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  1. You gotta stop reading the headlines. It didnt say it was on hold indefinitely. The article merely said that it had no set launch date, which is a fact we already knew, so basically .... no news.
  2. Oh well ...... DeadEye was going to be my goto gearset for 1.6, but now that they made it possible only with actual scopes (which are really useless and annoying in the game) im having second thoughts. On the other hand I got my my loving feeling for the Predator's Mark set. Its been dealing out quite the good amount of DPS with my assault rifle and I might want to use that more often in the last stand new pvp mode. I guess we'll see.
  3. I have a different opinion and I will elaborate on why I think the alpha bridge is "almost" useless now (and please note I used the "" for the word almost): The 2 piece set bonus of alpha bridge sounds great, I mean, who wouldn't want 100% health regen, but then you find out it does not work in combat, which makes the whole thing pretty useless. The 3 piece set is a 5% weapon damage bonus, which sure, can be used with any weapon type, but 5% increase? Hell, I get more damage than that on my assault rifle by just using the Predators mark set. The 4 piece set now only gives you 1 additional talent for your weapon, while limiting you to use 2 weapons of the same type and none of them can be an exotic (meaning the new weapon gear set of liberator + centurion is out of the question) so yeah ........ My guess is that they wanted so hard to nerf the alpha bridge, that someone stuck their finger too long on the boomstick button and this was the result.
  4. remember deadeye is tricky when soloing.Its totally doable. But it requires some special attention not to get killed.
  5. Yeah it was OP for solo content, but standard for group content. You were sacrificing having a different weapon for your secondary which also meant only drawing from one ammo pool. So again, i'm not saying it wasn't OP, i'm just saying that it goes a long way to take it from OP to completely useless. Oh, and lets not forget that you will not be able to use alpha bridge with any of the "exotic" weapons, cause the third talent on those weapons is not shareable via alpha bridge.
  6. I am not liking some of the things i'm reading here. - Increase of the skills when a high skillpower and lower the armor value (which actually resists damage)? one shot sticky bomb in PvP anyone??? - Removed 2 talents from the second weapon in alpha bridge. - Removed the chance to ignore the status effects (bleed, burn, etc) unless you have 100% resist - D3-FNC now does not lose the critical chance for the SMG. I guess this set is going to be the new Alpha Bridge. It was already OP, why boost it? taking away the mods from the shield?? thats BS the shield itself is still OP!! I guess I will have to give it a try on the PTS before I come to a hasty conclusion.
  7. I had a PS4 and used to play a lot of destiny, but unfortunately had to sell it to pay for rent. However my PSN tag is TsargKarr if you want to add me. Once things get back to normal I will most probably buy a PS4 again.
  8. Well I tried giving it a run solo today and must say that I got completely buttfu**ed. On frankie's server there are different types of zombies such as (but not limited to) 1) The romero (AKA eazy shit): You can rely on this sucker to be slow, dumb and an amazing oasis of reputation for your adventures. Your cookie cutter, bread and butter zombie. 2) The Crawler (even easier shit): If you thought they couldn't get slower than the Romero, you thought wrong. However don't be fooled by em, they will bite your ankles just as hard as any other Z and sometimes you are so busy with the other zombies that you just don't see em coming!!! 3) The 28 (as in the movie 28 days later): They're fast, intelligent and there's a bunch of em coming for your brains!!! Because Zombie killing was easy business, someone decided to breed a Z with a friggin Cheetah and the results are scary. They will not only be coming at you like you are their last meal (which you probably are), but they will come at you at weird angles, like they will literally zigzag just so you miss your shots ........ WTF!!!! ...... scary motherfuckers indeed. 4) The K9Z (canine ... get it??): As if we didn't have enough with the 28's some perturbed individual had to go and see Resident Evil and decided to come up with the Zombie Dog. They are friggin fast, vicious and they rarely make any sound. From man's best friend to man's worst nightmare!!!
  9. Just play what you like to play. A few of us have more than one character with different roles that we can switch to during ops night to fill in voids, so just play whatever you feel like playing and have fun while at it.
  10. We are in the "Harbinger" server. Also if you want to get 7 days of free subscription (meaning you will not be held by any free to play limitations) you can follow this referral code which will give you some goodies in game: http://www.swtor.com/r/WhyxfD Hope to see ya in game!
  11. While I will most probably play this game when it comes out, I will not dump money on it before its official release. So I guess you can "kinda" count me in.
  12. Happy birthday legion!!! Without all of you I wouldnt be having so much fun so I'll drink to that!
  13. Had a blast last night in survival with Dralzen. We managed to kill the Hunters at the extraction point and I ended up boarding the chopper with just 2 seconds left on my sepsis counter .............. "This must be how Odell Beckham feels when he scores a game winning touchdown"

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