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  1. Returned from FLETC. I'll be a bit more active now too and even more so in a month or so once my work schedule settles down.
  2. Sounds pretty cool and it looks like its going to ramp quiet a bit with all the help.
  3. It's simple thee need the cash (every penny) for the lawsuits/lawyers. Their business model didn't include for getting their asses sued off.
  4. Don't have this game yet. Best place to get it? Steam?
  5. Shogun! Where ya been at, man? We've been killing it in SWTOR. Had 20 peeps online last night for ops :)

    1. Shogun


      Don't have the game but I will download it and get going.

  6. Cool and thanks guys/gals. This got it to the finalist round vote. Winner of this gets the name of the bot. Please vote for PyroDyne SRG as it's mine. This a new vote in a new round so if you voted or not before you can do so again. strong showing would be great. Please and Thanks.
  7. looks like the Heph is closing in a bit. If haven't please vote for PyroDyne SRG as it's my entry. Please vote for it here. http://descendentstu...stage-3-voting/ Many thanks!
  8. Ok thanks to everyone's support I one that round as well. The bots design and backstory. Now for design phase 3. It's name. My entry is PyroDyne SRG. Please vote for it here. It's a totally new vote so everyone can vote again. Thank you all very much for voting and supporting my design efforts in the game.
  9. Any one who hasn't voted yet can you please vote? Groundhound is closing the gap a lot.
  10. If you can please take a moment and vote for choice "shogun" on this new round.
  11. Well I made to the finalist round. It's a new vote so if you all could please go and vote for me (Shogun) again at it would be great. So far Groundhound is my main competition. We need a real strong showing in this round as the top 2-3 go before the developers. The stronger our vote the more likely they would pic it for the game.
  12. Only 1 day left in the vote. If you haven't voted for me yet please do so. The stronger the showing the better.
  13. Thanks again guys. This is super helpful. So far the vote is going well.
  14. Well now it's on to the vote for the back ground story for the bot. Please vote for my submission (Shogun) and thanks 47Th!
  15. An update of sorts. The concept I submitted and everyone voted won by 4 votes. That concept will be used. So now it on to 2nd stage giving a backstory (name, manufacture info, uses, more) and the 3d art version. The 2d art version I liked most for this bot also won. The 2nd stage vote will be on or just after July 6th. I will post up link and such. But so far I have the concept for the bot and hopefully the backstory. So now the backstory (me) and also 3d version (not me) based on my concept and the 2d art winner are being submitted for the stage 2 round. It's a pretty cool event.