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  1. Hey guys! This fix clears up the character deletion issues in the mine and a few other nagging problems. Full notes: FIXED: Mine:Magni no longer makes character inaccesible (Currently the quest line ends there) FIXED: Skills now unlocked the correct weapons FIXED: Mecha Crab no longer disappears on re-logging FIXED: Liquid tanks now save their inventory View the full article
  2. Hey everybody. This should fix the main game breaking issues that some were having. Full notes: Fixed forge displaying "another player is accessing" Fixed fabricator displaying "another player is accessing" Fixed 3d printer displaying "another player is accessing" Fixed the game not properly using more than 4gb of RAM (we believe this was cause the character creation crash) View the full article
  3. Hey everyone! With our update that rolled out last night, a couple pesky bugs snuck in. Our highest priority as of now is getting a hotfix out to fix these issues. We'll be working through the weekend to get this fixed ASAP, please bear with us in the mean time! If you are experiencing any other issues, let us know in the comments here, or on the Bug report subforum! Thanks everyone! UPDATE: We have found the solution to the issue and a hotfix should be released within an hour with fixes for the forge and the character creation crashes! View the full article
  4. Hey everyone! This new patch contains a significant amount of bug fixes and performance optimizations. We have focused our efforts these past two weeks towards optimizing last month's large technical systems further along with sweeping up as many bugs/issues as possible, therefore laying the ground work for a solid and stable codebase to build upon. Note: We are still iteratively designing and fine tuning the maps of both Proteus II and Aziel. Geometry is subject to change and may affect base placement! Fixes: FIXED: the reverse audio issue on creatures. FIXED: Thrown objects now spawn in the correct place and are thrown the correct direction. FIXED: the collision on the bottom of the gav making it slide better. FIXED: Hovercraft no longer spawns kinematic. FIXED: Laboratory now spawns vehicles a few feet off the ground to avoid vehicles spawning inside ground. FIXED: creature spawning at night FIXED: bugs with craft highlighting FIXED: issue with vehicles colliding with low orbit art. Fixed critter spawner layer. FIXED: the dust particles (flash light and head lights no longer affect the dust) FIXED: particle lighting (dust particles should now be darker in shadow) FIXED: removed collision from BuildIcons for FloodLight, StoneOven, and PrimitiveWorkBench. FIXED: multiplayer replication of highlighter and projector for BuildIcons. FIXED: the invisible floor on aziel FIXED: duplication bug when using TakeAll button in storage containers. FIXED: liquids not updating when drank inside of storage container FIXED: Cleaned up some formatting to help best fit text in menus. FIXED: crate xp type gained to be Industrial rather than Melee FIXED: stair cases in mines collision to block walking through it from underneath FIXED: MP saving issues FIXED: spaceship hovering when exited FIXED: Description plates now display properly FIXED: Players no longer get stuck on vehicles FIXED: Materials in survival kit now have finite uses FIXED: habitat clipping issues FIXED: textures on escape pod FIXED: creature collision physics FIXED: players dead body ragdoll FIXED: player head animation FIXED: issue with players unable to finish suit breach tutorial FIXED: issue with player being able to clip through refinery FIXED: all issues regarding waterfall FIXED: Queen Cleos respawn time FIXED clipping issue with mine 1-A doorway FIXED: lights turning off if fabricator is jumped on FIXED: issue with GAV getting stuck on structures FIXED Vehicles no longer get struck in air when exited/flipped FIXED: volumetric clouds flickering FIXED: refinery roof textures FIXED: trees causing performance drops FIXED: issue with player clipping through biodome FIXED: issue with player getting stuck to lab roof FIXED: Player can no longer duplicate items FIXED: issue with player clipping through mine 1-A stairs FIXED: Enemies in egg room no longer get stuck to walls FIXED: Water no longer refills infinitely when drank out of external inventory FIXED: issue with player getting stuck on satellite stairs FIXED: issue with player getting stuck on Xuthus refinery stairs FIXED: Spaceship no longer gets stuck to lab wall FIXED: issue with rubber trees causing fps issues FIXED: issue with players getting stuck under lab FIXED: Building crates now gives correct experience FIXED: issue with airlock panels disappearing FIXED: vehicle spawning issues FIXED: random holes around map Added/Adjusted: ADJUSTED: Hovercraft now has a much harder time scaling steep surfaces. Scales speed and hover height down based on steepness of surface ADDED: the LOD models for the Alien Mushtree ADDED: prefabs, models, and textures of the optimized Foliage used ADDED: more polish to Proteus 2 map ADJUSTED: resources in areas v0h1, v0h2, v0h3, v1h1, and v1h2 to match terrain adjustments made ADDED: simple skin swap script ADDED: Avatar LOD system ADJUSTED: costs of panels and pieces to use ingots ADJUSTED: collision of doorways inside of Mine 1-A Disabled respawning for the queen Fixed Habitats stilts to have collision ADDED: a collision inside the Biodome to prevent jumping out of the building from inside ADDED: Edge barrier add to sand dunes ( On Proteus the sand dunes are no longer infinite there is now a wind barrier visuals still need to be added) ADDED: the Crab Monster LODs ADDED: the LODs for Gnat, Snubs, Crab Queen, Skeliopod, and the Hybrid ADDED: character cap of 18 for avatar names Removed Azurnium from the Meteors and narrowed their range from 3000 meters to 1500 ADDED: Azurnium to asteroids in low orbit ADDED: collision to the stilts of the habitat Fixed both crates xp from melee to industial ADDED: Set up RegionObjects to take advantage of new minigrid system in RegionManager for LOD improvements ADDED: World art and Terrain Changes, added rock formation prefabs ADJUSTED: hovercraft guns have been removed Updates: UPDATED: location of resources and amounts in certain areas UPDATED: the plant prefabs to use optimized models UPDATED: the Makeshift PatchTape and Bandage Prefabs UPDATED: Player and monster sounds. UPDATED: Low orbit boundary which stops the spaceship from flying through the planet UPDATED: spaceship and gav collision. UPDATED: crab sounds. UPDATED: added cause of death and days survived UI to death screen. UPDATED: included fail state for missions that must be completed when they're first given (i.e. FindWreckageSupplies). UPDATED: added Find Shelter Kit mission to separate finding the Inflatable Dome Kit from the other supplies and unlocking the Build Inflatable Dome mission separate from the other supplies. UPDATED: sound load types. Hopefully FIXED the reverse audio issues for the creatures. UPDATED: LODs for the crab monster to be the proper size UPDATED: Ostrich (rig was adjusted to animate properly) and added the LODs files into its model folder. UPDATED: rock materials UPDATE: to bashing rock and build button UPDATED: notification when invited to colony/party to include key name for character menu. UPDATE: death screen now shows what the player was killed by. UPDATE a copy of the death message is sent to other players who are in the same colony and party. Thanks everyone, and have fun! View the full article
  5. Hey everyone! This new patch is a product of our efforts to speed up our production process and deliver content faster to you, the player! We hope you enjoy the new goodies and fixes! Note: We are reexploring the implementation of the OMPA (robot) in the game and redesigning it's functionality. In the mean time, it has been removed from the game, but we plan to reintroduce it soon! Highlights Added flare Launch these to help your friends locate you or to light up a dark sky! Added Stone oven Use the Stone Oven to smelt basic ores into ingots! Added Stone workbench Use the stone workbench as a crude, yet effective, crafting bench! Added ingots The first step in the evolution of our crafting system! Added chat commands Added emotes ( try /dance !) Known Issues Landing pads are placeholders Performance may suffer, optimization is incoming Gameplay and resource distribution is not yet balanced From the middle to the far end of the map is early and will be further iterated upon to improve polish Touch screens users may not able to interact with the menus of the game (see workaround below) Liquid bodies are currently placeholders Touchscreen workaround: Press Windows + X. Click Device Manager Double click on "Human Interface Devices". Right-click on the touch screen device, or similar (if listed), and disable it Additions Added Flare Added Logic to hide weapon when performing emote Added Emotes to player character "/wave", "/largewave", "/laugh", "/dance", and "/gangnam" Added Prefabs and LODs to the Arches and Rock walls currently used in the game. Added The new Lock Button and the new Rock Wall Added Chat manager popup, with legend and scrollable viewport to review older messages Added Wrench, Shears, Crafting pieces Added Fix for multiplayer gun sound for Assault Rifle Added Prey switch delay to LandCreatureBrain Added UI to both options menus to toggle banter vo Added Local chat Added The material for Arch3 Added Bashing rock Added LOD’s to the small plants Added LOD Level proxy for pipe Added SmallCrateAnimated Added debug and remove extra raymarch planes Added disclaimer to splash screen Added Server name to debug text in game Added Filter to chat Added Stone oven crafting table Added primitive work bench Added Crude metal shovel Added Crude metal axe Added The stone shovel Added A wrench Added Shears Added Flare Added Ingot Icons Added Option to make gun projectiles not be influenced by camera target Added Debug_AITest_Persistent scene to be used as a tool to test more quickly and in multiplayer Added LODs and prefabs for the remaining Arches and adjusted the materials to be consistent Added TAB to cycle available modes when chat is active Added Autocomplete to whisper Added Ingots of every metal in the game, and adjusted descriptions on ore's to reflect the change in their use Added Masking tape to player crafting table Added The Flare Model with 4 Materials attached to it Added new low orbit reflection Added new craftables to ‘player crafting’ Added stone axe Added New chat colors Fixes Fixed collision on Stone Oven and Primitive Work Bench Fixed arch collisions and rock materials Fixed some new item collisions and weapon collisions Fixed crafting bug on person Fixed bug for not replicating emotes over multiplayer Fixed Bashing Rock description Fixed Small Crate Fixed collision issue with certain rocks in section v0h2 Fixed bug with Patch Tape inventory item delegate registration Fixed mislabeled crude metal objects and bashing rock. Fixed Turret to use ingots instead of ores Fixed width of DisplayNetworkState information as well as included planet name in the displayed info Fixed bug with wheeled vehicles being spawned in with forces being applied to them until the player enters the vehicle Fixed bugs with vehicles going kinematic and reimplemented rolling to a stop Fixed player prefab values for fall damage Fixed fall damage to be based on time spent at a fall speed threshold Fixed build buttons staying highlighted even after you run out of necessary resources. Fixed space ship dust particles Fixed emote parameter and fixed issue when trying to emote while holding a weapon Fixed materials and dungeon gate spawn Fixed camera reflection Fixed Terrain Issues Fixed issues with playing in debug mode. Fixed crude metal prefabs type Fixed terrain seams, Other Terrain Changes Fixed Flare fx and depo fix Fixed UI bugs Fixed issues with the ingots and stone oven Fixed issues with whisper chat Fixed some terrain issues Changes/Updates Updated Walls and Archs Updated VO system in PlayerSoundController Changed the minimum number night time creatures Changed starting characters ammo box and survival kit supplies Adjusted bashing rock Adjusted volume of landing sound for player Adjusted damage amount for stomp Reduced charge threshold distance for creatures Updated rover wheel and base trim and large crate Improve fading when transitioning between different weather conditions Removed OMPA (will be reintroduced later) Updated flare particle FX Replaced the flare in the objects Changed up the metal hit sounds Connected PushToTalk UI GameObjects Changed crafting interface to put inventory and crafts on the same display updated UV to the flare Changed code location for PushToTalk UI to exist on PlayerGUI Updated Arches Updated the resources to yield a lot more ores Made furniture and utilities cost ingots Update to GUI and version number Updated occlusion Made the rock a mineral item instead of a weapon Updated Time of Day to start at hour 8 and also increased day ambient light to 1.0f Set local chat down to 100 meters Scaled down melee animation multipliers for secondary and finishing moves Slowed down swing speed of Machete and Pipe Updated and added the new Arch Made the ground turret cost ingots instead of an ore Updated chat functionality to be formatted and color coded better Made ForceMouseScroll Dynamic so that it updates automatically when container is resized Changed patch tape to be consumable View the full article
  6. Hey everyone, Hope you are enjoying the update. We made some adjustments server side and the disappearing airlock panels issues should be fixed! More fixes are coming soon! Have fun out there astronauts! View the full article
  7. Hey guys! Here's a hotfix to solve the multiplayer issues and squash a few other ugly bugs. Thanks for your patience while we sorted this out! Please be sure to see the known issues on the orginal patch notes, as they still stand ( http://steamcommunity.com/app/402710/discussions/0/1318836262652149990/ ) Full notes below: Fixed loading of Avatars on Public Universes Fixed bug when completing Build Inflatable Dome mission Fixed bug saving Ranger class characters in multiplayer mode Fixed bug for losing inventory when travelling to dungeon Fixed some visual and collision bugs Added hydrogen geysers And of course, as always, thanks for playing. View the full article
  8. Hello Astronauts! Here it is! The long awaited Proteus II Unearthed update, with huge changes and improvements including a redesigned Proteus II, dungeons, and boss creatures! Let's dive right into the full patch notes: Known Issues: Performance may suffer, optimization is incoming Gameplay balancing and resource distribution is not yet balanced From the middle to the far end of the map is early and will be further iterated upon to improve polish Touch screens users may not able to interact with the menus of the game (see workaround below) Liquid bodies are currently placeholders Touchscreen workaround: Press Windows + X. Click Device Manager Double click on "Human Interface Devices". Right-click on the touch screen device, or similar (if listed), and disable it. Additions: Added Ranger class (starts out with different skills unlocked) New Loading system using multiscene additive loading Multipatch terrain Added 4 new grass types New grass clumping system New terrain splat system Arches and rock formations Added AI for dungeon creatures Added combo attacks to melee system Added mining mode to third person for easier use of chisel Add passenger control over the GAV turret Added suspension to GAV and Rover Added new footprint decal system Added new footstep sounds Added new melee decal system Added new bullet decal system Added new blood effects to creatures Added new VO sounds to player and EVA Suit Systems Computer Added two new dungeons to Proteus II Added new creature [snubbs] Added new boss creature [Cleo] Added passive critters Added redesigned spaceship Added fall damage to player Added new Snubbs surface spawner (I.E. "ant hill") Added new gatherable/mineable objects Added new art assets to Proteus II New structure installations on Proteus II planet (human and alien) Improvements: Doubled terrain textures to 8 per terrain patch Improved Parallax Occlusion mapping on terrain textures Region manager adds items dynamically to allow more interactive objects Improvements to the vehicles and multiplayer syncing Minor improvements to creature behavior Improved creatures collision Improved enemy attack reactions Improved recoil on ranged weapons Improved collision on vehicles Improved sound effects on creatures, weapons, and player Fixes/Changes: Fixes to creature zoning Fixed stuttering animation when framerate dropped below 60 while hovering Fixed first person view clipping into objects Fixed players taking damage in vehicles Fixed Hovercraft and Mechacrab shooting miss-fires Proteus II now has 30 min day cycle Migrated database to cloud with redundancy Updated Escape Pod art Changed assault rifle to triple-burst shooting Player no longer falls faster when jumping off a high ledge Changes camera shake in first and third person mode We want to thank everyone for their patience in waiting for this patch. We know it's been a while but once you all get your hands on this thing, we think you will see it's been worth it! A few small notes; Unfortunately at this time, space station crafting did not make it into this update. We wanted to focus on early game and improving the users initial experience. Resource nodes and optimization are currently being worked on and may have issues. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the update and if you encounter any bugs please report them in the "Report Bugs Here" subforum. If you experience issues with you old single player save data, please start over. We have no way of wiping single player data on our end, and there will most likely be compatibility issues. Thanks again everyone, now get out there and explore Proteus II! NOTE: We are aware of the Public Universe saving issue and we are working on it now! View the full article
  9. Hey folks, I know everyone has been fervently waiting for news on our upcoming update and today we are here to pull the curtains back and show you some of what we have been working so hard on! This thing is going to be pretty massive, from entirely new level designs to a reworked melee system to highly enhanced graphics… THIS is what we've been hard at work on! That’s all that we can show at this time, as we’re in the thick of getting a lot more in for the update. Here’s a list of everything slated to be added or changed for this update. Please note this list is subject to change and only represents some (not all) of the changes coming! Check it out: New Graphics Features – Clouds, SSShadows, etc. New Spaceship Passenger Turret Control on GAV Player Fall damage Autosort when transfering inventories OMPA Target Icon changed Cave ceiling spawning Dungeon AI Vehicles can be damaged by creatures Proteus Level Design redux New Mines Dungeon System with parties Vehicles have better colliders Crab Queen end boss Snubbs Alien Eggs Mission System Ranger Class HAB Wall Variants Vehicle Suspension Improvements Water Improved Melee system Now, I know what the hot topic is - the date. And I'm happy (and relieved) to say, you guys only have to wait a little bit longer. We are targeting April 27th for this release, and we hope to have a beta branch live for testing on April 20th! We will let you know as soon as possible if these dates shift or change. I'd like to say thank you to everyone for sticking with us while work to make Osiris the game we want it to be. For all the latest on Osiris: New Dawn, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! View the full article
  10. Hello Space-farers! We've been working around the clock on this fix and we believe it brings some really huge improvements in terms of performance and stability. You'll also find some basic anti-cheat features introduced as an interim as we pursue other options. Additions: Added malicious player reporting and timed multiplayer blacklisting to punish malicious/hacking players Added texture streaming to greatly reduce texture memory usage Added 3rd person shovel animation Added message to show colony member avatar spawns Improvements: Updated Unity Engine to 5.5 which adds multi threaded graphics performance Improved Ambient Occlusion and overall visual contrast and detail Sound optimizations Fixes: Packable items durability is now saved Fixed HUD typesetting Infinite XP via barrel bug fixed Nature objects no longer yield weapon experience Abandonment timer was removed for Solo play and Private Universe NOTE: This patch was originally 1.103 but was hotfixed to 1.105 to fix the texture bug. View the full article
  11. It’s time once again, brave space explorers to update all of our Osiris astronauts on the current development of Osiris: New Dawn. We’ve had a crazy busy few weeks, especially with our participation at both GDC and PAX East 2017 and, for me personally, it was an awesome experience to meet with game industry vets, curious media members, enthusiastic content creators, and of course, a lot of our fans. It was especially satisfying to talk to face-to-face with fans who’ve been onboard since Early Access launch. There’s been a lot of progress and excitement with upcoming new features we are working to implement very soon. And as is the nature of game development, it’s often not a smooth sailing voyage. One of the bigger problems that popped up earlier this year is that we were having major memory issues; with our high detail visuals, we were really pushing the limits on memory. We could have simplified our textures, but I think that would have taken away a lot of the immersion from our game; thankfully, after a considerable amount of R&D time, we found a solution that reduced our memory usage to 80% without loss in visual quality! And after speaking to fans at PAX East who’ve been with us since Early Access, I was convinced this was the right choice as having hand-crafted landscapes with high-level to graphic detail was MUCH preferred to anything procedurally generated. It took a few weeks to get this right, but moving forward, players will see improved visual performance even on lower-end machines. Time is a precious resource and our dev team quickly discovered the reality of this last month with both GDC and PAX East conventions. We had great opportunities to showcase Osiris at these venues and I definitely felt we could not miss out – the obvious downside is prepping for these conventions took a lot of time out from our game development roadmap. We learned a lot on how to be more efficient in these situations and we’ll definitely be more prepared when these conventions take place so that they’re less of a “hiccup” to game development time. And then, there’s hacking – I mentioned last month that because of the activities of cheaters and hackers, we’ve been spending more time solving and preventing such malicious activities. None have been worse than the most recent one, which we have not-so-affectionately dubbed the “263087 hack”. This hack has affected nearly everyone, taking resources and utilities and changing their ownership. We’ve basically figured out how the problem has been caused but to demonstrate how invasive and time-consuming this hack was – we had to sift through close to 600,000 lines (no, that’s not a typo) of code just to triangulate the issue. That’s a lot of man hours wasted but we feel we’ve gotten it under control now – we’ll be conducting a server wipe today and we will be adding improved anti-cheat/anti-hacking measures that will hopefully make it much more troublesome to hackers and cheaters. We have definitely elevated our awareness of cheaters and hackers and we’ll be looking into putting in more features to prevent future malevolent activity. So all of these things I mentioned certainly add up to a fairly difficulty month, and right now, we’re prepping a hot-fix that should be implemented in the next few days. If things are running without any hitches, that’s when we can start prepping our major content update. It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s the best we can do right now – and rather leaving you guys in the dark and not saying anything about it, we want you to understand where we are at with the game development. I’ve always felt the need to be transparent to our supportive players – so bear with us as we get through this rough patch. There’s a lot of amazing stuff we’ve been chomping at the bit to unleash to you real soon. I know it’s cliché to say “All good things to those who wait” so… I’ll just say “all GREAT things to those who wait.” McRae Out View the full article
  12. Hey space-farers, Due to our recent hacking issue, we will be performing a server wipe today. Thank you to everyone for bearing with us through this issue, and all apologies for any inconvienience the hack or the wipe has caused. We have more info incoming today regarding the future of Osiris, so please stay tuned! UPDATE And the servers have been wiped! Enjoy your fresh start everyone, and welcome to all our new players who have jumped in this weekend! View the full article
  13. As you may know, March is a very busy month for the Osiris team! Fresh from our amazing showcase at GDC (many thanks to the lovely people at Unity), we impressed a lot of people and heard some very kind words in regards to all the great new visual upgrades we’re delivering in our next major update. And that brings us to some updated info regarding the upcoming patch; there’s no rest for the weary as we go straight from GDC to PAX East this weekend. While we’ve been squeezing as much time as possible to work on the patch, the reality is that we definitely need more. PAX East is an important convention event that we need to be at to meet with our core audience. We simply don’t have enough time to get the update to the point where we’re excited to deliver it to players. We want to make sure we deliver the quality you come to expect from us, and right now we don’t feel absolutely comfortable delivering on that quality by our original date of March 10th. That said, we ARE confident that we’ll be delivering this next patch later in March and we believe the wait will be worth it when you feast your eyes on all the huge graphical improvements (some of which can be seen on the MadeWithUnity blog that you can read here: https://madewith.unity.com/en/stories/road-to-gdc-osiris-new-dawn-survival-on-a-planetary-scale ). Weather and lens effects, volumetric clouds, ambient occlusion, depth of field, light scatter, screen space ambient shadowing… the difference visually will be night and day for the game! Of course, we’re working on a lot of new content as well, and the next couple of weeks should give us enough time to finalize some new features we’ve been waiting to unveil for quite some time. We’ll be showing off some of what's to come at PAX East this weekend – if you’re attending, be sure to stop by our booth to get a sneak peek at the update as well as some goodies. If you’re not, don’t worry – we’ll be on the PAX East Twitch Stage Show on Saturday, so jump on Twitch at noon EST on Saturday 3/11 to see what will be coming very soon! View the full article
  14. Hey astronauts! We are pushing a public beta branch for the upcoming hotfix! Please feel free to jump in and leave any feedback and report any bugs by replying to this post or the forum post! We're doing this live Beta to test the graphics performance and texture streaming for any errors prior to sending out to a larger community, and to test the cheat reporting system. See below for instructions on how to access the build, and have fun! To access the testing branch, in your Steam Library simply right-click on the game, click on Properties, navigate to the Betas tab and under "enter beta access code unlock private betas" enter the code (without quotes): "ExperimentalZone" Be sure to CLICK on check code (do not press enter) and then select "beta - public beta" from the dropdown menu! Download the update and launch! Have fun and thanks for your patience on this one! PS: If you do choose to check out the new Beta testing branch, it is recommended that you start a new character in the testing branch, rather than using any of your current characters. Beta Release Changes: Additions:Added malicious player reporting and timed multiplayer blacklisting to punish malicious/hacking players Added texture streaming to greatly reduce texture memory usage Added 3rd person shovel animation Added message to show colony member avatar spawns Improvements: Updated Unity Engine to 5.5 which adds multi threaded graphics performance Improved Ambient Occlusion and overall visual contrast and detail Sound optimizations Fixes: Packable items durability is now saved Fixed HUD typesetting Infinite XP via barrel bug fixed Known Issues: Texture streaming of structures or vehicles may look fuzzy of pink at a distance, but should appear when approaching these objects. This issue is temporary and will be addressed for the next update. There may be performance issues in vehicles or when hovering. This will also be addressed by the next update. NOTE: Characters and progress will NOT transfer to the live build!Characters created in the beta branch WILL disappear. Characters from before the beta branch will NOT. The beta branch can essentially be thought of as a totally seperate game in terms of save data. View the full article
  15. Ahoy space adventurers! It’s time again to start up our current development status reports for 2017 - I hope the new year has been great to you so far! With the start of the new year for Osiris, I had some time to reflect how far our indie development team has come since our debut at PAX West 2016 - at that time, it was still Manny (lead programmer) and myself crossing our fingers that we had it right when we made Osiris. Now, just a few months later, we’re a core team of fourteen with an amazing dedicated fanbase that keeps growing with each major update. I often have to shake my head and smile when thinking about how far we’ve come but also, how far we have yet to go! So, you’re all wondering what might be coming through in the next months? One of the major things we’re doing is moving to the newest version of the Unity engine - the guys at Unity have been really great with their support and we believe moving to the newest version will greatly improve visual performance… it also might enable us to do some cool new graphical effects as well. Now as we continue to make the game bigger and better, our player base also grows - and that’s great - but it does come with some problems. And the one problem that we’ve been monitoring lately is cheating and hacking. We know the majority of players want a fun AND fair experience when playing Osiris: New Dawn… so to those cheating and hacking, please knock it off! Of course, the reality is that the cheaters and hackers won’t stop and we’re working on anti-cheat measures to be implemented soon. As much as I wish we could get our anti-cheat features applied immediately, that’s just not possible for our small dev team: without going into too much detail, I work with our programmers to do a comprehensive review of each line of code to see where there might be variables that can be altered, we decide how we want to edit these points in the code, test our edits to make sure they don’t affect other lines of code, recompile the entire codebase to check for any breaks or errors, prep our test and production teams to further test the revised code, make any additional alterations, then update the public code with these changes. For our team, this can be a 2-3 week process which majorly impacts us in two ways (1) it takes time from fixing current bugs in the game and (2) it prevents us from spending that time to design any new features we want to add in the next coming updates. And don’t get me wrong - we definitely need to do this, but it’s a real bummer how a couple of cheaters and hackers actually impacts game development planning. For the time being, our upcoming hot patch will include a malicious/cheating player reporting feature that is basically a “band-aid” until we can properly deliver robust anti-cheat options in the future. I also want to make sure we set expectations right for this hot patch; based on our past updates and hotfixes, this will be a relatively minor one, with the most visible new feature being third-person shovel animations. There’s a reason for this, and you will all see this in March as we’re going to have a major update planned right around PAX East! In many ways this will be our biggest update yet and is purely driven by the feedback from our amazing community on how we can expand and improve Osiris to become the best possible game it can be. There’s too much coolness to list here and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, so for starters let’s just say there’s something big brewing in the deep AND we’ll finally start learning what happened to the Osiris 1 settlers. In addition to a giant update we’ve been hard at work on a brand new, completely free, companion app for Osiris: New Dawn! This app will be available for Android and iOS and will feature the ability to monitor your characters, base, vehicles, basically everything you have in the game. Plus it will be an easy way to connect to your colony, plan gameplay sessions, and eventually even ask for reinforcements if you’re under attack. We plan on making the app available in March and will be developing it much like the game, by adding new features based on community feedback. I don’t know how many of you reading this will be at the upcoming Game Developers Conference that’s happening in San Francisco in next week, but I’ll be there briefly to showcase Osiris: New Dawn at the Unity booth as well as meeting up with people in the industry and maybe looking at some new technology or games. While these huge industry events are always fun - it’s almost like an annual high school reunion for nerds - nowadays it’s hard for me to justify spending more than just a couple of days… especially with the major update just on the horizon! Captain’s Log - Earth, February 21, 2017 Mcrae - out View the full article