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    2340-<REDACTED> <REDACTED> *@)$&^%! <FURTHER REDACTION OVERRIDDEN> >Sorry Janice. It had to be done. I know you can change it on your end, and it would save you some grief. I wont tell if you wont. This is mostly for this crews sake. I will be sticking to secrecy protocols in this, well as best I can. I like to think I learn from previous mistakes. but we will see. Where to start. My updates have been, well lets call it delayed, for many reasons. One of which I am still trying to work out. May have to dig into some of my old Psych texts to try to help me work out. always good to have reference material on hand. anyway. travel as usual. minor home coming of departed crew. minor reminiscing, restocking and back out into the black. First blow for me personally, new crew member with fatal illness unknown to them. it was like an echo from the past that damn near knocked me out. but in some ways I think it may of helped me be ready for what followed. While I was tearing apart every scrap of information I had on mechalus, life on this boat continued as normal. I had the puzzle of, what I have been calling electroportation, show up and keep me from obsessing over the same unhelpful facts. minor irritant to ship and crew, helpful balance and light to my mountain of dark. Well he was. First humanitarian mission complete. We dropped a sub-commander off on her home world. Stopped by a system of death that just ended up being an abandoned looking prison planet of some sort. We may want to look into that if we havnt already, by the way. Then the last humanitarian mission, done while exploring a number of the crews ideas, mine included, went pear-shaped. Basic summery. I cant yet focus on the numbers. About half of the surviving crew of a forgotten frigate derelict were rescued from said derelict. rest presumably vaporized or collected by the "overseers" of the system. Not before they ripped us a few new orifices. There was, who knows how long, the torturous moments knowing there is absolutely nothing but the rush of air violently trying to equalize with the the entirety of the vacuum of space between you and that same vacuum. And no, it doesnt get any easier with repetition if anyone was wondering. But even that wasnt my tipping point. Nor were the moments I had to walk past those that were obviously outside of my ability to save. Some kind of psychic bondo that I assume was done by the captain is what allowed me to switch between those two moments by the way. A sacrifice for absolute strangers. The smarter move that most I have flown under would of, and yes have taken, was to seal off the effected area and damn those on the wrong side. Having been one of those who have somehow gotten to emerge from the hell that is held back by a few inches of steel, I have to say I approve. The dissidents argument, a few more might of lived if she had sealed the door the moment of breech. Maybe, but what if I again had found my self on the wrong side of the divide from heaven, which even a raging inferno would be compared to the cold black. If only it was once that I have almost died, envious of fire, at least IT can breath. My scars should prove to you my belief on the subject. Back to the dissidents argument. After the stabilizing of the atmosphere, among the broken and failing forms, I was able to pick out six husks I thought I might be able to revive. looking now at my supplies list, I eased more "last moments" than I realized. Anyway. Five more lives were saved this time, and even one more death easier for the dieing is worth it. Here I go rambling again. I really need to work on this. In the chaos of decompression and bodies, I dont remember the exacts of what was said, I said something along the lines of not waiting to see if we can make it to the gate, lets get the hell out of here. We sidestepped, and got sucked in by some psych eating planet. Giant bugs, projections of the captain, and crystals that appear to siphon psy power. Oh yes, and exploding picks. I need to find a sesheyan expert and see if this accident proneness is a racial trait or just one specific to this one, but of the crew he is the one on my table the most, and he isnt the one dieing of a medical condition! We found enough raw materials to make repairs to the ship and the professor was able to calculate our reverse trajectory to get back to where we came from. Before sidestepping back the captain saved our coordinates to the computer which I have added along with the professors calculations as an attachment to this file. The main reason for this is the fact that once we hit drive space, the captain and her bot both disappeared from the bridge in a flash of static. True they could be atomized and spread in our wake through drive space, but with the pull that planet seemed to have, it is just as likely in my uneducated but experienced opinion, that they were psychically puled back there. A handful of our survivors as I have been calling them decided to stay behind on the planet. another couple handfuls have joined the crew. It also sounds like some are going to want off when we next make port. we will see what happens there. I gained two assistants. Both appear to be very knowledgeable in the basics. In this case I believe their lack of technological knowledge will actually come in handy with how things end up around here. While I was buried in mechalus blueprints, issues with Thoth came up again. When asked by my assistants, I really should write down their names somewhere, which of them should go I just blurted out "the uglier one". When I next came up for air from my terminal I saw that they had somehow worked out between themselves which one that was. Neither of them is what I would call ugly, specially compared to me. But they way she dealt with Thoth very much was so. I admit. I loved it. I even think she likes her new nickname. we will see how long it is till I get tranqed I guess. Speaking of the mechalus, Yargblat has command of the ship at moment. I was ready to step into the position if needed, but I would of been lieing if I said I was looking forward to it. He has a ship being built. so I may have to do so in a matter of weeks. Overall crew acceptance with more than was expected touchiness, specially from quarters it was not expected. That will all show up in my continued reports. chronometer indicates that, if my guess is right, we should be leaving drive space soon. headed for bridge. will report more when I can.< <EoF> <supplemental> >Lets see. Sidestep worked. We came out in the debris field of the frigate. The was a chunk of ship left, we couldnt see any signs of life before we detected ships from planet on approach, so we left. only incident on way to El Cancri was us docking without permission. Glad the bay was empty. I took a chance and invited "the uglier one" with me to see the local doc whom Yargblat had dropped off deceased mechalus he had come across. and to visit a brothel after. Figured if nothing else it would add to the image I am building. We bought everything the coroner was selling, I believe one time even paying more than he asked. So hopefully we have everything, and even more hopefully I can find something in all that data to help. As usual, the "brothel" ended up being a public terminal to upload these encoded reports to the grid. I cant tell if "the uglier ones" grin is relief at the lack of previously mentioned pack animal and mute at the brothel, or if maybe she thinks I am joking about what I do around here. Now, in summery. I will continue my reports. That is what I agreed to do. But my primary focus, which does align for the most part with what was asked of me, is to keep this crew and this ship as held together as I can for its captains return. As it stands, we can not go back for her, she may not be able to come back to us, and you now know where she would probably be if she is still alive. For the first part, I overheard a good idea and will try to help Augie look into finding a way to manually over ride or control the normally psi activated functions of the ship. For the second thing, I will try to keep the ship and crew whole, and maybe she will find a way back with her link to it. Lastly, the reason for the filter override. If I die in the attempt to help with the first two, and nothing has been done by you, they will know of it. That is all, back to work I go.< <EoF>
  2. 2340-<REDACTED> <2 days later > >>We did meet up with subject F. Initial observations seem promising. Was very interested in subject E. I would of loved to seen his reaction to subject E's abilities, but my files are lacking most on subject C and D. I joined them to familiarise myself with what appears to be one of their main stops in the area as an excuse. We basicaly bee lined to the bounty office like subject D was on a mission. He basicaly only asked about subject Z. He didnt seem to get the information or reaction he was looking for when he shared some of his intel. Basicaly came away with the knowledge that if we could bring that subject in credits would no longer be an issue or some line along those lines. Upon leaving, subject D seemed to stay angry and confused. after more than a few moments hesitation he decided to head back to the ship. At some point along the way I lost track of subject C. Back at the ship subject D went to work on his "appendage" and I retired to med bay for some actual work.<< <EoF> 2340-<REDACTED> <20 minutes later> >>I am unsure where they were, but subject A and F returned to the ship a few minutes ago. The reason I know of their arrival is because subject F was loud and seemed... happy? I went to go check in with the captain but stopped when I heard them talking and subject F;s mood seemed to swing the other way. I couldnt see anything, but it sounded like the 12 were at, well subject G's room. I listened as subjects A and F tried to explain yet again about G being gone. then the bots asking them why they hadnt fixed him and then told them how!! It was incredible, and worth study by itself. the 12 are basicaly the cells of a resurection. The possibilities are almost staggering if I can implement this sort of thing into an organic application. It could correct at least a couple of the flaws in reproduction I have ran into. I would of course have to completely change my approach and start over from scratch but.... well one mission at a time, back to the crew. Subjects C and H. They may be beyond my abilities to successfully assess. Both appear to be trained in subterfuge and concealment to the degree that I may only be able to see what they want me to see. I have a couple of ideas on how to tackle this puzzle, but for now I will continue to observe and let the higher ups decipher my findings however they may. Apparently when I lost track of subject C he went and found, then shadowed subject H back to the ship. All hands were again called to the bridge and we now have another new crew member. I will need to double check all my security protocols and look into a couple of others ideas I have. << <EoF>
  3. 2340-<REDACTED> <4 days 6 hours later> >>Fascinating couple days of extremity. I need to start looking at the system scans, if I can read them, before disembarking. This place, Ross-614-1, has heat storms bad enough that everyone needs to take shelter for their duration. All other times its only ball blistering hot. I need more clothing. The upside to taking shelter, and the other strange extreme for me is I was included in the crews heros welcome. From what I could gather around food and drinks at the party in the hanger during the storm is "we" saved a bunch of people related to these. While riding out the storm we had an awesome party. On top of this we got paid, gave us discounts everywhere. The captain actually split this between the crew, and me, and I recieved pay for being crew on top of it. Before the storm hit I was able to pick up a science gauntlet, dart pistol and some rose like plants for the alcohol. Also received a star mech bounty hunter, weapon and concealed weapon permits. After the storm subject A sent her bot, Toby so maybe subject E, down to one of her contacts to figure out what it, or he, is capable of. again, something extreme. we now have a mostly functional assassin cleaning up after ourselves. As great as the last few days have been, I feel there is far worse on the way, other than my current hang over and food coma.<< <EoF> 2340-<REDACTED> <19 days 6 hours later> >>For a few moments I almost expected the universes balancing swing to hit as extreme the other way and just as fast as it did towards the good back on Ross-614-1. The new computers installed back on Ross allowed subject D to find some damage we must of taken in the scrap belt, but without realy being able to fix it yet. Then, in Luytons Star, the captain called all hands to the bridge. She wanted the crews opinions on what she saw as our choices, and to explain what she would like to do. I truthfully told her I had no frame of reference from which to base a solid opinion on. The history I was given of their previous encounters here were vague and far from promising. We gained some curious intel, but moved on with no conflict. While in drive space after this I overheard a little of the captain trying to explain an expired bot crew member to her newest one. Analysts of subject A nearing completion. Need to work a little harder on the others. We flew through rumors of conflicts and discouraging news. Spoke with others along the way to try to get an idea of what we may be flying into. Luckily with no real bad news from them and basically clear skies. We are now docking in El Cancri next to another ship that may be the other crewman listed in my briefing. << <EoF>
  4. 2340-<REDACTED> <10 days 11 hours later> <Sounds of liquids being pourd and others bubbling over a flame> >>One of the bonuses, for me, to this job is trying to not only figure out my subjects, but also how much the higher ups are not telling me. As an example, subject B's multiple personalities was mentioned as a possibility, but other pieces of information were much more vague. After her failed attempts to comfort subject A on the trip here to Sirius I thought I would follow her. After I bought my sugar of course. I also found some synthetic tobacco to try out, but forgot papers or a replacement pipe or something. Oh well. maybe next stop. Anyway, after the purchase I headed for the closest bar to the ship. I thought thats where I heard subject B say she was headed, I also figured if I missed her I would look into the excuse I used for going there in the first place. It had the added benefit of confusing subject D, who I believe I heard wandering around asking people what a brothel is. As I walked in she was at the bar. upon seeing me she ordered me a drink. But as I sat she stood up and started to leave. At the door she was confronted by bounty hunters. I do have to admit, that was a very attractive number attached to her head, even for someone who has no issues with funding. Yes, that is "was". As I was about to stand back up and see if I could assist, she vanished. temporarily scrambling electronics and blowing out bulbs in the process. Now, reading into things that were said at my briefing leads me to believe they knew something of this, but I can not say for sure. At the moment, this is one less subject to observe and evaluate.If I dont count these couple of bubbling pots anyway. I decided to leave and inform the crew of their members disappearance before anyones focus could go back to the fact that she bought me a drink a few seconds ago. I also got back in time to meet subject A's newest "child" in the hanger. Yet another chance to observe her responsibility issues she likes to pile on herself. The bot does do a good job cleaning tho. << <EoF> 2340-<REDACTED> <2 days 4 hours later > >>Subject A just left the med bay. Seems curious about my project. Probably assumes it is all for drinking. I am glad I was able to find so much sugar. I should have no issues sharing enough for that purpose. I will have to find something to add a little more flavor at the next stop. Oh yes, the reason she was here, I was unable to get a complete scan of her using the gauntlet and requested she stop by when able to use the med bays scanner. I guessed by the gauntlets readings it was probably some kind of dermal plating. Deeper scan proves it is a mutation and not an implant, but I am unable to trace its origins at the moment.I may have to go the social rout and actually talk with her. The upside is, in most situations so far anyway, she does seem open and willing to converse. Until then I will cross reference all known markers to all known sources, and actually do my job and make sure everyones health is taken care of and documented well enough that another healthcare professional can step in, if and when needed. No other surprises yet in any of the other scans.<< <EoF>
  5. mutly

    Licence photo

    Thats part of why I tried to do the picture. Its a flaw that doesnt really come into play, one because I dont have any social skills anyway for it to effect, and two it really only applies to dealing with other humans. The GM in me feels guilty taking the flaw, tho the GM we are playing with seems fine with it. Felt I needed to play it up somehow .))
  6. As I usualy am the GM when I play, I felt a little weird picking a flaw for my character that didnt real impact any of his skills or anything. It also hasnt really come up in game play either. So I thought I would use my very out of practice drawing skills to assist with showing just how ugly this man is. .)) Those are supposed to be old burn scars, patchy hair growth etc etc.
  7. 2340-<REDACTED> <8 days later> <sound of something heavy landing on something soft> >>Normal awkward introductions over. I always hate that part. Initial reactions of the crew to first official contact seemed confused but accepting. I was shown to my quarters and left with free run of the ship. All reactions fell well within my original parameters, probably leaning towards more controlled than expected in all but subject D, who actually reacted closest to predictions. Next step <yawn> familiarize myself with the ship and sickbay. Maybe find something to eat. After a nap.<< <EoF> 2340-<REDACTED> <30 minutes later> >>Ok. Sickbay has potential. It could use some cleaning. I will have to talk to someone about this. No files on anyone in the computer. I will have to remedy that soon. Stores seem stocked well enough and there is enough room for a couple of projects. I will see what I am missing for those and add that to my shopping list of items i left behind in my excitement. I have no idea of current prices out here, but it is rare that they send me out without more than enough funds. <sounds of equipment and glass being moved around in background> Lets see. Situation update. We are in drivespace. Subject A found me in corridor and invited me to a meal for questioning. Seemed genuinely curious and welcoming, as was expected. Well, not just questioning, She also explained her command style and offered me a permanent position on board. Also as expected, subject D hovered around hatch during interaction with subject A, adding a comment I did not catch upon my exit. Potential attempt at menacing or just to let me know I am being watched. Again, both well within expected parameters. <background noises stop> So. Sugar or some fruit. Yeast should be ok, but keep my eyes open for whats out there. Add that to my list of items I left behind. That is... A science gauntlet and dart gun. Not bad. I left much more behind last time. hmm... Time to hit the galley again then back to my rack.<< <EoF> 2340-<REDACTED> <4 days 20 hours later> >>Interesting, the computer shows us as in LP-944-20. Time to head to the bridge for some more observation. <20 minutes later> <sound of body hitting rack again> >>Fascinating to watch. First, it appears they use the gates. Second they are curious. Third, the ship is definitely under crewed. There seemed to be nothing in system but a scrap belt. We came in for a closer look. Didnt find anything and when we came about to leave the belt we took a hit from some debris. No apparent damage, but a copilot or more hands at consoles may of kept that from happening. If I had any ability on the bridge I would offer my services. We then flew up to and through the gate to Kapzeyn's Star. Are they looking for something specific, or just general exploration? Gate usage to maintain an image or some other reason? I have only been here a short time, but they are definitely one of the more interesting assignments I have had. I had almost forgotten how much I love it outside. So many interesting things out here. << <snoring> <EoF>
  8. < redacted to security level > 2340-<REDACTED> <Sounds of rustling, movement and various computers in back ground> >>New orders. Observe and support Object of Interest <REDACTED> . Information I am cleared for is <REDACTED> Class ship, Human pilot <REDACTED>, Human Communications officer <REDACTED> with potential <REDACTED> and <REDACTED>,Sesheyan Engineer <REDACTED> tail <REDACTED>, Fraal Captain <REDACTED> who <REDACTED> with special attention to <REDACTED> and <REDACTED> while <REDACTED>. <30 second of continual background noise> Ok, thats that. What else? Oh yes. Basic observation and diplomatic protocols are to be observed with goals of.... one. Learn about <REDACTED> and what happened within it during <REDACTED>. Two. Evaluate crew and ship to determine if they are <REDACTED>. Three. Establish <REDACTED> in order to further investigation <REDACTED>. Four. Acquire <REDACTED> that may assist <REDACTED> or <REDACTED>. Ok. Everything accounted for. Time to report to seer <REDACTED> for last briefing and transport to target.<< <EoF>

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