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  1. Vande36

    Stopping By

    Division 2 and Fallout 76 have me super stoked too. The Elder Scrolls VI has me nerding super hard.
  2. Vande36

    Stopping By

    Wakie wakie eggs and whiskey everybody. How are y'all doing?
  3. Vande36

    Stopping By

    I've been good. Been playing lots of Life is Feudal MMO, World of Warships and Payday 2 lately.
  4. Vande36

    Stopping By

    Thought I'd stop by, say hello. The new forums look nice. How's everyone?
  5. Vande36

    Fallout 4

    I'm excited for the vault DLC.
  6. If you get the chance shake Elon Musk's hand for me!
  7. I screamed, not gonna lie.
  8. I feel as if you guys and gals can relate.
  9. Yup. Rumor has it these are the cast salaries. Roughly. So clearly someone had to keep making Ford's check bigger till he caved and came back. Harrison Ford received an eight-figured paycheck ($10-20 million). Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill made salaries in the low seven-figure range. Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver got mid- to high-six figures (above $500,000). Daisy Ridley and John Boyega earned something between $100,000-$300,000.
  10. Don't forget Harrison Ford had that really bad plane accident right in the middle of the shooting that severely injured him and he had mentioned somewhere he originally didn't want to come back for VII but was coaxed into doing it.
  11. Vande36

    Fallout 4

    A+++++++++++++ Must have game!!!!!!!! Every ounce of the hype wasn't enough to describe how awesome this game is. We should burn, all those who don't want to buy FO4, at the stake for being fallout heathens! Not gonna lie I took the release day off and played it for 16 hours, in three chunks. Also I've also spent of 5-7 of my 35+ hours of playtime just scavenging for random items like tin cans or pots or plastic forks and so on all over the world for the purpose of scraping them into base components and use them for base building or armor/weapon/power armor upgrading. I already have a fully upgraded T-60F Power Suit with full maxed combat armor and 23 Fusion Cores, already went through around 8 cores. Lastly I have fully upgraded .50 BMG sniper, .308 Combat rifle, maxed out heavy combat shotgun & 12 Fatman rounds I admit these things without a single drop of shame lol