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  1. Hey everyone, Just to let you know, we have restarted several of our game servers that had been causing an issue. Please log out and back in. / The Division Team View the full article
  2. Hey everyone, Just to let you know, we have restarted several of our game servers that had been causing an issue. Please log out and back in. / The Division Team View the full article
  3. The public test phase for The Division’s upcoming Update 1.6 and the major expansion Last Stand has ended today and the PTS is now offline. Although we still don’t know the final release date yet, both updates will go live simultaneously on all three platforms. While the developers are now tweaking and polishing the patch based on the data they have received throughout past weeks, they are also looking into resolving the recently reported lag and latency issues. We understand the frustration and our goal is to provide the best experience of possible in every aspect of the game. In yesterday’s State of the Game episode (Twitch) from February 9th, it was also said that reload while sprinting will stay for now and not be touched for 1.6, which doesn’t mean that it will never change in the future. Besides the usual recap of PTS 4 during the stream, the latest applied change to the SMG’s weapon bonus from Critical Hit Damage to Critical Hit Chance is retroactive and level 34 magazines will be fixed in 1.6. The developers have also created a new survey to gather some final feedback on Update 1.6, which covers topics around balancing changes, the new Dark Zone areas and PvP. If you want to provide additional feedback, suggestions, or ideas, you can still do this in the official PTS forums. The post The Division SotG: PTS Now Offline & New Intel Survey Online appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  4. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, February 9th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  5. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, February 9th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  6. This is probably the last test week before The Division’s Update 1.6 and Last Stand go live. We are talking about PTS version 4, which was deployed today and besides the usual bugfixes, the developers were able to resolve the problem with Last Stand’s “Join on the Fly” mode and applied further tweaks to its Gear Normalization. Almost out of nowhere, the developers will also bring back the original weapon bonus for SMGs, namely Critical Hit Chance! It will from now on replace Critical Hit Damage with a maximum roll of 22% and will therefore make all kinds of weapon mods with Critical Hit Damage more useful again. …we realized that they were in a good place and that people really liked playing with them. As always, you can find the patch notes for this update down below, but keep in mind that they do not represent the full changelog of the PTS. If you want to go through the full one, but still NOT final changelog, you can do this here. Please also note that we still don’t know the exact release date for this game update. Expansion 3: Last StandNormalization With PTS4, normalization will roll the max stat for all gear bonuses, gear mods, performance mods and weapons mods – in addition to the previous max rolls for major stats, weapon damage and weapon attributes – which means that your entire character will be scaled to a fully min-maxed 256 build. Your goal when putting together a build for Last Stand should now be completely focused around creating a build that suits your playstyle, instead of only trying to find a build where the stats are rolled fully to your advantage. Normalization now rolls the max Gear Score 256 stat for Your Gear major/minor bonuses Gear Mods Performance Mods Weapon Mods Major stats Weapon damage Weapon attributes Fortifications We have always wanted fortifications to help a solo player defend a tactical location, especially if the attacking team was not approaching tactically. With the previous tuning players were able to tank and heal against the turrets but the actual Time to Kill for the turret was fairly long. We are making the turrets more lethal if attackers are not playing smart, which should also help solo defenders hold down their home tactical location. The Pulse fortifications have not been changed. The damage of the turret fortifications has increased by 40%. The health of the turret fortifications has decreased by 25%. Join on the Fly The issues we had with joining a Last Stand match already in progress during PTS2 have been resolved, and you are once again able to join on the fly. Also, players who joined as a group should no longer randomly be split up at the end of a match. You can now join a Last Stand match already in progress again. Personal Score Up until now, the scores used to calculate rewards at the end of the match were placeholders until we had more data on what kind of scores we could expect during a match. With PTS4, the score thresholds for Last Stand rewards have been increased. If your team wins the match, you will always get a win cache, no matter your personal score. The Last Stand score thresholds are now 3000 for 1 cache, 6000 for 2 caches and 15 000 for three caches. Mercy Rule We continue to tweak the Mercy Rule and we will continue to adjust it as we gather more data. For now, we want to try to keep it more aggressive and see what players think. We would love to hear your feedback on this aspect. Mercy Rule now activates at 10 minutes instead of eight.Update 1.6Game changes Time to Kill was too fast during PTS3 and didn’t give enough time to work skills into encounters, so we’re lowering the PvP damage multiplier in PTS4. This change is subtle and should not dramatically affect the current pace of PvP. Additionally, with the updated normalization discussed above, players are going to be more lethal in general, which means we need to pull back the Time to Kill slightly. The PvP damage multiplier has been lowered from 0.46 to 0.42. This change applies to both Last Stand and the Dark Zone. Weapons Historian The Historian has been given back its base damage, which means that headshots and critical hit chance will once again have an effect on its performance. As noted during PTS3, the idea is to have a weapon that scales very well with Firearms, so we have given its explosive damage a further boost. The explosive damage will now equal 700% of the user’s Firearms. SMGs During the testing of normalization in Last Stand, we had the opportunity to observe legacy SMGs that still had Critical Hit Chance on them in action. While we had initially planned to remove those weapons from the game, we realized that they were in a good place and that people really liked playing with them. Because of this, we decided to give back Critical Hit Chance to all SMGs instead. SMGs have been given back their Critical Hit Chance, with a maximum roll of around 22%. Bug fixes Fixed a bug in Last Stand where the player’s Last Stand rank was not displayed correctly. Fixed a bug in Last Stand where the player would not receive credit for reviving teammates using Support Station. Fixed bugs in Last Stand where the scoreboard would not display correctly. Fixed a bug where players would be stuck at a vendor if the group leader canceled matchmaking for Last Stand. Fixed a bug in Last Stand where kill notifications while the Points for Kills perk was active did not display correctly for the opposing team. Fixed a bug in Last Stand where the player would spawn in the Dark Zone next time they log in after using Alt-F4 to quit the game. Players can no longer open caches when in a Last Stand match. Fixed a bug with Mobile Cover where talents Adept, Competent and Capable would stay active until either the cover was destroyed or the player changed cover. Fixed a bug where sometimes the player would lose input functionality after closing the stash. Fixed a bug where backpack skins did not display properly on the NinjaBike messenger bag on female characters. Fixed a bug where your Turret and Seeker Mines would attack your own Support Station when Rogue. Fixed an issue with the Distracted talent where it would always be active when shooting at an enemy’s body even if no status effects were active. Fixed a bug where Banshee’s Shadow 4-piece bonus would stop working after changing phases. Fixed a vendor bug where the player was unable to use the mouse to select the item they wanted to buy. Fixed a bug where the LMB pants awarded from Legendary missions looked different on female character models. Fixed a bug where the Defibrillator’s heal over time would not be renewed on multiple uses of the skill. Fixed a bug where Seeker Mines with the Airburst mod would stay active even after being hit by an EMP effect. Fixed a bug where a Favorited item could be accidentally marked as junk. Fixed a bug where the Premium vendor would lose functionality if all items were bought. Fixed a bug where the Signature skill cooldown would not update on the party’s UI if used outside of party range. Fixed a bug where Dark Zone leaderboards would not display. Fixed a bug with the Chromatic aberration graphical setting. The post Update 1.6 and Last Stand: PTS 4 Patch Notes from February 7th appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  7. We have reached week 3 of The Division’s PTS for Update 1.6 and Last Stand. Currently it feels more like a back and forth between changes than well-thought-out implementations and decisions from the developers. Things like the reloading while sprinting is now thankfully back again and Damage Resiliences are getting hard-capped at 60%. Moreover, the newly introduced S.E.E.K.R. Gear Set has been removed from Update 1.6 entirely due to balancing reasons. Besides that, the developers have published an article which explains the latest Armor and Health changes in detail. The connection problems for Last Stand should be gone now, but also only because a feature who caused the problem was disabled instead of fixed. Hopefully it will not come back as it was almost impossible to finish a game without being Delta’d. You can find the patch notes for this update down below, but keep in mind that they do not represent the full changelog of the PTS. If you want to go through the full one, but still NOT final changelog again, you can do this here. Expansion 3: Last StandMany players mentioned that TTK a player in Downed State was too long and enforced players to engage at short range in order to be able to finish off their opponent in Melee. We want to try a shorter TTK against players in Downed State and see the impact it will have on long-range engagements. Reduced Downed State health by 50% in Last Stand. This means downed players will be killed twice faster than in PTS 2. Another issue in Last Stand is the scarcity of Medkits as a whole. As a first step, we will now grant maximum Medkits to players when they respawn. Players will now always be set to 5 Medkits when respawning after death. We also lowered the health of Skill proxies in Last Stand, to make them easier to destroy by other players. Skill proxies have their health reduced by 50% in Last Stand only. Affected skills are Support Station, Turret and Seeker Mine. Normalization One of the major complaints that appeared with Normalization was the sudden prevalence of Armor damage mitigation and its impact on PvP fights; this is addressed in PTS 3. Reducing the set Damage Mitigation will not only allow for a more consistent Time to Kill, it should also shift the Skill Power Meta that appeared during PTS 2, as weapon damage will become much more valuable. In addition, we have decided to try something different with Major and Minor bonuses on Gear, as we realized that their impact on PvP was minimal and players started avoiding the scaled major bonuses in favor of those that were not scaled. The result should be an experience that evens out the playing field, just enough for players to feel confident when jumping into Last Stand while not completely negating the importance of character building. Reduced set Armor Damage Mitigation by 50% from 70% to 35%. Armor will now respect Talents and Skill buffs. Major and Minor bonuses are no longer normalized and apply as in normal gameplay. All Weapons stats will now roll at maximum. (such as headshot damage bonus on Marksman Rifles) Personal Score Players were receiving much higher than anticipated scores on PTS2 from certain activities. These changes are a first attempt at making it so PvE and PvP focused players can achieve comparable scores. Reduced the amount of score earned from additive kill marks. (Headshot, low health, explosive, etc.) Reduced the amount of score earned from Last Stand assist marks. (Being near a friendly as they capture an objective, turn on a fortification, activate a tactical boost) Reduced the amount of score earned from healing a teammate by 50%. Mercy Rule Tuned the mercy rule to begin activating when there are 8 minutes left in a match and there is more than a 7500 points spread. The mercy rule will also now defer triggering if the losing team is currently scoring at a rate equal to or greater than the winning team. Spawning To help deter the spawn camp strategy we have added additional spawn points and updated spawn logic so that points outside of a player’s designated home spawn area can be used if there is too much enemy threat.Update 1.6Game changes To avoid having to add extra health specific for Last Stand and maintain a 35% armor cap we decided to tune the PVP damage modifier to achieve the desired Time to Kill. This change is going to help the survivability of players in Last Stand and DZ. It will also make playing with your character in and out of Last Stand feel more consistent no matter of if you’re playing normalized or not. Reduced PvP damage modifier by 21% from 0.58 to 0.46. This applies to both Dark Zone and Last Stand game mode. We decided to revert the change to Medkit cooldowns as the impact on PvE was deemed too great for the little change it brought to PvP. Medkits cooldown was reduced back to its initial value of 12 seconds, instead of 15 seconds. Another very unpopular and inconclusive change was the removal of ability to reload while sprinting. While we believe that this change could be beneficial on paper, the implementation in PTS 2 was not satisfying and the impact on PvE too great for us to keep it in the build. Players will now be able to Reload while Sprinting. Finally, an important aspect that has been greatly discussed during PTS 2 is the ability for players to stack Damage Resilience from many sources, to the point where they would become almost invulnerable. We have now taken several steps to limit this, starting with a new cap on All Damage Resilience. All Damage Resilience has now been capped at 60%. Weapons Provident: The last bullet of a magazine deals 10% more damage. (Instead of 60%) Caduceus We’ve made a few adjustments to make sure the Caduceus becomes the Skill Power weapon that we want it to be, but also make sure it doesn’t become too strong, especially when multiple copies are used in a group. Implemented a 0.2 seconds cooldown between each Caduceus Heal proc. In other words, healing effects from multiple Caduceus in a group will no longer stack. A player can only be healed by one Caduceus at a time. Changed the Unique Talent so that it now heals for 1% of the user’s Skill Power, instead of 1% of the receiver’s health. Medved We corrected an issue with the Medved generating too much Stagger on enemy players. Reduced Stagger from this weapon’s damage. Tenebrae We added a cooldown to Tenebrae, to avoid situations where its Talent effect would apply too often. Its talent now has a 10 seconds cooldown. Historian As seen during PTS 2, Historian quickly became a great weapon for many players due to the current importance of Skill Power. With that said, we also realized that since its damage scaled with Skill Power, we could end up in situations where Skill Power users could have a very high weapon damage, on top of their high skill damage. Instead, we decided to go the opposite route and now scale the Historian damage with Firearms. The explosive damage will now equal 500% of the user’s firearms. Gear Sets S.E.E.K.R. Despite the change done to this set in PTS 2, we are still not happy with the current version. We have decided to remove it from this PTS and the 1.6 Update until we can rework it for a later one. Removed S.E.E.K.R. set from the game. Reclaimer In combination to the Support Station range increase described in the Skill section below, we have reduced the Station range bonus of this set in order to improve the base skill while not making it imbalanced when used with this set. Set bonus (3): +30% Support Station range. (instead of +50%) Note that combining this change to the change to Support Station range listed below, you can now reach a total range of 9.75 meters versus 9 meters in PTS 2. Skills balance Based on your feedback, we noticed that while the idea to reduce Skill Power impact on cooldown was welcome, it wasn’t yet push far enough in order to really promote Skill Haste and help players with low Skill Power. Skill Power: We further reduced the impact of Skill Power on skill cooldowns. This means that compared to PTS 2, players with lower Skill Power will have slightly shorter cooldowns and player with high skill power will have slightly longer ones. Our goals is to make Skill Haste the go-to stat for cooldown reduction. We have also decided to take a few steps to address cooldown reduction that could lead to skill spamming. These steps consist of a reduction of Skill Haste, as well as an increase of base cooldown for some specific skills listed below. Skill Haste cap has been reduced from 60% to 50%. Pulse We noticed that Pulse could become very powerful with high Skill Power, especially with Crit Chance and Damage bonus applied to the whole group. Reduced impact of Skill Power on Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. Tactical Scanner: Critical Hit Chance increased by +20%. Critical Hit Damage reduced by -11%. First Aid In order to make sure this skill remains usable for players with low Skill Power, we decided to buff it up a bit. We also looked at the Damage Mitigation bonus of Booster Shot, in a global effort to reduce the impact of Damage Resilience in the game. Self and Ally Heal increased by 15% on all mods. Reduced impact of Skill Power on Self and Ally Heal by 20% on all mods. Booster Shot: Damage Mitigation bonus decreased by 50% from 15% to 7.5%. Mobile Cover All mods: Base cooldown increased by 33%. Seeker mine One of the obvious issues with PTS 2, Seeker mine quickly became the new Meta due to the efficiency of Cluster. While this is partly due to a wrong balancing of damage mitigation (bullets do less damage so skills feel much more powerful), it was also pointed that the stagger effect was just too much of an extra for this skill. Cluster: The stagger effect has been removed. Reduced the explosion damage from each mine, however increased the bleed damage instead. The total damage is now lower when each mine hits different target and significantly lower when all mines hit the same target. All mods: Base cooldown increased by 17%. Smart cover A clear must-have skill in order to stack Damage Resilience. We do like that it brought players back to the cover based gameplay that we want to see, but the bonus is simply too strong and needs to be reduced in order to bring Damage Resilience in line with the new balancing of the game. Damage Resilience decreased by 33%. Reduced impact of Skill Power on Damage Resilience. All mods: Base cooldown increased by 9%. Sticky Bomb One of the regular suggestion that came up to counter the Seeker Mine domination in PvP was to make Sticky Bomb Disruptor instant. This has now been done. Disruptor: It will now detonate with no delay. Support Station A very unpopular change with PTS 2 was the reduction of Support Station range. We know that this skill has become a player favorite with this update, which is great, but we also do not want it to become too much of a must have. To address this situation, we decided to increase the range again, but reduce the impact of Reclaimer. We also implemented a limitation to make sure that stacking Support Stations on top of each other would not lead to crazy amounts of heals. Range increased by 25% from 6 meters to 7.5 meters. Implemented a 1 second cooldown to Support Station heal procs. In other words, stacking several Support Stations on each other will only heal the player once, and not once per Support Station. Turret Both the long range and the very high amount of health made the Turret a too potent proxy-tank, making it possible to clear difficult content using a very passive playstyle. A shorter range and a more reasonable health pool will make the Turret a more balanced tool, where positioning matters more. Base skill and Active Sensor: Range decreased from 35 meters to 25 meters. All mods except Shock: Base health reduced by 25%. All mods: Skill Power impact on health reduced. Legendary While the overall difficulty of Legendary seems to be just about right, there is one aspect that generated quite a bit of frustration: lack of checkpoints. We agree that dying at the end boss and having to restart from the start can feel very punishing, and we decided to do something about this. We also had a look at consumable drops, especially Medkits. Added one checkpoint to each Legendary Mission. (About halfway through the mission) Added more guaranteed consumable drops on specific LMB3 NPCs. Contamination Events Often overlooked in this PTS, we have decided to give a little boost to our contamination events in the Dark Zone in order to make them more interesting and less punishing. Added additional veteran flamers and rushers in all contamination event encounters. Dropped the contamination drain on player’s health by 2/3. Loot & Vendors As a quality of life change, and an answer to a request from the community, we have decided to increase the Phoenix Credit cap. Phoenix Credits cap has been increased from 2.000 to 5.000. Bug fixing Fixed a bug where the “Action Completed” pop up would trigger with each NPC kill. Fixed a bug in Last Stand where gameplay VO was being deferred and playing long after gameplay actions had been completed. Fixed a bug in Last Stand where players would sometimes remain invulnerable to damage with their weapons holstered throughout the match. Several improvements were made to NPC AI. Fixed a bug with Tactician’s Authority where the buff would be consume when another group member uses a skill. About Delta errors in Last Stand The Delta issues caused by server crashes that plagued the PTS 2 build have been largely eliminated as of the last server update. Many of these crashes were caused by a side effect of Last Stand’s join on the fly functionality. A fix has been completed and is being dev tested but due to the complexity of the fix, it will not be implemented in PTS 3. For PTS3 all join on the fly functionality is temporarily deactivated. To help us to get the most valuable data out of the Last Stand PTS we ask all players to stay in their match until it concludes and leave during the between match summary/matchmaking screen. The post Update 1.6 and Last Stand: PTS 3 Patch Notes from February 2nd appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  8. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, February 2nd at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  9. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, February 2nd at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  10. A new patch has been deployed on The Division’s Public Test Server. Owners of the Season Pass can now try out the new Last Stand PvP game mode for the first time, which features a new multiplayer experience where 8vs8 players are fighting each other to secure tactical terminals from the SHD. Balancing the PvP mode in a RPG-game like The Division, where literally every player has a different setup, can be a pain, but with Last Stand the developers are introducing something players have waited for a long time. A competitive, objective based and also fair as well as an on skill focused experience for all who are willing to join the arena. With the opening of Last Stand, we want to try something that has never been done with PvP in The Division: Normalization. Furthermore and on top of the already known changes to Toughness and Skill Power, Gear bonuses for each Gear Slot have been rebalanced so that Enemy Armor Damage for example is now a Major instead of a Minor bonus, or that you can no longer have Damage to Elites on your gloves, but instead the chance to roll doubled Pistol Damage on them and so on. This way the developers try to ensure that every build, no matter in which direction it goes, becomes more valuable by getting rid of unused bonuses and replacing them with more useful and interesting ones. A detailed list of these changes can be found down below. The following patch notes are just describing the changes of today’s update and do not represent the full changelog of the PTS. If you want to go through the full, but still NOT final changelog again, you can do this here. Expansion 3: Last StandLast Stand is now activated and available to all Season Pass owners. Last Stand Gear normalization is activated: When entering a match of Last Stand, character stats will be modified in order to bring a more stable balance to player versus player combat. Gear pieces: Automatically increase to Gear Score 256. Main attributes (Firearms, Stamina, Electronics) will be increased to the maximum roll of the existing stat on each equipped piece. The following bonuses will be uniformly scaled: Weapon type damage Skill Power Health All other bonuses remain unchanged. Weapons: Automatically increase to Gear Score 256. Base damage is set to the maximum possible for this weapon. Talents unlock based on the normalized main attributes. Mods act as normal. Other stats (RPM, Reload speed, etc) are unchanged. All players will be set to the same armor mitigation value. Players talents, Gear Sets bonuses and Weapon Sets bonuses function as normal. Update 1.6Game changes It will no longer be possible to reload while sprinting. Increased Hip-fire penalties: Weapon spread is now wider while stability and recoil are also more impacted. Dark Zone: Koreatown is no longer classified as a Landmark. Gear Sets S.E.E.K.R. After the first round of PTS testing and community feedback, it became clear that the initial direction with this set was wrong. The proposed mechanic was promoting Hip Firing when we were trying to encourage more interesting gameplay. The overall bonuses provided with the 2 and 3-piece bonus was also too strong. The proposed changqes should rebalance the 2 and 3-piece bonus, and turn this set into more of a skill based long range combat set, particularly interesting for Marksman Rifle users. Set Bonus (2): +10% All Resistance (instead of +10% Body shot Damage) Set Bonus (3): +5% Body shot Damage (instead of +30% Critical Hit Damage) Set Bonus (4): After 2 consecutive shots to the body, the next headshot will have +200% Headshot Damage bonus. (instead of “the next shot is a guaranteed critical hit”) Banshee’s Shadow Many of you have been asking for a change to Banshee following the change to DZ rules where non-Rogue players no longer lose DZ XP and funds when dying. With the proposed change, we want to push the fantasy of the “Rogue Hunter” a bit further by providing a “revenge” type of bonus. Set Bonus (4): While Rogue, all ammo is completely refilled every 30 seconds. Damage takent from non-rogue players reduced by 10%. (no change) While not Rogue, Damage to Rogue players is increased by 10%. This bonus is increased to 20% for 10 minutes after being killed by a rogue. (instead of no DZ experience and funds lost on death) Tactician’s Authority To be more in line with the new Skill Haste values, we have increased the Skill Haste bonus of Tactician. Set Bonus (2): 15% Skill Haste. Weapons Hildr & Eir Obviously, the set bonus provided by these weapons didn’t work correctly as the Hildr could benefit from its own critical damage bonus. This has now been fixed. Valkyria: Each hit with Hildr increases critical hit damage by 1% to a max of 30. The bonus decreases by 1 every second. This bonus only applies to Eir. Urban MDR Requested by many, the Urban MDR is finally receiving a damage boost to bring it more on par with other Exotic weapons. The damage boost might seem huge, but we wanted to bring it more on par with Marksman Rifles since it handles similarly. Base damage increased by 65%. Distracted: Damage bonus increased to 18%. (instead of 10%) FAMAS To make it more unique, we have changed the name of this weapon. We also increase its damage slightly. FAMAS is now called Bullfrog Base damage increased by 11.7%. Midas We received a lot of feedback on the healing debuff of the Midas and decided to preserve the debuff idea, but with a different angle. Midas: Each bullet you hit with reduces your damage by 1% and your target’s damage by 1% to a max of 20%. The effect is reduced by 5% per second. Showstopper Requested by many, the showstopper is finally receiving some love with this new PTS build. Base damage increased by 11%. Hungry Hog It became obvious during the PTS that the current instalment of the Glutton talent could lead to ridiculous amount of damage. We have decided to limit the amount of bonus damage that can be received from its talent. Glutton now provides 10% extra damage per kill and can stack up to 5 times. Historian It was reported on the PTS that the explosion sound of the Historian was a bit too loud, and could disturb gameplay significantly. Explosion sound of the Historian has been lowered. L86 Base damage increased by 4%. Damage falloff at range reduced by 40%. Gear stats With the last PTS, we removed Armor as a gear bonus and replaced it with Health. While we consider this to be a step in the right direction, we also noticed that the Health bonus was still too strong and that Health remained a Best in Slot choice in many cases. In order to address that and make other choices just as interesting, we have decided to lower Health bonuses but also implement a new concept: Base Health which is determined by the World Tier you are currently in. The end result means that players who don’t invest in Health will have more Health than in the last PTS, while players who invest heavily will remain at similar levels. This should make for a more consistent Time to Be Killed. The changes listed below do not include Armor being turned into Health and Health turned into All Resistance. -bonus is removed +bonus is added =bonus remains Chest -Damage to Elite -Damage from Elite +Skill Haste +Enemy Armor Damage =Health =Health on Kill =Exotic Damage Resilience =All Resistance Backpack -Skill Haste -Signature Skill Resource Gain +Weapon Stability =Health =Critical Hit Damage =Skill Power Mask -Damage to Elite +Enemy Armor Damage =Critical Hit Chance =Health on Kill =Exotic Damage Resilience =Skill Power =All Resistance Gloves -Damage to Elite +Enemy Armor Damage +Skill Haste =Critical Hit Chance =Critical Hit Damage =Health on Kill =Assault rifle Damage =LMG Damage =Marksman rifle Damage =Shotgun Damage =SMG Damage =Pistol Damage Kneepads -Damage to Elite -Damage from Elite +Enemy Armor Damage +Skill Power =Health =Critical Hit Damage =Exotic Damage Resilience =All Resistance Holster -Damage from Elite -Pistol Damage +Critical Hit Chance +Reload Speed =Health =Skill Haste Other changes to stats: Enemy Armor Damage is now a Major bonus and no longer a Minor. Damage to Elites is now a Minor bonus and no longer a Major. Damage from Elite values has been halved. Pistol Damage is doubled on gloves. Recalibration With all these changes to Gear stats, here are the details of how existing gear should convert with this update. It is important to note that “new bonuses” will not all be available on existing gear when recalibrating. Some will be automatically changed, others will be available when recalibrating, and others won’t be available at all. A more detailed list will be published later. If you had a native Armor bonus (not recalibrated), it will be turned into health. If you had a recalibrated Armor bonus, the recalibration will reset and you will be back to the initial bonus when the item was acquired. If you had a native Health bonus (not recalibrated), it will be turned into All Resistance. If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Kneepads, the Health roll will remain. If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Chestpiece and no native armor roll on this piece, the Health roll will remain. If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Chestpiece and a native armor roll on this piece, the recalibration will reset as you would otherwise end up with 2 Health bonuses. If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in any other Gear Piece, the recalibration will reset. If you had a recalibrated Skill Haste bonus on your backpack, the recalibration will reset If you had a recalibrated Pistol Damage bonus on your holster, and the holster was acquired after update 1.5, the recalibration will reset If you had a recalibrated Enemy Armor Damage or Damage to Elite and the item was acquired after update 1.5, the recalibration will reset All recalibration on Exotic weapons will reset Unique talents on Exotic weapons cannot be recalibrated Free talents on Exotic weapons that don’t have a Unique talent (Liberator, Centurion, Eir and Hildr) can be recalibrated Note that when a recalibration resets, the money spent will be reimbursed, based on the recalibration costs of Update 1.6. Since recalibration now has a cost cap, if the initial recalibration costed more, you will only be reimbursed according to this cap. Note that recalibrations will not be reimbursed on the PTS as recalibrations cost 0. Skills After this first PTS, we noticed that Skill Power builds have had a second life and have started to shine. This is a good thing, but it shouldn’t become a new extreme that makes any other kind of build worthless. We will keep monitoring the situation for future PTS updates. We are also aware that First Aid is considered too weak in its new version, which hurts solo players. We will address the issue if it persists, however, we want to give some more time to the community to adapt to the new meta before doing any changes on the skill. For the time being, we decided to modify Skill Power’s impact on cooldowns to help players who have low Skill Power, and make more room for Skill Haste as a valuable stat. We also rebalanced a few skills that appeared to be slightly too strong in PTS 1. Updated the impact of Skill Power on all skills’ cooldowns. The result is that Skill Power will have less of an impact on cooldowns, leading to slightly faster cooldowns for players with low Skill Power and slightly slower ones for players with high Skill Power compared to their cooldowns in PTS 1. Sticky Bomb Disruptor: Explosion radius increased to 9 meters. With this very large radius, Dirsuptor becomes a strong counter to skill proxies such as Turrets, Support Stations or Seeker Mines. Support Station All mods: Radius decreased from 8 meters to 6 meters. All mods: Healing rate decreased by 16.7%. Life Support: Revive time increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. The base stats of the Support Station were a bit too strong, especially in combination with the Reclaimer gear set. Vendors We had a quick pass at Vendors costs to take into account the addition of Exotic items. Exotic items sold at Vendors have had their prices slightly increased. Gear Set items have been lowered to be equivalent to High End prices. Legendary Difficulty Our goal with Legendary Difficulty is to add an activity specially tailored for very optimized players. Thus, we purposely designed it to not be achievable by everyone. With that said, we also want to make sure the experience is fair, and that failing feels deserved or at least understandable. Slightly decreased accuracy, aiming and weapon spread of NPCs. Several updates to NPC behavior in Legendary Mode. Slightly increase NPC damage to compensate for accuracy and aiming changes. Bug fixes Fixed a bug where NPCs would often get perfect aim. Fixed a bug where Hildr was still named Valkyria. Fixed a bug where Incursions weekly rewards would not correctly contain an Exotic Cache. Fixed a bug where Exotic weapons would end up with incoherent talent requirements if they had been recalibrated before the update. Fixed a bug where Skill Haste value was not correctly doubled on Gear Mods. Fixed a bug where the collision in The Armory landmark did not match the geometry. Modified some roamer paths in the DZ to reduce amount of AI that can be pulled into engagements. Player can now fast travel to all DZ gates, including the ones along Central Park Wall. Fixed a bug where Uncomplicated could be recalibrated. Fixed a bug where Tactician’s Authority 4-piece buff would be lost after 10 seconds if not consumed by using a skill. Fixed a bug where the Quickdraw talent on Damascus had attributes requirements. Fixed a bug where the Glutton talent on Hungry Hog would provide more bonus damage than intended. Fixed a bug where mods could be unequipped randomly when relogging into the game. Fixed a bug where Dark Zone leaderboards would not work properly. Fixed a bug where High End weapons only had 3 talents available when recalibrating instead of 6. The post Update 1.6 and Last Stand: PTS 2 Patch Notes from January 27th appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  11. <div><b><font color="#ff8c00">Greetings Agents,<br /></font></b><br />The servers will shut down for maintenance on <font color="#ff8c00"><b>Thursday, January 26th </b></font> at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. <br /><br />The estimated downtime is approximately<b><font color="#ff8c00"> 3 hours.</font></b><br /><br />Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses.<br /><br />Thank you,<br /><br /><font color="#ff8c00"><b>The Division Team</b></font></div> View the full article
  12. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, January 26th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  13. The Public Test Server for The Division’s Update 1.6 and Last Stand will open its doors tomorrow Tuesday, January 24th. This was announced some hours ago in the official forums of the game. In addition, the developers have released the first preliminary patch notes with a more detailed insight on the upcoming changes. Although not fully confirmed yet, the go live of the PTS will probably be around 12:00 PM CET, while again only PC players will be able to participate in this test. Apparently the developers have been working hard to try to bring the PTS to consoles, but unfortunately Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players have to be a little bit more patient. Besides the information we have already received in the last couple of days, the new Incursion called Lost Signal takes place in a civilian TV Broadcast center taken over by the infamous Rikers gang and features unique combat scenarios such as different wings and a final boss fight. Furthermore, the patch notes reveal the new Weapon Talents of all existing Exotic(?) Weapons as well as the set bonuses of the new SEEKR Gear Set. As always, keep in mind that these are not the final patch notes and that the build on the PTS is Work in Progress. They will be updated throughout the test phase. Feel free to share your opinion and feedback in the official PTS forums. Expansion 3: Last StandPlease note that you must own the Last Stand DLC to gain access to this content. Last Stand game mode Note that Last Stand will not be activated when the PTS opens. It will be activated at a later date during PTS testing. SHD tech data relays that are loaded with operational information where left behind in the DZ with the JTF was forced to withdrawal. Rogues have targeted these data relays and are attempting to access what’s inside. Engage in 8 versus 8 PvP combat and secure the data before the Rogues can. Fight to control three key tactical locations on one of 4 Dark Zone maps. In order to capture a tactical location, the team will need to control three objectives inside the location. Once the tactical location is secured, the team will begin scoring points. First team to reach the max score, wins. To help propel their team to victory, players can activate powerful fortifications and SHD tech tactical boosts. New Incursion – Lost Signal Lost Signal takes place in a civilian TV Broadcast center taken over by the infamous Rikers gang. Players will venture into three different wings and face unique combat scenarios. Each encounter is meant to push players to play tactically and make the best use of their builds. All wings bring their own challenges and rewards; completing all of them will unlock the final boss fight and the strongest opposition yet. Update 1.6The following content, changes, and bug fixes are available free for everyone. Please understand that the changes listed here are not final and may or may not be fully implemented on the PTS. When testing on the PTS and providing feedback, please keep in mind that some changes might be missing and that balancing is still a work in progress. Game ChangesDark Zone map expansion Explore three new areas to the North of the Dark Zone. Engage powerful enemies and discover the dangers hidding around every corner. Dark Zone Leaderboards Earn rewards in the Dark Zone by participating in weekly and monthly activities that are tracked via the new Dark Zone leaderboards. See how you stack up against all the players in the Dark Zone on leaderboard activities that reset and change every week and month. All the tracked weekly and monthly activities count towards your total score. The higher your score, the better rewards you will earn when the leaderboards reset! Dark Zone Contamination Events The pockets of virus contamination in the subways below the Dark Zone are festering and becoming even more deadly. Cleaners have been attracted to the rising contamination. Players must manage their health as the virus eats away at their filter while battling against powerful Cleaners. Clear each Dark Zone subway of Cleaners to earn extra rewards. Legendary difficulty Pit yourself against an elite LMB force equipped with superior gear and advanced tactics Legendary difficulty strips missions of all narrative, all checkpoints and focuses purely on combat scenarios Legendary difficulty is only available in World Tier 5 Available missions: Napalm Production Site, WarrenGate Power Plant, Times Square Power Relay. More options for character customization Explore all new ways of customizing your agent, with weapon skins, backpack skins, new clothing sets and emotes! Visit the Premium Vendor in The Terminal to unlock premium vanity content; stocks update weekly so check back regularly! Combat Increased the time to revive a downed teammate from 3s to 5s. Bleed no longer blocks sprint. Instead it reduces movement speed by 20%. Additional applications refresh the timer. Medkits can now be used at full health and cleanse the character of all applied status effects. Medkits cooldown has been increased from 12 seconds to 15 seconds. Players will no longer be able to reload their weapon and sprint in the same time. When sprinting, pressing Reload will drop you out of Sprint. When Reloading, pressing Sprint will interrupt the Reload. Hipfire stability has been significantly reduced when moving. Player camera will now be impacted by hipfire, reducing his field of view the longer he keeps firing. There is now a short cooldown between each combat roll. Body shot damage has been slightly increased in PvP (this change does not apply to PvE, headshot damage is unchanged). Implemented visual feedback when an enemy player uses a Medkit. Dark Zone Players can now fast travel between Dark Zone checkpoints. Players will no longer loose Dark Zone experience and funds when killed in the Dark Zone if they are not Rogue. Supply drops will now reward Dark Zone experience as well. Armor & Resistances Armor has been removed as a Major bonus from items and is replaced with Health. Added a new bonus called “Resist All” which adds resistance to all types of status effects. Older items (pre 1.6) with Health bonus will see this bonus replaced with a Resist All one. Resistances to status effects will now reduce the effect instead of having a chance to resist it. This means that a 10% bleed resist will lower the bleed damage and duration by 10% instead of having a 10% chance to ignore it. When applied repeatedly in a short time, the player will naturally build up resistance to this status effect. In other words, status effects will now have diminishing returns when applied repeatedly to a player. If the player manages to build up to 100% resistance to a status effect, he will then resist it entirely. Gear Talents Rejuvenated now gives 40% resistance to all status effects for 10 seconds, when using a Medkit. Character talents On the move reduced to 15%. Battle Buddy reduced to 30%. Critical Save reduced to 20%. Adrenaline will no longer apply Overheal. Instead it replaces the instant heal of Medkits with a heal over time that can also apply while taking damage. Skills Changes to skillpower: The skillpower curve has been modified, resulting in less efficient skills at low skillpower, and more efficient skills at high skillpower. Skills will now scale to the World Tier you are currently in as an “expected skillpower” has now been implemented. Diminishing return on Skillpower will not kick in before 450.000 skillpower. All skills have been adapted to this new scaling. Sticky Bomb Changed Flashbang mod to only have a flashbang effect. Changed Proximity mod to be an EMP effect instead. Added warning and delay to Sticky Bomb. This means that all Sticky Bombs will no longer detonate immediately, but after some time. First AidDefibrillator will now heal in 2 steps, one instant burst of healing following by a heal over time. TurretShock Turret will no longer deal any damage and only shock the enemy. Signature Skills: The exhaust that applies after a player received a Signature Skill effect is extended to 60 seconds (from 30 seconds). Players will no longer be able to trigger a Signature Skill if they are under the exhaust effect from a previous application. Signature Skills cooldown will now be affected by Skill Haste. Tactical Link Damage bonus is decreased to 10% in Last Stand. (this change doesn’t apply outside of Last Stand, where the bonus remains at 30%). Weapon Stability will be more hindered by the rate of fire bonus. Skill Haste gear bonuses have been increased by 100%. Gear Sets D3-FNC 4 pieces: When used, your Ballistic Shield has no skill mod active. It will no longer remove Critical Chance from your weapon. Characters will now automatically switch to their sidearm if the SMG runs out of ammo. Reclaimer 2 pieces: Increased Support Station range. 4 pieces: All Support Station mods are active at the same time. AlphaBridge4 pieces: Now only provides the 3rd (free) talent of the unused weapon instead of all three. All talents ignore unlock requirements. Tactician’s Authority4 pieces: Now consumes the skill power buff on skill use instead of after 10 seconds. New gear set: SEEKR (This Gear Set is still Work in Progress) 2 pieces: 10% Body shot damage. 3 pieces: 30% Critical Hit damage. 4 pieces: After 2 consecutive shots to the body, the next shot is a guaranteed Critical Hit. Loot High-End Named items become Exotic (name might change): This quality comes with a new item color. Exotic weapons have been removed from the Advanced Weaponry Vendor. Updates sources for Exotics: Some sources have been moved around. We also added more sources with change to drop any Exotic. Exotics Caches have been added to the game. These guarantee an Exotic item when opened. The scavenger box in the Base of Operations will now properly scale with world tier. Weekly Assignment Caches will now guarantee an Exotic item. Crafting Recalibrations are now unlimited. This means that once a stat is picked for recalibration, it can be recalibrated as many times at the player has currency to pay for it. The cost will increase at first but eventually cap and no longer increase. Weapons Base damage on all weapons has been reduced to balance correctly with the reduced damage mitigation from the change to Armor (note that NPC health and damage has also been adapted to preserve the Time to Kill and Time to be Killed values pre 1.6). Coolheaded will now have a small cooldown to not trigger repeatedly with automatic weapons. All Named Weapons are now of Exotic Quality. Exotic weapons now each have a unique talent in the 3rd free slot. The other 2 talents are rolled randomly from the list of talents available to this weapon type. Exotic weapon talents are not transferred to the other weapon when using AlphaBridge. Exotic talents cannot be recalibrated. Exotic weapons each received a unique descriptive lore text in their UI. Some Exotic Weapons now function as Gear Sets: The unique talent unlocks when two specific Exotic weapons are equipped. FAMAS is now an Exotic weapon and Uncomplicated its unique talent. MedvedCenter Mass: Shoots heavy slugs instead of buckshot. Hungry HogGlutton: Killing a target increases your damage dealt by 20% until you stop firing. Multiple kills stack this bonus. TenebraeLights out: Destroying an enemy weak point resets skill cooldowns for you and your nearby groupmembers. PakhanPakhan: Each kill makes the next reload have 20% extra bullets compared to its base. Liberator & Centurion (Weapon Gear Set)Free Republic: Each shot with the Liberator grabts +5% to you next headshot damage with the Centurion. Max is 200%. Kills with the Centurion grant +10% RPM to all weapons for 10 seconds. Valkyrie becomes Hildr & Eir (Weapon Gear Set) Valkyria: Each hit with Hildr increases critical hit damage by 1% to a max of 100/ The bonus decreases by 1 every second. Hildr cannot crit. CassidyBoomstick: Double trigger fires off both barrels in short succession. Urban MDRDistracted: Your damage is increased by 10% against targets with status effects. WarlordPlay rough: Damage taken is reduced by 20% while firing. The taken damage is applied when you stop firing. DamascusQuickdraw: When drawn weapon damage is increased by 20% for 2 seconds. After that weapon damage is decreased by 20%. Golden RhinoGolden Rhino: Increase stagger by 200%. HistorianHistory repeats: Each bullet embers itself in the target and detonates 2 seconds later for 20% Skillpower. CaduceusCaduceus: Each Critical Hit heals you and your group for 1%. Open World Civilians will now always drop Target Intel when helped. Collectibles will now reward players with more XP when picked up at level 30. Survival Crafting High End pistols will no longer cost Division Tech Updated Survival Cache content: it no longer has a specific drop that weights towards weapons introduced in Survival and has a more generic drop instead. Exotic items can now drop as a bonus with a small chance. Reviving players from downed state will now cost a Medkit. When matchmaking in Solo PvP Survival, players will end up in a guaranteed Solo instance where grouping is not possible. Players can no longer “loot and kill” other downed players in PvE Survival. Supplies available around the different spawn hideouts have been rebalanced. Underground Killing NPCs will now grant Underground XP instead of normal XP. This means that players will no longer earn normal XP when playing underground. Underground Caches now guarantee two items instead of one. Exotic items can now drop as a bonus with a small chance. Incursions Increased the Weekly Rewards on all Challenging and Heroic Incursions. Gameplay [PC Only] Several improvements and bug fixes made to gamepad support on PC.Bug fixes Fixed a bug where sometimes consumables would not be actually consumed when used in Survival mode or normal gameplay. Fixed a bug where the game would return an incorrect out of playable map area error in DZ06. Fixed a bug where the UI would incorrectly reflect the protection bonus from Hunter’s Faith gear set talent when two or more players had the 4-piece bonus active while in close proximity. Fixed a bug where players could accidentally use consumables while browsing the emote wheel. Fixed a bug where the Pulse Master skill would not always trigger the early warning for hostile characters. Fixed several instances of Ballistic Shield becoming unusable. Fixed a bug where Recovery Link would not trigger correctly. Fixed a bug where players would be unable to do anything for a few seconds after using a skill. Fixed a bug where the UI QuickNav function would not work properly. Fixed a bug where crafting material quality would not scale properly with world tier. Fixed a bug on PlayStation 4 where players would be stuck in infinite loading. Fixed a bug where weapon talents would not activate if the character attribute values were equal, but not higher than the requirements. Fixed several instances of delay when using First Aid. Fixed a bug where Vigorous talent would not work properly. Fixed a bug where players would be able to use consumables infinitely. Fixed a bug where the Competent weapon talent would not work for certain skills. Fixed a bug where the Coolheaded weapon talent would reduce consumable duration. Fixed a bug where the NPC audio would not work after ending a Survival game mode session. The post Update 1.6 and Last Stand: PTS Opening & Patch Notes Announced appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  14. Greetings Agents, The PC servers will shut down for maintenance on Tuesday, January 24th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  15. Greetings Agents, The PC servers will shut down for maintenance on Tuesday, January 24th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  16. The Division’s free Update 1.6 will be released at the same time as Expansion III: Last Stand on all three platforms simultaneously. While 1.4 and 1.5 were mainly focusing the PvE aspect of the game, 1.6 will primarily address The Division’s PvP part and the Dark Zone, but will also improve the PvE experience. Both, 1.6 and Last Stand will be available to test on the Public Test Server in a couple of days, which means that the changes you will find in this article are not final yet, but already give you a preview in which direction 1.6 is heading. The go live for the PTS as well as the release date for the Update itself will be given out soon. It’s also worth noting that the next update will not introduce a new World Tier and therefore not increase the Gear Score of max. 256. Besides content changes, also bug fixes will be included in the release build, but more about that in the patch notes that will be released throughout the PTS phase and once Update 1.6 goes live. Let’s take a closer look at what’s coming. Dark ZoneThe Northern FrontAs we have already seen during the Last Stand reveal, the Dark Zone will be expanded to the North with three new areas around the Central Park – DZ07-09 – which almost double the playable size of the current Dark Zone. These new areas will come with lots of explorable vertical spaces, like rooftops and underground locations – more than what we have seen in the other 6 subzones. The amount of players in the Dark Zone will not change and stay at 24 players per instance. Because of this, farming in lower subzones, or in general, could turn the whole DZ into a more PvE friendly place, also because some of the PvP players will probably play Last Stand instead. PvP BalancingAs mentioned before, no changes are final yet until the PTS for 1.6 is over, but we have to start somewhere, right? To make the overall PvP experience more enjoyable and balanced to everyone, the developers have reviewed the following things with the ETF Bravo: Hip fire stability while moving has been decreased and a new hip fire camera has been added. The damage gap between body damage and headshots has been lowered. When combat rolling, there’s now a one second delay before you can roll again. Since Consumables aren’t applying Status Effects anymore, the Turret Skill as well as Incendiary/Shock Grenades became more popular in the past and are very powerful in combination with the Shortbow Championship Kneepads. To be able to counter these Status Effects, medkits can now be used at full health to remove certain Status Effects without having to equip a High-End mask. The Bleed Status Effect will no longer prevent you from sprinting or moving from cover to cover, instead it will slow you down in general. Status Effects will also have diminishing returns. Whenever a Status Effect is applied to you, you build up a certain amount of temporary resistance to it for a short while. Furthermore, some of the talents in the game have been rebalanced: The Rejuvenated talent has been changed to give additional resistance to Status Effects. Adrenaline no longer gives an overheal from medkits, instead it will give a heal over time. Your enemy’s health bar will flash whenever they use a medkit. Survivability talents like On the Move, Battle Buddy and Critical Save. LeaderboardsDark Zone Leaderboards will allow you to compare yourself with other players across a wide variety of activities on a weekly and a monthly basis. The activities are divided into PvP and PvE. PvP for example includes Rogues killed, Manhunts survived and Extractions hijacked. PvE instead is focusing on activities like NPC enemies killed, locked chests looted and items extracted. When the leaderboards reset, all tracked activities will be turned into a total score which is divided into three tiers. You gain better rewards the higher this score is. Contamination EventsA new type of special event called Contamination Event will be added to the Dark Zone, where Elite Cleaners will appear roughly every hour in the DZ’s underground tunnels and it’s your job to stop them. Contaminated body bags have been piled up in parts of the subways below the Dark Zone, increasing the strength of the virus in those areas. The Cleaners have started sweeping these locations, burning everything in their path – including civilians who happen to get in their way. But it’s not just about shooting the Cleaners and getting rewarded for it. The contamination down there will be so high that your virus filter alone is not enough to survive. You will have to watch and manage your health as well as medkit or skill usage and act as quickly as possible to be successful. LandmarksThe new Landmarks in 1.6 can have multiple waves of enemies spawning after you’ve killed the initial NPCs. Because it was very annoying that some players just killed the Named Enemy for loot and headed over to the next Landmark without actually clearing the whole spot, clearing Landmarks will now award you with additional loot placed directly into your inventory, bypassing the need to extract it. CheckpointsFast travel between DZ Checkpoints will be added. Similar to when you would like to exit the DZ with contaminated loot, you would also lose it when trying to teleport to another Checkpoint. Armor and ResistancesArmor will no longer be a major bonus and be replaced with Health, making Health and Stamina to the main source of Toughness. With this important step, 1.6 will finally get rid of the need of having to invest every single attribute point into Armor and opens up various new build combinations at one go. Other parts of the game will be rebalanced accordingly in regard to Time to Kill and Time to be Killed. Secondly, to avoid double Health rolls, current Health rolls will turn into a new stat Resist All. Furthermore, resistances will become analogue instead of binary. This means that they lower the effect of the status effect by its percentage instead of just cancelling it out – 40% burn resist means 40% less burn damage and duration, for example. If you do manage to build up a 100% resist to a specific status effect, it will no longer have an effect on you and anyone trying to apply it to you will see a “Resisted” message in the scrolling combat text. Because there will be no new World Tier and Gear Score increase, all changes are retroactive. Skill Power and Skill ChangesSkill Power will be working similar to the new Armor system. Changing the World Tier will automatically increase or decrease the amount of Skill Power that is needed for the same skill effectiveness on lower tiers. If you have a balanced build, you won’t see much difference from now, but if you’ve invested in Skill Power, your skills will become more efficient than they currently are. This in turn means that you really would have to sacrifice other stats to increase your build’s skill efficiency. Also some skills will be changed in order to make them more interesting and viable. Sticky Bombs will be detonating a bit delayed while showing a red area warning and beeping sound before it explodes. Its Flashbang mod will no longer cause the Disrupt Status Effect and fully focus on crowd control without damage. Proximity Fuse is going to be replaced with an EMP mod that works against skills and skill proxies (such as Turrets and Seeker Mines). First Aid‘s cooldown will be increased which makes the usage of Skill Power and Skill Haste more important. The First Aid Defibrillator mod will now heal in two steps; one initial burst followed by a heal over time. The Shock Turret has also seen a small change, and will no longer do any damage on its own. Signature Skills will receive a slight tweak to prevent players from activating another Signature Skill in case you already have the immunity debuff. The immunity on the other side will be increased from 30 to 60 seconds. Tactical Link’s damage will be reduced in PvP, but will stay the same in PvE. Legendary DifficultyFor many players out there the current content the game is providing is not difficult and challenging enough. Experienced players or those who have decent gear are already able to complete Story Missions and Incursions on Heroic with ease; and that’s where the new Legendary difficulty mode comes into play. The Legendary mode is really going to test your build, your tactics and your group synergy. Although most of the Story Missions do not even offer a Challenge mode yet, the Legendary difficulty will also only be added to a handful of missions – three in total when Update 1.6 drops: Times Square WarrenGate Power Plant and Napalm Production Site While the objective in aforementioned missions stays the same, the previous content regarding enemies will be replaced with more powerful and much smarter enemies from the Last Man Battalion who will react to your skills and Status Effects. If you’ve fought the Hunter in Survival, you have had a brief taste of what is coming. It should still be possible to solo these missions, but like Incursions, they are primarily designed and intended for organized group play with dedicated roles. It’s not about having enough damage to melt their health bars, but more to “deal with their tactics and strategies” the developers say. Also nice is the fact that the Legendary mode will reward you with exclusive vanity items that you can’t get anywhere else in the game, besides tons of other loot drops of course. It’s planned to add this mode to more missions in the future, but based on the current mission state, we will see if this is really going to be happen. Fingers crossed! Exotic ItemsIn Update 1.6, Named Items and Weapons will become Exotics. It will turn into an additional item rarity to the ones we already know. Moreover, some of those items will get their own unique color coding to make them stand out from the rest of your items, so will the drop color of these items change. Each of the items have also received flavor and lore text on their item descriptions, which makes them even more unique. All Exotic Weapons will have their own unique talent. Here are 2 examples: Hungry Hog (Glutton Talent): Killing a target increases your damage dealt by 20% until you stop firing. Tenebrae (Lights Out Talent): Destroying an enemy weak point resets skill cooldowns for you and nearby group members. As The Division’s Community Manager Matt Shotcha has mentioned during a livestream, the Famas Assault Rifle will also turn into an Exotic Item in 1.6. All these changes will be retroactive. Exotic Weapon SetsSimilar to the existent Gear Sets, 1.6 will introduce Exotic Weapon Sets. An Exotic Weapon Set requires you to equip two specific Exotic Weapons to unlock their talent, which are designed to synergize with each other when their talents become active. The Valkyria is one of them and will be split into two – the Hildr and the Eir. Exotic CachesSealed Caches, Weapon Caches, Gear Set Caches… Exotic Caches is another way to obtain Exotics as they will guarantee an Exotic Item drop. Those will be given out as a Weekly Reward when completing Legendary missions. Gear Set ChangesAs expected, 1.6 will also change some Gear Sets in order to bring them back on par with all the other ones, especially AlphaBridge, which was dominating The Division’s PvP scene. Next to balancing improvements, the update will also add a new Gear Set called SEEKR. The AlphaBridge 4-piece bonus now shares the free talent (the one which doesn’t require any stats) from your weapons instead of all three (except from Exotic weapon talents). This change is not final yet and the test phase on the PTS will decide whether further changes are needed or not. Frontline’s 4-piece no longer removes the critical hit chance, instead it removes the effect of any mods (Reactive Targeting, Assault Shield, Kinetic Breaker) you have applied to the shield. The Reclaimer set focuses on the Support Station. Its 4-piece bonus activates all Support Station mods simultaneously. It no longer has an effect on consumables. Tactician’s Authority’s buff only disappears after you use a skill. The new Gear Set SEEKR will focus on body shots. Its 4-piece bonus will give you a guaranteed critical hit after landing two consecutive shots to the body (which can be spread out across different enemies). Premium VendorA Premium Vendor will be added to the game who will be offering an extended range of new cosmetic and other expression items which can be purchased with the new Premium Credits currency. Premium Credits can be purchased in exchange of real money and are account bound, but will be shareable between all your characters. There is no way besides real money to obtain this currency except for a Uplay Reward which can be unlocked when 1.6 is available. This special vendor will be also located in the Terminal below the Base of Operations. The items from this vendor won’t give you any advantage over other players and are for cosmetic purpose only to keep a fair game environment – nobody is forced into buying them, but if you like a certain skin and the price (unknown yet) seems to be ok, just go for it! The following things can be purchased, while new ones will be added after some time: Weapon skins Backpack skins Clothing items Emotes Bundle containing items from any or each of the four categories above Want to know more about this feature? Visit the official Premium Credits FAQ. Other ChangesFrom now on, all activities reward their own separate experience points and award their own caches. For example in Underground you will only receive experience points towards your Underground Rank. This change is not really understandable since it forces you again into certain activities to benefit from Field Proficiency. The recalibration limit for items will be removed in 1.6, meaning that you will be able to recalibrate them as often as you want while the price increases each time and caps out at five recalibrations. Speaking about the price, expect some price tweaks for Gear Sets and Exotic Weapons. Some more changes: Helping civilians will reward you with Intel. Scavenger Box will scale with the World Tier. The Survival DLC also received some changes. First of all the matchmaking for solo players will be fixed so that they cannot longer end up in games with groups. Furthermore grouping up in PvP Survival games has been disabled and reviving a downed player will always cost a medkit. High-End pistols in Survival mode will no longer cost Division Tech. What do you think about these changes? With Update 1.6, the developers seem to be really trying to finish what they have started with Update 1.4 some months ago – to make The Division great again! We are excited for this next update and escpecially the Last Stand game mode. Stay tuned! Source: Official Website The post Update 1.6 in Detail: Dark Zone Revamp, Legendary Difficulty, Exotics and Premium Vendor appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  17. After yesterday’s teaser trailer release we have finally got the full picture of The Division’s third expansion. The Last Stand DLC comes with a new 8vs8 objective- and at the same time session-based PvP game mode in the Dark Zone, one of the most requested features since the game launched in March last year. Moreover it includes another Incursion: Stolen Signal without any further details on it. Like the previous two DLCs, Last Stand will not only be available through the Season Pass, but also as a separate purchase. Furthermore it’s now official that the free Update 1.6 and Last Stand will be released simultaneously on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A release date will be revealed soon. Last StandLast Stand will change the way you experience the Dark Zone. Together with a group of 7 other Division Agents which is again divided into 2 sub-squads of 4 players each, you will be fighting against another team of 8 Rogue Agents to secure important tactical terminals – SHD tech data relays loaded with operational information – the Joint Task Force was forced to left behind because the situation in the Dark Zone went out of control. Your job is it to prevent the Rogues from reaching and accessing these terminals as it would be catastrophic for the SHD and the mission to save New York. A tactical terminal located next to the recalibration station in the Terminal allows you to get started with Last Stand. Character level 30 is required. Game ModeIt’s a fully objective-based arena like game mode, running in its own instance and the goal is it to take control of aforementioned terminals in certain locations of the Dark Zone. While the game will always treat your team as the good one and your opponents as Rogues for lore reasons, the Rogue Protocol itself doesn’t get activated when you are killing an enemy, meaning that you won’t lose any DZ Funds or DZ Rank experience in case you are getting killed by someone else. The team which transfers enough information first in a maximum 20 minutes long round wins the match. Locations and Encryption PointsBecause the current size of the DZ would exceed the size of a standard multiplayer map, the Dark Zone will be split into four different areas (DZ 1-3, 4-6, and the new Dark Zone areas 7-8 and 8-9 respectively). Yes! New areas will be added to the Dark Zone, more about that can be found after our introduction of Last Stand – further down below! Each map is divided into three tactical locations, namely A, B and C, while those in turn are also separated into three encryption points which all need to be controlled first before the data transfer starts. The more zones and points you control, the faster the data upload and the higher the chance to win! However, don’t forget about your enemies who will also try to neutralize these points in order to capture them for themselves. Once a terminal is captured, a so called spawn relay will be activated, which gives you more variety through a spawn overview in the megamap to get back into the fight if you get killed. As the game progresses, this rule changes and you would automatically spawn close to one of your team mates, for a more aggressive game towards the end of the round. Matchmaking and BalancingMatchmaking for Last Stand works similar to that for the Dark Zone. It’s not only considering your current Gear Score though, which by the way won’t be increased in 1.6/Last Stand, but also verifies your previous game results and how well you have played in them. Furthermore, a new form of balancing for player builds should guarantee a better, fairer and more skill focused experience than in the regular Dark Zone, by limiting the Gear Set and stat randomness. It’s also up to you if you are queuing up solo or together with up to three friends, what you can’t control, however, is the other half of your team that gets formed in the same way to finally be able to enter the game with an eight-man group. PvP and PvENPCs and the Landmarks you know from the current regular Dark Zone will not go away in Last Stand. There will be even more since control points are also guarded by elites you have to deal with before accessing the terminal. The only difference is that roaming NPCs will not always drop loot, while the elites who are guarding the control points won’t respawn anymore. Killing NPCs will additionally reward your team with SHD tech. SHD tech is a team resource and currency which can be spent on tactical boosts and used for fortifications like the automatic turret we have seen in the trailer, or a large Pulse to detect incoming enemies. This equipment was also left behind by the JTF and the first wave of Division Agents and is perfect for defending your “home” base – the tactical location you spawn the closest to when the match starts. Tactical BoostsBesides fortifications, tactical boosts are a key part of Last Stand and can turn matches around. By spending SHD tech at tactical boost stations that come online after some time in the game, you can get temporary team bonuses like faster data upload or more points for killing enemies. As soon as the timer for a bonus runs out, the station can be activated again by trading in another amount of SHD tech. Note that a station can only be activated by one team at a time. RewardsLast Stand comes with two unique, full vanity sets and two sets of weapon skins that cannot be obtained outside of this game mode. Moreover it features a progression system like the one in Underground, with maximum rank 40 and Sealed Caches filled with items as a reward for each rank – and even for “ranking up” after rank 40. Because the Rogue Protocol isn’t active, you can only gain experience points and not lose them anymore – just the same as it’s implemented for Underground. Matchmaking is also considering your Last Stand Rank. Extra rewards are given out when your team wins and similar to Survival, more than 30 other actions are tracked during the match that can increase the number of rewards even more. All rewards are only given out at the end of the match. Update 1.6 DZ ExtensionIt’s now officially confirmed that the Dark Zone will be extended to the North, with 3 additional subzones (DZ07-DZ09 ~ DZ North) in total. However, it seems so that the Central Park itself is not included in the playable areas as the second screenshot above is showing. Also the player count of 24 players per Dark Zone will stay the same. Here are some short facts about DZ North: Darker than the subzones we already know More accessible buildings, rooftops and underground areas Almost half the size of the existing 6 subzones in the current Dark Zone More detailed information about those changes will be published soon. If you want to rewatch today’s State of the Game stream, you can do this here on Twitch. PTSA PTS will go live soon for Season Pass holders to test Last Stand and to provide feedback for the new gear balancing and 1.6 changes in general. We will have to wait a couple of more hours or days to get new information on this too. Source: Official Website The post Last Stand Brings 8vs8 Objective-Based PvP + Incursion & Update 1.6 Dark Zone Extension DZ07-09 appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  18. Before we are going to see the first State of the Game episode in 2017, Ubisoft has published a half minute long teaser trailer for The Division’s upcoming major expansion Last Stand a few hours ago. While we still don’t know much about it, the Dark Zone as well as teamwork seem to play an important role in this DLC, considering that the trailer is showcasing squads of up to 4 players? who are wearing the same-colored uniforms in red and blue. Fortification has been enabled at Alpha. Moreover, fortifications like turrets apparently allow you to set-up some sort of base protection for different zones, which sounds similar to what has been datamined recently. Will it protect you against other players, or something else? When rewatching the original year one content trailer, it says that you and your squad will have to defend yourselves against a relentless foe, with the ability to “recruit other agents and build the defences to help you hold the line.”. Honestly, it could be everything at this point, starting from a Domination mode to a redefined Team Deathmatch. Before we continue speculating, more information about Last Stand will be released during tomorrow’s SotG, starting at 08:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 05:00 PM CET. The post The Division: Last Stand DLC Teaser appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  19. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, January 19th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  20. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, January 19th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  21. Tomorrow is Friday, the 13th of January 2017. Usually this date doesn’t mean anything good, but the developers decided to deploy a hotfix regarding a recently unveiled farming exploit at WarrenGate Power Plant. The exploit allowed players to quickly gain experience points in order to be rewarded with Field Proficiency Caches, which resulted in tons of loot within a couple of hours, without having to really interact with the game at all. Deploying the patch requires a system maintenance downtime of approximately 3 hours. The servers will shut down at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. Please follow the official post for more information about the maintenance status. Changelog Fixed an issue where players could quickly farm experience by continuously resetting missions. There is now a cooldown when resetting a mission multiple times in a row and skill are destroyed when a mission is reset. Fixed an issue where a player would receive extra wing supplies after joining another player’s group. The post Server Maintenance: January 13th – Farming Exploit Hotfix appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  22. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Friday, January 13th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. You can find the full changelog HERE Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  23. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Friday, January 13th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. You can find the full changelog HERE Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article
  24. Here is the change to be implemented with the January 13th maintenance. Fixed an issue where players could quickly farm experience by continuously resetting missions. There is now a cooldown when resetting a mission multiple times in a row and skill are destroyed when a mission is reset. Fixed an issue where a player would receive extra wing supplies after joining another player's group. View the full article
  25. Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, January 5th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST. The estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division Team View the full article