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  1. Alright... I have finally had enough of the shit...my temper has finally flared.. took about 1.5 years to happen but hey.. congratulations folks, you finally did it! I thought maybe that in time things would settle down... but no matter how and what I do, i'm always at fault for dividing 47th up. Thanks for the ride... take me off the roster. So sick of being accused of breaking up 47th.. and the sneaky deletion of convo to hide comments was the last straw. That is low and deceitful.. yes I caught you.. I watch.. This is the type of drama I stopped coming into 47th chat to begin with and I still get it in addition to being ordered how and when I will play... woot! Honestly for the most part, everything has been fun but the childish drama and the whining. I'm too old to be trading part of my life for that crap. If there was something worth going on then people would be there.. not because someone screamed and ordered it. And I certainly didn't recruit people over to my channel to take away 47th members.. that is ludicrous. Did you ever think I might be okay to be around so people just come? I have had my own channel 15 fucking years before you guys ever came into existence on TS, mumble, etc etc.. Don't be so arrogant to think people haven't had a great gaming life before 47th and it is the start and end of life. I just switched to discord about 6 months ago. if you don't like that people like to come visit . then get over it or die one, either way the problem is solved. I've finally had it... no wonder you have no women that stick around here. I have seen more people quit than stay just in the time I been here! I have always had an open invitation to my channel for many years. They are free to leave and come. it's called being a good neighbor and person. Why the hell I would want to break up a group?? you obviously don't know me at all if you think I would. Far as I'm concerned it's a natural God filter for me to know who I should be around.. and very nice of him. but damn if I will go out of a group without saying my piece about it all. Every time someone throws a tantrum about attendance, not doing what they are told like programmed robots, people drop like flies out of the group and/or scramble to heel. Not exactly a warm open environment that people want to run to and be around.. that is play mates on demand! Screw that shit. Take me off the roster and talk about me all ya want.. I promise I won't take it personally. I won't be back either. However, I do sincerely wish you all well... just because I finally vented about drama going on doesn't mean I don't care for you guys.. I am just choosing to filter this crap out. I got too much to do in life to surround myself with this crap. What you guys did deleting those comments was just wrong and deceitful. grow some integrity and character.. it's a lot better than growing a pair.
  2. True story but embellished his leaving comment. LOL don't want any misunderstandings here
  3. So here's how it went.. and i'm NOT exaggerating at ALLLLL..noooo, no way! Well ya see, I decided to hop on the new server you guys were playing on... figured I would become a boil on the butt of humanity with you guys ..buahbhahaha. Turns out the laugh was on me! So I asked Dralzen about the server and he said he would log in so I could get the server by the Firends tab.... And he DID!!! Such a sweet boy that one First sign I shouldn't have done this.. I log in and get an error.. watched myself drop out of the sky with no ship/pod.. .....but then the game goes to some bug reporter. So I get back in.. great .. learned the deco off thingy.. (wasn't Dralzen so sweet to tell me this!!!) oh it was so nice.. seeing all the honeycomb walls and flying trees and all.. what a rarity and treasure to see such amazing sights!!! http://puu.sh/pBAbc/56bf48aff5.jpg Second sign.. So i'm like woot I'm in!! and then i go to start to do something... and .... not one piece of gear or tools etc... nothing.. there was no pod to loot.. etc. So then Dralzen, sweet respectable man that he is, says he will come pick me up! (Insert chivalry joke here) And he DID!! Biting one nail as I watch his shuttle swerve all over the place before landing. and yes I said "been flying long?" to him like a smart ass knowing I had never driven in this game yet so far. And yes I laughed in good nature... but little did I know he would avenge that comment and laugh... So we get up in space and he flys us to this weirdo ship that kind of looked pretty cool but more like a part in an engine than a space ship (eh gotta start somewhere) Meanwhile i'm like somehow drifting sideways into the doorway and wondering how i'm going to fly as a passenger without getting sea sick. Third sign... Then I hear with a FEIGNED innocent tone, "oh my, I forgot seat for you. GET OUT I'm LEAVING!" And he DID!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=708367543 laughs...... and laughs..... (I did finally get there and he helped me get some starting tools and all set up but you didn't hear that from me)
  4. so far I like it. Thanks for the heads up on that.
  5. I might not be in chat all the time for my own reasons to keep my life full of peace right now but love folks in 47th so much! I log into the site every day but just seems like I have nothing to contribute so thought I would post what I have been doing lately.. other than house repairs, work, and .. work.. and house repairs. I've been playing some steam games here and there while people are trapsing through my house repairing stuff etc. I've had a client really taking up a lot of time lately. But ... I have had all the Dark Souls games but I have to say, Dark Souls III has been the hardest but most enjoyable of all three. They really did some nice tweaks to the system and made frustration a lot more pleasurable hahaha I'll post a few vids.. But was wondering if anyone else was playing DSIII. And what you thought about it? You may or may not be interested in the vids but here they are, in case you are, from some of my game play. I haven't developed a lot of spells yet .. just trying to get myself built up before incorporating too much magic. 5 minutes into the game past the orientation, there was this ... boss that isn't what he appeared to be. Fast forwarded to the boss fight: https://youtu.be/Ej1Bsu8FWT0?t=4m47s Full 8 min: https://youtu.be/Ej1Bsu8FWT0 Two melee nastiest at once.. was rather proud of myself for getting through that. https://youtu.be/c4wSRELzdfA Crystal Sage Fight: (summoned one to help me) https://youtu.be/5Qiq7anoM5U well it will give you guys an idea what I been up to game wise.. been waiting for no man's sky but now it's delayed.. not sure what game I will work on this summer now.
  6. been enjoying the shit out of Dark Souls III

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  8. well now that you verified I wasn't lieing .. hehe it is worth the prime account to save on pre-orders.. it would only take 4 games to make up the price and it's free shipping and delivered on release date.. The only thing I see that it doesn't seem to include is direct pc downloads.
  9. Thought I would let you guys know that I was looking up this game on amazon. They are currently having a special that if you are a prime member, you get 20% off pre-ordered games .. and it includes the division. So rather than paying the gold edition (includes season pass) it would be 79.99 rather than 99.99. Standard would be 47.99 rather than 60 bucks. Since whether you play it or not through steam you still have to connect through U-play, wouldn't matter really about it having to be on steam to play together.
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    Hey you! looking good with that smile of yours!
  11. ishKiia

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    lol talk about having your head up someone's ass
  12. I think I need to clarify something here. I think there was a misunderstanding. I don't want you guys to leave the guild however two things will happen... First a subbed person leading a guild gives mroe guild benefits and my sub will be going in a little over 30 days Second, if for some reason I don't log in on that side for 30 days with no sub the leadership goes to whoever logs in first after that. Being that I promised the original leadership I would keep the guild in tact, I couldn't just let it go to a random person which might be an old member that hasn't logged in for a year that isn't part of 47th. So, I figured it might be better to create a 47th legion guild. I will be moving my characters to the 47th as well that I play. I have no attatchment personally to a dead guild but someone else does I guess. The comment was made that I wanted folks out due to my friend wanting the guild back... not the case but yes in a way that is true but not how it sounds so I thought I would explain things a bit because I know how the guild turnovers work.

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