sequins, I gave up dealing with them and moved my act to more out of the way places, moving around to avoid patrols that were IC and OOC. I RP'd with those that would, but did not get involved in any of the storylines, SWG was not my primary game, my kids were still young, and I was going through some rough RL. SWG was somewhere I went to not have to be anyone, though the Wookiee had a story of sorts as she must. I remember some names from then, in today's EiF, seen from afar, ran from, shot at, but I doubt I made any lasting impressions. Even so, I was very sad that day SWG went dark on Starsider. I resisted the EMU's, did not even really think about them much, until late last year when our private ARK server had a severe failure. My brother suggested we retry SWG. Basilisk, he had hopped on, found it stable enough and after several wringing me through recreating everything from scratch again on ARK, I agreed. There were people, I was trying to find a community to RP in, but was not feeling it, even though I had only been there a couple weeks. Then he told me to stop. Stop? I just got there? He found out that Bask was going to wipe, maybe not soon, but it will. We had to find a new home, again. Here, though is where we split. I loathe bouncing around, making toon after toon, setting them up only to lose them, or the work I had made, and I was an RP'er, darn it all, I wanted people to RP with. He was not so much. I read over forums, looked at a few places, then hopped into EiF. Where were the people? And WTF?? I died in a sandstorm?? Really? And why was the bazaar so empty? I thought I was looking at a ghost town. I also was around in the daytime, so even more eerie. I took a chance to say something in Galaxy chat, was directed to Broken Bridge, player cities were where it's at, and oh yeah, there is a GCW tonight. GCW? I was told there would be players there. It was going to be a huge sever event! Okay. I still had no idea what the heck a GCW was, but sure, why not? I had long ago given up PVP, eventually even raiding, but what I saw, even if I could not /declare, watched horrified and laughing like crazy, as Lord Turret took out everyone in range, was given a backpack for at least attempting to help the poor rebels (sorry, they were NR thank you very much), and the good humor of everyone involved, made me happy. I was sold once more on SWG, but this time I determined to actually be a part of the story, these people's story. Statistics: Posted by Smallcorners — Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:50 am View the full article
  22. Made an account just to share a story here, you know... asking for a memory of this game that stands out isn't exactly easy as this was my first REAL mmo, but the one that comes to mind the most was my very first interaction I had with other players. let me set the scene; The server, Bria. A fresh faced toon logs into SWG for the 3rd or 4th time ever, wandering the streets of mos eisley asking one simple question - "how do I heal my wounds'. See what had happened is in an effort to get better skills I got myself into a few fights with some woorts and rylls(?) around the town, after a few successes I started going further afield where creatures started to get stronger. I wasnt deterred by this, after all fighting stronger creatures gets you stronger fast right? of course this led to a couple of deaths, and the problematic wounds that come with them. I had no idea wheat to do, my health bar now having a good slice missing from it... I did the only thing i could do and turn to other players happily going about their daily business, luckily for me I was able to grab the attention of a player clad in stormtrooper armor, and for a small fee of 100 credits he offered to show me where the doctors were (remember, I had only been playing a few days and hadnt even noticed medical centres on the map) so after tipping the guy his fee, he invited me to a group and we set off. Now at the time i was stood outside the starport and for everyone here you will know that the docs is LITERALLY 10 meters away.. I felt so stupid. Within no time I was healed, my escort had decided to hang around for a bit so we got talking, I noticed that under his name he had a bunch of extra writing saying 'the emperors hammer', i asked him why that was there and he stated that this was his guild. 'guild?' i said 'whats that?'. He explained to me what a guild was, and that if I was interested him and a group of fellow guildies were about to run some mission terminals and that if I liked I could come with them. I accepted... We all met up just outside the cantina, and what i saw blew me away, you had people with rocket launchers, massive rifles, huger spears and one guy had a pet rancor, everyone clad in mad clothes and armor sets I had no idea existed... I felt like the most useless player there stood in my standard brawler outfit and wooden pole thing alongside what felt were like titans. Nobody in the group cared about this however and all welcomed me with open arms, before you know it, were rolling out in this huge group of speeder bikes on our way to murder banthas. we spent the next few hours going thru everyones missions, raking in the xp and the monies. I didnt really do much in the fights but I helped as much as I could. every few missions we would camp up and heal our battle fatigue (a thing I didnt know existed until then). afterwards we retired to their player owned city, now for a guy who had never really been outside mos eisley to much this was a sight, everyone had their own homes as well as their own personal shopping mall. After spending some time looking at other peoples houses I decided, I want to be part of this guild. the owner who had previously conned me out of 100 credits not only accepted me, but gave me my own first house AND a swoop to upgrade from my normal bike. I logged off that day feeling that I was now part of the game proper, I havent played an MMO since that has had the same effect... and a lot of this experience still carries over to me today (Such as how you will NEVER see me play rebel, or my unhealthy fascination with DWB), honestly I wish I could tell this story in greater detail, but the memories are lost to time and even if I could remember every little detail we'd be here for a while. Statistics: Posted by Pleborian — Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:54 am View the full article