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  1. Greetings Legends! I know it has been quite some time since we have hosted our last formal fashion show. I remember how fun and how lovely the last one was and I would very much love to recapture that energy and hopefully build on it this year and make this fashion show THE social event of the fall! We wanted to change up this fashion event a little bit more this year and make sure we incorporate more categories for you to enter into! Including entering as a team with your friends and guild members! Below you will find the details you need to attend this event and the event sign-up criteria. EVENT NAME: Far Far Away Fashion LOCATION: Corellia Doaba Guefel Theatre (/Waypoint 3455 5438) DATE: Saturday September 29th TIME: 12PM PST/ 3PM EST/ 8PM BST/ 9PM CEST/ 5AM AEST CATEGORIES/EVENT SCHEDULE: Introduction & Fashion Trivia Best Factional (Imperial Solo entry) Best Factional (Rebel Solo entry) Best Dressed (Solo entry) Best Dressed (Team - 1-3 Player submissions) Best Cosplay Theme (Solo entry) Best Cosplay Theme (Team - 1-3 Player submissions) Worst Dressed (Solo entry) FASHION THEMED TRIVIA: Trivia Questions will specify within the question which correct answer is a valid winner. For example: Correct Answer 1 to 5 will become the questions winner. This enables players which are not always quick to type a chance to win a trivia question. Each question will have a different “Correct answer” number so we are able to reward players which are quick to reply and allowing players which are slower a chance to win. EVENT SIGN-UP PROCESS: Please reply to this forum thread specifying which categories you wish to enter into. You will be able to participate in the event as long as you arrive before the judging has begun for the categories you wish to enter into. You are permitted to sign-up for multiple categories. Please reply in this thread specifying the following information. Character Name: Categories Entered: ______________________________________________ ENTERTAINERS who would love to join and contribute their talents to the event, you are all welcome! Feel free to let me know if you are attending. We hope to see all your different creative outfits and see you at the event! May the force be with you, SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  2. Greeting, Legends! It’s no secret to anyone - Star Wars lore is vast, expansive, and full of many interesting little facts, themes it explores, and ideas it tries to convey, as well as some of the most creative designs, that act as an inspiration for many aspiring creators to this day. And many, if not all of us, got acquainted with the universe for the first time through the movies. Someone first heard of prequels, some heard of original trilogy. Back then, and, for some of us to this day, it was like magic. “What an expansive world!” And, as the action exploded around us, we were left wondering… What would it be like to be there? To visit this or that location? Experience what it’s like? Well, Star Wars Galaxies is giving you that opportunity, and rewards you for it! So, in this Friday Feature, we will touch up on Exploration, and Points of Interest! Please keep in mind, though, that this game is full... And I do mean full of various things you can check out. To cover them all is to make this article longer than it should be. So we will merely touch up on the most notable ones. From the Screen and Into the Game It starts with the familiar blue text appearing on the black screen. “A long time ago in the galaxy far, far away…” The sentence lingers long enough for the viewers to soak it in, and prepare themselves for what’s to come. And, as soon as it fades out… a Pause. Then, we see the familiar, and oh so beloved title zooms out, followed by the yellow scroll text, and accompanied with the familiar chimes booming in the background. After a daring escape from the Tansarii station, player’s adventure starts out on Tatooine, iconic desert planet, in the city of Mos Eisley, with the iconic cantina. While cantina itself is not a Point of Interest per se, you can still check it out. Maybe, just like Obi-Wan and Luke, you will meet new unlikely friends. Perhaps the most familiar place to start the exploration of Points of Interest in particular would be Lars Homestead. It appeared in two movies, A New Hope and Attack of The Clones. Fun fact, it still stands in Tunisia, and is open for a visit. For those, who cannot afford a plane ticket however, it’s conveniently implemented in the game. This isn’t the only house you can visit in the game, and there are many many more. While at it, do take a turn and visit old Ben Kenobi’s hut. It’s actually on the way, and also on top of the small hill. Just keep in mind that it’s currently surrounded by Tusken Raiders. Tatooine is full of different locations you can visit. Pit of Carkoon, old Mos Espa arena track. You can even visit some of the locations not mentioned in the movies! You will also visit Jabba’s palace, as a part of your legacy quest will be to do the theme park. There you will see the Hutt himself, surrounded by his workers, and even witness Oola dance for her Master. Tatooine is not the only place with iconic locations. Naboo, for example, is rich with Prequel-related places, including The Senate building and Theed Waterfall. Most notable would be the famous Varykino, or, as it’s more known, Lake Retreat. The point you are after would be Amidala’s beach. I highly advise you run around the city itself, as well. It’s gorgeous. There is something to explore on every planet in the game. Corellia, Dathomir, you name it. Dantooine, in particular, would be of interest to those who play the Jedi class. Expect to see on Kashyyk, Endor, and Yavin IV. In fact, latter location has been included in one other game - Star Wars the Old Republic. There, you would be fighting Revanites, as well as come across the ghosts of ancient Sith, such as Exar Kun, Marka Ragnos et cetera. In Star Wars Galaxies, you can explore the planet pretty much in full, and you might even find some of the temples. We can clearly see where the SWTOR team took the inspiration from! Fantastic Locations and Where to Find Them “That’s all fine and dandy,” you say, “but how to go about finding them?” Good question, and the answer is very simple. If you want to set out on an adventure, but don’t want to circle around the planet aimlessly, there are two ways you can go about it. First method - Datapad. Simply press V to open Datapad, and, in the POI tab, find Points of Interest. Simply click on it, and you will see the markers that you can activate or deactivate at will. Second method is to mark the locations yourself. The waypoints are all neatly compiled in this article right here for you to copy and paste them at your leisure. Bear in mind, that some points will often require you to still run around a bit to find the exact place. For example, Fort Tusken will require you to descend into a cave. Majority of these POIs will reward you with an exploration badge. However, there is a separate collection for Tatooine exploration, that rewards you with a beautiful painting to remind you of the trip. I hope this Friday Feature was informative to you! May the force be with you, SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  3. This quest is faction restricted The following requirements are recommended: - Be at least Lvl 85 Combat character (You may take other professions but you will need help) - Pilot with at least Masterpilot with POB or fully equipped hunter (or a friend with these to help) - Belonging to a faction (Imp or Reb) If you want, you can start the quest as neutral as well, but then, at some point in the game, you have to opt for the imps or the rebs at some point. - *Extra tip. Be sure to read the NPC conversation to figure out where to go next* Speak to these NPCs to start the Theme park: Rebels: Veega Madish - Corellia, Tyrena - in front of the Cantina (-5203, -2572) Neutral: Tyla Jinn - Naboo,Theed - in the Cantina (-5181, 4258) Imperial: Jevan Monsul - Tatooine, Bestine - Cantina (-1399, -3675) *Warning! The following is a walkthrough and contains spoilers. Do not continue if you do not want to ruin your immersion. ***SPOILERS Past This Point*** The Secrets of the Syren Quest is faction based, meaning it has different starting locations, but seems to follow the same general thread. Part 1: Man Down! Start: Speak to the starting NPC Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546, Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258, Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675. Step 1: Travel to the coordinates on Rori and find out what happened to the missing Pilot. Step 2: At the above waypoint, there are 20 CL 54 'a strong mercenary'. Step 3: Search the crash Site. Search the crash site for some kind of information.(datapad on the ground) Step 4: Go to /way -6 1998 and get a system update, and 'a spice sample' will be placed into your inventory. Step 5: Return the spice sample back to the starting contact (eg Veega Madish for Rebels). Step 6: After returning the spice to the starting contact, he sends you to speak with Doctor Vang. A new waypoint is added to your datapad for Rori. Travel to Narmle. Edvar Vang can be found in the Narmle Medical Center at /way -5108 -2202 Step 7: Apparently Dr. Vang wants nothing to do with the spice sample, and tells you to take it his friend. A new waypoint to Moxar Krieg on Tatooine has been added to your datapad. Step 8: Travel to Mos Eisley and go to the waypoint in your datapad. Go inside the house and at approx /way 3293 -4540 you will get a quest update, and a datapad will be placed in your inventory. Step 9: Return to your starting NPC receiving 39k experience. Part 2: More Than You Bargained For Start: Speak to the starting NPC again Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546, Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258, Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675. Step 1: You are sent to speak with Kaila Min, Hotel in Narmle Rori, /way -5186 -2266. A waypoint is added to your datapad for "Pirates Last Known Location". Step 2: Head to the location which is at /way -2970 947 on Rori. Step 3: Warning: It's actually an ambush. You will be attacked first by six CL17 Black Sun Initiates. As soon as the last one dies, five CL19 Black Sun Smugglers will spawn. Again, as soon as they die, three CL21 Black Sun Minions will spawn. Step 4: Once they are all dead, a Black Sun Member's Datapad will be placed in your inventory. Step 5: The datapad will direct you to the Black Sun Pirate Base, on Rori /way 4846 -1084. Step 6: After you arrive at the Black Sun's Pirate Base, you enter in a small dungeon. The dungeon is full of the same black sun mobs from the Ambush.The NPC you need to talk to is the white dot at the back named Tover Blackmoor /way 4695 -1129. Step 7: After speaking with Tover, he will award you 5000 credits, experience points, and a Shisa. Step 8: Return back to your contact (starting NPC), and you will begin the next stage of Quests. Part 3: Getting closer? (Rebel) Start: Speak to the NPC Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546, Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258, Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675. This time the NPC sends you to: The Dearic Cantina, on Talus, to talk to Wire. Wire will send you on an Escort mission to guard a Smuggler Heavy Freighter in Corellian Space. *This is the part where you can ask a friend for help in space* Once in Corellia Space, go to the waypoint Wire gave you and wait for the Shuttle. After the shuttle shows, you will guard it till it Hypers. You will be attacked by 2 waves of Black Sun ships. 1st Wave: 3 Black Sun Marauder's all tier 3 ships. 2nd Wave: 5 Black Sun Fighter's all of these are also tier 3. Kill the Black Sun ships, till your Escort leaves, then return to Wire at Dearic. Wire will give you info, and send you to Keren on Naboo. Once at Keren, head to the waypoint Wire gave you, you will find a Large Naboo House /waypoint 2017 2350 inside the city, near to the Garage. Inside are 8 Avatar's Mobs & Jailers. *You can only enter the house with Chars who have the quest open or have completed it before. If you do not complete the quest, you have to address the starting NPC again.* Go inside the building , to the bottom floor, go down the hallway to the second door. Click the Computer Terminal on the wall A wookiee, Arrworr, will spawn. Once you begin to talk to him, Trussk will spawn and attack you. Kill Trussk and escort Arrworr outside, and then talk to him again. Once this is done return to the starting NPC. After you arrive at Tyrena, or any other starport from finishing this part of the mission, you will be ambushed by 3 more an Avatar Guard. Kill them and go to your starting NPC. Once you talk to the starting NPC, he rewards you with: Experience Points Part 4: Within Your Grasp Start:Speak to starting NPC Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546, Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258, Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675. Step 1: Go to Martano Estate The next part gives you a waypoint to Tierce Martano's Estate, it's on Rori, nearest starport is Restuss once you arrive at the waypoint he gave you /waypoint 971, 7227, you will get a mission update. Step 2: Kill 20 Black Sun Kill 20 Black Sun's to gain access to the Estate. Once you have killed them you will get a mission update, and will be allowed to enter the Estate. Step 3: Talk to Tierce Martano Now go in the building and talk to Tierce Martano. You will be rewarded: 10,000 credits NOTE At this point you are given the choice of which side to help, this choice is only optional for Neutrals. Secrets of the Syren: Within Your Grasp: Choose the Empire or the Rebel Alliance (Rebel) After talking to Wolff Kalos, he will send you to a Rebel Safe House (waypoint will become active on its own) located in the top left corner of your Planetary Map Once arriving at the Waypoint provided by Wolff Kalos, speak with the Head Guard and after speaking with him a number of "a Mercenary Soldier's" spawn, all roughly CL 70 to CL 75. There were roughly 6 to 8 of them. After all the fighting is done, talk to the Head Guard again who explains that the fighting was a diversion... Hal Candro (The Pilot you're looking for) has escaped. You then have to go to Restuss, and talk to the Imperial Officer M’kae whose Waypoint you also received from Tierce Martano, because you suspect that the Imperials helped Cal escape. You will have to pay credits for information. (Imperial) Head to Restuss Starport and talk to Officer M'kae Quest: For The Empire! Go to the waypoint for the Imperial Safehouse. Talk to the Head Guard. Several Lvl 74 mercenaries will spawn. After killing them, talk to Head Guard again. You will be sent back to Narmle to talk to Wolff Kalos. You will have to pay credits for information. (both factions) After speaking with him, the next Phase is triggered which involves chasing after Hal Candro in space. Head to Naboo Space (you will need help if you are not proficient in space) Tar Cal - Fight Cal Handro. (Do not be afraid of the huge warship, this one does not move and can be easily disassembled from 560 - 555 meters away.) Before that, 4 Tier 4 Hunters and 1 Pet 4 Decimator have to be shot down. In case of success or failure, Officer M ' kae in Rori, Restuss (Rebels), Officer Wolff (Imperials) and repeat the space part. Rewards: 500 Rebel Faction, 5,000 credits, Special Ops Bola Carbine Part 5: Secrets of they Syren - Endgame Travel to Talus and head to the waypoint given to you. You will be taken to a bunker Where you need to kill NPCS until you get a Passkey. Once you get the passkey you will need to find a ‘Communications Array’ and click on or radial it to activate. When you activate the array, a countdown of 10 minutes will begin. This is the time you have to head into Corellian space and kill Cal Handro. You can have a pilot friend in group with you ready to head into space to kill him for you. If you wish to make it easier to kill Cal Handro, you can look for the ‘Shield Generator’. Clicking this will disable his shields. Once you or your friend kill Cal Handro you will be rewarded with a large amount of experience, 1000 faction points, Nuna Feeding Bowl, A1 Floater Deed, and G9 Rigger ITV (This Instant Travel Vehicle can be used to set a travel back to ‘most’ locations of your choice) View the full article
  4. Citizens of the galaxy, A war of any scale is no easy feat. The Galactic Civil War remains persistent across the galaxy with small battles taking place across the galaxy. A battle has been set within the city of Restuss located on the planet of Rori at that, a very interesting battle of sorts. A gonk droid containing vital information has been detected on scanners around the Hand Spawn location of the ruined Restuss Starport. Imperial and Rebel forces must meet at their factional specific base locations on the outskirts of Restuss at the following waypoints on the day of the event. Imperial Base /Waypoint 5888 5641 Rebel Base /Waypoint 4845 5856 An in-game announcement will be made to signal the start period of the event. After the event has started your faction must secure the immediate area around the gonk droid, doing this will trigger the Gonk Droid to begin It’s path from the Hand Spawn location to either the Imperial or Rebel base depending on which faction has control of the immediate area surrounding the droid. Any engagements around the droid will stop It’s movement and movement will then resume when ONE faction is surrounding the droid has taken control. (It’s a virtual tug of war, literally!) You will have two opportunities participate in this PvP event. The winner will be determined by which factional base the droid is pulled towards successfully. Event Date: September 29th Event Description: Player vs.Player Event Time: 1st Event: 3:30AM PST/ 6:30AM EST/ 11.30AM BST/ 12:30PM CEST/ 8:30PM AEST 2nd Event: 3PM PST/ 6PM EST/ 11PM BST/ Sunday, September 30, 12AM CEST/ 8AM AEST GONK-GONK-GONK. SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  5. In this week's Friday Feature we are taking a look at a few tricks of the trade when it comes to running and understanding smuggler underworld missions which is exclusive in-game content for the Smuggler profession. Smuggling the Goods "Lando's not a system, he's a man. Lando Calrissian. He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You'd like him." Once you find contraband, you can take it to any of the smuggling Brokers located throughout the galaxy. There is a Broker named Barak in Bestine on Tatooine (-1049, -3538) that can start your smuggling career, but there are many Brokers to discover. When you speak with a Broker, he will give you more information about the various smuggling missions and delivery assignments available. If you don't have any contraband, you can also go directly to a Broker for smuggling missions. Some Brokers already have contraband that needs to be delivered safely to their customers...for a price. Once you take a smuggling mission, it's up to you to run the goods to the Broker's customer. Broker's clients are underworld criminals, so there's always an element of danger involved. Smugglers can expect to be randomly attacked while delivering contraband so be on guard! Once the contraband is successfully delivered, you will win the mission and be rewarded with credits and Underworld Faction. If you die at any time during a smuggling mission, the mission fails. Underworld Faction "Well, there's a price on my head. If I don't pay off Jabba the Hut, I'm a dead man." Smuggler's have a reputation to protect with all the wrong people! Being a successful Smuggler means gaining respect in the underworld. As you complete your missions, you will earn credits and underworld faction points. Underworld Faction is a faction scale ranging from -3000 to 3000. A Smuggler's goal is to earn positive Underworld Faction to represent their reputation in the underworld. As Smugglers gain Underworld Faction, more profitable and challenging missions become available to them. Underworld Faction can only be earned by successfully completing smuggling missions. If you fail a smuggling mission, you will lose Underworld Faction. Smuggling: Sticky Situations "It's too late. You should have paid him when you had the chance. Jabba's put a price on your head, so large that every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you. I'm lucky I found you first." Underworld criminals don't know how to keep a secret, so the word usually gets out when a Smuggler is carrying valuable goods. Smugglers can be attacked by mysterious rivals, thugs and an assortment of enemies at any time during a smuggling mission both on the ground and in space. These criminals might be the same level or below the smuggler or even elite! Criminals working to take a Smuggler's contraband might come alone or with friends, so be prepared to use as many skills as possible to get out of sticky situations. Smuggling in Space "I've outrun Imperial starships, not the local bulk-cruisers, mind you. I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now. She's fast enough for you, old man. What's the cargo?" Sometimes, smuggling missions will lead Smugglers to the stars. Broker's clients can sometimes be on other planets and the only way to complete these missions is to travel through space. To successfully complete smuggling missions in space, Smugglers will have to go to the nearest starport to take off after talking to a Broker. Instant travel vehicles are scanned for contraband and will be unavailable to Smugglers for the duration of their smuggling mission. Sorosuub Yachts are all registered as recreational vehicles and also go through rigorous scans at starports. Using a Yacht to run a smuggling mission will fail the mission. Like on the ground, Smugglers know that news about valuable cargo travels fast—even in space. Therefore, attacks from underworld thugs are common. Be forewarned! Criminal enemies have ship technology that will prevent Smugglers from being able to hyperspace out of the sector. Smuggler: The Hunters and the Hunted "I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe..." PvP smuggling missions are also available from Brokers. When a Smuggler accepts a PvP delivery mission he is immediately placed on the Bounty Hunter terminals. You can earn more credits and Underworld Faction for successful PvP missions than other types of smuggling missions. Player Bounty Hunters can take these missions and hunt the Smuggler down. If a Bounty Hunter kills a Smuggler at anytime during the smuggling mission, the Smuggler will fail the mission. Bounty Hunters who successfully kill a player Smuggler on a PvP smuggling mission lose Underworld Faction. A Bounty Hunter's goal is to lose Underworld Faction because as they hunt down their bounties, it represents their reputation, or fear, from underworld factions. A successful Bounty Hunter is often feared by underworld thugs because they never know when a bounty might be placed on them, quickly turning them from being the hunters to the hunted. Losing Underworld Faction opens up new Bounty Hunter titles available. If a Smuggler completes a PvP smuggling mission before being killed by a Bounty Hunter, the mission succeeds and earns the Smuggler some hard earned credits and Underworld Faction. We hope you enjoyed learning more about smuggling within this weeks Friday Feature. May the force be with you, SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  6. Hello Pilots & Space admirers! Welcome to the SWG:Legends Galactic Homeshow contest! This month we wanted to change things up a bit by allowing pilots to display their decorated POB’s and Gunboats. Use this thread to enter your uniquely decorated starship into our September exclusive space themed Homeshow Contest! All starships will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, individuality, and overall concept. It is a great way to show off your dedication and love for Jump To Lightspeed! Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before entering. - You are only able to enter one ship. - You can enter a ship multiple times (If you do not win that month if/when we repeat the Starship themed Homeshow Contest) - Decorated spaceships are ONLY eligible to win this month. - Judging will require the player entering to be online. At the end of the month the panel of judges will begin boarding! You will have 4 opportunities on the closing date of Saturday 29th September at the following times to meet with us in-game outside of the Coronet Spaceport. If you are unable to attend one of our meeting opportunities your entry will become void. 11.30PM PST (Friday)/2.30AM EST/7.30AM BST UK/8.30AM CEST/AWST 2.30PM/AET 4.30PM. 5.30AM PST/7.30AM EST/1.30PM BST UK/2.30PM CEST/8.30PM AWST/10.30PM AET. 11.30AM PST/2.30PM EST/7.30PM BST UK/7.30PM CEST/2.30AM AWST (Sun)/4.30AM AET (Sun) 5.30PM PST/8.30PM EST/1.30AM BST UK(Sun)/2.30AM CEST(Sun)/8.30AM AWST (Sun)/10.30AM AEST (Sun) If you do win the starship homeshow you can take your reward down onto the ground! Winning the Galactic Homeshow competition will grant you an exclusive house sign. Please reach out to @RoarAsh #6902 or @Tallia Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❀#9045 on Discord and we will get it to you! We will accept entries until Friday 28th September 2018 (10PM BST, 5PM EST, 2PM PST, 5AM AWST Sat, 7AM AET Sat) Put the finishing touches on your ship and get it submitted! Good luck! View the full article
  7. Greetings Legends, Do you know a special individual that has made your overall experience within the SWG:Legends community that much more special and enjoyable? Well, we want to hear all about it! Last year we hosted the SWG:Legends Heroes Day community event which bought out some really positive comments and stories of how members of the community engage and help each other out within our galaxy. This year we wanted to change things up, we’ve changed the title of this community event to the Pride Of Legends. You are probably wanting to know how this will work, let us explain. Below you will find a nomination template that you can fill in to nominate a special player OR staff member. That’s right, you can nominate a staff member this time around. As much as we do work on the project we do occasionally play the game! Nominees In-game name: Nominees forum name: (If known): Nominees Discord name (If known): Reason for nomination (Please be descriptive and include lots of words/experiences of the person you are nominating): - You are limited to one nomination each per forum account/Unable to nominate yourself. On or around September 29th 2018, the staff will discuss & decide on which nominations deserve the Pride Of Legends 2018 award. We will have a total of 15 winners from the community. The winners of this prestigious award will be publicly announced on the forum announcements/Discord & our social media channels. The winners will personally be granted an in-game personalised trophy by a member of staff to congratulate them. Staff members will be able to be nominated by members of the community this time around. After nominations have closed on September 29th at 5PM BST/12PM EST/9AM PST a public vote will posted to the forum with the nominated staff members listed. It will then be up to you, the community to VOTE for the deserving staff members. (Staff members can nominate a member of the community but not each other, nor vote for another staff member) a total of 5 staff member winners will be in addition to the 15 player community winners. Good luck to everyone! We can’t wait to read the nominations. May the force be with you. SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  8. Greetings everyone, For our Friday Feature this week, we will be delving into science gone awry in the Quarantine Zone of Dathomir! Learn the mysteries of the Blackwing Virus, battle some of the most gruesome terrors in the galaxy, and stay alive long enough to get all of the badges, collections, and trophies to share the story of your survival! What is the Quarantine Zone? The Quarantine Zone (QZ for short) is a restricted access area on Dathomir under heavy Imperial protection. Inside its barriers lies a wasteland full of destruction, impacted by an unknown virus that has escaped and reanimated its victims as mindless, ravenous creatures! Something is Obviously Wrong.. Using your Jabba’s Comlink device or speaking directly with Bib Fortuna in Mos Eisley (/way 3562 -4939) kicks off your investigation into the disappearances of various biologists and a mysterious Super Soldier formula. You MUST complete this quest to gain access to the Quarantine Zone! Stay Vaccinated! Luckily there are vaccinations available to help keep you safe from infection! Dr. Zahara Cody and any 2-1B droid at the various Survivor Camps within the QZ will provide a 1 hour long buff to resist the following debuffs you receive should you press on without vaccination: Light Infection will remove 10 points of stamina and health and has a duration of 5 minutes, at which point the debuff will transition into the Intensifying Infection debuff. Intensifying Infection will take away 1.5% of your health and action per stack of the debuff and will add a new stack every 65 seconds. If you continue to do nothing, you will suffer the 'Infected!' debuff. Infected! will take away 90% of your health and action. Infected lasts 60 seconds and will refresh itself upon timeout. Reap the Dead and the Rewards! Players of all levels are welcome to join in on the fun and loot various outfit components, schematics, and decoration items! Beware though, as you venture further into the QZ, your enemies become stronger. Various level boss enemies and specific locations such as the Research and Prison Facility lie within the QZ, so if you can round up your friends, there are many side quests and high-end fights and loot to be had! Notable NPC: A friendly Rodian (/way -5743 -6467 dath) will instant travel you to any of the survivor camps you have discovered within the QZ (for a small fee). That wraps up this week’s Friday Feature! DON’T GET EATEN! May the force be with you, SWG: Legends Staff Attached Images QZoneFF2.jpg (19.7 KB) View the full article
  9. Hello everyone, The judges have come to a decision and Neelix is the winner of this months Galactic Homeshow! The winning structure is The Burning Wookiee Cantina located on Talus at /waypoint 4900 0 -4500 This month was difficult to judge with a few entries that stood out to us. This building is very unique and we loved looking at all the little details put into the structure. We could tell a lot of effort was put into this building. It is a great example of how to completely change how a structure looks inside without it losing what it is meant to be, a cantina! Congratulations Neelix! Please contact Tallia or RoarAsh to receive your winning prize! If you haven't checked out this building already please do! Thank you to everyone who entered. All of the entries this month were incredible and we urge you all to visit these locations in the sign-up post. https://swglegends.com/forums/showth...ions-August-18 If you have entered before then please re-enter again! We enjoy seeing the updates each month. So many of you are So CLOSE to having that Homeshow Trophy. If you have any questions about your entry for this homeshow please contact @Tallia or @RoarAsh on Discord. View the full article
  10. Main Character Name: A’poc, Lightning, and Drosk Forum Handle: Mustidious Discord Handle: Apoc#6984 Player Association: Rogues United For Freedom (RUFF) Where in the RL world do you live? Western New York How long did you play the live version of Star wars galaxies? Played briefly in 2004, but picked it back up in early 2006 until the servers were shut down. My home server was Starsider and I was in IMPHL and then FRDM. What type of work do you do? IT field What does a typical Star Wars Galaxies day consist of for you? Most days when I have a free moment, I am working on armor crafting for either re-stock, or custom order fulfillment. Friday and Saturday nights I try my best to get on for PvP (sometimes PvE) with friends. What was the race and profession of your very first character? My first character in 2004 was a Human Marksman and Human Artisan. When I returned in early 2006, I made a Zabrak Bounty Hunter who ended up becoming my main character for the remainder of SWG live. My prior Artisan was named Flik on live (Lightning was taken) and I made him my armorsmith. What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to be in Star Wars Galaxies that isn’t or is no longer? I wish back in 2004 when I first started that I had stuck with it. After learning about the old pre-cu professions after I came back, I would have enjoy unlocking Jedi, even though I don’t like to play Jedi lol. What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other than playing Star Wars Galaxies? My main hobby is raising my 2 year old. My first kid and also my second full time job! I enjoy spending time doing the dad life, I also play on PS4. Games of choice are Overwatch, Fortnite, and Call of Duty World War II. I also am an ice hockey player, although I haven’t played since just before my kid was born. Looking forward to getting back into that soon. What race and profession is your main character? A’poc is a Zabrak Medic, Lightning is a Human Munitions Trader, and Drosk is a Trandoshan Bounty Hunter. What do you like the most about the profession you have chosen for your main character? Medic is my main choice because I really enjoy the healing aspect of PvP. That goes for any game. I played WoW for a while and that’s when I discovered how much I enjoy healing in PvP. Did a lot of rated content in WoW and that opened my eyes to Medic during live. What faction is your main character? A’poc, Lighting and Drosk are all Rebel. What is your favorite player owned ship? I still have yet to really work on Pilot. I mastered multiple Pilot factions during live, so my favorite ship then was the YT-1300 and the Jedi Starfighter. What is your favorite ground vehicle? Definitely the Command BARC for long distance travel or PvP chases, but for looks and sound, I always liked the AV-21. It’s the Corvette of speeders! How did you choose your main character's name? A’poc is a shortened version of my main character from live who was named Apocalypse. That name came from me sitting at my desk trying to figure out what I was going to name him. I looked over at my DVD collections and saw X-Men and Apocalypse was always my favorite character in the X-Men cartoon from the 90s. Lightning is also a different variation of my trader from live. His name was Flik and the name Lightning Flik is a character from an old PS1 game called “Suikoden”. It’s one of the most underrated RPG series. The second one in the series is my personal favorite. Drosk is just a name I thought was fitting for a Trandoshan. They are my favorite race in SWG. What is your favorite planet and/or city and why? My armory and base of operations are in Shadow Creek, Talus. I used to be outside Restuss, but decided to relocate to a RUFF owned city. I love my location, it is a prime spot in the city, and the organization of it really makes it stand out as a city. I appreciate organized lot placement lol. What is your favorite NPC? I would have to go with N-K “Necrosis”. I love the General Grievous hat tip with this character and quest chain. The overall vibe from the Myyydril Caverns is just creepy. The music that plays when you’re in there adds to the effect, and then the end of the line is General Grievous. Almost like a horror movie. I love the fact Staff added the Wheel Bike to his loot table. What are the most credits you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters? On Legends, probably 45m for a heroic jewelry 5 piece. During live, I bought a Sunrider's Destiny for 200m. What do you like best about SWG Legends? This time frame of the NGE was my favorite part and I’m thankful that we have this server for people to play on. The community is great and very parallel to what the community was like on live. Describe your best experience playing Star Wars Galaxies. Probably crafting my Mandalorian armor in DWB during live. I colored it dark green on black, and it was sharp AF. What is your favorite questline and/or place within Star Wars Galaxies and why? As mentioned above, Myyydril Caverns is my all time favorite. If I had to pick another, the Fate of the Galaxy questline was pretty enjoyable and loved the rewards. On a closing note, if you ever in need of armor or an armor upgrade, please contact me on my discord, search on the bazaar or visit my shop in Shadow Creek, Talus at /way -5427 -4022 If you are a new player and are in need of starter armor, I can help you out free of charge. I even can offer an excellent starter PSG free of charge as well. Thanks for reading! Thank you for taking the the time to answer our questions! By the way - Happy Birthday Apoc! Do you know someone worthy of a player spotlight or just insanely curious about a player? Let us know! View the full article
  11. Greetings, Legends people! We all remember that time we leveled up our first character, either by using the token or grinding out those quests and we always ended up asking ourselves a question - “How do I get geared?” We did not all have the money at one time with the terrible prices of crafted armor too much for our newbie wallets! Luckily for us, we always had Katarn armor! So, today I will be talking about the wonderful set that we all came to know and love, as well as how to obtain your own set. The canonic look of the Katarm armor. What is Katarn armor? Katarn-class Commando armor was developed and used by the Clone Commandos during Clone Wars. It can be first seen worn by troops during the Battle of Geonosis but it was utilized more prominently during the Kashyyyk campaign. In fact, it’s named after the reptomammals native to the planet, Katarns, often used by the Wookiees as mounts! The armor itself featured a helmet with HUD that consistently displayed various tactical data, which was fitted with communication antennae and even had special sensors. The body of the armor was very resistant to cold and heat and could be sealed so that commando wearing it could survive in vacuum for 20 minutes. The knuckle was outfitted with a retractable vibroblade. Even the backpack had special features, such as extra oxygen tanks, bacta dispenser and even external communication array. While it was more expensive and in some ways had restricted mobility it provided a better protection, largely due to the composition and novel chemical properties, as well as deflector shields. It was an updated and more specialized version of the famous Phase II Clone Trooper armor. This bad boy was quite heavy, weighting 20 kilograms (Approx 44 pounds), and was sold for nearly 100’000 credits on the black market. Luckily, there is a quest we can do to obtain it for free. Avenging Mort The set of quests “Avenging Mort”, among the community known as “The Katarn Quest”, starts on Dearic, Talus, where you can find the quest giver himself. The Fett clone served as a Commando, but following a betrayal by his commanding officer and a period of brutal experimentation, can now be seen drinking his days away. Buy him a drink to start the quest. Mort can be found at the bar in Dearic, and is not hard to miss. Before you start the quest, make sure you have 11 top-level inventory slots open, otherwise you risk not receiving the reward. If you are a new player, I suggest grabbing friend with you, as it involves fighting. If you are undergeared, you will not have the best of times. I will not be getting into the walk-through of the quest itself, since it’s recommended you experience it on your own. If you do however prefer to use a guide, it’s readily available right here. Near the end of the quest you'll see the second thing this quest is famous for- you will get to meet the “leader” of your faction. Left to Right - Leia Organa, Jabba the Hutt, Emperor Sheev Palpatine Spoils of Battle The armor itself has decent stats, and is especially irreplaceable when you are a new player just getting into the end-game content. All pieces have identical stats, and offer 5664 resists to all forms of damage. The best part about this armor is that it can be worn by anyone, provided they have the authorization to do so. It can even be traded between alts and other players. So if you have a friend and you yourself are already geared, you can part with the set. Left to Right - Imperial, Rebel, Neutral. The armor comes in three variations, depending on your faction when you the quest. Three models of the Galaxies-type Katarn Armor are available, the Mark-II (Neutral, white with blue markings), the Mark-IV (Rebel, white with red markings) and Mark-VII (Imperial, black with green markings). I hope this Friday Feature was informative to you! May the force be with you, SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  12. Welcome to SWG Legends! All New and Returning players, You are invited to an event created to help You! The event will be starting Sat, September 1st, 2018 at 12:30 pm PDT Sat, September 1st, 2018 at 2:30 pm CDT Sat, September 1st, 2018 at 3:30 pm EDT Sat, September 1st, 2018 at 8:30 pm BST Sat, September 1st, 2018 at 9:30 pm CEST Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 1:30 am AWST Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 3:30 am AEST *For those in or around the AWST - AEST timezones, we are doing a separate event for you on Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 1:30 am PDT Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 3:30 am CDT Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 4:30 am EDT Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 9:30 am BST Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 10:30 am CEST Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 4:30 pm AWST Sun, September 2nd, 2018 at 6:30 pm AEST* The events will be held in the Mos Eisley Theater /waypoint 3263 -4741. We will be answering questions and giving tips on playing the game. Hope to see you there! **These events are usually very short and quick. Please make sure you are on time if you don't want to miss it!*** (https://swglegends.com/forums/showth...turning+player) View the full article
  13. Greetings Legends, It’s Friday! It’s time for another Friday Feature. All players who have been part of SWG:Legends for 14 days or more will have the ability to /claim the 57-month veteran reward called the “Homing Beacon” This is an extremely useful device to have in your possession if you are needing to avoid Imperial entanglements at the Mos Eisley starport or simply wanting to get home in a hurry.. Placing your beacon The homing beacon allows pilots in the system to land their ships from the space station above their home. Placing the beacon in a house or other building will mark that location as a direct landing spot for any starship. Below is an image of the Homing Beacon being examined by a player. The homing beacon is a No Trade Shared item that veterans can place in any structure they own. This item can be placed in a structure like any other piece of furniture or decoration and will automatically set the structure as a landing zone. There’s no place like home! Pilots can only land at their home if they are in the same star system as their structure. For example, if the pilot is in Naboo space, he or she is unable to land at their home outside of Mos Eisley. The homing beacon technology is attuned to the veteran only, so the structure can only serve as a landing spot for the owner of the beacon. Other administrators for the building cannot use the homing beacon to land their starships. Picking up the homing beacon or packing up the house removes the area as a viable landing zone, but it can be placed again to re-enable it. We hope you enjoyed this closer look at this veteran reward. If you’ve already claimed your veteran rewards and didn’t select the Homing Beacon don’t worry too much! It may be obtainable once again in the future someday. May the force be with you. View the full article
  14. Hello fellow Beast Masters, The Summer Beast Bash was a blast yesterday! I hope you all had as much fun as we had! A lot of the pet duels were really close matches and so much fun to watch. There were some really creative pet/owner combinations for the cosmetic part of the event. Congratulations to Kragoth, I’ba, Vadrik, and Minda who all won the big prizes…….Wait! What is this?..... It looks like we have one more big prize left to giveaway donated by Asno! To win this special prize you will need to guess what creature each of the 18 shadows below belongs to correctly and post in the thread below (you do not have to be a beast master to participate) The player that guesses all or the most answers correctly will be the winner of the forum contest. The winner will be announced on the closing date on our Discord, forums & Facebook Page. Good Luck! Rules: You have until August 18th @ 2pm PST, 5pm EST, 10pm BST, 11 CEST and for AEST August 19th @ 7am Only ONE entry per forum account State your character name Image 1 Image2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12 Image 13 Image 14 Image 15 Image 16 Image 17 Image 18 Congratulations to Jurgon who is our grand-prize winner! View the full article
  15. Greetings Legends, In this Friday Feature we are taking a closer look at the in-game graphical settings/options. There are so many options and they can be confusing if you don’t know how they work but after reading this feature hopefully you’ll feel confident with them. You can access the in-game options by pressing (o) while in-game where you can locate the following graphical settings. Below you will find a description of how each option functions and how it can improve your gameplay experience. Graphic Options Particle Limit: (0-2048) - Limits the number of particles you can see on your screen at one time. Some game-system important particles will not be filtered out with this option, with blaster bolts being a good example. Having this setting at 0, or low will increase your overall frame rate while in-game. Brightness: Allows users to alter brightness levels while in-game. Contrast: Allows users to alter the contrast levels while in-game (differentiation between colors). Gamma Correction: Allows users to alter the gamma, or how grey levels between black and white are displayed. Disable Animation Priorities: Having this option checked on allows animations to override each other, instead of queuing up to be processed in order after completion. Enable antialiasing: Check on to enable 2x Full-Screen Antialiasing; a technique that is used to smooth jagged distortions in curves and diagonal lines cannot be used in conjunction with Post Processing Effects; has no effect in windowed mode. Enable post processing effects: Post-processing is commonly used in 3D rendering and uses your graphic card (GPU) to produce post-processing that allows graphical effects to be used that require awareness of the entire image (since normally each 3D object is rendered in isolation) Can not be used in conjunction with Anti-aliasing. Enable glare: Enables the screen glare that results from looking directly at the sun. Viewing Distance: Allows users the ability to manage how far out the game will attempt to render characters, structures and other items. The higher the setting, the more resources needed to perform the task. Field of View: Allows users to change what they see when on the character; either a very narrow, 'forward' looking view, or one with greater amounts of peripheral vision. Fade Objects: Determines whether objects will fade in/out of view, or if they will be rendered instantly. Use Low Detail for Distant Characters: If checked on, the system will render distant characters and NPCs/creatures at a lower quality; this improves performance, but will reduce the quality of mobiles when viewed at a distance. Once they get within a certain range, the system will change over to the standard level of detail. Enable Character LOD Manager: "Lod" stands for level of detail. This option will cause your client to automatically control how many high- and medium-quality characters are rendered at one time. Having this disabled will increase frame rate but will reduce overall character object quality. Simple Camera Collision (Faster): When enabled, collision with objects happens faster, but is not as accurate. Offset Camera: When enabled, the third person camera view sits slightly off above the right shoulder of the character, instead of directly behind. Camera Height: If Offset Camera is disabled, this slider alters the height/angle of the camera when in third person mode. Static Object Level of Detail: Allows users to alter the graphic quality of static items, like rocks, trees and buildings. Character Level of Detail: Allows users to alter the graphic quality of player characters, pets, NPCs and creatures. Particle System Level of Detail: Allows users to modify the quality of particle systems, like rendered smoke or fire. Nebula Density: Allows users to adjust the detail level of nebulas in space. Render Shadows (ground): Allows you to determine if shadows should be rendered for player characters or static, non-character objects like buildings. Rendering shadows is not recommended for users of lower end video cards, as it may adversely affect performance. Save Screenshots As: Allows you to select one of three different formats for your screenshot files; Bitmap (.bmp), Targa (.tga) and JPEG (.jpg). For .jpg files, you can also alter the quality of the image taken and saved; the more detailed, the larger the file size, in general. The screenshots are saved to a folder called screenshots within the directory where you have Star Wars Galaxies installed on your computer. Terrain Options Players can customize the level of detail shown in the fauna/foliage. Anyone who is running an older machine/setup may find that they can increase their game client's performance by reducing one or more of the settings offered here.Those of you with more up to date graphic hardware and processors can expect beautiful graphical results when in-game settings are maxed out. Global Terrain Detail: Modifies the overall detail of terrain and terrain objects in Galaxies. Users with older or lower-end systems are encouraged to keep this in the mid to low range for optimum performance. Terrain High Detail Range: Changes the range at which the game client renders terrain and fauna in the highest detail. The higher the detail, the more individual objects will be rendered; rocks, planets, etc. Render Distant Radial Flora: Toggles on/off the rendering of distant trees. Render Non-collidable Flora: Toggles on/off the rendering of small plants, shrubs and other terrain objects that your character will not collide with/be obstructed by. Non-collidable Flora Draw Distance: Measurement (in meters) of how far out the game-client will attempt to render non-collidable flora. Option is not active if Render Non-collidable Flora is unchecked; Minimum 32m, maximum 128m. Render Nearby Radial Flora: Toggles on/off the rendering of nearby grass and flower elements. Near Radial Flora Draw Distance: Measurement (in meters) of how far out the game client will attempt to render radial flora. Option is not active if 'Render Nearby Radial Flora is unchecked; range is 16m minimum, 64m maximum. Specular Terrain Lighting: Toggles on/off whether light will reflect off of a shiny surface. Changes to this require a client restart. Interface Options While in-game you can access the in-game interface options by once again pressing (o) while in-game and selecting the “Interface” tab - You can also enable the custom SWG:Legends feature within the interface options by enabling the “Side Toolbar” image below. HUD Windows Opacity: Allows you to alter how much you can 'see through' the heads-up display/UI. Overhead Map Options: These options allow you to customize the appearance over the Overhead Map. You can select which elements you want to view (waypoints, creatures, labels, buildings), and you can also change the opacity of the map. (how much you can see through it). Expand Toolbar to a Second Row: Adds a second row to the toolbar Enable Coordinate Display: Toggles on/off the coordinate display meter. (X, Y, Z coordinate). Show Damage Statistics Meter: Toggles on/off a small UI window that echoes damage statistics to the player. Show Terrain on Map: Toggles on/off the display of terrain coloration on the radar mini-map. Show Tips/Notifications: Toggles on/off the mouse-over 'tool-tips' many systems have built in. Allow Overhead Map Rotation: Allows the map to rotate with the player/in the direction that the player is facing. Allow Object Icon Rotation: Toggles on/off whether item icons in your inventory rotate. Show the Quest Icon for NPCs: If checked, shows a round blue/white question mark symbol over most quest-granting NPCs. Automatically sort Inventory Contents: When items are added to your inventory, they will be displayed in alphabetical order. Automatically sort Datapad Contents: When items are added to your datapad, they will be displayed in alphabetical order. Show Object Arrows on the Radar: Toggles on/off radar-based arrow guides for waypoints or mission targets. Enable Display of Friendly NPCs on the Radar: Toggles the display of friendly targets on the radar mini-map. Show Experience Monitor: Toggles on/off a silver/yellow experience monitor which generally resides on the bottom of the screen. Onscreen Waypoint Monitor: Toggles on/off the UI window for the onscreen waypoint monitor (can activate/de-activate waypoints on the planet without having to open the datapad). Show Arrows to Waypoints On-screen: Toggles on/off directional guide arrows which correspond to the active waypoints and/or missions you have active on the planet. Chat Bar Fades Out: When checked, the chat bar and box will fade away, allowing for better visibility. (Missing bold category heading) Dragging item onto a container puts item into container (instead of re-arranging them within the player's inventory) Always Show Range in Ground Radar: Toggles on/off the radar's display range value. Show Target Arrows in Space: Toggles on/off guide arrows in space (similar to 'Show Arrows to Waypoints On-Screen'). Show Damage Arrows in Space: Toggles on/off guide arrow which helps the pilot determine where damage done to their ship is coming from. Show Visible Enemy Damage Arrow: Same as above, but includes cases in which the target damaging you is within your field of vision (the other only works on the periphery of the screen). New Vendor Double Click to Examine: When turned on, double clicking on an item on a vendor will result in you examining the item; with this off, double clicking of an item on a vendor results in a sale. Show Quest Helper: Toggles on/off the Quest Helper UI, which shows tasks for the current, 'active' quest. Secondary Target Status Window: You can choose to have a secondary target status window; this can be set to the target you mouse over, or the 'target' of your current target (i.e. if you are targeting a quenker, and the quenker is targeting your buddy Bob, Bob will be in the window). UI Palette: Allows user to choose from several pre-determined color schemes for the user interface. Always show Names on Object Icons: Toggles on/off name display on items in your inventory. Object Icon Size: Allows re-sizing of the icons in a player's inventory (can also be done with CTRL+scroll). Command Button Opacity: Changes the opacity/visibility of the main menu button. Fly Text Size: Determines the size of the text that pops up above your/your target's head as you are in combat. We hope this feature will help you enjoy the game just that little bit more! May the force be with you. View the full article