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  1. To find the best design for each purpose is what makes every challenge unique in the game. It is a need to understand the context, understand the mechanics, and allow for efficiency at every opportunity. When it comes to ship design in Dual Universe, this couldn’t be a more true statement! We don’t want a one-size-fits-all ship design that encompasses all atmosphere conditions, high or low altitudes, space, etc. That would be incredibly boring on the short term! We want ships that require specializations in order to bring a different perspective and fresh experience depending of the environment you travel in. With the feedback we received from the current Pre-Alpha, we believe it was time to work on the next generation of engines. We aimed to improve the current designs, but also add cool new concepts that we’ve had in mind since the very beginning. Check it Out! There are three different needs in terms of vertical thrust in the atmosphere: A. Slightly lifting the ship to to emulate gears. This will prevent players from scratching the ground when thrusting forward. There are actually two subcases: Lifting for long periods; the emulation of wheeled vehicles which leads to the design of hovercrafts. Lifting for short periods; enough to enable take off, but then the ship would quickly engage other means to sustain itself in the air. (See point B below.) B. Compensating for gravity while in flight. C. Escaping the planet’s gravity well and jumping into space. Right now, Vertical Boosters cover all of the cases. These are too powerful and does not allow for ship specialization. What we needed to do was separate those use cases into different types of engines and here is the solution we come up with: Vertical Booster Mechanics Revamp (Coming in r0.10) Currently, use case A1 is partly covered by Hovercraft Engines. They are designed to consume low amounts of fuel and sustain a medium-sized ship above the ground for long periods. As they cannot lift upward for more than a few meters, they are limited in thrust power. We have redesigned the current Vertical Boosters to replace hover engines on very large ships for short periods of time. They are more appropriate for ships that need transitory lifting capability versus the permanent lifting given by hover engines. They are meant as a helper for taking off, which is use case A2. They will work only on a very limited altitude and cannot be used in B or C. They should also work without atmosphere, making it possible to use them on a moon or any planet without one. Additionally, they will now require space fuel and they will need to be rewired. Unlike hover engines, they will consume immense amounts of fuel, but give more punch, due to them being part of a transitory phase. Please note that this means players will likely need to reconsider the design of their current ship should they be actively playing the Pre-Alpha. New Interactive Element: Wings! (Coming in r0.10) For use case B, we introduce wings! Simply put, these work as regular wings, transforming speed into lift. To be more precise, wings generate an upward thrust in proportion to their size and the projected squared speed of the ship onto their forward direction. They will also generate a drag force in proportion to their size and the squared front speed, so there is a tradeoff with which size of wings you should consider in proportion to the overall size of your ship. The good news is that they don’t require fuel; only a dense enough atmosphere (beware that atmosphere density decreases with altitude, as does the lift power of wings, the thrust power of atmospheric engines, etc). Wings will be a relatively cheap option to fly around planets like Alioth at the beginning of the game with the possibility to build gliders with very low fuel consumption. New Interactive Element: Stabilizers (Coming in r0.10) We also have introduced a convenient “passive” wing that can be mounted in any way you want. They create a force perpendicular to their surface and proportional to the square of the speed projected along this perpendicular axis. This is not technically an engine as its effect cannot be modulated and the force it generates is constant. The benefit of these stabilizers is that they will realign your ship in the direction of the movement and attenuate any drift that you might have, especially with hovercrafts or fast airplanes. New Interactive Element: Rocket Boosters! (Beyond r0.10) To cover use case C, we’re introducing a brand new type of engine and fuel: Rocket Booster Engines and Rocket Fuel! These engines can be manually turned on or off as needed. When activated, they will produce an incredibly powerful thrust that is capable of lifting a Dynamic Construct either into space or the local atmosphere. You’ve seen them in action already in our “Dual X” video! Keep in mind that these engines consume insane amounts of fuel, so they can’t remain active for very long. They are really meant to get you out in space, nothing more. It may be possible to use them as a booster to escape a dangerous encounter, but keep in mind that their autonomy in fuel will limit the amount of times you can use them before going back to a refueling station. New Dynamics for Atmospheric Engines (Coming in r0.10) Don’t forget about the Atmospheric Engines that will be tuned to fit the new engine spectrum. They are meant to initiate forward thrust to an airplane-like type of ship. They could potentially be used to lift you up, such as in scenario A2, or even to implement helicopter-like dynamics, but it would be extremely costly in terms of fuel to accomplish this. The new property of Atmospheric Engines is that their fuel consumption is high at low speed when the engine first sets the ship into motion, but is reduced at high speed for a more realistic behavior. In addition,their max thrust is slightly higher. They are intended to be used in flight mode at high speed. If you use them for the purpose of lift, they will be considerably less efficient than Hovercraft Engines or Vertical Boosters. New Interactive Elements: Antigrav Generators (Beyond r0.10) There is one final use case that has yet been covered and one that we would like to discuss. Suppose that you would like to build a sizable space ship that would have to hover in the atmosphere; floating around for logistic or strategic support. It’s too large to reach high speed or be sustained by wings . It’s too heavy to be lifted by Atmospheric Engines and it would be too costly to use Rocket Boosters. What can we do? Welcome the new Antigrav Generators! The principle is that these Antigrav Generators will create a distortion in the gravity field to allow a very large ship to stabilize around a zero-g altitude. This altitude can be set by the player, but cannot go below 1000m. So, you can still land with a large ship, but you need some rocket boosters to lift it up at least over 1000m to be able to then activate the Antigrav Generator. Because of the way the anti-gravity field works, the construct is attracted and ultimately stabilized to the stabilization altitude. Note that if your speed downward is too high, you might break past the stabilization point and keep falling, so the Antigrav Generator has to be operated gently. Antigrav Generators come in three flavors: small, medium, and large. Each flavor is usable only with a dedicated construct size. Small generators work with 64m core units, medium with 128m cores, and large on the future 256m core. You cannot deploy an anti-g on a 32m or below ship; this is strictly for large structures. The Antigrav Generator by itself does nothing. It produces anti-graviton particles that need to be channeled into what we call “Pulsors” in order to be effective. You will need to link the Antigrav Generator with Antigrav Pulsors to increase its power. Small Antigrav Generators need at least 4 Pulsors to function and can connect upward of 6 Pulsors. Medium Antigrav Generators can use 12 Pulsors, and large ones, 24 Pulsors. Losing pulsors will lower the intensity of the anti-gravity field distortion. Should the number of active pulsors drop below the max number divided by two (so, 3 for small, 6 for medium and 12 for large), then your ship is going to slowly descend. Once the combat gameplay is implemented, we suspect that anti-g pulsors will become serious targets of choice! Note that Antigravity Generators are not engines and can be used to keep any payload airborne. The Antigrav Generator is automatically plugged into your control unit by the autoconf system. You will see it as a new widget and can activate/deactivate it using Ctrl-G or link it to a switch to activate it manually in-game. The widget will show you the anti-g power you currently have (up to 120% if you have all the pulsors linked), the local gravity, and the stabilization altitude. When you press Ctrl-G, the stab altitude is automatically reset to the current altitude. You will notice however that it does not change instantly, but with a maximum rate of 4m/s. So if you need a faster climb, just activate your boosters! For the time being in Pre-Alpha, Antigrav Generators will not consume anything, so they are free to use. In the final game they will consume electricity. It should be reasonably affordable so that you can stay in anti-gravity fields for a few hours at a time, but not so inexpensive that having a permanently flying fortress is something you’ll see on a daily basis. Currently in Pre-Alpha, when you quit the game while piloting a ship, it freezes that ship in the air. When you log back in, the ship is immobile because it has not been loaded properly). This will change in the final game and there won’t be an easy way to maintain a construct in the air. Antigrav Generators will be absolutely necessary. Additional Improvements: Bumpers and New Damage Model Up until now, damage was proportional to the kinetic energy of a construct just before impact. It is spread directly around the point of impact, being absorbed by elements one by one. When an amount of damage energy reached an element, this element absorbed it entirely. We are now introducing a buffer that will absorb part of this energy and inflict damage only on parts beyond the buffer. One application of this new model is the possibility to create bumpers: simple elements that have a small amount of hit points, but a significant damage buffer. Bumpers will be useful to create landing points of contact in a heavy constructs. Landing gears will also act like bumpers, being able to absorb reasonable amounts of shock. Clarification About Auto-Tagging: What is it used for? Let me make a small digression regarding an important mechanism which was recently introduced, but not properly explained until now: engine tagging. This part is totally optional and geared more toward programming-oriented players who like to create variations of standard behaviors. If you were one of the brave ones who took a gander at the Lua script that is auto generated for your ship, you noticed that there is a setEngineCommand function used in the flush event. This command is a powerful way to indirectly assign thrust power values to a set of engines via parameters so that the resulting effect will be equal to a given total thrust and torque. This function also takes a series of tags as parameters to define the set of engines it will operate on. This is the reason why your engines are tagged with things like “vertical”, “horizontal”, “brake”, etc. Each tag corresponds to a group of engines that are treated as a whole by the script. “vertical” corresponds to engines that will be involved in generating vertical thrust, “horizontal” is used to handle the forward thrust command, “brake” is for braking, “torque” is for rotating, etc. You can change the auto-tagging of the engines to re-assign them to other functions, otherwise this is default based on their type and/or orientation on the ship. It’s important to note that some engines are capable of generating force, while others are capable of generating torque, but not necessarily both at the same time. This is done to make your life simpler, as it’s much more difficult to control a ship that has thrusters generating force and torque at the same time (in most of our early testing, this was considered as too problematic by most people). We might introduce a way for players to reactivate the force+torque capability of all engines for added complexity, if you so choose. Let us know what you think about this! The bottom line is that if you have engines that are capable of generating only force (like atmo or space engines) and you tag them with a “torque” tag, this will do nothing. Realistic Accelerations and Speed Control In a future update we are considering several important changes that we think will help balance the ship building game and bring about interesting challenges: Currently, there is no limit to the acceleration you can withstand in a ship. Make a super light ship, add a huge rocket, and you can be catapulted at an insane speed with no consequences. Our goal will be to limit how much g you can sustain in proportion to the amount of voxels you have in your ship. Below a certain amount, your ship might simply dislocate itself. If you want to sustain high accelerations, you need structure, which in turn will add mass and limit the acceleration. If you manage somehow to accelerate at 100g, the likely result will be, well… that you explode and die! Don’t worry though! You’ll have plenty of warnings so you have time to react. The atmosphere re-entry is currently handled by only a nice visual effect. We are considering to induce damage to your ship if the amount of dissipated energy reaches a certain level, such as vaporizing your ship should you hit the atmosphere at 20.000 km/h with no special gear to handle the shock. We currently have artificial speed limits set in the atmosphere (up to 500 km/h at the surface) or near the surface of moons. This is due to the absence of the above mechanisms. We plan to remove this in the future, so hitting a planet or a moon at full speed from space will almost always end badly! Conclusion The table below aims at summarizing the discussion above. As usual, your feedback is most welcome and we are excited to hear what you think about these coming changes! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team View the full article
  2. This is why we’ve created The Dual Universe Community Spotlight. With it, we hope to interview some of our most interesting and influential community members to showcase those contributions to the Dual Universe Community. We hope that you look forward to hearing their stories as much as we do! This time, we have a chat with Kurock. Novaquark: To start things off, could you briefly introduce yourself? Kurock: Hi guys. This is Kurock from South Africa. I'm 36 and a father of two. A long long time ago, Baldur’s Gate kicked off my love for RPGs. Besides a player of pen and paper RPGs (where I GM'd for Pathfinder Society), and an avid board game collector (The Battlestar Galactica board game is well worth a look), I played a fair number of PC games. Most notably, I played and later GM'd for a local Ultima Online shard. From there I went from game to game, never really finding a place to stay for too long. Until now... Novaquark: How and when did you discover Dual Universe? What was it that brought you into the community? Kurock: Dual Universe first appeared on my radar in early 2016 when I happened to come across the E3 2016 trailer on YouTube around about the time when I was a little fed up with Space Engineers lack of stable multiplayer. My final pinch of skepticism was dispelled when JC explained the server architecture in a later video. During the Kickstarter I was a bit worried about the connection quality from South Africa but backed anyway. (Happily my worries proved to be ill founded.) It was during the Kickstarter that I joined the community on the forums and discord. And the rest, as they say, is history. Novaquark: What is it you find so enticing about Dual Universe? Kurock: Am I allowed to say "everything"? No? Ok, let's get stuck in then. The server architecture (no loading screens between planets) and the sheer amount of planned mechanics in Dual Universe (building, scanning, RDMS, etc.) are certainly appealing. The idea that all aspects of the game are easy to get into but also has depth for those that want to delve deeper is a design decision I enjoy. But most of all, in Dual Universe the designs not only come to life, but they persist. They matter because they affect other players. There are many single player and multiplayer games where I could create as you wish but the world itself doesn't really change. Also, by "designs" I don't mean only building a construct but also social interactions, ranging from hovercraft races to memes like "Just DU it". Novaquark: Everyone has goals they want to achieve when it comes to in-game content. What are you planning to accomplish in the future? Kurock: The short answer is add content to DU for other players to enjoy, and have tons of fun while doing so. I wish for Dual Universe to be inclusive rather than exclusive: A sandbox where all players have a chance to play as they wish to play, be that solo, in a small group or part of a nation. The longer answer is how I intend to go about that. Firstly there is the organization known as DICE. DICE is an in-game gaming events organizer and games distributor. The games encompass everything from hovercraft races to arena sports, from maze and puzzle games to arcade style games. You can find more about DICE in Novean Dreamers Almanac issue 2. Secondly with the following neutral organizations that all have a shared purpose: to provide job boards (player generated quests) open for those that are willing to take them. Each organization is dedicated to a specific area of expertise in Dual Universe and also has an extra something unique to that organisation (Dual Universe Wayfarers, Fullmetal Aegis, DU Constructors Guild, Drillers Bar, DU Space Truckers). If this sounds like a lot for one person to do, it is. Which is why I am always on the lookout for other passionate players that wish to help to build a more exciting DU. Of course I intend to continue my involvement in the community, be it moderating on the Dual Universe Discord, collecting community news in Dual Universe Historical Society , writing articles for Outpost Zebra, or encouraging open community projects like Tortuga City and Alioth Aerospace Expo. Novaquark: You’re a busy man, indeed! Among all that, you have also found time to write short stories about the game. You entered the first two NovaWrimo contests and even won the Community Vote twice for “Experiment Alpha” and “Bastille”. What inspired you to write these? Kurock: Experiment Alpha takes inspiration from JC. His flying around in godmode in early DU videos, to be exact. In Dual Universe lore, the alpha testing phase is a simulation and I thought that would be a great setting for a story since it seems real but there is still plenty of room for glitches in the matrix. Like space whales. Throwing in a few topics that shall not be named, a dash of my special brand of humor and wrapped in a Scheherazade story structure, I had a short story that was aimed squarely to gain the community's approval. For Bastille, I went with a nameless protagonist on a heroes journey with prison themes. Again peppered with my humor (which some say is a little strange), many covert references to other SciFi works, and a twist at the end. The prototype inventions of DU play a large role in Bastille, with a touch more world building that's the first story with the introduction of the Centauri. Novaquark: Do you have any specific hopes from Dual Universe in terms of its lore and storyline? Kurock: The core story of DU, the neutron star causing humanity to evacuate earth in Arkships, is a solid one. I enjoy the lore explanations for the technology, though some do find the resurrection node lore to be a bit of a stretch. I think less multiple universes and more quantum sampling and entanglement would go down a bit better. The four political factions of the UEF, the Alphas, Luminous, Ethereals, and Emporium seem a bit one dimensional. They seem more like generic game factions than parts of an organization that want to save humanity. Their domains are fine but they are missing character. Finally, I hope the storyline for after landing on Alioth is formed by the players. Oh and space whales. Novaquark: Well, we can assume players with some imagination could design spaceships with that kind of shape, right? :) Kurock: Whale shaped ships? Challenge accepted :) Novaquark: You mentioned that you were one of the moderators on the community Discord. How did you end up with that position and what does it imply on a daily basis? Kurock: I joined the community discord in September 2016. In May 2017 I was asked by Comrademoco on behalf of the discord admins to become a moderator. I accepted. Daily duties involve answering discord and Dual Universe related questions, helping people to their correct discord roles and very occasionally hosing down offenders when tempers flare. The community, in general, is friendly and will quickly help newcomers with their questions. If we were handing out the title of "most friendly and helpful soul" it would go to msoul. Novaquark: We’ve been really curious about the answer to this last question. Since the “Let’s DU it” thing that you mentioned earlier came from you, could you tell us how it started? Was it just a pun? We know where it ended, but where did the idea initially come from? Kurock: It started as a pun on discord. Code24 made the "Just DU it" image which was set up on the discord to appear whenever anyone said "Just DU it". Yamamushi created the Back Dual Universe Today! which further solidified the meme. There are many more DU memes but they have not made it onto JCs wall (yet). __ Thanks to Kurock for taking the time to answer our questions! We hope that you enjoyed our conversation as much as we did. In the future, we’ll be reaching out to more community members on a host of topics, introducing you to them, and sharing their achievements to our incredible community. If there is someone you feel should be in the spotlight, please let us know! Previous interview of Falstaf is still available here: Previous interview of Aetherios is still available here: View the full article
  3. Dear DevBlog readers, As you might have already realized, our old DevBlog is currently unavailable: we are currently migrating all the DevBlog articles prior to 2018 on our website. As there was a lot of articles, this will be done progressively. We will redirect all the old links towards the new ones once this will be done! Our aim is to gather all the official news on our website and to make it easier to read with a new theme. In the future, you will also be able to use a filter feature to find specific categories for the DevBlog posts you are the most interested in! Stay tuned! Best Regards, The Novaquark team View the full article
  4. These are only the minimal requirements for content to be eligible for promotion. If UGC content does not meet the criteria mentioned in our policy, it means that this content will not be promoted on Novaquark’s social media or website. Please check this document again in the future, as the policies listed here are subject to change. The content should follow the global community guidelines. It should not contain any of the following: Public shaming Inflammatory/Hate speech Profanity Sexual content Political content Religious or Ideological content Content related to toxic behavior (doxxing, cyberbullying, etc) Exposing a private conversation without the agreement of all parties (including private discussions on Discord or forums). Attacking any ethnic group, religion, gender, or sexual preference/identity. Promoting exploits, cheating programs, piracy, or any sort of illegal activity. The content should be original or authorized and properly credited. It should be made entirely by the original poster, or if it has been created by someone else and/or copyrighted, the poster must have permission from the original author (or copyright owner) to use it with credit provided. The content should not be mainly or exclusively about player recruitment. Novaquark will promote content made by organizations and players, but will not promote organization ads or other media used for the explicit purpose of player recruitment. View the full article
  5. Following up the male version, here's the female outfit our Art Team has been working on lately (among many other things). You can click on the image to watch it in video: Provided by the United Earth Federation (UEF) to the Arkship passengers, this suit is made from the best technology the 26th century was able to produce. Offering comfort and protection for many different activities a Novean experience everyday, this outfit is one of the closest ally you could wish to have to survive, with the other outfits scheduled to be at your disposal. Make sure to like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter. You'll be sure to not miss anything related to Dual Universe! And if you didn't already, join our forum too! View the full article
  6. Alpha Team Outfit, featured here with some pets: 3D versions of the first Bot Pets (click to watch them moving in video): During our Kickstarter campaign, we also showed the early prototype work on one of the promised pets: Make sure to like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter. You'll be sure to not miss anything related to Dual Universe! And if you didn't already, join our forum too! View the full article
  7. In order to ease the tracking of the board's latest updates, here's a roundup of the cards added with the suggestions of the past few weeks: - Added Process Web Content (player suggested feature being considered. No ETA) - Added Allow players to find the inertial mass of a Construct from all three axes of rotation (up, right, and forward). (player suggested feature being considered. No ETA) - Added Visualization of a Construct's Center of Mass and Center of Rotation (player suggested feature being considered. No ETA) - Added Add a warning/explanation message to the Run Autoconfigure command (player suggested feature that should make it for Alpha) - Added Lua Editor: slot names improvement (player suggested feature that should make it for Beta) - Added Headless client runnable on Linux dedicated server to (player suggested feature being considered. No ETA) - Added Signs Elements (player suggested feature that should make it for Alpha) - Added Increase the scripts size limit (Rejected) Feedback is key to deliver the best game possible.Thanks a lot for your involvment in Dual Universe's development! Disclaimer: This Trello board is NOT a Development Roadmap (we are aware that some of you are waiting for it and we plan to release a meaningful and updated one for Summer 2018). The current Trello doesn’t contain all of the submitted ideas and suggestions by community members. More will be added progressively after being analyzed and curated by the development team. You can now find the Trello here. Original announcement is available here. View the full article
  8. As announced on our forum here, we recently organized a building contest that saw stunning Outposts creations! We want to thank all the players and Organizations that entered. Congrats to the winners! 1st place: Croomar's team (Objective DriveYards) Prize: - 3 Beta Keys (to share with friends) - 3 DACs 2nd place: Tango_Lima (Gallia Gemina) Prize: - 2 Beta Keys (to share with friends) - 2 DACs 3rd place: UnderHandAerial's team (Hyperion) Prize: - 1 Beta Key (to share with a friend) - 1 DAC Of course, their creations have a great spot in this video but they're not the only one on the spotlight! We hope you'll enjoy watching it. It shows the tremendous potential of the game and what even crazier stuff the community could achieve in the future. We're impatient to see more! ___ Original announcement is availalable here. Winners announcement is available here. View the full article
  9. This is why we’ve created this series: The Dual Universe Community Spotlight. With it, we hope to interview some of our most interesting and influential community members to showcase their contributions to the Dual Universe Community. We hope that you look forward to hearing their stories as much as we do! This time, we have a chat with Falstaf. He’ll tell us about his thoughts about the game and his project Outpost Zebra, a cool fan-run website publishing articles on many aspects of Dual Universe. Novaquark: Could you briefly introduce yourself? Falstaf: Well, I go by the handle Falstaf. I'm 34, male and I'm from Belgium. I've been playing MMO's since 2004. With Anarchy Online being my first big love. I've played it for years but at some point I started looking for a new game to call my home. This lead me here. Novaquark: How and when did you discover Dual Universe? Falstaf: It was in February 2016 when had a short article about Dual Universe. It had 2 screenshots and not much info about the game. Even though I stopped playing MMO's back then I kept up to date on the development of MMO's. Hopeful that some day someone would be capable to develop a game that I felt was needed to push my favorite genre forward. I found the forum, read the developer blogs and I took a wait and see approach. It's only with the Kickstarter that I became more than casually interested in Dual Universe. Naturally the E3 trailer and the multiple interviews with J.C. helped me in trusting Novaquark as a company. Novaquark: Since you mention your need for a new breed of MMO, something that pushes the genre forward, what makes Dual Universe unique to you, in that regard? Falstaf: Oh where to start. In essence, for me it's DU's and NQ's attempt to create a virtual world with a strong and respectful attitude towards its community. We are at a point where the industry tries to convince me that a 32 player area counts as MMO, being a player from the 2nd generation I strongly disagree with that. You could also say that in general to me the genre became anti social in design and limited in scope. I firmly believe a major component of moving forward as a genre is technology based and DU is based on cutting edge technology. For me DU also ticks all the right boxes in a genre that (to me) stagnated for a decade or more. A big selling point for MMO's is its ability to interact with 1000's of players in a virtual world, supporting amazing communities in the process. DU embraces that and takes it a few steps further. There is literally no one that I know of who is doing anything close to NQ. It's missing a few features to make it my dream game but NQ has gotten closer to creating my dream game than anyone else. Naturally I'm speaking from my consumer point of view, I'm not a developer and I don't wish to belittle the efforts from other developers. Novaquark: With other community members like ATMLVE, Kael and Aetherios (who was interviewed here on a totally different topic), you created Outpost Zebra. You’ve gathered several contributors like Astrophil, Lethys, Kurock, Ben Fargo, what is this project about? What sparked the idea and how did you gather these folks in this adventure? Falstaf: Basically, Outpost Zebra is a community driven and focused effort to create content for and by the community. There are a lot of initiatives to create in game content or develop tools for the game and its community. I wondered how I could contribute in my own way and so was born. A platform where everyone is invited to read and share stories or other game related content. And I really can't and won't take credit for everything. After I had developed the idea I asked my organization, the Heimera Trade Xchange, for help. That's how Aetherios and ATMLVE got on board as writers. Another member, Kael, donated the domain and helped me in working out the technical issues that the general public doesn't see. Another organization member called Anonymous gave me invaluable advice along the way. Last but not least: Adamantine11 who donates his time whenever possible as an extra pair of eyes. NQ-Nyzaltar was also kind enough to answer some questions I had. Everybody chipped in where possible to make my project come alive. Lethys, Kurock and Ben Fargo have been very supportive to the project with offering me their feedback and contributing content whenever possible, I hardly had to ask them to contribute. Astrophil was asked by my organization leader, Aetherios, to publish Ark Central on Outpost Zebra to increase our content schedule and increased exposure for Ark Central. All around everybody has been a delight to work with. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, from the contributors to the people I've interviewed to the readers. Without them Oz wouldn't be what it is today and what it can be in the future. It's a true work of passion for and by this community. Novaquark: What are the next steps for Outpost Zebra? Falstaf: My idea for Oz was to create a service for the Dual Universe community. Today that translates in articles and opinion pieces related to Dual Universe. My ambition is to expand on the idea of a service for and by the community. I wish I could go into more detail but I don't want to give away too much before things are ready to launch. I don't want to announce a feature and then we realize it's impossible to deliver. Novaquark: It’s understandable. However, could you elaborate a little bit further on what you mean by “service”? Outpost Zebra is free for everybody as we speak but do you intend to monetize it in some way in the future? Falstaf: I see Outpost Zebra as a service in the sense that it provides content that is tailored to the community. As a platform that is willing to change and adapt to a specific need of the moment. Right now that means providing articles for the user to read but in time the intent is to add features that makes Outpost Zebra more than just a blog. As for the cost, we don't run any advertisements what so ever and I hope we can keep it like this for ever. I don't like advertisements and I can imagine a lot of our users don't like them either. It is free to read or submit material and I don't have any desire to monetize that either. Perhaps this makes me a bad business man but it is a fan project and I want to keep it free. I'd rather shell out some money than place some 3rd party advertisement. We do have some banner art from Dual Universe organizations but they are more for flavour than for any monetary gain. Novaquark: Still looking for new contributors? How can they join? Falstaf: Yes, I'm always looking for new contributors for a number of reasons. The 2 biggest reasons why I'm always looking for new people are to increase the content schedule and to find new and fresh voices. People can contribute in 2 ways right now. On one hand we have a contact form that you can use to submit articles and on the other hand there is Team Oz. Team Oz are people that have committed to produce content on a regular schedule. They can acces the back end of the website to write their articles etc. It's a system that has worked very well so far. Although I would like to find some new regular writers so that Oz can deliver content on a faster schedule. Novaquark: So it’s open to everybody? Do you operate some curation? Falstaf: Everybody is free to choose to write about what they want although I reserve the right to make suggestions or refuse submissions to prevent abuse or questionable content. If anyone feels the urge to contribute its as easy as submitting their article with the click of a button. And if you want to join Team Oz it's just a matter of either contacting me, Falstaf, on the Dual Universe forum or by using the contact form on the website. All applications will be considered. __ Thanks to Falstaf for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope that you enjoyed our little conversation as much as we did. In the future, we’ll be reaching out to more community members on a host of topics, introducing you to them, and sharing their unique contributions to our incredible community. If there is someone you feel should be in the spotlight, please let us know! Link to Outpost Zebra Website: Previous interview of Aetherios is still available here: View the full article
  10. NovaQuark

    [DLU]New Build Preview!

    Hi everyone! Today we are going to share with you what is going to hit the Live Server in a few weeks! :) We are aiming for May to release a new build of the game. Please keep in mind that this is a rough estimate and there may be some delay due to the size and complexity of these new features being implemented. So what can you expect? Scanning & Mining system Finally, there will be ground resources to dig when exploring planets! Exploring far away planets will now have a greater incentive, as you’re likely to find very rare materials on it. We will also be releasing a dedicated article to explain how we will manage resource distribution and what you can expect in terms of prospection tools. To set all players on an equal level, everyone will restart on Alioth and there will be no further teleportation requests accepted by the Novaquark team during test sessions (except in cases where a player is stuck and the respawn feature doesn’t work). First iteration of Trade mechanics & Market Units This means the Quanta currency is coming as well as a Personal Wallet for each Pre-Alpha tester! A starting amount of Quanta will be given to everyone. You will be able to sell resources you have dug to bots on the market or to other players! Monetary regulation will not yet be implemented, so expect potential deflation as part of economic activity growth; this is normal. As the crafting system won’t be available yet, you will be able to directly purchase (with in-game money) any Element you need from bots on the market. With all of this content implemented, the player inventory will be reset, and there will no longer be unlimited resources., If you want to try your hand at building enormous constructs, now is the time to do it! Planet landscape reset We don’t plan to reset planet landscape for the release of the new Build coming in a few weeks. However, it will happen before Alpha Launch (expect at least one wipe before we reach this milestone). The same goes for constructs currently in-game: no wipe with the release of the new Build, but there will be at least one before Alpha launch. Piloting Mechanics revamp We heard you. The previous piloting mechanics excessively relied on vertical boosters to leave a planet’s atmosphere and enter space. That wasn’t what we had in mind for these engines. Our goal is to have a set of engines that will cover different use cases so that specialized ships can be built depending on what type of mission is required. We have worked on a revamp of the engines, adding new ones such as the rocket boosters you saw in the DualX video, and redefining others. That includes Wing Elements, Anti-Gravity Generators, and lots of exciting new gameplay to experiment with! We will release a dedicated blog article with more detail about this very soon so that we can collect your feedback ahead of the launch. There will be bugs! Last but not least, as always with many new features in the early stages of development, expect things to be broken. There will be bugs, glitches, and possible client crashes despite all of our efforts with internal testing and external QA. We are working on polishing a number of existing features and taking your feedback into account. Since we're integrating the very first iteration of Markets and Scanning functionality in Dual Universe, we ask you to please explore, find ore, and purchase items from the Markets instead of immediately returning to your constructs. Doing so will help us tremendously as we want to gather as much feedback as possible to make further improvements and adjustments on these features. We hope that you are as excited as we are to test all of the features coming up in the next build! Best Regards, The Novaquark team View the full article
  11. In order to ease the tracking of the board's latest updates, here's a roundup of the cards added with the suggestions of the past few weeks: - Added Ability to edit other players scripts & Programming Board (player suggested feature that should make it to Beta) - Added In game playtime checking counter (player suggested feature that should be considered) - Added Primacy tracking of the Blueprints (player suggested feature that should make it to Beta) - Added Keyboard re-mapping option (player suggested feature that should make it to Beta) - Added Handier command to delete an item in the Inventory (player suggested feature that should make it to Alpha) - Added Level Of Detail automatically adjusted according to player's hardware (player suggested feature that should make it to Final release) - Added Rename a Blueprint option (player suggested feature that should make it to Beta) - Added Search by categories in the Inventory (player suggested feature that should make it to Beta) - Added Flight behavior rework & improvements (player suggested feature that should make it to Alpha) - Added When selecting a destination that is not in the player's field of view, the way point marker should be visible on the edge of the screen (player suggested feature that should make it to Alpha) - Added Auto deploy of landing gears when linked to a telemeter (player suggested feature that should be considered) - Added Rotors, Sliders and Rails implementation (player suggested feature that should be considerered) Feedback is key to deliver the best game possible.Thanks a lot for your involvment in Dual Universe's development! Disclaimer: This Trello board is NOT a Development Roadmap (we are aware that some of you are waiting for it and we plan to release a meaningful and updated one for Summer 2018). The current Trello doesn’t contain all of the submitted ideas and suggestions by community members. More will be added progressively after being analyzed and curated by the development team. You can now find the Trello here. Original announcement is available here. View the full article
  12. NovaQuark

    [DLU]Newsletter Revamp

    On February 23rd we promised to take several actions in order to have a better line of communication with the Dual Universe fans and followers. One of these actions was a revamp of our newsletter. If you haven't already done it, we suggest to subscribe to it now: we created a new design and a new format for it (we’ll keep working on improving it). In the new Dual Universe newsletter, we will send you a summary of the main news about Dual Universe once per month. Moreover, you’ll find similar content published on our website. This means if you don’t want to be contacted by email, you can just visit our website and read the news. We wanted to make it easy and fast to read so the email will only include the main topics of the month. On top of that, if you follow us on social media, we will also regularly update you with news on Facebook, Twitter and the Community Discord. If you are already a mailing list subscriber, you will have received the first email with this new format last Monday around 5:00 pm (Paris time). What do you think? Is the new format better? What would you like to see in this monthly email? Let us know on the forum here! View the full article
  13. As we have now three waves of backers (Kickstarter Founders, Post-Kickstarter Founders, and Supporters), it has come to our attention that it’s unclear who receives one or several Character Reservation Name(s) and in which order. Here is a recap of everything we’ve said about the topic: Kickstarter Founders who have an Arkship Passenger ID Card among their rewards are eligible for a Character Reservation Name (1st priority). All Kickstarter Founders are automatically eligible for a Character Reservation Name as a global reward for having reached the 6,000 Backers milestone (2nd priority). Post-Kickstarter Founders (those who began supporting Dual Universe through our Community Portal website) who have an Arkship Passenger ID Card among their rewards are eligible for a Character Reservation Name (3rd priority). Sponsor & Patron Supporters are eligible for a Character Reservation Name (4th priority) Regarding when two backers have the same priority to reserve a Character Name, the priority works in favor of a “first-come first-served” basis. A Founder who began supporting Dual Universe during the Kickstarter campaign and upgraded their pledge later on the Community Portal website is still considered a Kickstarter Founder on this topic: they automatically receive the Character Reservation Name related to the 6,000 Backers milestone (2nd priority). If they pledged a pack with an Arkship Passenger ID Card during the Kickstarter, they received a second Character Reservation Name (1st priority). If they received a pack with an Arkship Passenger ID Card after upgrading on the Community Portal website, their second Character Reservation Name will be 3rd priority. A Founder who began supporting Dual Universe on the Community Portal website and didn’t receive an Arkship Passenger ID Card is not eligible for any Character Reservation Name. We understand that this may be frustrating for some Gold Founders (or above) who didn’t choose the correct pack containing this reward, and can see now it is automatically included in the Sponsor and Patron Packs. That’s why we have decided to automatically include a Character Reservation Name (4th priority) to all Post-Kickstarter Founders who don’t have already one. Today, to claim your Character Name (if you haven't already done it through a Kickstarter Survey), you have to contact our Customer Support at Don't forget to contact the customer support with the e-mail address attached to the Dual Universe account on which you want to reserve a name (the account must be eligible for such reward). Any request made with another e-mail address will be automatically rejected. If you have a Post-Kickstarter Founder Pack without Character Name Reservation and you have previously contacted our Customer Support regarding this topic, please contact them again to reserve a name as the ability of getting one becomes effective as of today. View the full article
  14. October DevDiary As usual, here is the monthly DevDiary. As we have been in feature freeze mode for the past two months, this is more a debriefing than a presentation of new features. Pre-Alpha Teaser If you haven’t seen it yet, we released a Pre-Alpha teaser at the end of September to celebrate the opening […] View the full article
  15. Shot at Cologne, Germany during Gamescom, here are new details about our recent work and what awaits you in the Pre-Alpha. 0:00 – Introduction 0:26 – Why “Pre-Alpha” Explanation 1:03 – Pre-Alpha Day One Content 2:40 – General UI Revamp Work for Pre-Alpha 3:06 – General Game Menu Presentation 3:50 – Inventory System Glimpse 4:00 – Cockpit Widgets Redesign (WIP) 4:16 – Dynamic […] View the full article